Waiting for Spring...

© Denise M. Snyder

Waiting for Spring...

Melissa G. Meiselman 3/11/2007 7:31:40 AM

Terrific full frame composition with sharp details, terrific textures, great lighitng and perfect subject for the theme, Denise!! #618999

Margie Hurwich 3/11/2007 8:19:35 AM

Wonderful ligthing and great comp, Denise! #4043554

Cyn Valentine 3/11/2007 8:20:47 AM

Great lighting and color..wonderful comp Denise!! Love it!! #4043560

Alexis Yobbagy 3/11/2007 8:29:45 AM

Love this Denise... great composition!!! #4043588

Sheila D. Bottoms 3/11/2007 8:38:42 AM

LOVE IT!!! I love this shot...it even has a vintage look to it. Great job girlie. #4043610

Tamara K. Walker 3/11/2007 8:54:11 AM

Skillfullu composed get light. Can't wait to see some action ball game shots. #4043640

Pamela Shane 3/11/2007 9:01:39 AM

I like the way you filled the frame with these gloves Denise - wonderful
for the monthly theme!! :) #4043662

Candice C. Calhoun 3/11/2007 9:08:59 AM

I can smell the leather from here! Fantastic still!

ccc #4043676

Candy Avera 3/11/2007 9:25:24 AM

So very nice Denise. How do you keep coming up with such creative images? I love the use of light and shadow and curves, textures, lines - awesome! #4043748

Sherri Gorman 3/11/2007 10:44:10 AM

Awesome!!! Love the lighting, textures and composition!!! Wonderful creative capture!!! #4043942

Nadine A. Lewis 3/11/2007 4:01:43 PM

EXCELLENT still-life, Denise!!! PERFECT lighting, comp., & texture!!! <>< #4044622

Denise M. Snyder 3/11/2007 6:35:40 PM

Thanks everyone! #4044933

Christy Nichols 3/11/2007 7:49:59 PM

This is excellent, Denise!! Great lighting and tones. Just awesome!! #4045110

Chastity Abbott 3/11/2007 10:19:55 PM

WOWZERS!!!!!!! Girl this is more than wonderful!! The tones and the light are a hit!!! :) Great work!!! Love the idea!! #4045369

Sherry S. Boles 3/11/2007 10:22:45 PM

Great lighting, Denise!! Wonderful composition! #4045373

Sharon King 3/12/2007 4:42:51 AM

Perfect MT shot Denise, great lighting and comp! #4046091

Denise M. Snyder 3/12/2007 9:09:41 AM

Wow! Thanks so much ladies!!! #4046889

Michelle L. Frick 3/13/2007 7:32:56 PM

I love this shot Denise! You need to print this out and frame it to hang in your boys rooms. Excellent composition! #4051816

Tracy Jones 3/28/2007 11:25:55 AM

wow - this would make an amazing poster for a little boys room....! #4106494

Remi Trepanier 4/7/2007 2:34:03 PM

Nice shot Denise! #4141070

Remi Trepanier 4/24/2007 3:26:03 PM

How did I miss this one? I LOVE it, I agree with Tracy too. Big congrats to you!! #4205227

Megan p 4/24/2007 3:33:06 PM

AWESOME Denise!!! Congratulations!!! #4205300

Chastity Abbott 4/24/2007 4:05:03 PM

HUGE congrats girl!!!!!!!! SO wonderful!!! #4205595

Sherri Gorman 4/24/2007 4:27:31 PM

Congratulations on your wonderful finalist!!!! #4205792

Christopher Budny 4/24/2007 4:28:35 PM

Congratulations on this making Finalist! #4205803

Alexis Yobbagy 4/24/2007 4:39:24 PM

Congratulations on your Finalist!!! This is just great!!!!!! #4205916

Tamara K. Walker 4/24/2007 5:27:21 PM


Michelle L. Frick 4/24/2007 5:36:32 PM

Congratulations Denise! I really do love this image! My son is huge into baseball now - and this is the perfect kind of picture to encapsulate the sport! #4206354

Tamera S. Phillips 4/24/2007 5:53:24 PM

Congratulations! Good luck in the next round. #4206448

Renee Doyle 4/24/2007 5:55:45 PM

Congratulation on this wonderful finalist Denise!

Laura Clay-Ballard 4/24/2007 6:03:52 PM

fabulous image! congrats! #4206526

Joan Kocak 4/24/2007 7:39:32 PM

CONGRATS Denise! #4207487

Christy Nichols 4/25/2007 7:15:21 AM

Oh YAY!! Big Congratulations on your fantastic finalist, my friend! #4210877

Hayley J. Hamlin 4/25/2007 8:12:44 AM

Congrats Denise! Wonderful image!! #4211336

Hayley J. Hamlin 4/25/2007 9:00:10 AM

Big Congratulations on being a finalist! #4211629

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 4/25/2007 11:11:00 AM

Very cool finalist!! Congratulations!! #4212241

Candy Avera 4/25/2007 3:25:48 PM

Congratulations Denise! #4213257

Datha Y. Thompson 4/25/2007 10:08:32 PM

CONGRATULATIONS on this Awesome WINNER Denise!!! WTG :0) #4214567

Janine Russell 4/25/2007 10:38:07 PM

Denise, great tones, detail, composition and lighting; congratulations on your Second Place Win! #4214642

Colette M. Metcalf 4/26/2007 3:28:08 AM

WTG Denise!! Congratulations on your win! #4215177

Sherri Gorman 4/26/2007 4:06:51 AM

Awesome!!!! Congratulations on your win!!!! #4215379

Ken Smith 4/26/2007 4:11:38 AM

Beautiful, Denise. Congrats!! #4215408

Joan Kocak 4/26/2007 4:28:02 AM


Agnes Fegan 4/26/2007 5:09:53 AM

Congratulations on your winning photo Denise !!! #4215651

Megan p 4/26/2007 5:12:20 AM

I am Screaming!! Can you hear me? LOL
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #4215660

Candy Avera 4/26/2007 5:13:42 AM

Way to go Denise! I'm so proud of you. I knew this was a winner. #4215669

Christopher Budny 4/26/2007 5:36:53 AM

Congratulations again, Denise! #4215828

Cyn Valentine 4/26/2007 5:38:04 AM

WTG Denise!! Congratulations!!! #4215842

Hayley J. Hamlin 4/26/2007 6:19:54 AM

Happy Dance time!! WOOOHOOO:) I am so excited for you girl!! HUGE HUGE Congrats!!! #4216131

Cindy Harter 4/26/2007 6:28:59 AM

I am soooo proud for you!!!! Well deserved Congratulations!!!! #4216204

Alexis Yobbagy 4/26/2007 7:32:30 AM

Yippeeee!!!! Congratulations on your win Denise!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) #4216469

Laura Stetser 4/26/2007 9:13:45 AM


Teresa Norris 4/26/2007 10:50:06 AM

Denise, way to go with this awesome winner!!!! Congratulations!!! #4217317

Sam Britt 4/26/2007 11:04:31 AM

Congratulations on this winner, Denise! #4217348

Sam Britt 4/26/2007 11:31:07 AM

HOORAY! I am so excited for you Denise! Big huge congrats to you! #4217412

Jane M 4/26/2007 11:49:53 AM

Extremely well thought out comp Denise. Congrats to you! #4217474

Rakesh Syal 4/26/2007 11:59:18 AM

Congratulations on this awesome winner, Denise! #4217516

Tarun Bose 4/26/2007 12:02:03 PM

Congrats Denise on your excellent winner shot. #4217527

Renee Doyle 4/26/2007 12:43:15 PM

Congratulations on your wonderful win Densie!!!!

Sharon King 4/26/2007 3:39:10 PM

YEAH!!!! I am so happy for you my friend! Congratulations on this super winning shot! #4218171

Claudia Kuhn 4/26/2007 5:17:46 PM

Wonderful springtime image Denise, congrats on your win! #4218488

Kay E. Mahoney 4/26/2007 6:56:45 PM

Congratulations on your second place winner. #4218901

Denise M. Snyder 4/27/2007 6:46:35 AM

Thank you all so very much!!! #4220732

Christy Nichols 4/27/2007 9:06:01 AM

YAY!!! Congrats on your big win, Denise!! How awesome! #4221171

Nick Lagos 4/27/2007 3:33:43 PM

Great comp and lighting Denise... congratulations on your big win... #4222190

Denise M. Snyder 4/28/2007 7:57:24 PM

Thank you! #4225971

Robert Baer 4/29/2007 6:26:01 AM

perfect for the spring theme. my daughter used to play softball each spring, so I know the feeling! #4227142

Hurk (Steve) Hurkett 4/29/2007 7:53:42 AM

Congratulations on This wonderful 2nd place winner, Denise .... Steve #4227449

Michelle L. Frick 4/29/2007 9:22:22 AM

Congratulations Denise! Are you going to sell some prints of this shot - you should, and I would buy one!! #4227644

Nadine A. Lewis 5/4/2007 12:46:15 PM

I am sooooo glad this won!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! <>< #4247603

Patrick R. McMullen 5/5/2007 3:17:41 PM

Congratulations! Nice light and good subject.
Pat #4251152

Cyn Valentine 5/17/2007 1:27:11 PM

Congratulations on your POTD!!! WTG Denise!! #4294063

Sherri Gorman 5/17/2007 2:18:52 PM

Awesome!!!! Congratulations on your POTD!!! #4294292

Lindley Johnson 5/17/2007 2:20:13 PM

Great image, Denise - wonderful composition and lighting. Congratulations on your win and POTD! #4294295

Sheila D. Bottoms 5/17/2007 2:31:30 PM

OOOODLES of congrats girl. #4294322

Renee Doyle 5/17/2007 3:10:56 PM

Congratulations on well deserved further recognition of this wonderful image Denise! Fantastic POTD!

Michelle L. Frick 5/17/2007 3:19:48 PM

Congrats on POTD! #4294461

Mary Clarke 5/17/2007 3:20:41 PM

Congratulations on POTD Denise. Great image with wonderful detail. #4294465

Patricia Ronan 5/17/2007 4:11:23 PM

Great image! Congrats on your POTD:) #4294625

Datha Y. Thompson 5/17/2007 4:23:56 PM


Lavone Vannoy 5/17/2007 5:16:24 PM

WOWEEEEEE!!! YAY! A "Secrets Girl" gets a BP POTD!!!! Woot-Woot-Woot-Woot!!!! :D
Concatulations my friend, you completely deserve it (and the gold win too)!!! :)



Denise M. Snyder 5/17/2007 5:47:15 PM

Thanks everyone... I only just found out about this (thanks Megan!)... I'm honored. Thanks BP!!! #4294858

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 5/17/2007 6:38:49 PM

Those were the days, enjoy the baseball season!!! Fun game, awesome image!!! Congratulations on your great potd!!! #4295020

Alexis Yobbagy 5/17/2007 6:49:25 PM

CONGRATULATIONS my friend!!! POTD is AWESOME and you totally deserve it for this incredible shot!!! #4295054

Hayley J. Hamlin 5/17/2007 7:18:25 PM

WOOOOHOOOOO!!! Huge Congrats Girl!! What an HONOR!!! So well deserved, an AWESOME image!!! :) I am so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #4295135

Megan p 5/17/2007 7:24:27 PM

This is a beautiful image and very deserving of POTD! I am so THRILLED for you! :):) #4295163

Mary N C. Taitt 5/17/2007 8:24:06 PM

Congratulations and congratulations, very well seen and captured! :-D #4295276

Evy Johansen 5/17/2007 10:13:21 PM

Wonderful image! Congratulations on your POTD! #4295415

Joy Rector 5/18/2007 3:00:04 AM

congrats on the POTD #4295760

Ken Smith 5/18/2007 3:57:48 AM

Hey Denise, this is super! Congratulations! #4295974

Teresa Norris 5/18/2007 10:32:37 AM

Denise, big, big congrats on your AWESOME POTD!!! #4297577

Denise M. Snyder 5/19/2007 12:48:11 PM

Thank you all so much! #4301374

Allan L. Dy 5/21/2007 1:38:38 PM

Congratulations Denise! #4309475

Jennifer L. Alder 11/11/2007 6:03:06 AM

CONGRATS!! POTD, Wooo hoo! :) #5057231

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At least in my house, this is what spring is all about - the kids are gearing up for baseball season!

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