Madaket takes a ride

© Jim Mires

Madaket takes a ride

Amanda E. Radovic 6/16/2004 10:34:45 PM 1

This is so cool!!! Did you purposely place the red bottle with the watermelon because it looks great. It looks as if the left side is almost greyscale and the right is a blur of colour and life. Fantastic capture - tons of originality, I hope to see it in the winners circle in a months time. #138595

Leanne M.E. Boyd 6/17/2004 12:48:56 AM

Cool shot, Jim! #600529

Dan Holm 6/17/2004 12:51:53 AM

Very different, very fun! Excellent shot, Jim! #600532

Cathy T. Vettes 6/17/2004 5:05:38 AM

OH my !! We are having some fun now !!! LOL ! What a cutie!! Great expression !! Great capture Jim !! #600891

Jim Mires 6/17/2004 5:08:36 AM

Thanks everyone.

Amanda yes, I did arrange the Items in the cart to add some color.

Kathleen Clemons 6/17/2004 10:21:47 AM

Nicely done, Jim. She looks like she's having a blast! :) #601670

Jim Mires 6/17/2004 10:30:29 AM 1

Thanks Kathleen! She was having fun, she did not even mind doing this over and over untill I got it right. #601703

Kristen McKain 6/17/2004 12:37:49 PM

awesome! I love this! #601992

Susan T. Evans 7/17/2004 2:11:17 AM

Congrats Jim, just awesome! #651577

Sharon E. Lowe 7/17/2004 5:46:53 AM

Congrats Jim! #652159

Kathleen Clemons 7/17/2004 11:35:47 AM

Congratulations to you, Jim. :) #653566

Leonard Pierce 7/17/2004 4:29:06 PM

Congratulations Jim!!! #654329

Debra Booth 7/17/2004 6:32:45 PM

Wonderful fun, well captured!! Congratulations, Jim!! #654694

Julie Turner 7/17/2004 8:47:57 PM

How creative! Congratulations and good luck!!!! #655159

Nancy Grace Chen 7/17/2004 10:35:43 PM

Outstanding!!! Very creative and well-executed. Hope to see this again. Congratulations.

Nancy #655258

Mette Vendelboe Allison 7/18/2004 10:14:58 AM

What a well-taken great photo, I think this will go further! Congrats! #656063

Jill Battaglia 7/18/2004 11:16:12 AM

Love it! Excellent! Congrats!! #656123

Kathleen Clemons 7/19/2004 1:56:25 AM

The Grand! Way to go, Jim! Big congrats to you! #656966

Dolores Neilson 7/19/2004 3:32:42 AM

Jim...this is very deserved!! Big congrats on the GRand! I missed this the first time...I love it! #657035

Donna R. Moratelli 7/19/2004 3:40:11 AM

This is probably one of the most well deserved grand prize wins that I've ever seen.. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS IMAGE!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS JIM!!..
PS, This looks like a promo image for a shop til' you drop contest. I can't stop looking at it!! It's just faaantasstic!! #657046

Paul C. Gazzanigo 7/19/2004 3:50:37 AM

Terrific! BIG Congratulations, Jim! #657071

Wally Orlowsky 7/19/2004 4:17:21 AM

Congratulations on your Grand win, Jim! #657186

Colette M. Metcalf 7/19/2004 4:33:02 AM

Congratulations to you Jim!! #657256

Debra Booth 7/19/2004 4:36:01 AM

A big congratulations, Jim!! #657272

Jim Mires 7/19/2004 5:18:52 AM

Tanks Everyone! I will defiantly be carrying my camera to store more often! #657500

Judith G. Secco 7/19/2004 5:27:41 AM

Wonderful image, Jim. Congratulations!!
Judy #657556

Robin L. Wehrman 7/19/2004 5:38:00 AM

Spectacular Jim!! Cool shot Congratulations on a well deserved photo!! #657604

Kristen McKain 7/19/2004 5:38:53 AM

Congrats!! #657609

Jacqueline W. Mills 7/19/2004 5:44:06 AM

Congrats on your big win, Jim! Remember our Oregon Vagabonds trip with BFP? You've come a long way, straight to the top! All my best, enjoy! #657641

Stephen Zacker 7/19/2004 5:51:56 AM

Congrats Jim! This is really a creative and fun image! #657694

Terry Cervi 7/19/2004 5:53:57 AM

I love this, Jim! Wonderful job and congrats on a well deserved win! #657708

Kelly Abernathy 7/19/2004 6:00:19 AM

Congrats on your win! -K #657740

Marie Fields 7/19/2004 6:00:46 AM

Congratulations, Jim!!! #657743

Vicki Tillard 7/19/2004 6:24:37 AM

Congratulations Jim! Wonderful photo, well-deserved win. I looked at your gallery and your work is really outstanding. Thanks for sharing it.
Vicki #657845

Murry Grigsby 7/19/2004 6:42:14 AM

Congratulations on this well designed action packed image Jim! A super choice for the Grand Prize!! #657892

Julie Turner 7/19/2004 6:47:40 AM

Well deserved! Congratulations!!! #657909

Lori Ditlefsen 7/19/2004 7:32:22 AM

I missed this one some how Jim. Wonderful shot with great color and love her expression. Congrats on the win! #658071

Sherri L. Regalbuto 7/19/2004 7:38:26 AM

Congratulations Jim, wonderful shot. #658090

Evy Johansen 7/19/2004 8:30:11 AM

Many congratulations, Jim! #658261

Susan T. Evans 7/19/2004 8:44:36 AM

A Big Congrats Jim on your Grand Prize Win, well deserved!!!, love it, cannot stop looking at this one too!!! just awesome! #658300

Dan Holm 7/19/2004 9:34:58 AM

Congratulations, Jim!! Very well deserved! #658426

Sherrie H. Penny 7/19/2004 11:29:46 AM

CONGRATS! Way to go -- Jim. #658660

Peggy Wolff 7/19/2004 2:00:11 PM

Congratulations Jim! #658906

June Marie Sobrito 7/19/2004 2:22:14 PM

Congratulations!!! #658947

Steven Gunnerson 7/19/2004 2:46:18 PM

Congratulations Jim! Awesome photograph... what fun. #658985

David L. Shannon 7/19/2004 3:54:57 PM

Well deserved win for a sensational photo Jim. You have a gift for capturing great candids of people (been to your gallery).
Dave S. #659074

Jim Mires 7/19/2004 4:47:58 PM

WOW! Thanks everyone, it’s wonderful to see so many nice comments. #659126

Susie Marie Uston 7/19/2004 5:30:39 PM

Can I add one more to this long list ...

Congrats! Great image! #659163

Jeff Lovinger 7/19/2004 6:06:46 PM

Jim,Congrats. Fantastic, and verrrrrrrrry well deserved. I love your site. A real PRO.
Jeff #659212

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 7/19/2004 6:18:52 PM

Congrats on this beautiful fun image. I am very happy for you!! Well done. #659251

Monika Sapek 7/19/2004 6:38:34 PM

Many congratulations on your fabulous Win with this very creative and fun to look image, Jim! So well done and composed!

Nancy Grace Chen 7/19/2004 7:09:05 PM

Absolutely deserved win. Big congratulations on your Grand Prize winner!!

Nancy #659374

Audrea Telkamp 7/19/2004 8:43:09 PM

Congratulations on your Grand Prize Win Jim!! I love the color, motion, and her expression is priceless!! #659520

Serena Pierce 7/19/2004 9:02:59 PM

Wow Jim!! I am soooo excited for you!! Awesome image!! Congratulations!!

Amanda E. Radovic 7/19/2004 9:32:57 PM

WOW- congratulations Jim, very well deserved too. I thought I would see this in the winners circle and the GRAND to boot, what an achievement!!!! Have fun putting together your new Deluxe website - congrats again!!! #659579

Collin Clack 7/20/2004 12:46:15 AM

Congrats Jim, This image is right where it deserves to be. #659654

bob garas 7/20/2004 1:24:12 AM

congradulations on your win. great fun shot #659669

Terry Joshi 7/20/2004 1:45:48 AM

congratulations - excellent shot and well deserved win!
Terry #659682

Patrick Campbell 7/20/2004 3:05:21 AM

Just back from vacation and I see you won the Grand Prize with your outstanding photo! Congrats to you, Jim!! #659693

Jean-Francois Schmutz 7/20/2004 3:48:41 AM

You are the best, Jim !

Big Bravo !!!!

JF #659753

Jennifer Bulsza 7/20/2004 5:15:53 AM

Jim, from a former classmate, I just wanted to say "Congrats" and that I couldn't be happier for you! I'm also glad to see this sweet face again! :)

Bravo! #660018

Mette Vendelboe Allison 7/20/2004 7:44:46 AM

Big congrats, Jim! #660515

Bernard B. Travers 7/20/2004 7:55:57 AM

AT-A-SHOOTER, Big Jim. Knock-um-dead. A big congrats on this one. #660545

Cathy Shotz 7/20/2004 3:20:31 PM

Jim...I was thrilled to see this fabulous photo as the Grand Prize Winner. What a well-deserved win for you. Big, big, congratulations to you and your adorable little girl. #661443

Ray Charles 7/20/2004 7:20:04 PM

Congrats, Jim. Stunning shot, very funny, and original. Well done. #661662

Jim Mires 7/21/2004 8:49:02 AM

THANKS EVERYONE! It really is encouraging to see all of the wonderful comments. #662693

Marta Azevedo 7/21/2004 10:19:55 AM

Congrats, Jim #662783

Sharon E. Lowe 7/21/2004 11:06:11 AM

Congrats Jim - absolutely thrilled to see this one here!!! #662820

Andre Marhaug 7/21/2004 2:01:37 PM

Congrats on your big win, Jim!. Awesome picture that makes me smile ("Mall Rally", he, he...).

Have you desaturated the ceiling?. Everything fits in this picture (colors, the way it's composed, the movement... awesome...) #662988

Susana Matos 7/21/2004 2:16:06 PM

Congratulations!!!! this is top rate photo!
Cheers from Portugal, Su #663002

Jim Mires 7/21/2004 9:42:18 PM

Thanks Marta, Sharon, Andre and Susana!

I did not de-saturate the ceiling. I think the gray color is due to the dimly lit portion of the ceiling above the fluorescent lights. The only thing I did in PS was a slight rotation and crop so the left side of the shopping cart aligned better with the edge of the image. Oh yea I almost forgot I did clone out the word ‘Viva’ on the top of the milk bottle. If anyone from ‘Viva’ wants to buy the shot I can put it back in!

Thomasa 7/22/2004 6:18:47 AM

WOW!! This definitely deserved a grand prize win!! I love the color, composition, lighting and DOF. Her expression is priceless too. So how many shots did it take to achieve this masterpiece? #664054

Jim Mires 7/22/2004 7:50:11 AM

Thanks Thomasa! I don’t know exactly how many shot I took to get this one but it was most likely about 50 or so. I held the camera and rested my hands on the shopping cart as my wife pushed it along and I would hold down the shutter button every time she smiled and looked up. Normally I would try a super clamp for this type of thing but I did not have mine with me. We went down the juice isle about three or four times, we also tried this in the meat department but the color there wasn’t as good. #664234

Peter Mantione 7/23/2004 4:29:16 PM

Bravo Jim, Awesome shot congrats! #666406

Stephen H. White 7/26/2004 9:05:59 PM

Wonderful shot Jim! Congrats on the win. I love the energy of this picture. #671253

Matt S. Raspanti 7/27/2004 2:43:01 PM

wow brings back some exciting memories of when I was a kid (not too long ago actually) riding on the front of the cart was the most fun.

Now on the picture. Are the colors that vibrant when read by a canon chip or was there any saturation enhancement? #672539

Louison Rousseau 7/29/2004 6:40:36 AM

Wow, this is fun, dynamic, colorful and original. Great shot, congratulations! #675635

Donna J. Eaton 8/5/2004 7:08:38 PM

Jim, please forgive my late response but please accept my heartfelt congratulations for your grand prize win! I'm so happy for you and a big congratulations! See you in class! :-) #690058

Laura Clay-Ballard 4/16/2005 8:25:33 PM

I actually "felt" the movement in this! What fun! #1260924

Melody Molinaro 8/28/2006 8:44:56 AM

hahahahhaha oh my god what a great photo!!!!!!!!!!! It makes me laugh just looking at it. #3232703

Kathleen K. Parker 5/27/2007 4:05:14 AM

Somehow I always knew in my heart that this is how men shop! :-) It is a wonderful photo in all possible ways!!
Congratulations, Jim!
KK #4334940

Amanda Chapman 12/10/2007 8:33:15 AM

I found this image on BP when searching panning techniques and WOW!!!! I was thrilled to find this!

Adding it to my FAVES for sure! #5191420

Sarah Baker 4/14/2008 5:34:25 PM

very cute! Great job #5788288

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