Spring Fever

Jessica Jenney level-classic 3/20/2007 6:18:35 AM

STUNNING!!! Gorgeous colors, details and composition, Tamera! #623685

Jim Huffield 3/20/2007 6:25:44 AM

Very beautiful,Tamera. We are supposed to get snow here in Montana as well. Jim #4073804

Lynne Morris 3/20/2007 6:27:41 AM

Wow Tamera this is simply stunning, a beautiful image with gorgeous colours! #4073815

Tamera S. Phillips 3/20/2007 6:31:29 AM

Thank you Jessica, Jim and Lynne. #4073829

Christy Nichols 3/20/2007 7:27:47 AM

This is awesome, Tamara!!! #4073986

Rakesh Syal level-classic 3/20/2007 7:42:20 AM

Amazing colors, Tammy! #4074040

Mike D. Perez level-classic 3/20/2007 7:58:33 AM

Beautiful colors and details, Tamera! #4074116

Shelly L. Rauscher 3/20/2007 9:48:44 AM

I love the colors! Such a gorgeous spring image! Great job Tamera! #4074445

Naomi Weiser 3/20/2007 11:17:42 AM

Very pretty, love the colors #4074671

Ronald F. Fischer 3/20/2007 2:25:27 PM

Wonderful PS work on this awesome capture, Tammy! Some spring greating with that snow (LOL)! #4075129

Tamera S. Phillips 3/20/2007 5:57:43 PM

Thank you all very much! #4075542

Janine Russell level-classic 3/20/2007 7:07:39 PM

Tamera, excellent colors, detail, composition, lighting and effects. #4075727

Dennis Flanagan level-classic 3/20/2007 7:13:23 PM

wow on the colours.

Go M's. #4075752

Tamera S. Phillips 3/20/2007 8:01:13 PM

Thank you Janine and Dennis. #4075869

Lynn Haack 3/21/2007 4:00:39 AM

Love the soft flow of color! Beautiful..this is a WOW! #4076502

Tamera S. Phillips 3/21/2007 6:05:42 AM

Thank you Lynn. #4076935

Lynn Haack 3/21/2007 1:32:09 PM

This is just so beautiful...would you mind sharing how you achieved this image? #4078341

Lynn Crawford 3/21/2007 9:52:26 PM

Tamera this is so beautiful, I really like your technique with the colors, I bet this will be a winner, Did you get your snow today? We are expecting 80's here tomorrow, our weather is weird one day cold then hot the next!!!

Back to your picture now---
Beautiful work my friend #4079386

Tamera S. Phillips 3/22/2007 6:00:41 AM

Thank you Lynn. No snow in my area but very cold. Enjoy your warm weather! #4080510

Kenneth Mucke 3/22/2007 10:15:48 AM

Georgous colors Tamera....It will be in the low to mid 70s today,,,But I still miss Seattle. #4081340

Tamera S. Phillips 3/22/2007 5:55:31 PM

Thank you Ken. I think with the crazy weather we have had most people here in the Seattle area are ready for Spring. #4082423

BILLY R. PARKER 4/24/2007 3:04:51 PM


Cassie L. Woodlee 4/24/2007 3:33:32 PM

Congrats Tamera!!! #4205307

Lynn Haack 4/24/2007 3:35:08 PM

A big congrats on your finalist...I LOVE this photo! Lynn #4205323

Laurie Daily level-classic 4/24/2007 3:36:22 PM

I do love this finalist, Tamera!!! #4205333

Christopher Budny level-classic 4/24/2007 4:10:04 PM

Always surprised how much I miss in a month; Congratulations on this making Finalist! #4205641

Janet McNeil level-classic 4/24/2007 4:23:48 PM

Congratulations on this well deserved finalist and good luck in round 2!! #4205765

Mary Timman level-classic 4/24/2007 4:45:08 PM

Fabulous image with sensational color!
Congratulations! #4205977

Susan Fox level-classic 4/24/2007 4:56:48 PM

Wonderful colors! Congratulations Tamera! #4206075

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna level-classic 4/24/2007 5:17:14 PM

Congratulations on this fantastic finalist, Tamera!!!!! :-) ^.^ #4206218

Tamera S. Phillips 4/24/2007 5:18:23 PM

Thank you all very much. #4206227

Graeme yew Chow level-classic 4/24/2007 6:18:43 PM

I feel like want to touch the flower, Tamera.Congratulations on this wonderful finalist. #4206682

Allison Gaulin 4/24/2007 6:28:42 PM

BEAUTIFUL Tamera! Congrats!! #4206806

Tamera S. Phillips 4/24/2007 6:32:23 PM

Thank you Graeme and Allison. #4206857

Sam Britt 4/24/2007 6:41:51 PM

Congratulations again, Tamera! #4206963

Kenneth Mucke 4/24/2007 6:44:37 PM

WTG Tamera...Awesome finalist #4206994

Renee Doyle level-classic 4/24/2007 6:48:44 PM

I agree ... awesome finalist! Congratulations Tamera!

Colleen Farrell level-classic 4/24/2007 6:57:39 PM

This is wonderful, Tamera--congratulations on another great finalist! #4207115

Cheryl E. Molennor 4/24/2007 7:22:46 PM

Love the colors! Congratulations #4207318

Tamera S. Phillips 4/24/2007 7:30:40 PM

Thank you Ken, Sam, Renee, Colleen and Cheryl. #4207389

Esther Smith 4/24/2007 8:25:23 PM

This is awesome Tamera!! Congrats and good luck on the next go around!! #4207793

Su Sana E. P level-classic 4/24/2007 8:34:18 PM

Congratulations again, Tamera!! #4207828

Kay E. Mahoney level-classic 4/24/2007 8:55:29 PM

Congratulations on your finalist. Good luck in the next round. #4207966

Carol Teal 4/24/2007 11:00:12 PM

Beautiful colors and comp! Congrats on this finalist and your others too! #4208420

Sherry K. Adkins level-classic 4/25/2007 12:44:15 AM

Congrats, Tamera, on this beautiful finalist. #4208662

Diane Dupuis level-classic 4/25/2007 3:26:36 AM

Woohoo!! Congrats!!!!! #4209108

Roberto Michelin level-classic 4/25/2007 3:30:57 AM

Congratulations on your finalist #4209137

Paul Parent level-classic 4/25/2007 3:32:47 AM

Congratulations on your finalist,
This one is so nice. #4209144

Paul Parent level-classic 4/25/2007 3:32:49 AM

Congratulations on your finalist,
This one is so nice. #4209145

Hurk (Steve) Hurkett level-classic 4/25/2007 4:37:42 AM

Well Done, Tamera ... Congratulations on your finalist ... Hurk #4209518

Tamera S. Phillips 4/25/2007 6:30:13 AM

Thank you all very much. #4210539

Janine Russell level-classic 4/25/2007 7:54:54 AM

Tamera, congratulations on your finalist. #4211195

Sylvia Rossler level-classic 4/25/2007 12:28:09 PM

Big congrats Tamera :o) #4212569

Tarun Bose level-classic 4/25/2007 1:06:04 PM

Big congrats my dear Tamera for your excellent finalist. #4212734

Mick Burkey level-classic 4/25/2007 1:10:19 PM

Amazing image, Tamera! Those colors and tones are unbelieveable. Congrats on a fantastic job and well-deserved finalist. Good Luck!! #4212762

Sharon Day level-classic 4/25/2007 1:15:07 PM

Congratulations on this gorgeous finalist, Tammy!!! Good luck! #4212780

Lindley Johnson level-classic 4/25/2007 5:39:06 PM

Wonderful colors, details and composition - and fabulous effects. Congratulations on your finalist, Tamera! #4213744

Tamera S. Phillips 4/25/2007 6:02:19 PM

Thank you all very much! #4213804

Mike D. Perez level-classic 4/25/2007 6:29:22 PM

Congratulations Tamera! I had a feeling we would see this one again. Beautiful! #4213880

RC Fritz level-classic 4/25/2007 6:35:27 PM

Fantastic work, Tamera. Big congratulations! #4213891

Tamera S. Phillips 4/25/2007 6:46:00 PM

Thank you Mike and RC. #4213926

Ken Smith level-classic 4/25/2007 8:20:55 PM

Very radiant, Tamera. Congratulations!! #4214239

Graeme yew Chow level-classic 4/25/2007 9:17:20 PM

Love to see this one again as I feel it is winning image. Many congrats, Tamera. #4214379

Su Sana E. P level-classic 4/25/2007 9:18:48 PM

Huge Congratulations on your Win, Tamera!! #4214383

Brian Lobdell level-classic 4/25/2007 9:45:54 PM

A striking image, Tamera! Well done! Congratulations on your 2nd place win! (Insert applause here....more....more..and on!) #4214496

Janine Russell level-classic 4/25/2007 9:47:26 PM

Tamera, congratulations on your Second Place Win! #4214499

Lynne Morris 4/25/2007 10:21:25 PM

Mnay congratulations on this beautiful 2nd place winner Tamera! #4214613

Ron Roberts 4/26/2007 2:35:44 AM


Wally Orlowsky level-classic 4/26/2007 2:44:43 AM

Congratulations on this colorful winner, Tamera! #4214920

Jessica Jenney level-classic 4/26/2007 3:18:13 AM

Congratulations, Tamera on this stunning winning image! #4215131

Laurie Daily level-classic 4/26/2007 3:19:30 AM

Congrats, Tamera on this beautiful winner!!! #4215138

Mary Timman level-classic 4/26/2007 3:53:09 AM

Congratulations. It's definately well deserved. #4215284

Ken Smith level-classic 4/26/2007 3:59:23 AM

Awesome, Tamera!! Congrats!! #4215325

Nikki McDonald level-classic 4/26/2007 4:02:25 AM

A well-deserved win for a beautiful shot, Tamera. Congratulations. #4215348

Janet McNeil level-classic 4/26/2007 4:07:44 AM

Congrats on 2nd place - well deserved!! #4215387

Mike D. Perez level-classic 4/26/2007 5:47:47 AM

Big congratulations on your Winner, Tamera! It is a Masterpiece! #4215918

BILLY R. PARKER 4/26/2007 5:48:09 AM


Cyn Valentine level-classic 4/26/2007 5:49:42 AM

Congratulations Tamera...such a beautiful image..WTG! #4215934

Inge S. Lasmana level-classic 4/26/2007 6:03:59 AM

Congratulations on your win Tamera! #4216039

Ross Throndson 4/26/2007 6:05:26 AM

Congratulations on this Beautiful Winner, Tamera!! #4216048

Tamera S. Phillips 4/26/2007 6:05:48 AM

Thank you all so much! #4216051

Cheryl E. Molennor 4/26/2007 6:24:29 AM

Yeahh Congratulations! #4216173

Kathleen Roughan 4/26/2007 6:54:13 AM

Congratulations on your Second Place Win Tamera!!! #4216318

Sharon Day level-classic 4/26/2007 7:17:15 AM

This does not surprise me, Tammy! So beautiful! Big congratulations on your win!!! #4216403

Christopher Budny level-classic 4/26/2007 7:22:37 AM

Woohoo!! Congratulations, again! #4216433

Suzanne Colson 4/26/2007 7:31:30 AM

Congratulations on your win!!! They are always soooo beautiful!!! #4216462

Sam Britt 4/26/2007 8:00:03 AM

Congratulations on this winner, Tamera! #4216629

Colleen Farrell level-classic 4/26/2007 8:15:03 AM

Big congratulations on this well-deserved win, Tamera! #4216684

Esther Smith 4/26/2007 8:21:44 AM

Love this Tamera!! Huge congratulations on your Winner!! #4216712

David Phalen level-classic 4/26/2007 8:38:50 AM

BIG congrats on a well deserved winner! #4216800

Jeff Robinson level-classic 4/26/2007 8:47:50 AM

Congrats Tammy on this Wonderful and Well Deserved 2nd Place Win! Jeff #4216849

Hurk (Steve) Hurkett level-classic 4/26/2007 9:39:03 AM

Congratulations on this Super WINNER, Tamera ... Steve #4217007

Rakesh Syal level-classic 4/26/2007 11:01:16 AM

Congratulations on this well deserved win, Tammy!! #4217340

Tarun Bose level-classic 4/26/2007 11:36:12 AM

Big, big congrats my dearest Tamera on your most deserving winner shot. #4217420

Renee Doyle level-classic 4/26/2007 12:31:26 PM

WTG Tamera! Big congratulations!

Lindley Johnson level-classic 4/26/2007 3:24:02 PM

Congratulations, Tamera, on your gorgeous winner. #4218119

Claudia Kuhn level-classic 4/26/2007 3:26:48 PM

Big congrats on your colorful win!! #4218127

Sharon King level-classic 4/26/2007 3:32:41 PM

Such a Beautiful winning floral! Congrats Tamara! #4218149

Mick Burkey level-classic 4/26/2007 3:58:03 PM

WTG, Tamera! Like this before and very glad it won. #4218220

Tamera S. Phillips 4/26/2007 6:11:14 PM

Thank you all very much. I appreciate the kind words. #4218651

Kay E. Mahoney level-classic 4/26/2007 6:27:38 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful second place winner. #4218725

Linda M. Walker level-classic 4/26/2007 6:32:58 PM

Beautiful colors...congratulations on your win,Tamera #4218756

Tamera S. Phillips 4/26/2007 7:22:46 PM

Thank you Kay and Linda. #4218985

Christy Nichols 4/27/2007 9:11:40 AM

Congratulations on your win, Tamera!! #4221203

Ronald F. Fischer 4/27/2007 2:43:48 PM

Congrats on this AWESOME WINNER, Tammy! #4222017

Tamera S. Phillips 4/27/2007 6:10:12 PM

Thank you Christy and Ron. #4222650

Darryl Wilkinson 4/27/2007 6:38:02 PM

Outstanding work, Tammy! Congratulations!! #4222733

Shelly A. Van Camp level-classic 4/27/2007 8:04:52 PM

A real beauty!!! Love this! Congrats! Are the colors a natural in this? #4222928

Tamera S. Phillips 4/27/2007 8:17:19 PM

Thank you Darryl and Shelly. #4222954

RC Fritz 4/27/2007 8:29:36 PM

Congratulations Tamera! Awesome WINNER!! #4222984

Dominick M. Dimacale level-classic 4/28/2007 3:57:40 AM

Congratulations Tamera on your win...Dominick #4223699

Tamera S. Phillips 4/28/2007 10:18:02 AM

Thank you RC and Dominick. #4224691

Ron Roberts 4/28/2007 1:22:37 PM


Tamera S. Phillips 4/28/2007 3:04:52 PM

Thank you Ron and congratulations to you as well. #4225195

Hurk (Steve) Hurkett 4/28/2007 6:21:29 PM

Congratulations on This wonderful 2nd place winner, Tamera .... Steve #4225625

Tamera S. Phillips 4/28/2007 8:20:14 PM

Thank you Steve. #4226048

Arnie Horwitz level-classic 4/28/2007 11:11:18 PM

Congratulations on this great winner, Tamera! #4226201

Robert Baer level-classic 4/29/2007 6:20:25 AM

congratulations for this "eye catching" win! #4227123

Tamera S. Phillips 4/29/2007 7:00:35 AM

Thank you Arnie and Justin. #4227292

AMALIA Veralli level-classic 5/3/2007 5:44:12 AM

Big congratulations on your second place win! Great image. #4242236

Tamera S. Phillips 5/3/2007 5:55:45 AM

Thank you Amalia. #4242294

Robyn Gwilt 5/7/2007 1:07:34 PM

Wow, these colours are amazing - congrats on this win :) #4257679

Tamera S. Phillips 5/7/2007 6:02:50 PM

Thank you Robin. #4258319

Steven E. Ray 7/16/2007 11:35:07 PM

Nice use of Photoshop airbrush to add high frequency palette colors. Beautiful! #4516479

Tamera S. Phillips 7/17/2007 2:25:00 AM

I never thought of doing it that way Steven but thank you. #4516808

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It's finally here! We are expecting snow today. ~ March 2007 Second Place Winner ~

Uploaded on 3/20/2007 6:02:47 AM

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