Water Jewels on an Iris

© Sam Britt

Water Jewels on an Iris

Nadine A. Lewis level-classic 5/22/2007 7:48:44 AM

Oh my goodness, Sam...this is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! OUTSTANDING color & detail!!!! <>< #659964

Sam Britt 5/22/2007 7:59:17 AM

Thank you, Nadine! #4312548

Su Sana E. P level-classic 5/22/2007 8:01:38 AM

Spectacular macro shot, Sam!! Gorgeous in every aspect!! Bet we see this beauty again. #4312559

Sam Britt 5/22/2007 8:05:52 AM

Thank you, Susana! #4312569

Karen Bacon level-classic 5/22/2007 8:08:10 AM

A real beauty Sam! #4312577

Jennifer L. Taranto 5/22/2007 8:16:01 AM

The colors & lighting are just AMAZING. Love the comp too. #4312601

Amy JACKSON level-classic 5/22/2007 8:27:44 AM

Gorgeous image, Sam!! Excellent job! #4312644

Sam Britt 5/22/2007 8:37:41 AM

Thanks Jennifer & Karen! I entered this in the Flowers category. Should I have chosen another category, maybe Details & Macro? I shoot mostly florals, but I have a hard time deciding when they belong in another category. #4312673

Sam Britt 5/22/2007 8:38:19 AM

Thanks, Amy! #4312676

Jeff Robinson level-classic 5/22/2007 9:03:38 AM

This is very nice Sam! Beautiful comp and color! Jeff #4312736

Glenn E. Urquhart level-classic 5/22/2007 9:35:17 AM

WOW!!! Magnificent Immage, Sam!!! Brilliant color, Outstanding clarity, lighting, contrast, dof, WELL Composed and quite beautiful!!! VERY Well Done! Cheers, Glenn. #4312843

Stephanie D. Moon level-classic 5/22/2007 9:56:57 AM

gorgeous colors and detail in this Sam. I think either category would work. If it doesn't get anything this time (which would be a surprise) enter it in the other category next month. #4312909

Sam Britt level-classic 5/22/2007 9:58:07 AM

Thanks Jeff, Glenn & Stephanie! #4312912

Dianna Hauf level-classic 5/22/2007 9:58:22 AM

Can I ditto Glen's and then multiply it time 100!!!! This is stunningly beautiful Sam!!!! #4312913

Sam Britt level-classic 5/22/2007 9:58:49 AM

Thank you, Dianna! #4312914

Jim Huffield level-classic 5/22/2007 11:06:23 AM

Sooooooo very pretty, Sam. Jim #4313095

Jessica Jenney level-classic 5/22/2007 11:06:55 AM

Gorgeous composition, colors and water droplet detail, Sam! #4313098

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna level-classic 5/22/2007 11:09:38 AM

I am in awe of this image, Sam!!!! Such beauty and the details in the water are amazing!!!! :3 #4313110

Sam Britt level-classic 5/22/2007 11:48:31 AM

Thank you Jim, Jessica & Kitty! #4313195

Mike D. Perez level-classic 5/22/2007 11:52:44 AM

Outstanding colors and details, Sam! #4313211

Tarun Bose level-classic 5/22/2007 11:59:10 AM

Fantastic capture, Sam. Excellent colours and details. Well done. #4313222

Sam Britt level-classic 5/22/2007 12:01:39 PM

Thanks Mike & Tarun! #4313226

Judy A. Lawhon level-classic 5/22/2007 12:07:38 PM

Lovely capture, Sam...love the droplets!! #4313240

Colleen Farrell level-classic 5/22/2007 12:11:29 PM

WOW!!! Wish I could make my "WOW" bigger! :) This is absolutely sensational, Sam!! The clarity, detail, composition, color are fabulous. This WILL be a winner, for sure! #4313246

Sam Britt 5/22/2007 12:16:16 PM

Thanks Colleen. #4313254

Sam Britt 5/22/2007 12:19:40 PM

Thank you, Judy! #4313265

Dominick M. Dimacale level-classic 5/22/2007 12:25:04 PM

Very lovely image here Samantha...Dominick #4313291

Sam Britt level-classic 5/22/2007 2:15:34 PM

Thanks Dominick! #4313468

David Whitcher level-classic 5/22/2007 2:28:01 PM

Very nicely done Sam - I love it! #4313493

Carol Sawyer level-classic 5/22/2007 3:05:46 PM

Beautiful image, Sam! #4313616

Sam Britt level-classic 5/22/2007 3:56:31 PM

Thank you, David & Carol! #4313760

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 5/22/2007 4:34:54 PM

WOW!!!!This is very stunning,Sam.Unbelivably beautiful,Great color and lighting.This is going to be a winner!!!!!! #4313861

Sam Britt level-classic 5/22/2007 5:24:06 PM

Thanks Robert! #4313974

David Phalen 5/22/2007 6:25:10 PM

Spectacular light, color and details here Sam. Very well done! #4314209

Patrick Rouzes level-classic 5/22/2007 6:29:29 PM

Sam!!! Wow!!! Everything ahs been said- breathtaking image! Patrick #4314235

Sam Britt 5/22/2007 6:42:00 PM

Thank you, David & Patrick! #4314299

Colette M. Metcalf 5/22/2007 6:50:26 PM

Oh WOW! How beautiful!!!! #4314340

Susan M. Hembree level-classic 5/22/2007 7:06:49 PM

All I can say is Gorgeous, just Gorgeous, Sam! #4314412

Nancy L. Green level-classic 5/22/2007 7:28:21 PM

GORGEOUS woerk here Sam!! The lighti play off the water drops is quite exquisite!! <>< #4314481

Sam Britt 5/22/2007 7:47:39 PM

Thanks Colette, Susan & Nancy! #4314515

Melissa G. Meiselman 5/22/2007 8:35:12 PM

Stunning macro...those fluid jewels are exquisite and your colors and lighting are wonderful, Sam!! #4314638

Bill Houghton 5/23/2007 12:28:18 AM

This is beautiful Sam. Thanks for your comment. Bill #4314917

Sherri Gorman 5/23/2007 4:05:00 AM

This is gorgeous Sam!!! Awesome colors, lighting and composition!!! Great capture!!! #4315486

Sam Britt 5/23/2007 8:19:03 AM

Thank you Melissa, Bill & Sherri! #4316566

Janine Russell level-classic 5/24/2007 12:47:31 AM

Sam, great colors, clarity and lighting. #4321700

Janet McNeil level-classic 5/24/2007 4:31:52 AM

This is breathtaking!! Just saw it in Editor's First Picks! Hope we see it again! #4322617

Sam Britt level-classic 5/24/2007 8:05:22 AM

Thank you Janine & Janet! #4324022

Sam Britt level-classic 5/24/2007 8:10:37 AM

I just changed the category to Details & Macro. I hope I made the right decision. #4324045

Alison Krylowski 5/24/2007 6:27:45 PM

gorgeous color, lighting and detail Sam! it's just beautiful! #4326202

Sam Britt 5/24/2007 6:39:46 PM

Thanks Alison! #4326248

Shelly A. Van Camp level-classic 5/24/2007 7:05:55 PM

Stunning..Love the colors and drops! I did some of these flowers, but not as pretty as yours! #4326369

Sam Britt 5/24/2007 7:52:17 PM

Thank you, Shelly. I find this type of iris hard to photograph. #4326539

eileen bedford 5/26/2007 6:26:13 AM

WOW, beautiful... #4332378

Sam Britt 5/26/2007 7:17:21 AM

Thanks Eileen! #4332541

Phil Cannon 5/26/2007 8:16:11 AM

I love the detail and clarity in this shot Sam, the colors are wonderful!! #4332691

Sam Britt 5/26/2007 8:17:31 AM

Thank you, Phil! #4332696

Anna Diederich 5/27/2007 3:14:12 AM

Excellent color, detail, and clarity! Beautiful image! #4334827

Sam Britt 5/27/2007 11:29:20 AM

Thanks Annna! #4336345

Tamera S. Phillips 5/27/2007 12:53:42 PM

LOVE it Sam! Just beautiful. Has to be a winner. #4336509

Sam Britt 5/27/2007 1:19:08 PM

Thank you Tamera! #4336550

Sharon King 5/27/2007 5:41:50 PM

I agree, this has everything needed to be a winner!! This is Stunning!!! #4337118

Sam Britt 5/27/2007 5:48:57 PM

Thanks Sharon, I'm surprised at all the positive feedback. This type of iris is a challenge for me. #4337141

Laurie Daily level-classic 6/1/2007 3:12:22 AM

OH SAM!!!! You, as always, have so many new and beautiful additions to your gallery every time I visit, but this is over the top! I have not had lots of luck with iris yet. At least not anything I am happy with. This has everything...color, clarity and details, perfect composition, and those little water droplets are indeed like jewels! FANTASTIC! #4353255

Sam Britt level-classic 6/1/2007 7:33:24 AM

Thank you, Laurie! #4354542

Lisa J. Boulden level-classic 6/3/2007 6:55:56 AM

Oh Sam, this is stunning! Incredible color and detail. Great diagonal composition, too! Quite winner-ly! ;)

--Lisa #4360715

Sam Britt level-classic 6/3/2007 7:26:18 AM

Thank you, Lisa! #4360792

Em Bee level-classic 6/4/2007 4:08:56 PM

I love the soft focus and the little "water" diamonds stand out. Beautiful composition Sam. #4365714

Sam Britt level-classic 6/4/2007 7:26:40 PM

Thanks Momlee! #4366142

Ken Jarvis level-classic 6/26/2007 2:55:45 PM

Congratulations on your finalist, Samantha! #4440092

Stefania Barbier level-classic 6/26/2007 3:06:51 PM

congrats on your finalist!!!!! #4440230

Nancy (Peaches) Harker level-classic 6/26/2007 3:15:49 PM

Congratulations on your finalist! #4440380

Michelle L. Frick 6/26/2007 3:19:44 PM

Big congratulations Sam! This is a stunning image!! #4440444

Tarun Bose 6/26/2007 3:46:41 PM

Congrats Sam on your lovely finalist. #4440912

Mike D. Perez level-classic 6/26/2007 4:01:31 PM

Congratulations on your wonderful Finalist, Sam! #4441142

Colleen Farrell level-classic 6/26/2007 4:18:26 PM

Congratulations on your finalist, Sam! I'd have been surprised if this didn't make it! #4441347

Sharon King 6/26/2007 4:56:19 PM

This is so Beautiful Sam, Congrats to you! #4441725

Nancy L. Green level-classic 6/26/2007 5:24:19 PM

Congratulations Sam, very well deserved!! <>< #4442056

Sam Britt 6/26/2007 5:30:59 PM

Thanks everyone! #4442122

Dan Holm level-classic 6/26/2007 5:40:42 PM

Wow! COINGRATULATIONS on this gorgeous Finalist, Sam! #4442225

Holly Shao 6/26/2007 5:48:09 PM

Congratulations, Sam, on this awesome Finalist! Love the colors and clarity! Good luck!

Holly #4442305

Barbara Waldoch level-classic 6/26/2007 5:51:17 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful finalist, Sam! #4442356

Sherri Gorman 6/26/2007 5:53:20 PM

Congratulations on your gorgeous finalist Sam!!! Way to go!!! #4442398

Laurie Daily level-classic 6/26/2007 6:07:12 PM

I am not to surprised to see this one again, Sam. It is a winner for sure!!! #4442583

Mary Timman level-classic 6/26/2007 6:15:48 PM

Exquisite Sam!
Congratulations and good luck! #4442693

Janet McNeil level-classic 6/26/2007 6:29:22 PM

A beauty!! Congratulations and good luck in round 2!!


Denise M. Snyder level-classic 6/26/2007 6:45:21 PM

Wow this is amazing Sam!!! Congrats and good luck in the next round!!! #4443088

anonymous 6/26/2007 6:59:35 PM

Congratulations Sam on your OUTSTANDING finalist! #4443326

Su Sana E. P level-classic 6/26/2007 7:09:22 PM

Just as I expected...Congratulations on this beautiful Finalist, Sam!!! #4443456

Tamera S. Phillips 6/26/2007 7:15:29 PM

I also knew this would be a winner. Good luck in the next round Sam. #4443553

Terry L. Ellis level-classic 6/26/2007 7:18:42 PM

A boldly beautiful finalist, Sam! Congratulations #4443608

Kathy L. Clark 6/26/2007 8:16:29 PM

Congratulations on your gorgeous finalist Sam. #4444175

Steve M. Harrington 6/26/2007 8:20:19 PM

Good on you, Sam! A beautiful image.
Steve #4444212

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 6/26/2007 8:47:15 PM

Congratulations Sam!!!! #4444441

Raymond Pauly level-classic 6/26/2007 9:52:21 PM

Congratulations, Sam! #4444727

Carol Teal level-classic 6/26/2007 11:16:16 PM

Very beautiful Sam! I can see why this one got a finalist! Congrats! #4445052

Jessica Jenney level-classic 6/27/2007 1:43:17 AM

What a beautiful finalist image, Sam! Congratulations! #4445366

Debbie Hartley level-classic 6/27/2007 2:09:57 AM

Beautiful finalist Sam! Congratulations! #4445459

Agnes Fegan level-classic 6/27/2007 3:38:52 AM

Congratulations Sam !!! #4445942

Anna Diederich level-classic 6/27/2007 5:31:49 AM

Congratulations on your beautiful finalist Sam! #4446613

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna level-classic 6/27/2007 6:09:20 AM

Congratulations Sam!!!!! #4447004

Cheryl E. Molennor level-classic 6/27/2007 7:18:36 AM

Love this Sam. Congratulations #4447591

Glenn E. Urquhart level-classic 6/27/2007 7:43:38 AM

Congratulations on your award, Sam!!! Well Deserved! Cheers, Glenn. #4447796

Anita Hogue 6/27/2007 8:01:13 AM

Absolutely gorgeous, Congratulations! #4447902

Emile Abbott level-classic 6/27/2007 8:22:56 AM

Beautiful and huge congrats, Sam #4448045

Jeana Clark 6/27/2007 10:06:51 AM


~Jeana~ #4448644

RC Fritz 6/27/2007 10:41:32 AM

Excellent! Congratulations! #4448874

Jeff Robinson level-classic 6/27/2007 11:07:16 AM

Congrats Sam; this is a Beautiful Finalist! Jeff #4448999

Kathy Reeves level-classic 6/27/2007 1:42:38 PM

Congratulations on this beautiful finalist Sam! #4449968

Sam Britt level-classic 6/27/2007 8:27:58 PM

Thank you all! #4451194

Esther Smith level-classic 6/28/2007 12:32:31 AM

Congratulations on your beautiful finalist Sam! #4451751

Tamara K. Walker level-classic 6/28/2007 7:01:09 PM


Colette M. Metcalf level-classic 6/28/2007 7:48:05 PM

Congratulations!!! #4454988

Jenny Bosmans level-classic 6/29/2007 5:11:07 AM

And congratulations again on another fantastic finalist, Sam! :) #4456031

Pamela Shane level-classic 6/30/2007 6:20:28 PM

Simply breathtaking work Sam! The drops
do look like gems, fantastic lighting,
color, & details. Congratulations once
again! :) #4460536

Christy Nichols level-classic 6/30/2007 8:54:28 PM

Congratulations Sam!!!! #4460817

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Exif: F Number: 16, Exposure Bias Value: -1/3, Exposure Time: 8/10, Flash: flash did not fire, ISO: 100, White Balance: manual white balance, Focal Length: 60mm, Camera Model: Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTi

Uploaded on 5/22/2007 7:45:19 AM

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