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Dominick M. Dimacale level-addict 8/1/2007 2:27:25 AM

Very lovely Doc, love that blue...Dominick #703608

Donald K. Cherry level-addict 8/1/2007 2:32:28 AM

Beautiful floral, Doc! Good color and comp. #4585830

Aimee S. McMaster 8/1/2007 2:39:36 AM

....I totally remember was wonderful then, and still quite beautiful now.....good luck Doc....Aimee #4585860

Marcie A. Fowler 8/1/2007 2:45:16 AM

Absolutely beautiful. I missed it the first time around so glad you posted again. Really like the blue against the black background. #4585885

Ray Clarke 8/1/2007 2:54:13 AM

Gorgeous colours of the flowers against the dark background Doc, beautiful (a) #4585928

Katarina Mansson 8/1/2007 4:13:18 AM

Doc - the colors and lighting are superb! Very nice flower picture. Title is perfect too. I like it a lot! #4586133

Autum Rhoades 8/1/2007 4:24:30 AM

So beautiful Doc! I absolutely love the lighting on this. Great! #4586176

Joy Rector 8/1/2007 4:44:33 AM

fantastic #4586302

Wally Orlowsky 8/1/2007 4:59:31 AM

Gorgeous light and color, Doc. #4586377

John Caruso 8/1/2007 5:00:13 AM

This really is something Doc! Fantastic, fantastic work! #4586382

Amber Kennedy 8/1/2007 5:14:05 AM

Beatiful flower color and contrast with th green..lovely! #4586464

Linda D. Lester level-addict 8/1/2007 5:38:52 AM the lighting! #4586583

Marie Fields level-addict 8/1/2007 7:01:25 AM

Gorgeous image, Doc! :) #4586909

Cyn Valentine level-addict 8/1/2007 7:04:17 AM

So the color and awesome lighting..very well done Doc! #4586918

Tonya R. Boles level-addict 8/1/2007 7:49:49 AM

Wonderful shot Doc. #4587104

Pat Gamwell level-addict 8/1/2007 8:36:53 AM

Glad you decided to re-enter this one, Doc! I loved it the first it now! Has a mysterious & dramatic appeal! #4587265

Ronald F. Fischer level-addict 8/1/2007 8:38:25 AM

Very beautiful colors, Dr. S! #4587273

Rob Martin level-addict 8/1/2007 11:06:34 AM

That's beautiful Doc. Love the angle of the light focusing on the flowers. #4587665

Dolly L. Davis level-addict 8/1/2007 1:00:25 PM

Beautiful capture, Doc. I love it! :O) #4587912

Kay E. Mahoney level-addict 8/1/2007 1:15:18 PM

Nice capture, Doc. Love the colors. #4587957

Paul Michko level-addict 8/1/2007 3:01:33 PM

Gorgeous color saturation and composition, Doc. #4588272

Jeana Clark level-addict 8/1/2007 3:50:12 PM

Beautiful colors, details and composition!!!!
So very well done!!!

~Jeana~ #4588378

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 8/1/2007 5:48:06 PM

Beautiful colors Doc. Fantastic details!!!!! k #4588665

Carol Teal 8/1/2007 5:54:04 PM

Beautiful colors and comp Doc! I think it is well worthy of another try! #4588685

Sandra R. Alvey 8/1/2007 5:55:08 PM

Wow Doc, when you get serious you really get serious! This is just amazing!! Perfection achieved!!

Sandi #4588689

Roxanne M. Bubar 8/2/2007 1:16:20 AM

Stunning colors and image, Doc. #4589602

Nikki McDonald level-addict 8/2/2007 5:39:01 AM

Missed commenting yesterday, Doc--so glad I came back and didn't miss this beauty! As everyone has said, the lighting, detail and colors are amazing here. We'll be rooting for this one! #4590756

Donna La Mattino Pagakis level-addict 8/2/2007 3:00:03 PM

This is stunning, such rich blue hues!! #4592594

Hector Contreras 8/3/2007 12:34:41 AM

Heco #4594320

Kathy L. Clark 8/3/2007 6:30:57 AM

Well Doc my opinion is that this plumbego should win. It is fabulous. The color and light are so beautiful. #4595835

Susie Peek-Swint 8/3/2007 7:27:58 AM

Stunning colour and detail Doc ~ good luck with it this time around! #4596116

Wendy Stevenson 8/3/2007 8:14:29 AM

This is just gorgeous Doc! Beautiful light, and I absolutely love flox!! Lovely image!! #4596276

Susan T. Evans 8/3/2007 10:11:55 AM

It's a fantastic image Doc, glad you resubmittied this one, it is definitely an awesome image. #4596649

Melissa A. McDonald 8/3/2007 3:49:12 PM

Beautiful image... love the softness of the lighting. #4597768

Nikki McDonald level-addict 8/4/2007 7:22:35 PM

Well, it's on its way. Congrats on the EFP. #4602128

Christopher Budny level-addict 8/6/2007 7:02:55 AM

That sure is pretty! Love the blues, and your dark background! #4608308

Alice Fugate level-addict 8/7/2007 6:45:12 PM

Hey Doc, I really love this shot! #4615998

Silvana Stanzer level-addict 8/7/2007 8:06:38 PM

Thats a beautiful capture, love the color and the lighting, Silvana #4616336

Sam Britt level-addict 8/10/2007 7:36:16 PM

Beautiful color & composition. #4630601

Teri Klinger 3/1/2010 5:48:35 AM

Doc, this is awesome!!! love the DOF, clarity, and color. love the moody feel too...congrats on your 101 POTD!!! #8423760

Daniella Puente 3/1/2010 6:01:14 AM

Congrats on the 101 POTD Doc, love light and color on this! #8423815

Katarina Mansson 3/1/2010 6:11:08 AM

Congratulations on your beautiful PG101 POTD Doc! #8423838

Kara L. Hendricks level-addict 3/1/2010 6:11:15 AM

Congratulations Doc on the 101 POTD!!!! #8423839

Mitch Spence level-addict 3/1/2010 6:38:32 AM

It's a beauty, Doc. Congratulations! #8423909

Datha Y. Thompson 3/1/2010 7:03:33 AM

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! ! :) #8424011

Karen E. Baumann 3/1/2010 7:05:25 AM

Love the lighting, color, and details, Doc! Congratulations on the 101 POTD! #8424016

Bob Cournoyer level-addict 3/1/2010 7:12:58 AM

Congrats, Doc, on your 101POTD.. :-) #8424047

Graham Robards level-addict 3/1/2010 7:41:39 AM

Congratulations are in order Doc for your splendid Photo of the Day! Well Done. ~Pat #8424129

Jeana Clark level-addict 3/1/2010 7:53:28 AM

Way to go DoC!!!

~J~ #8424181

Donna La Mattino Pagakis level-addict 3/1/2010 7:58:24 AM

Outstanding image Doc!!! Best of luck this time around and congratulations!!! #8424193

Julianne Bradford 3/1/2010 8:08:13 AM

Just beautiful Doc! Congratulations :-) #8424239

Kara L. Hendricks level-addict 3/1/2010 8:12:55 AM

Glad you are Doc... It's a winner to us!!! #8424258

Susie Peek-Swint 3/1/2010 8:21:34 AM

Congrats on your 101 POTD Doc ~ this is a beautiful image .. good luck with it! #8424283

Christine Czernin level-addict 3/1/2010 8:44:15 AM

Many congrats on your 101 POTD.
A floral beauty. Excellent DOV. #8424327

Carol Teal 3/1/2010 8:57:48 AM

Well, I see congrats are in order! I commented on this before, so today my box is full of comments on your photo so I look and see that you won POTD on 101! I am not a member right now because I didn't comment enough, but still wanted to say congrats on a beautiful floral! When things settle down in my life, maybe I will join 101 again. ALthough I ddn't comment a lot, I enjoyed peeking in to see what the rest of you were doing. #8424344

Bunny Snow level-addict 3/1/2010 1:01:43 PM

Very pretty, I love the blue tones.

Congratulations on your EP and POTD!


Nikki McDonald level-addict 3/1/2010 3:36:48 PM

Glad to see this again, Doc -- it's a favorite. Wonderful color and detail against the black background. Congrats on the 101 potd. #8425106

William C. Raco level-addict 3/1/2010 3:48:19 PM

Beautiful photo, Doc
Congratulations on your POTD #8425118

Joy Rector level-addict 3/2/2010 4:24:13 AM

awesome and congrats #8426233

Ken R. Frischkorn level-addict 3/5/2010 7:57:34 AM

Beautiful photo with lovely color and clarity. Congrats on your EP. #8433812

Michael Umbreit level-addict 3/5/2010 8:26:54 PM

Doc - Congratulations on your PG101 POTD! - Mike #8435019

Karen Bacon level-addict 3/10/2010 7:21:14 AM

This is gorgeous! #8445404

Murry Grigsby 3/13/2010 5:37:30 AM

The low key lighting, saturated colors and crisp details are beautiful Dr. S! Nice work and really worth the resubmit!! #8452432

Bunny Snow level-addict 4/7/2010 11:00:53 PM

I agree with Murry. You did such a wonderful job capturing the saturated colors and crisp details in the low key image, Doc! I love the blue flowers and the lighting! It has staying power in my mind's eye. #8518601

Nikki McDonald level-addict 4/10/2010 5:24:28 AM

Pretty hard to pick a favorite from among your March entries, Doc, but I've settled on this one. Everything about it is perfect in my opinion: the lighting, the colors, the detail, the contrast between the blossoms and the background, the composition. It really does deserve more than an EP.
My other contenders were Boo's Place -- I don't think it's a finalist contender but I have to tell you it jumps out at me every time I see it on the Editor's Picks page; Music Holders -- I love the bold color and the simplicity of the composition; McDonald's Moon -- afraid the commercial "copyright" aspect may hold it back but it's brilliant; Fab Four -- finally just right IMO :); and Color of Music -- I think it's cool and I know how much time you spent so it's a sentimental favorite. Good luck. #8523689

Nikki McDonald level-addict 4/18/2010 5:22:49 PM

Oh Doc we are all cheering, you know! Yay for Kara and her great eye and yay for you and a wonderful image. Congratulations on the finalist badge and good luck in the next round.

Kara L. Hendricks level-addict 4/18/2010 6:28:52 PM

Whose the best gal in the world???... Who is it???... LOL... Just kidding Doc... I cheered more for this one when I saw it than my own... YOU SOOOO DESERVE THIS!!! #8544489

Patrick Rouzes level-addict 4/18/2010 7:21:18 PM

CONGRATULATIONS on this incredible finalist, Doc! WTG! #8545048

Jennifer L. Alder level-addict 4/18/2010 9:01:25 PM

A beautiful floral capture, Doc! Congrats :) #8546024

Sherran Andersen level-addict 4/18/2010 10:11:09 PM

Congrats. #8546355

Christopher Budny level-addict 4/19/2010 4:13:19 AM

Congratulations, Doc! Glad you resubmitted this one! #8547315

Usman M. Bajwa level-addict 4/19/2010 4:34:51 AM

Gorgeous Floral capture. CONGRATZ!

UB. #8547446

Patti Coblentz level-addict 4/19/2010 6:54:49 AM

What beautiful blues! Congratulations on this lovely finalist, DOC!!! WTG!

Patti #8548505

Stefania Barbier level-addict 4/19/2010 7:42:51 AM

huge congrats on your beautiful finalist!!! #8548780

Donna La Mattino Pagakis level-addict 4/19/2010 8:14:20 AM

I'm so happy to see this again Doc! Congratulations on your excellent finalist!! #8548984

Graham Robards level-addict 4/19/2010 9:33:58 AM

Wow Doc, looking at the dates this image has been up for awhile before yu re-entered it again.

It's lovely, congratulations. ~Pat #8549557

Mitch Spence level-addict 4/19/2010 11:34:29 AM

Beautiful light, Doc, beautiful color. Congratulations. #8550182

Tiia Vissak 4/19/2010 11:40:30 AM

Congratulations! #8550210

Linda D. Lester level-addict 4/19/2010 1:03:06 PM

Kara knows what she is talking about....I hope it gets gold! :) #8550575

Susana Ms Heide level-addict 4/19/2010 1:55:38 PM

YOU GO DOC!!! This is so well deserved and I'm really glad you listened to Kara! CONGRATS! #8550872

Sam Britt level-addict 4/19/2010 2:16:18 PM

Big Congratulations on this finalist! #8550984

Carol Eade level-addict 4/19/2010 3:10:33 PM

Beautiful finalist, Dr. S., big congratulations! #8551197

Leslie McLain level-addict 4/19/2010 5:07:20 PM

Congrats on your beautiful finalist. #8551681

Jeana Clark level-addict 4/19/2010 7:30:34 PM

I loved it the the first time I
seen it and now here it is
in the finals!!!!!!
It is incredible DOC...
Stunning color and details!!!
Awesome Finalist!
Many congratulations!!!!

~J~ #8552312

Jane Holestine 4/19/2010 7:59:58 PM

This is absolutely stunning, Doc! The colors, the comp, everything! Congrats on your finalist; we should see this again! #8552465

Courtenay Vanderbilt 4/19/2010 8:13:47 PM

Stunning Finalist! Congratulations! #8552517

Christopher Budny level-addict 4/20/2010 2:56:19 PM

STUNNING WINNER, now... CONGRATULATIONS Doc!! Way to go! #8555105

Judy V. Kennamer level-addict 4/20/2010 3:15:15 PM

Woo Hoo!!! A BIG BIG CONGRATS DOC!!! Bee-u-tee-FULL!!!!! #8555155

Bob Cournoyer level-addict 4/20/2010 3:25:50 PM

Give it up for Doc...wooot woooot wooot...:-) #8555198

Patti Coblentz level-addict 4/20/2010 3:32:14 PM

Big congratulations on this beautiful win, Doc!

Patti #8555232

Nikki McDonald level-addict 4/20/2010 3:35:24 PM

Hey hey Doc -- look what you got!! Way to go and a big congratulations for the win. #8555244

Renee Doyle level-addict 4/20/2010 3:43:02 PM

Big congrats to you Doc on this excellent win!!!! #8555280

Jane Hirst level-addict 4/20/2010 3:47:09 PM

Great blue, great composition and balance.....Congratulations. #8555296

Donna La Mattino Pagakis level-addict 4/20/2010 4:12:12 PM

Outstanding Doc!!!!! Congratulations! #8555396

Carol L. Fowler 4/20/2010 4:13:37 PM

Fantabulous! Congrats! #8555404

Deborah C. Lewinson level-addict 4/20/2010 4:18:12 PM

Congrats, Doc, on this awesome and stunning winner!

Debby #8555429

Kara L. Hendricks level-addict 4/20/2010 4:22:00 PM

This would be me... running around in circles singing in a little girls voice... "I told you so... I told you so.... I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!

Never doubt!!!! #8555453

Diane Dupuis level-addict 4/20/2010 4:29:03 PM

wooooooooohhooooooooooooooooo!!! Congrats!!! And go Kara for calling it!!! #8555502

Monnie Ryan level-addict 4/20/2010 5:11:28 PM

Fantastic capture, Doc -- a great big congratulations from up here in northeastern Ohio! #8555739

Leslie McLain level-addict 4/20/2010 5:27:58 PM

Congrats on your beautiful winner. #8555840

Daniella Puente 4/20/2010 5:34:46 PM

CONGRATULATIONS Doc!!! Very well deserved..let's celebrate :))) #8555866

Gerri R. Jones 4/20/2010 5:40:12 PM

Congratulations Doc! Those blues are so delicate and beautiful! #8555888

Virginia Leone level-addict 4/20/2010 5:45:19 PM

Beautiful win Doc! Congrats!

Virginia :-) #8555922

Nancyj E. Hovey level-addict 4/20/2010 5:58:05 PM

on your 2nd Place Winner! 8o) #8556011

Susana Ms Heide 4/20/2010 6:21:40 PM

Couldn't be happier if I'd gotten a medal myself!!! Really!!! Many CONGRATS to you Doc for the accomplishment and to Kara for her judging abilities!! :o)) #8556085

Linda D. Lester level-addict 4/20/2010 6:47:53 PM

That is one special friend! I'm so excited for you.....:)

Congratulations on your awesome win! #8556200

Graham Robards level-addict 4/20/2010 6:56:35 PM

Oh wow Dr. Silly! How wonderful this is! Congratulations! ~Pat #8556244

Bunny Snow level-addict 4/20/2010 7:27:59 PM

These beautiful blue flowers had staying power in my mind, because they are so lovely and you captured the lighting, composition, color and tonality.

Congratulations on your big winner, Doc. Blue and gold compliment each other. #8556298

Dr Silly 4/20/2010 7:43:27 PM

Thank you everyone for your kind words. :O) #8556340

Stefania Barbier level-addict 4/20/2010 11:06:38 PM

congratulations on your gorgeous win, Doc! #8556734

Christine Czernin level-addict 4/21/2010 1:13:11 AM

Huge congrats, Doc, on your fantastic win.
The light and clarity on these lovely floweres is really stunning.
A true winner. #8556997

Usman M. Bajwa level-addict 4/21/2010 3:21:39 AM

DOC, CONGRATZ on this beautiful WIN and your listening to Kara! WTG.

UB. #8557172

Katarina Mansson 4/21/2010 3:41:38 AM

So happy to see this beauty with a GOLDEN badge; congratulations Doc! #8557207

Tiia Vissak 4/21/2010 8:32:02 AM

Congratulations! #8558083

Patrick Rouzes level-addict 4/21/2010 8:47:35 AM

CONGRATULATIONS on this incredible Winner, Doc! WTG! #8558180

Sharon Sawyer level-addict 4/21/2010 11:20:08 AM

Doc, HUGE congratulations on your outstanding SECOND Place Win!!!
.. and WTG Kara! #8558825

Susan M. Hembree level-addict 4/21/2010 1:14:06 PM

Fantastic and beautiful, Doc! Congrats on the 2nd place win! #8559116

David M. Montero 4/21/2010 1:53:40 PM

WTG Doc!!! I love the color and lighting. Well done. CONGRATULATIONS!!! #8559256

Carol Eade level-addict 4/21/2010 7:26:53 PM

Congratulations on your terrific winner, Doc! #8560114

Karen E. Baumann level-addict 4/22/2010 7:16:48 AM

A big congratulations, Doc! Love the colors and lighting! #8561445

Murry Grigsby 4/22/2010 4:08:38 PM

Perfect in every way Dr. S! I love your comp, light and colors!! Congrats on your win. #8562520

JO ANN CLEVELAND 4/22/2010 6:49:03 PM

Congratulations on the Gold Doc!


jo ann c. #8562939

Courtenay Vanderbilt 4/23/2010 11:44:15 AM

Big congrats on your gorgeous winner! #8564705

Carol Teal 4/24/2010 9:12:55 AM

Well, all I can think to say is Whoooohooo! I saw this made a finalist and before I could get here to comment, now I see it made the gold!! I am glad Kara suggested you try again and you agreed! And a huge congrats to a real clown of a guy! :D It's a beautiful image! #8566619

Kate Jackson level-addict 4/26/2010 7:26:31 AM

Big congrats Doc! #8570512

Amanda D. Austwick level-addict 5/16/2010 1:24:23 PM

Stunning image Doc, Congratulations! #8615610

Ivan Chacon 6/10/2010 4:40:29 PM

Gorgeous image!!! Congrats!! :) #8686751

Bill Houghton 6/16/2010 7:23:43 AM

Great shot. Congratulations on your win. Have a great day, Bill #8698671

Nikki McDonald level-addict 7/6/2016 7:44:09 PM

Such a deserving All-Time Finalist, Doc. This is gorgeous. Congratulations. #11492902

Bob Cournoyer level-addict 7/6/2016 7:59:02 PM

Yay! Best of luck in the gold round, Doc... :-) #11492906

Michele Peterson level-addict 7/9/2016 10:28:02 PM

HUGE congratulations Doc, and I sure hope Kara sees this. :-) This is an amazing capture, looks real enough to touch. #11494065

Bob Cournoyer level-addict 7/10/2016 6:18:27 AM

Woot Woot for Doc.... :-) #11494144

Kara L. Hendricks level-addict 7/10/2016 8:00:03 AM

So this one has went as far as it can go... How wonderful... Always believed this was special congrats #11494167

G. Margaret Hennes level-addict 7/11/2016 5:15:33 PM

Congratulations on this beautiful ATW! #11494782

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Giving this one, one more try. Because a friend said to. Thank you Kara.

Exif: F Number: 7.1, Exposure Bias Value: +0, Exposure Time: 1/80, Flash: flash did not fire, ISO: 100, White Balance: auto white balance, Focal Length: 33mm, Camera Model: Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT

Uploaded on 8/1/2007 2:22:21 AM

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