Primary Colors

© Dolores Neilson

Primary Colors

Peder Mageroy 9/4/2002 10:12:37 PM

Just beautiful Dolores, great composition and sharpness, wonderful colors, another winner! Congrats. #8684

Bob D. Hall 9/4/2002 10:25:58 PM

Dolores, this is beautiful! I love the colors! Looks like another winner for the G of P. #13429

Carol Engstrom 9/4/2002 10:27:08 PM

I love this Dolores. It really is a stunning photo. #13430

Dolores Neilson 9/4/2002 10:37:16 PM

Peder, Bob and Carol....I don't know what I ever did to deserve the gift of your kindness but I am an extremely appreciate woman to have you all. Thanks sooooo very much for taking time to support my image. Blessings! #13434

Damian P. Gadal 9/4/2002 10:39:34 PM

Dolores, they don't get much better then this. This is very well composed and thoughtout and everything works together nicely!!! #13435

Sharon E. Lowe 9/4/2002 10:46:16 PM

Dolores - Great shot. Love the colors and the composition and everything about it....almost doesn't look real, but I know it is! - Sharon #13437

Dolores Neilson 9/4/2002 10:59:23 PM

Greetings Damian! Greetings Sharon!
Thanks so very much for posting such complimentary comments on my image. Yes..the scene does look unreal, Sharon. Been by this place at least 50 times but this particular evening, it was raining on and off and the ground was still really deepened the colors and then the sun peeped out brightly from the west before it started raining again. It certainly is a good idea to always have camera in tow. Thanks so very much! #13440

Evy Johansen 9/5/2002 12:12:33 AM

This is beautiful - I love the colors! #13448

Adam Bolt 9/5/2002 12:53:58 AM

This really is a painting isn't it! Only Kidding. This is why you should always carry a camera with you. Scenes like this aren't around every corner and Dolores, once again your amazing eye has picked out one of the best lanscape images I have seen for some time.
Cheers Adam #13454

Katherine Chan 9/5/2002 12:56:28 AM

Dolores, beautiful painting! A definite winner to me.
Kat #13455

Kathleen Clemons 9/5/2002 8:57:05 AM

I am soooo glad you had your camera with you! You must have been really excited when you saw how wonderfully this came out. Congratulations in advance. :) Kath #13475

Dolores Neilson 9/5/2002 10:53:14 AM

Evy, Adam and Kat....thanks dearly for your generous compliments. I am humbled by your gifts. Kat...I was excited when I saw the scene! I drove right by it...brought my SUV to a halt, turned around, went back and walked on this farmer's property without even asking permission ..took 3 photos and left. I'm sure glad they didn't let a dog loose! MOst farmer's have dogs! Thanks so much for all your wonderful compliments in support. #13485

Donna R. Moratelli 9/11/2002 7:45:08 AM

Delores, This is amazing! Where did you get such extreme sharp DOF with f/6 hand-held? That digital camera of yours is the sharpest piece of equipment that I have ever seen. F/6?, handheld, how? I have to get that camera or do you have the magic touch... If shot a picture like this at f/6 with a tripod at f/6 hand-held, it would have been blurred from the tractor back with camera shake on top of that...You are amazing... I love this picture and the sharpness of the whole thing./ Excellent work again Delores.. #14367

Dolores Neilson 9/11/2002 7:57:31 AM

Greetings Donna, thank you for your complimenting my work, yet another time. You know I value your opinion. YES...handheld, sister!! I was zoomed out so the focus range was plenty at F:6 (I've seens tons of scenics shot at F:2!) but if you'll notice....the shutter speed was 1-320 per camera shake at those shutter speeds!! Thank you so much, Donna. Lovely hearing from you...I'm sooo delighted you like this. #14369

Donna R. Moratelli 9/11/2002 7:59:41 AM

Delores, Sorry to be a bother but, is this camera the canon powershot compact camera with an attached lens?? I am baffeled. #14370

Donna R. Moratelli 9/11/2002 8:12:12 AM

I can understand f/2 more than f/6 but this is wierd in the traditional sense of shooting a landscape. Good thing that I am going to take a workshop soon because this is wrong in my book and I need some answers. I am going out right now and shooting a similar scene with my equipment at f/6 handheld at 320th. It has to be that attached lens. What kind is it? Delores, I have been shooting for over 20 years on and off and this is too much for me to comprehend............... #14372

Dolores Neilson 9/11/2002 9:29:42 AM

NO attached lens, Donna. MY G1 has a 3X proprietary zoom lens....I guess I don't understand why you're confused. Wide open (F:2) less dof.....stopped down to F:6.....more dof. The sun was out full strength and increasing the shutter speed was the only way I could expose for the scene properly..without highlights. I suppose I could have used the max. dof on my camera (F:8) and slowed the shutter to 1/250 per sec and might have achieved the same results. Here's what the camera looks like : Canon Powershot G1
I've taken scenics at F:2 all the time....I guess don't understand why reducing the aperture would be confusing...especially with the bright conditions as they were. Help me...your the one that understands all this stuff!! #14380

Kerry Drager 9/11/2002 12:07:43 PM

Hi Dolores: Wonderful colors and composition. And thanks for sharing the details behind this photo! Kerry #14391

Dolores Neilson 9/11/2002 12:47:03 PM

Greetings Kerry! Thank you!! I am sooo honored that my image rec'd a compliment from you!! I value your opinion immensely! Being the recipient of your compliment is another prize for me!! Take care and thank you again! #14392

Jim Miotke 9/11/2002 12:47:47 PM

Hi Dolores, It sounds like the aperture confusion is due to the fact that, even though f2 would result in a very shallow depth of field, f6 is usually not that different. In traditional photography, f6 is still very shallow (f22 is closer to what one would expect).

It may be that most of your subject matter is so close to infinity that it doesn't matter. It may be that your digital Canon G1 is somehow different than traditional cameras (although I have not yet heard of anything like that).

Anyways, does it really matter? This image is indeed beautiful - and that's the most important thing :) #14393

Donna R. Moratelli 9/11/2002 1:11:17 PM

Delores,I just returned..I went out and shot a similar scene this morning .. My picture turned out as expected my me. No DOF!.I thought I had missed something along the way AND knew that I didn't deep down... How could I have been wrong? NOT *ME!ha ha. The only thing that I can figure out is that the lens on that thing is probably equivilant to a very short focal length traditional lens such as a 20mm which would make f/6 have a greater DOF, especially since your f/8 is equivilant to my f/32.(I THINK). I believe that I am going to go digital sooner than I had anticipated. The sharpness of their lenses is awsome and that is one thing that through me off too Your stuff is extremly sharp at all times... Anyway, as Jim said, "Does it really matter". That image is indeed beautiful and thats what is important here. Good luck with this EXCELLENT image Sis!!!!! #14394

Dolores Neilson 9/11/2002 1:13:25 PM

Thank you, Jim...

My camera's aperture limit is F:8 so perhaps the dof calibrations of 3 MP digitals are different compared to SLR's. I guess I am confused because I have shot many landscapes at F:2.2 and have not noticed any significant loss of dof with my digital. Conversely, when doing macros, zone of focus is extremely sensitive.

Thanks so much for clarification, Jim! I didn't realize F:6 was not that much different that F:2 on an SLR. It's 3/4's of the way closed for me!

What a great day I'm having....TWO compliments from photography teachers! Thank you so much! #14395

Donna R. Moratelli 9/11/2002 1:17:00 PM

Delores, Maybe we should have more discussions like this much more often. #14397

Dolores Neilson 9/11/2002 2:35:54 PM

Hi Donna, I for one, have learned quite a bit here. I struggle to understand because I am aiming for the Canon D60 which is SLR based and will be purchasing the Canon lenses to go with it. I think that the D60 with it's SLR lenses will behave the way your camera does....and this information is very helpful to me. Donna, I think you are right about my F:8 being equivalent to your F:32. If I'm stopped down to F:6, with F:8 being max. dof, I'm 3/4 of the way closed...your F:6, with your F:32 being max, becomes approx. 1/6th of the way closed.... not alot compared to mine. Nah...don't go buy one like mine...a proprietary 3X zoom and not being able to add any significant telephoto lenses is a real hindrance. I almost have to be in a person's face to get a decent portrait. Olympus 2100 has a 10X zoom, I believe that's the max. zoom available in a digicam (unless you buy an SLR based a Nikon D1X or a Canon D30 or D60 which uses the same lenses as SLR's. I'm glad you questioned, Donna. WE both learned! Thank you again for expressing what you like about the image! #14402

Donna R. Moratelli 9/11/2002 5:03:15 PM

Thank you too Delores!. It was a great learing experience for me too..I would love to have the D60 also but I still will keep my traditional camera until that camera comes down in price a lot. I am thinking of a camera like yours to learn with. I have never even tried a digital camera once. Digitals,I am assuming,are much different and to spend that kind of money right away would be silly I think..I may even hate it.. I am very hard on equipment and I have been told that they are very sensitive. That could be a problem with me. Someday though I will have to get one..............Thanks again!! #14421

Damian P. Gadal 9/11/2002 5:16:26 PM

This thread of discussion has been very rewarding and educational... #14425

Marcy 9/11/2002 9:46:50 PM

Delores, this is a gorgeous picture, a fine example of the Heartland of America. Enjoyed looking at all your work. Marcy #14443

Donna R. Moratelli 9/12/2002 6:59:55 AM

Hi Delores, I was just thinking about you getting the D60. If it works anything like a traditional 35mm camera, you will need to start carrying a tripod in your car at all times... for example,if you were shooting a scene like this at max DOF, the shutter speed would be at most 30th of a second. With the high numbers, you end up with a lot of long exposures. I always have to stop and pull out the tripod. I don't like it, but I do it..If you are using traditional lenses you would have to be shooting like a traditional shooter. The lenses are what makes the difference. / #14479

Dolores Neilson 9/13/2002 7:30:51 AM

I'm glad you found the discussion educational, Damian! I did too!

Marcy...thank you so much for your complimentary note. Your feedback and time means alot to me. I appreciate that immensely.

Donna...I DO carry my tripod with me at all's in my SUV right now.
Anything that is slower than 1-250th of a sec, I always use my tripod...unless I find something else to steady my camera with...that happens frequently also. It all depends what shutter speeds are. I've used my tripod with shutters faster than 1-250/ all depends. If I'm taking a pic of wildlife....and I have to basically pan them to follow them, it's basically useless. Primary Colors was shot fairly quickly...I went on the owner's property...tried to find them to ask permission..didn't see anyone...and feared dogs. Farmers here usually have dogs...didn't want to spend too much time here. Thank you for the suggestion as I'm sure it will help others. I too, am always telling people to use their tripods! One of the most important tools of photography! Sometimes I luck out without them but more often than not, I don't! Thanks so much for helping me understand the SLR camera. And I'm with you, I don't like tripods either. I'm thinking of getting a monopod...I think it just more convenient and less to set up. I will need info on what lense to buy when I get that D60, I will ask for your recommendations then. Thanks!! #14599

Robert Pranagal 9/22/2002 5:37:26 PM

This shot has really left me gasping for air...


By the way, you seem to be continuously breaking world records in terms of numbers of comments in the discussions!!!

- Quite deservingly, I must say.

Cheers! #15554

Dolores Neilson 9/28/2002 8:03:41 AM

Greetings Robert!! Thank you again...I appreciate your generosity immensely!! And what a nice gift to come home to!! Yes, there was quite a discusssion on this image....all this confusion between digital dof and film dof...but information that will be priceless when I upgrade to a D-SLR system.

Thanks so much, Robert. #16005

Dolores Neilson 9/28/2002 8:09:06 AM

To Katherine C: Hi Katherine, I just now realized in reading my responses on this image that somehow I confused your post with Kathleen's. My humble apologies for not acknowledging your compliment. It really is important to me and much appreciated and valued. Thank you!! #16007

Robert Pranagal

Well deserved win. Great work. #17675

Evy Johansen

Hi Dolores
Congratulations!!! - I can only repeat Robert's words: Well derserved win!!!
Evy, DK #17678

Kathleen Clemons

Told ya so!! :) Congrats on your win, Dolores! #17680

Dolores Neilson

Robert, Evy and Kathleen!! OMGoodness!! Thank you!! I don't know what else to say! It's too early in the morning...I need to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming! I know you all some winners around here somewhere and I haven't viwed the winning list yet so I'm off to see the postings! Have a super day! #17686

Donna R. Moratelli

Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!You won! Congratulations on this wonderful and exciting image Delores! Your the best! It's been a great month for you all over the net!! #17691

Donna R. Moratelli

Delores, If you get that D60, I am thinking about selling my Canon 300L lens! It's awsome but I'd rather have a macro now. Let me know!! #17692

Heather K. McFarland

Many congrats Dolores! So nice to be sharing first place with you and this wonderful image! #17714

Dolores Neilson

OH Donna! Thank you! And congrats to you also on the adorable kitty shot! That 300L lens sounds great! Canon is coming out with an 11 mp camera!! But I'll still be able to use the lens. If it is in really good shape (no scratches), I'm interested! Let me read up a bit more on this lens. Want to make sure it' s one I would like.

Heather.... Yes! I am delighted to be sharing first place with you too. Isn't it awesome? When I think how many images were entered (I believe there were over 3000), I don't feel I deserve the win with all the awesome images I've been seeing here all month. And to think our 3 images were contenders for grand prize has me flabbergasted. Enjoy your win, girlfriend! I know the spirit will be willing to go north for camping this weekend, but the flesh may need a little convincing! #17754

June Marie Sobrito

Congratulations, Dolores! This is a spectacular shot. Enjoy your win! #17757

Carol Engstrom

Congratulations Dolores. I knew this was a winner. #17759

Carolyn M. Fletcher

Congrats, my girl.. A beautiful shot and worthy win!! #17766

Kathy L. Schneider

WooooooHooooo! That's all I can say! A wonderful win for a truly wonderful person! I think you might win the congeniality award too! Enjoy! ~Kathy #17773

Stephanie Adams

CONGRATS!!! #17799

Jeff Dykes

Congrats Dolores on your fine win :)

Cheers!!Jeff #17805

Tess Campbell

Congrats on your well deserved win Dolores... #17810

Karen Spychalski-Sullins

Congrats Dolores!! Your beautiful spirit shines in your work! #17880

Dolores Neilson

June Marie, Carol, Carolyn, Kathy, STephanie, Jeff, Tess and Karen....My heartfelt thanks for taking time to acknowledge my win today. I know you could be doing a million other things in this busy harried your gift of time means the world to me. I appreciate your kindness (and love viewing your work!) more than you realize. Thanks so much! #17888

Piper Lehman

Think there's enough room here for one more congrats? Wow! You've outdone yourself here, Dolores. Lovely colors and perfect light. The light makes the shot. Well done, sister! #17981

Dolores Neilson

You bet there's room for you, girlfriend. My door's always open day or night...I'm leaving the porch light on for ya! (Gee...sounds like I live at Motel 6)

Thanks so much, sister friend! I appreciate your complimentary note immensely!! Always do! Take care!!

Robert Jensen

Wow! What a great image Dolores ... and appropriately titled also. I don't know how I missed this one.

Bob J. #18097

Dolores Neilson

Thank you for your complimentary note, Bob!! And don't worry....I think we can ALL understand how easy pics are to miss around here. I'm sure I'm missing lots of yours too! Congrats again on the coveted Grand prize!! I'm so happy for you Bob!! I just love the background on that moth pic! Brilliant! #18113

Patrick Campbell

Hi Dolores, congrats on the win! Hope you get the D60 soon! #18189

Dolores Neilson

Greetings Patrick!! Nice to hear from you!! And thank you!! Oh yes...I'd love the D60 BUT Canon announced they are working on a 1D with 11 megapixels!! More megs so you can blow up the pic larger and faster too! It should sell for approx. $6000 when it hits the market. Maybe I'll just be a little more may be worth it~!Thanks again for taking the time to be kind...and my best to the family. #18196

Robert Jensen


I don't know that much about digital cameras, but a friend of mine, who is a professional photographer, told me that Nikon and Kodak have teamed together and are coming out with a new digital camera utilizing the Nikon F5 body. This new digital camera will be between $4000 and $4500, and will have 14 megapixels!!!

Bob J. #18216

Ray Charles


I'M sure I will see your work here again. #18263

Dolores Neilson

Good grief, Bob!! My goodness...pretty soon we'll be having to use 5 gig memory storage cards in our camera!! Wow...that sounds great. I would love the Kodak/Nikon camera at 14 mgpxls but I understand that Canon has far more lenses. Choosing the Nikon would be a no brainer if you have Nikkor lenses already (even one) but I don't have ANY lenses..not a one. But who knows, I was talking to a professional lab processor and he says the Nikon D1X creates the better prints...sooo that tells me I have ton of research to do! I want what everyone wants...the maximum quality for the minimum price!! Bob, many, many thanks for extending the information to me. I appreciate it and will check it out! Happy day!! #18269

Dolores Neilson

Greetings Ray!! A heartfelt thank you for acknowledging and taking time for my win!! I appreciate it very much.

And congrats to you for your "Still Life is Us Yet" win here at Betterphoto!! Those old shoes seem comfy....and the lighting and composition is superb. Nice work on that one! Thanks again, Ray! Appreciate your effort immensely~ #18271

William C. Raco

Even though you already have 100 fabulous reviews, I just have to add another.
This is a spectacular photograph.
The colors and composition are outstanding.
Congratulations not only for the award, but for the once in a lifetime capture.

bill #65959

Dolores Neilson

Oh my...How privileged I am to receive another gesture of kindness from you, Bill! Thank you so much! I rather like this one's been good to me. I appreciate your post!! Happy shooting! #65980

Connie L. Carpenter

Just wanted to chime in here... even though it is old news.. I offer congratulations on the wonderful image. I very much enjoyed reading ALL the comments. Great learning experience... I have the G2... but I think the photographer makes all the difference. Your work is fabulous. :o) #95486

Mark Mirror 9/13/2007 1:44:23 PM

Excellent colors. I like it.
See my Red gallery too -

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Canon G1- 1/320/sec, F:6, ISO 50, handheld, polarizer

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