Snow Fun

Sherry K. Adkins Student 12/27/2006 12:31:52 AM

Very cute portrait of your grandson, Janine. Looks like he was thoroughly enjoying himself. #577995

Donna LaMattino Pagakis 12/27/2006 12:32:33 AM

Look at those rosy cheeks, cute shot!! #3743087

Lynne Morris 12/27/2006 1:16:47 AM

Oh Janine isn't he gorgeous, I love those rosy cheeks. He sure looks like he is having lots of fun, a great capture. #3743135

Paul E. Earl 12/27/2006 1:38:59 AM

How cute! A lovely candid capture! #3743146

Barbara Waldoch 12/27/2006 2:44:40 AM

Excellent capture, Janine! #3743195

Joy Rector 12/27/2006 3:02:43 AM

beautiful #3743215

Dr Silly 12/27/2006 3:04:43 AM

Looks like it is time for Isaac to go in doors. Wonderful capture. :O) #3743220

Jeff W. Robinson 12/27/2006 4:43:31 AM

A wonderful location portrait Janine! Jeff #3743574

Agnes Fegan 12/27/2006 4:44:37 AM

I love those rosy cheeks too! It's always fun to watch the young ones playing in the snow! #3743577

Sherri Gorman 12/27/2006 4:50:38 AM

Oh my, he is sooooooooo adorable!!!! Awesome capture Janine!!! #3743596

Wally Orlowsky 12/27/2006 5:18:39 AM

Wonderful winter portrait, Janine ... great rosy glow on his cheeks. #3743699

Vladan D. Djordjevic 12/27/2006 5:21:09 AM

Beautiful portrait! Great clarity, composition, colors, face!!! #3743708

Girish Vaghela 12/27/2006 5:26:39 AM

Wonderful and Winner portrait, Janine! #3743728

Nadine A. Lewis 12/27/2006 5:35:52 AM

AWESOME!!! I LOVE THIS!!!! I would love to see this one again!!! <>< #3743777

Sharon K. King 12/27/2006 5:56:24 AM

Love thos rosey cheeks! Very cute capture Janine! #3743885

Claudia Kuhn 12/27/2006 5:57:26 AM

Such a lovely portrait Janine, so sweet! #3743890

Elizabeth Beaudoin 12/27/2006 6:15:11 AM

He is such a doll Janine! Your colors and clarity are perfection! :O) #3743932

Linda M. Walker 12/27/2006 6:22:28 AM

What a wonderful capture and such a beautiful grandchild!! #3743962

Ronald F. Fischer 12/27/2006 6:37:42 AM

Fantastic capture, Janine! #3744051

Denise M. Snyder 12/27/2006 6:46:37 AM

Awwww! He's so sweet Janine!!! Love this playful capture of him! The bright colors are wonderful! #3744090

Rakesh Syal 12/27/2006 6:58:53 AM

Excellent capture, Janine! Such a lovely portrait!!


Pamela Shane 12/27/2006 7:14:29 AM

Oh, I just love his rosey cheeks, & gorgeous eyes - super detail, & colors!
Hope your Christmas was wonderful Janine!! :) #3744223

Murry Grigsby 12/27/2006 7:43:05 AM

Nice image design Janine! Love your tight crop, soft light, colors and clearity. Well done!! #3744349

Colleen Farrell 12/27/2006 8:42:40 AM

Beautiful little boy--terrific clarity, color and composition in this image! #3744483

Bill Wyatt 12/27/2006 8:52:00 AM

I just love his rosy cheeks! Terrific capture. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. #3744507

Janine Russell 12/27/2006 9:38:28 AM

Sherry, Donna, Lynne, Paul, Barbara, Joy, Doc, Jeff, Agnes, Sherri, Wally, Vladan, Girish, Nadine, Sharon, Claudia, Elizabeth, Linda, Ronald, Denise, Rakesh, Pamela, Murry, Colleen and Bill, thanks very much for your encouragement and kind comments.


Ken Jarvis 12/27/2006 10:32:19 AM

Awesome portrait Janine! Great colours and detail. #3744744

Karen Engelbreth 12/27/2006 1:17:06 PM

Wonderful portrait, Janine! #3745116

Sheryl A. Hudson 12/27/2006 1:43:10 PM

Beautiful portrait of your darling grandson! Love those rosey cheeks! #3745196

Lynn Crawford 12/27/2006 2:05:03 PM

Oh how pretty, wonderful color and detail, love those rosey cheeks :) #3745256

Nancy L. Green 12/27/2006 4:18:13 PM

Wonderful image Janine!! The colors are superb, from the shin tones with the rosey cheeks to the snow suit against the white snow, just wonderful!! <>< #3745617

Sharon Day 12/27/2006 4:22:28 PM

Adorable and fun image of your little grandsone, Janine!!! #3745630

Janine Russell 12/27/2006 7:20:04 PM

Ken, Karen, Sheryl, Lynn, Nancy and Sharon, thanks very much for your nice comments and encouragement. #3746168

Janine Russell 12/27/2006 9:24:10 PM

Hooray for snow! This is just beautiful Janine! The clarity on his eyes, his rosey cheeks and the colors on his coat, they are all perfect! #3746438

Janine Russell 12/27/2006 11:15:33 PM

Trula, thanks very much for your encouragement and kind comments. #3746501

David Pratt 12/28/2006 7:44:49 AM

Terrific image Janine! WOnderful capture, Love the rosie little cheeks! #3747516

Janine Russell 12/28/2006 8:48:03 AM

David, thanks very much for your encouraging comments. #3747619

Melissa Gurdus 12/28/2006 9:00:32 AM

Isaac is the man here with his hands full of snow and his cheeks reddened by the cold. Love the blue jacket, your composition and sharp focus, Janine!!!! #3747645

Janine Russell 12/28/2006 9:02:13 AM

Melissa, thanks very much for your nice comments. #3747650

Raymond Pauly 12/28/2006 9:49:06 AM

Lovely portrait, Janine! The focus and the clarity is impressive, specially the glitter in his eyes! #3747824

Janine Russell 12/28/2006 10:16:04 AM

Raymond, thanks very much for your encouraging comments. #3747964

Karacan Salkuci (Kalacay) 12/28/2006 9:10:46 PM

Beautiful image. Great composition,clarity,colors and exposure. #3749416

Janine Russell 12/28/2006 9:19:23 PM

Kara, thanks very much for your kind comments and encouragement. #3749429

Jenny Bosmans 12/30/2006 10:05:15 AM

Absolutely beautiful image, Janine! :) #3759935

Janine Russell 12/30/2006 9:24:17 PM

Jenny, thanks very much for your encouragement and kind comments. #3762311

Terrill Province 1/3/2007 10:43:58 AM

Just can't decide which of these featuring "Snow Issac" is my favorite ~ I'm just bowled over by the light, color and comp, too!

I'll bet all the relatives want copies of these :) #3776549

Janine Russell 1/3/2007 11:06:23 AM

Terrill, thanks very much for your encouraging comments; mom got copies of all of them. #3776594

Susie Peek-Swint 1/24/2007 1:58:32 PM

Many congrats Janine! #3860316

Ken Jarvis 1/24/2007 2:06:46 PM

Congrats Janine on your Finalist! Good luck in the next round. #3860351

Paul E. Earl 1/24/2007 2:19:34 PM

A big CONGRATULATIONS on this superb finalist! Good luck in the next round! #3860476

Datha Y. Thompson 1/24/2007 2:20:49 PM

CONGRATULATIONS Janine!!! #3860489

Evy Johansen 1/24/2007 2:23:46 PM

Big congratulations on your wonderful finalist, Janine! #3860528

Bill Wyatt 1/24/2007 2:24:18 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful Finalist, Janine! #3860534

Terry L. Ellis 1/24/2007 2:32:34 PM

Congratulations, Janine, on your adorable finalist win! #3860659

Terry L. Ellis 1/24/2007 2:33:10 PM

So glad to see this one again! Big congrats to you! #3860670

Karacan Salkuci (Kalacay) 1/24/2007 2:34:58 PM

Congradulations Janine. Magnificient image. #3860704

Colette M. Metcalf 1/24/2007 2:38:36 PM

Congratulations, Janine! #3860762

Karen Bacon 1/24/2007 2:41:35 PM

Congrats Janine on another fantastic shot! #3860811

randy dannheim 1/24/2007 2:45:07 PM

congratulations on your well deserved finalist! Janine #3860856

Stan Kwasniowski 1/24/2007 3:00:07 PM

Janine, congratulations #3861058

Emile Abbott 1/24/2007 3:18:38 PM

Beautiful finalist and congratulations Janine. #3861335

Sharon K. King 1/24/2007 3:18:42 PM

So glad to see this one again, Congrats Janine! #3861338

Barbara Waldoch 1/24/2007 3:20:58 PM

Congratulations on your finalist, Janine! #3861366

Patricia Ronan 1/24/2007 3:33:27 PM

Congratulations Janine :) #3861530

Candy Avera 1/24/2007 3:36:00 PM

Congratulations Janine. Wonderful capture! #3861576

Ronald F. Fischer 1/24/2007 4:01:44 PM

Congratulations and good luck on the next round!! #3861930

Jill Flynn 1/24/2007 4:06:43 PM

Terrific capture Janine! Congratulations on your finalist! #3862000

cj patterson 1/24/2007 4:07:46 PM

awwww so precious janine!! congrats and good luck! #3862015

Colleen Farrell 1/24/2007 4:31:03 PM

Congratulations on your well-deserved finalist, Janine! :) #3862367

Judyann Plante 1/24/2007 4:46:17 PM

Fantastic shot, Janine! And congratulations on all your finalists!!!

Judyann ><> #3862567

Laura Clay-Ballard 1/24/2007 4:46:59 PM

i love this! BIG congrats! #3862577

Sherry K. Adkins 1/24/2007 4:49:48 PM

Congrats on your finalist, Janine. This is a favorite of mine. #3862612

David Pratt 1/24/2007 4:53:21 PM

Congrats Janine! #3862660

Pam Ullman 1/24/2007 4:59:12 PM

I can't believe I missed this! Congrats! (he's adorable :) #3862754

Dee Ann Young 1/24/2007 4:59:55 PM

what a doll! Congrats to you! #3862761

Janine Russell 1/24/2007 5:09:19 PM

Susie, Ken, Paul, Datha, Evy, Bill, Terry, Trula, Kara, Colette, Karen, Randy, Stan, Emile, Sharon, Barbara, Patricia, Candy, Ron, Jill, cj, Colleen, Judyann, Laura, Sherry, David, Pam and Dee, thanks very much for all of your encouraging comments and congratulations.

Anne D. Eigen 1/24/2007 5:10:54 PM

Congratulations on this very special and adorable finalist, Janine! Best wishes with it!!! #3862858

Megan p 1/24/2007 5:30:08 PM

This is so wonderful, fresh and real, I can almost feel the cool outdoors with this image Janine. Congratulations!! #3863023

Claudia Kuhn 1/24/2007 5:41:36 PM

Glad to see this one as a finalist, congrats and good luck with all yours, Janine! #3863147

Cheryl E. Molennor 1/24/2007 6:26:01 PM

Congratulations Janine! #3863697

Sharon F. Morris 1/24/2007 6:43:02 PM

Congratulations Janine on your finalist. Love the colors and details in this portrait. Your Grandson is very cute love the blue eyes with the blue hooded coat. :-) #3863896

Melissa A. Mannon 1/24/2007 6:55:40 PM

love those pink cheeks! congratulations! #3864019

Kenneth Mucke 1/24/2007 6:59:39 PM

Congrats on such a well deserved finalist #3864053

Pat Gamwell 1/24/2007 7:01:23 PM

FABULOUS shot, Janine! BIG CONGRATS! #3864070

Raymond Pauly 1/24/2007 7:04:07 PM

This is one of my very favorites, Janine! Big comgratulations! #3864102

Sherri Gorman 1/24/2007 7:13:55 PM

Congratulations!!!! #3864183

Johnny Villaronga 1/24/2007 7:49:42 PM

Janine congratulations to you and your little model, Great finalist shot!

JV #3864461

Cesar J. La Rosa 1/24/2007 8:37:59 PM

Another BEAUTIFUL photograph of Isaac!!!
Congratulations on this very well-deserved Finalist, Janine!!! #3864680

eileen bedford 1/24/2007 9:00:57 PM

Congratulations Janine.... #3864794

Cathy Stancil 1/24/2007 9:07:20 PM

Congratulations on these two gorgeous portraits of Isaac, Janine... better take him out for ice cream !! ;O) #3864830

Arnie Horwitz 1/24/2007 9:28:35 PM

Congratulations on your finalist, Janine! #3864915

Melissa Gurdus 1/24/2007 9:35:02 PM

Janine, congratulations on this awesome finalist!!! #3864956

Janine Russell 1/24/2007 9:37:22 PM

Anne, Megan, Claudia, Cheryl, Sharon, Melissa, Kenneth, Pat, Raymond, Sherri, Johnny, Cesar, Eileen, Cathy, Arnie and Melissa, thanks very much for all of your encouraging comments and congratulations.


Kathleen Brennan 1/24/2007 10:38:32 PM

Congrats,Janine! #3865208

Brian Lobdell 1/24/2007 10:48:19 PM

Glad to see Isaac in the finals, Janine! Congratulations on this wonderful candid! #3865233

Janine Russell 1/24/2007 11:10:35 PM

Kathleen and Brian, thanks very much for your encouragement and congratulations. #3865289

Les Rhoades 1/25/2007 12:06:30 AM

Hands up! You’re under arrest for having such a great photo.

Congratulations on your FINALIST


Debbie Hartley 1/25/2007 1:02:36 AM

Congratulations Janine! #3865547

Dr Silly 1/25/2007 2:55:23 AM

Congratulations J9 for your finalist. :O)

Antonis Panitsas 1/25/2007 3:03:23 AM

Congratulations to you also Janine.what a lovely gradson..I hope the best #3865756

Su Sana E. P 1/25/2007 3:43:18 AM

Congratulations on this sweet Finalist, Janine!! #3865873

Laurie Daily 1/25/2007 4:06:28 AM

Wonderful portrait of your grandson, Janine! Congratulations! #3866006

Sylvia Rossler 1/25/2007 4:11:45 AM

Big congrats on your multiple finalists Janine :O) I lost the count :O) #3866055

Candice C. Calhoun 1/25/2007 4:59:42 AM

Big Congratulations!

ccc #3866351

Terri L. Scribner 1/25/2007 5:00:02 AM

Congratulations on your finalists!! #3866352

Jeff W. Robinson 1/25/2007 5:05:08 AM

Congrats Janine on this Outstanding Finalist! Jeff #3866394

Paula Dwyer 1/25/2007 5:13:02 AM

Congratulations Janine!! :) #3866456

Ross Throndson 1/25/2007 5:17:11 AM

Wonderful Finalist, Janine...Big Congratulations!!! #3866492

Vladan D. Djordjevic 1/25/2007 5:18:29 AM

Congratulations on your beautiful finalist!!! #3866507

Shawn Jennings 1/25/2007 5:59:51 AM

Janine, Congratulations on this wonderful finalist! #3866854

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 1/25/2007 6:44:31 AM

Congratulations on this little cutie, Janine!!!!! :-) ^.^ Kitty #3867262

Terri Beloit 1/25/2007 7:06:33 AM

This is priceless, Janine! He's a cutie and you did an excellent job of capturing him! Congrats on this and all your finalist photos!! #3867488

Tressie Davis 1/25/2007 7:16:24 AM

Fun shot - congratulations! #3867571

Gail P. Sullivan 1/25/2007 7:24:49 AM cute as can be...congrats on this and other finalists. Good luck! #3867639

Crossroad Photography 1/25/2007 7:29:54 AM

Congratulations on your adorable finalist, Janine! #3867690

Nadya Johnson 1/25/2007 10:21:22 AM

A wonderful capture, Janine! Congratulations on your outstanding finalist! #3869003

Janine Russell 1/25/2007 10:24:51 AM

Les (LOL, I love your description), Debbie, Doc, Antonis, SuSana, Laurie, Sylvia, Candice, Terri, Jeff, Paula, Ross, Vladan, Shawn, Kitty, Terri, Tressie, Gail, Picture-It and Nadya, thanks very much for all of your encouraging comments and congratulations. #3869036

Tammy Scott 1/25/2007 11:10:19 AM

Congratulations on this terrific finalist! #3869261

Teresa Lee 1/25/2007 11:54:35 AM

Congratulations to you!!! #3869577

Kristi A. Howson 1/25/2007 1:45:42 PM

Congratulations Janine on this wonderful finalist and best of luck in the next round! Love how you captured "the moment" here! #3870270

Linda M. Walker 1/25/2007 1:55:39 PM

Beautifully captured,Janine...congratulations! #3870312

JOHN V. ROSCICH 1/25/2007 3:01:42 PM

JOHN #3870830

SaMi Martin 1/25/2007 3:42:42 PM

Beautiful portrait of your grandson Janine; Congratulations! #3871183

Tarun Bose 1/25/2007 5:01:47 PM

Big congrats my dear friend Janine for this outstanding finalist. Your grandson is very cute. #3871523

Jennifer Rennison 1/25/2007 5:28:25 PM

Congratulations on this sweet finalist, Janine! Imagine your grandson is enjoying all of this snow we have here!! Best of luck in the next round! #3871609

Anita N. Hogue 1/25/2007 5:33:07 PM

WOW, Janine, you are such a fabulous photographer! Bet you family is so proud of all your work! I think you need to start being an instructor!!!!!!.......anita #3871637

Janine Russell 1/25/2007 5:38:30 PM

Tammy, Teresa, Kristi, Linda, John, SaMi, Tarun, Jennifer and Anita, thanks very much for all of your generous and encouraging comments and congratulations. #3871686

Lavone Vannoy 1/25/2007 6:29:07 PM


Sheryl A. Hudson 1/25/2007 8:48:19 PM

Congratulations Janine! He is soooo cute! #3872874

Cathy M. Gromball 1/25/2007 10:22:51 PM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist, Janine!

Cathy :) #3873100

Hayley J. Hamlin 1/26/2007 5:41:35 AM

Big Congrats to you Janine!! #3874316

Janine Russell 1/26/2007 8:55:28 AM

Lavone, Sheryl, Cathy and Hayley, thanks very much for your encouragement and congratulations. #3875051

Julie Monacella 1/26/2007 11:39:19 AM

So beautiful!!! Congratulations!!! :) #3875658

Janine Russell 1/26/2007 11:40:55 AM

Julie, thanks very much for your encouraging comment and congratulations. #3875666

Pamela Shane 1/26/2007 2:38:38 PM

Janine congratulations on this adorable
finalist!! :) #3876251

Janine Russell 1/26/2007 3:29:54 PM

Pamela, thanks very much for your kind comments, encouragement and congratulations. #3876339

Marilyn K. Lincecum 1/26/2007 5:59:35 PM

CONGRTULAITONS Janine on your fianlist...he is absolutely adorable !!! Fantastic lighting, colors and clarity. Beautifully done. #3876731

Janine Russell 1/26/2007 6:28:32 PM

Marilyn, thanks very much for your encouraging comments and congratulations. #3876793

Sherry S. Boles 1/27/2007 12:29:15 AM

Congratulations on this cute finalist, Janine! #3877402

Janine Russell 1/27/2007 11:06:42 AM

Sherry, thanks very much for your congratulations. #3879422

Deborah C. Lewinson 1/28/2007 2:50:34 PM

Hearty congrats on this outstanding finalist, Janine!
-Debby #3883688

Janine Russell 1/28/2007 4:19:04 PM

Debby, thanks very much for your encouragement and kind comments. #3883978

RC Fritz 1/28/2007 6:49:33 PM

Beautiful Finalist, Janine. Congratulations! #3884439

Janine Russell 1/28/2007 8:00:43 PM

RC, thanks very much for your kind coments, encouragement and congratulations. #3884751

Pam Y. Teague 2/16/2007 4:40:20 PM

Janine! This is an incredible photo! Congratulations! #3956160

Janine Russell 2/16/2007 5:26:06 PM

Pam, thanks very much for your congratulations and encouragement. #3956269

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Photo of my grandson, Isaac, was taken on December 23, 2006 at 11:40am in Rathdrum, Idaho
Canon 24-105 F/4L IS lens @ 98mm, F/8, 1/400 second, ISO 400, -0.3 exposure compensation
Shadow/highlight, +saturation, -brightness, +contrast, rotate, cropped, cloned, dodged resized and sharpened in Photoshop CS
POTD at on December 29, 2006
POTD at on January 1, 2007

Uploaded on 12/27/2006 12:27:13 AM Photo Contest Finalist

Copyright for this gallery photo belongs solely to Janine Russell. Images may not be copied, downloaded, or used in any way without the expressed, written permission of the photographer.
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