Portrait of a Billy Goat

© Nancy (Peaches) Harker

Portrait of a Billy Goat

Jennifer L. Alder 10/12/2007 12:50:16 AM

Nancy, I remember this image-- and I am still a fan!
SUPER high key animal portrait
VERY neat- good luck this time

:) #759746

Barbara Waldoch 10/12/2007 1:59:33 AM

Fantastic work, Nancy! #4915134

Chris Ebben 10/12/2007 2:34:27 AM

This was one of my favourite images of yours. This version is just that little bit clearer in my opinion. Very well done=^..^= #4915217

Tammy Espino 10/12/2007 7:03:11 AM

Nice rework! He looks softer here! :) #4916239

Janine Russell 10/12/2007 9:52:59 AM

Nancy, excellent detail, exposure and lighting. #4916862

Jeana Clark 10/12/2007 11:53:57 AM

Liked it the first time!!!
Love it this time!!!

~J~ #4917122

Lynne Morris 10/12/2007 11:56:53 AM

Fantastic high key portrait Peaches, lovely image! #4917132

Brenda c. McFarland 10/12/2007 2:03:06 PM

Superb! #4917391

Colleen Farrell 10/12/2007 4:22:32 PM

Outstanding high-key animal portrait, Peaches! I'd be surprised if we don't see this one again--amazing PS work! #4917707

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 10/12/2007 6:02:11 PM

Jennifer, Barbara, Chhrhis, Tammy, Janine, Jeana, Lynne, Brenda and Colleen, thank you all so very much, I relly appricate all of your wonderful comments and support, have a SUPER night.
Been having server problems all day, so will get to your galleries as soon as I can! #4917934

Patrick Rouzes 10/12/2007 7:01:27 PM

WOW,Peaches!!! I was captivated by this incredible image !!! This is absolutely exceptional & brilliant work , my friend!!! I have predictions on this one................. #4918148

Sam Britt 10/12/2007 8:31:45 PM

Beautiful high key portrait, Peaches. Great work. #4918425

Susan Weisensel 10/12/2007 9:35:01 PM

I just love him girl. #4918589

Mary K. Robison 10/12/2007 11:16:33 PM

WOW, Peaches, this is really...... WHITE! LOL!
A wonderful concept, carried out beautifully, with your DD skills in top form.
Best of luck this time through for this striking image! #4918727

Pat Gamwell 10/12/2007 11:38:03 PM

SUPERB work, Peaches! I'm also impressed that you remembered everything that you did to it! lol:) Looks like an Award Winning image to me! #4918777

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 10/13/2007 6:59:45 AM

Thank you so very much Sam, Susan, Mary and Pat, really appriciate it. Have a SUPER weekend! #4919924

Nitin More 10/13/2007 7:26:04 AM


Nancy (Peaches) Harker 10/13/2007 11:25:51 AM

Thank you Nitin so very much, have a wonderful day! #4920765

Dianna Hauf 10/13/2007 10:15:45 PM

I loved him before and I still do!! Best of luck this time round! #4922369

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 10/14/2007 1:16:54 PM

Thanks so much Dianna! #4924591

Sandra M. High 10/14/2007 5:02:51 PM

This really is beautiful! I never thought I say that about a goat LOL!
The perfect picture! OUTSTANDING WORK!!! #4925501

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 10/14/2007 5:09:18 PM

Thanks so very much Sandra, really appriciate it! I think he IS beautful, they are soooooooo funny too! I love stopping and seeing them. I kinda wish my husband would let me have one LMAO! #4925540

Lynn Haack 10/15/2007 9:58:18 PM

Peaches you did an amazing job here....white is so difficult to photograph...and a white bg too! Makes for a very unique photo. Excellent detail and lighting. Lynn #4931761

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 10/16/2007 12:18:57 PM

Thanks so very much Lynn, one of my harder photo's! I hope he goes through this time! #4934630

Cindy Bendush 10/16/2007 8:48:20 PM

WONDERFUL image Peaches - white on white always looks so clean and fresh and this is no exception. You've done a wonderful editing job (the hardest part for me) and I think we'll see it again! #4936528

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 10/17/2007 11:38:05 AM

Hey Cindy, thanks so very much, really appriciate it! #4940141

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 10/17/2007 11:38:13 AM

Hey Cindy, thanks so very much, really appriciate it! #4940142

Sharon Day 10/17/2007 7:38:55 PM

Awesome shot, Nancy!!! Very well done! #4941753

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 10/17/2007 8:41:00 PM

Thanks Sharon, really appriciate it! #4941999

Bob D. Hall 10/18/2007 1:30:02 PM

All right!!!! Well deserved!!! Congrats on your EFP!!! #4945200

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 10/18/2007 1:34:33 PM

Thanks much Bob, have a great day! #4945217

Steven E. Ray 10/27/2007 3:01:25 PM

The first thing that comes to mind is "Goats Head Soap" Rolling Stones 1973. I use to do a good "Angie" off that vinyl at karaoke when I had more social time. Excellent capture and super work on this photo Peaches! Beeehehehehe. #4991956

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 10/28/2007 11:12:44 AM

LOL Patrick, didn't now you like Karaoke too, Frank and I did that for quite a while and always had fun. Maybe now that he is retired we will be doing more oof it.
Thanks much for the kind words and have a super day! #4995085

Lisa J. Boulden 11/15/2007 5:11:28 PM

Fabulous, Nancy!
Wonderful work!
--lisa #5079164

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 11/15/2007 5:18:55 PM

Thankk you very much Lisa! Have a super night! #5079198

Jennifer L. Alder 11/26/2007 4:01:51 PM

Woooo Hoooo, Peaches!!!
Congrats on this awesome high key animal finalist!! Best of luck !
:) #5127862

Bob D. Hall 11/26/2007 4:02:01 PM

Congrats on your finalist, Peaches!!!
Well deserved!!! #5127866

Steven E. Ray 11/26/2007 4:17:11 PM

Big thanks to Mr. Billy Goat for standing still for this finalist photo. Congratulations Peaches! #5128153

Colleen Farrell 11/26/2007 4:34:15 PM

This is so cool, Peaches--congrats again on another outstanding finalist! #5128421

Sharon Day 11/26/2007 4:51:51 PM

Awesome shot, Nancy!!! Congratulations on your finalist! #5128712

Lynn Haack 11/26/2007 5:14:00 PM

Congrats on this excellent finalist, Peaches! WTG...Lynn #5129061

Jeana Clark 11/26/2007 5:25:42 PM


~J~ #5129280

Cindy Bendush 11/26/2007 5:47:12 PM

Lovely Peaches! Congrats on both finalists!!! #5129593

Heather 11/26/2007 5:47:40 PM

Congrats Peaches! :) #5129602

Cyn Valentine 11/26/2007 5:48:01 PM

Congratulations Nancy!! #5129608

Tammy Espino 11/26/2007 6:16:39 PM

:::Snoopy dance::: On both :D #5130162

Su Sana E. P 11/26/2007 6:40:38 PM

Congratulations on this beautiful Finalist, Peaches!! #5130551

Lisa J. Boulden 11/26/2007 6:42:05 PM

WTG, Girl!!!
Congratulations on this fabulous, high key image!
--Lisa #5130572

Jessica Jenney 11/26/2007 7:08:27 PM

Congratulations, Peaches on this beautiful finalist WTG!!!! #5130972

Kay E. Mahoney 11/26/2007 7:08:52 PM

Congratulations on your finalist. #5130977

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 11/26/2007 7:16:56 PM

Jennifer, Bob, Steven, Colleen, Sharon, Lynn, Jeana, Cindy, Heather, Cyn, Tammy, SuSana, Lisa, Jessica and Kay WOW, THANK YOU ALL sooooooooo very much for the support, it means a lot to me.
Have a SUPER night!!! #5131092

Tamara K. Walker 11/26/2007 7:50:43 PM


Michelle L. Frick 11/26/2007 8:18:02 PM

Congratulations Peaches!!! I've always loved this shot! #5131941

Evy Johansen 11/26/2007 8:21:49 PM

Nancy, Big congratulations on your wonderful finalist!! #5131988

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 11/26/2007 8:27:22 PM

Tamara, Michelle and Evy, THANK YOU so VERY much, I really appriciate the support and encouragement!
Have a SUPER night! #5132042

Carol Teal 11/26/2007 8:48:59 PM

WTG Peaches! I am glad Billy was finally recognized for all his beauty! Great PS work with the BG. Congrats on your finalist, and good luck in the next round! #5132220

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 11/26/2007 8:55:26 PM

Thank you sooooooo much Carol, I am so happy he FINALLY got his recognition! #5132271

Chris Ebben 11/26/2007 10:48:21 PM

Congratulations, with this handsome subject you could hardly go wrong. Good luck=^..^= #5132793

Barbara Waldoch 11/27/2007 1:33:47 AM

Congratulations on your gorgeous finalist, Nancy! #5133119

Mary K. Robison 11/27/2007 2:03:33 AM

It pays to re-submit, Peaches ~ when the image is as good as this one!!
CONGRATULATIONS on Billy's selection as a finalist! Best of luck to you in the next level up!


Nancy (Peaches) Harker 11/27/2007 2:57:21 AM

Thank you so very much Chris, Barbara and Mary, I really appritiate it a lot!

Mary, I wasn't going to give up on him LOL! He is just way to cute! #5133341

James E. Coleman 11/27/2007 8:53:26 AM

Well I can photograph a black cat in a black room with the lights off!:)...but white on white is really tough!
This is just great work!!!!! You and Barney did really well here!:):) I kid but I think this is stellar!
I will have to tell you about billy goats!

Jim #5135538

Melissa Malisia 11/27/2007 10:35:40 AM

Congratulations on your Finalist, Nancy!! :) #5136183

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 11/27/2007 12:31:21 PM

Thank you so very much Jim and Melissa, really is appriciated!
Have a super day! #5136671

Sam Britt 11/27/2007 12:44:06 PM

Congratulations, Peaches! #5136737

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 11/27/2007 1:11:32 PM

Thank you very much Sam, have a super day! #5136919

Christopher Budny 11/27/2007 5:03:32 PM

You've got a series here, of white-on-white animals! :) Congratulations on the Finalist, Nancy! #5138190

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 11/27/2007 5:06:01 PM

Thank you very much Chris.
I have one more portrait of Barney I have done over, hopefully that one will join them.
Have a nice night! #5138207

Susan Fox 11/27/2007 5:33:31 PM

Fantastic high key image! Congratulations Peaches :-) #5138431

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 11/27/2007 5:36:00 PM

Thank you Susan so very much!
Have a nice night! #5138444

Erika Haight 11/27/2007 10:31:14 PM

Great job on Finalist Nancy! This is a wonderful image~ :0) erika #5140140

Dianna Hauf 11/27/2007 10:32:43 PM

Whoops missed this!!! PEACHES, wtg gal on BOTh finalists!!! So happy for ya!!! #5140149

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 11/27/2007 11:01:27 PM

Thank you so much Ericka and Dianna, really appriciate it!
Have a super day! #5140261

Sherry Sturgis 11/28/2007 6:40:04 AM

A beautiful finalist, Peaches!!! BIG Congratulations to you!!!! #5141914

Kathleen Rinker 11/28/2007 8:46:53 AM

Congratulations on your finalist, such a great image!!!!!!!! #5142673

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 11/28/2007 10:59:01 AM

Thank you so very much Sherry and Kathleen, I really appriciate you stopping by and leaving your kind comment's.
Have a super day! #5143159

Kathy L. Clark 11/28/2007 7:59:47 PM

Congrats again Peaches on this really cool finalist. Very nice work. #5145106

Mitch Spence 11/29/2007 9:08:10 AM

Nice work, Peaches, and congratulations! #5147537

Linda Blair 11/29/2007 4:10:45 PM

Awesome finalist...love the high key!!!! ☺ #5148797

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 11/29/2007 7:45:20 PM

Kathy, Mitch and Linda, thank you all so very much, I really appriciate it a lot!
Have a super night! #5149604

Heather L. Haderly 12/2/2007 3:52:46 PM

Oh Wow Nancy, I LOVE this! Very deserving of the finalist! Hope to see it in the winners circle, Awesome!!! #5160633

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 12/2/2007 4:20:23 PM

Thanks very much Heather, Winners circle come and gone LOL
He has to sit on his Finalist! #5160714

Z. Banu 12/12/2007 3:00:23 AM


Nancy (Peaches) Harker 12/12/2007 3:03:22 AM

Thank you very much Zaanat, really appeciate it!
Have a wonderful day! #5198390

Hurk (Steve) Hurkett 12/22/2007 7:47:13 AM

Excellent High Key Capture, Nancy ... Nice WOrk!!!

........................ Steve #5243040

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 12/22/2007 8:14:50 PM

Thanks Steve so very much, have a super night! #5244853

Shelly A. Van Camp 4/10/2008 10:37:11 AM

Beautiful image! #5770936

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 4/11/2008 3:03:16 PM

Thanks so very much Shelly, appriciate it!
Have a super night!!! #5776008

Jennifer A. Lambert 6/5/2008 3:11:54 PM

I LOVE how you did this with the white background. Very Clean and Crisp. Beautiful Job !
Blessings, Jenny N Bama #6023386

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 6/10/2008 10:56:44 AM

Thanks so very much Jennifer, I really appriciate your support!
Have a wonderful day! #6043564

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October 2007 Finalist
Reworked and resubmitted
Comment's welcome and have a GREAT day!

7/10/07 2:54:06, 1/500 sec, 14.80, 132.00mm, Natural light.

Cropped, Painted background white. Used White layer, normal, 50%.
Cloned at different opacities, his nose eyes, and fur.
Made a new canvas bigger, to draw in the top of his ear and re-cropped.
Applied image, screen, 100%, Burn tool shadows at 22%, burn tool eyes 15% and a little saturation.

EFP 10/17/07

Uploaded on 10/12/2007 12:32:51 AM

BetterPhoto.com Photo Contest Finalist

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