Dreaming Of Spring

© Carolyn M. Fletcher

Dreaming Of Spring

Colleen Braun 2/28/2004 3:41:51 AM

looks like a Monet.... #101710

Allan L. Whitehead 2/28/2004 3:46:35 AM

Carolyn this is very well done. The coloring and the soft focus relly make the effects stand out. Great shot - Allan #399772

William C. Raco 2/28/2004 4:15:42 AM

Wow..... this is superb, Carolyn.
Love the colors, the layers, and the overall pleasing look.
Love it!


Carolyn M. Fletcher 2/28/2004 4:30:21 AM

Thanks Colleen, Allan and Bill. It's got a dreamyphoto filter applied to it. #399795

Cathy Barrows 2/28/2004 4:38:03 AM

I agree...the colors are very soft and lovely #399813

Sharon D. Waters 2/28/2004 4:41:47 AM

Beautiful Carolyn... #399820

Darren K. Fisher 2/28/2004 4:46:09 AM

Awesome Carolyn, looks like a masterpiece. I love the dreamy artistic look you have come up with here. #399834

Carolyn M. Fletcher 2/28/2004 4:48:26 AM

Thanks Cathy, Sharon and Darren! #399840

Patricia A. Kuniega 2/28/2004 4:52:02 AM

Absolutely heavenly! Because it looks like Spring and the effect you created! #399851

Carolyn M. Fletcher 2/28/2004 4:56:23 AM

I think it was actually shot in the summer if I remember right. I just dug it out of the mess in my computer. LOL #399854

Heather L. Jacks 2/28/2004 5:20:53 AM

Gorgeous. I was going to say like Monet, and then I read the first comment:) #399884

Shirley L. Carpenter 2/28/2004 5:37:18 AM

Love this Carolyn!!! Just Beautiful!! #399913

Joy Brown 2/28/2004 5:37:54 AM

Absolutely awesome, Carolyn!!! A definite winner in my book! #399915

Kathleen Clemons 2/28/2004 5:54:05 AM

Joy and I have the same book. :) This is absolutely gorgeous, would love to see it printed in a large size. :) #399945

Terry R. Hatfield 2/28/2004 6:01:36 AM

A Great Image Carolyn And The DPF Looks Great!
Terry. #399957

Claudia Kuhn 2/28/2004 6:03:06 AM

And I agree with all the others this is wonderful!! Love it!! This would look great in large size and really brighten up a room. #399960

Leanne M.E. Boyd 2/28/2004 6:19:21 AM

Beautiful Carolyn! #400008

Stephen Zacker 2/28/2004 6:22:21 AM

Lovely.. I agree that it looks like a Beautiful painting! #400012

Charlene Bayerle 2/28/2004 6:46:56 AM

WOW - stunning image Carolyn!!!! #400082

Carolyn M. Fletcher 2/28/2004 6:53:26 AM

Thanks Heather, Shirley, Joy, Kath, Terry, Claudia, Leanne, Stephen and Char! Wow, if I knew you all were gonna like it that well, I'd have sent it in sooner. #400094

Donna J. Taff 2/28/2004 7:00:41 AM

Wonderful!!! #400106

Gary O`Dell 2/28/2004 7:48:02 AM

Very nice image and Spring will be coming, at least thats what I keep telling myself..Gary O #400221

Susan T. Parady 2/28/2004 7:49:16 AM

It pays to go digging through the mess in the computer. Sometimes you can see new possibilities in older images. Great work! #400226

Carolyn M. Fletcher 2/28/2004 8:32:48 AM

Thanks Donna, Gary and Susan! We can just hope spring gets here soon!!! #400259

Susan T. Evans 2/28/2004 10:59:16 AM


Carolyn M. Fletcher 2/28/2004 11:35:08 AM

Aw, thank you Susan!! Much appreciated! #400395

Susana Matos 2/28/2004 12:42:39 PM

This is a great Beauty!!!!! LOVE it!!
Cheers from Portugal, Su #400417

Carolyn M. Fletcher 2/28/2004 1:36:59 PM

Hi Su! Thanks for commenting. Cheers to you, too!! #400472

Susie Peek-Swint 2/28/2004 2:06:36 PM

Wonderful Carolyn -- so dreamy looking! #400507

Carolyn M. Fletcher 2/28/2004 3:03:50 PM

Thanks Susie!! #400551

Paula Lechten 2/28/2004 3:48:53 PM

Gorgeous, Carolyn. Definitely a winner. #400622

Colette M. Metcalf 2/28/2004 3:51:40 PM

Oh WOW, Carolyn!! I love this one!!! Wonderful image!! #400627

Murry Grigsby 2/28/2004 3:58:37 PM

Same thought as Colleen -- a Monet :0) Lovely mood, light, textures and color Carolyn!! #400641

June Marie Sobrito 2/28/2004 4:24:14 PM

Beautiful!! I love this! #400665

Evy Johansen 2/28/2004 5:58:25 PM

Wow, wow, wow.... Superb is the right word, Carolyn! Simply beautiful!! #400749

Dominique Declerck 2/29/2004 1:31:24 AM

"looks like a Monet...."

yes! like a part of " les coquelicots à Argenteuil -1873" ... Claude would be proud of you!!!

Beautiful picture, Carolyn!!!


Carolyn M. Fletcher 2/29/2004 3:00:28 AM

Thank you Paula, Colette, Murry, June, Evy and Dominique!! Glad you all like it. I was just looking through my junk files for something to dream up and found this, cropped off the trees at the top and added dreamyphoto. #400980

Karen Engelbreth 2/29/2004 2:17:37 PM

Beautiful image, Carolyn - love the colors! #401909

Carolyn M. Fletcher 2/29/2004 2:24:57 PM

Thanks Karen! #401927

Mary K. Robison 3/6/2004 7:38:42 PM

Carolyn, this is as pretty as a picture...or is that painting? :-) Whatever, props to you for taking something from your "junk pile" and creating this lovely work with dreamyphoto. Claude would indeed be pleased (or jealous!). #411665

Jean Papo 3/6/2004 8:47:33 PM

Count me in on your long list of admirers!!! This is AMAZING!!!!!! Bravo!!!! #411758

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/7/2004 2:58:33 AM

Thanks Mary and Jean. I should have uploaded the original. Maybe I will go look for it. #411940

Bob Cammarata 3/19/2004 1:44:32 AM

Great image, Carolyn!
Congrats on making the finals. #431124

Jean Papo 3/19/2004 2:01:53 AM

Congratulaions, Carolyn!!! I was rooting for this one, and still am!!! Great job, very well deserved!!! #431147

Marja H. Konimäki 3/19/2004 2:22:40 AM

Good luck & congrats Carolyn.
LOvely soft colors and light. Beautiful presentation. #431177

Colleen Braun 3/19/2004 2:28:44 AM

paraben... #431190

Patricia A. Kuniega 3/19/2004 2:40:28 AM

Beautiful! Congrats and best of luck Carolyn! #431206

Kathleen Clemons 3/19/2004 2:50:18 AM

Joy and I were right!!!!! BIG congrats to you, this is gorgeous. :) #431234

Linda Murphy 3/19/2004 3:11:55 AM

Excellent Carolyn - love this! Congrats on your fine work! #431299

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/19/2004 3:20:58 AM

Thanks everyone!! I've got company and have to be gone most of today, so I'll get to my comments on your shots as soon as I can!!! #431324

Sharon E. Lowe 3/19/2004 3:22:02 AM

Congrats and good luck Carolyn! This is a beauty! #431330

Joy Brown 3/19/2004 4:07:57 AM

This is a no-brainer, Carolyn!!! VERY well deserved - congrats! #431550

Donna W. Neal 3/19/2004 4:08:50 AM

Congratulations and Good Luck Carolyn.
You go girl...
Go Carolyn...Go Carolyn...Go Carolyn!! #431558

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/19/2004 4:11:56 AM

Thanks guys!!! I'm gone for the day! #431572

Allan L. Whitehead 3/19/2004 4:27:53 AM

Congratulations Carolyn. Very well done. Good luck - Allan #431636

Dottie Shepherd 3/19/2004 4:41:17 AM

Congrats, Carolyn!!! #431671

Kasia Elser 3/19/2004 4:50:27 AM

Congrats! #431712

Claudia Kuhn 3/19/2004 4:51:51 AM

Love it! Congrats Carolyn! #431720

Marie Fields 3/19/2004 4:52:39 AM

Congratulations!! #431723

Wally Orlowsky 3/19/2004 4:58:12 AM

Congratulations, Carolyn! #431757

Dominique Declerck 3/19/2004 5:23:08 AM

Congratulations, Carolyn!!!!

s+d #431874

Peggy Wolff 3/19/2004 5:24:51 AM

Congrats Carolyn! #431887

Donna R. Moratelli 3/19/2004 5:26:20 AM

Great, I'm glad that this one was selected. Congratulations;Carolyn! #431895

Susan T. Parady 3/19/2004 5:33:14 AM

Congratulations!!! #431932

Rob Friedman 3/19/2004 5:34:36 AM

Congrats Carolyn! #431942

Leah Marshall 3/19/2004 5:47:53 AM

Love this photo. Great job Carolyn. #432012

Sharon D. Waters 3/19/2004 6:13:32 AM

Big congrats carolyn!!! #432127

Gary O`Dell 3/19/2004 6:19:12 AM

Congratulations Carolyn..Gary O #432172

Cathy Barrows 3/19/2004 6:21:12 AM

congrats!...beautiful #432183

Murry Grigsby 3/19/2004 6:34:52 AM

Congrats on this terrific finalist Carolyn! Wonderful light, colors and spring tone!! #432274

Stephanie Adams 3/19/2004 6:37:32 AM

Can I add my congrats to you long list of fans :O) This is amazing Carolyn!! Truly beautiful and magnificent! Well done and congrats! #432293

Gordon J. Evans 3/19/2004 6:38:34 AM

Gorgeous shot Carolyn!!! #432307

Bernard B. Travers 3/19/2004 6:48:23 AM

Go ahead, you dreamer. Do your thing. Congratulations, Mrs. Fletcher. #432386

Darren K. Fisher 3/19/2004 6:58:37 AM

WAY TO GO Carolyn, I am proud of you. This is a very well deserved image. #432463

Gianna Stadelmyer 3/19/2004 7:27:08 AM

Congratulations, Carolyn! Well-deserved! #432701

Susie Peek-Swint 3/19/2004 8:53:42 AM

Glad this made it in -- well done Carolyn! #433057

Colette M. Metcalf 3/19/2004 9:31:47 AM

Way to go, Carolyn!!! Congrats!! #433191

Alisha May Furbish 3/19/2004 9:55:21 AM

This is fantastic- congratulations, Carolyn! #433286

Evy Johansen 3/19/2004 10:26:24 AM

Many congratulations, Carolyn! Well derserved!! #433432

Susana Matos 3/19/2004 11:58:52 AM

Congratulations, I simply LOVE this photo, would love it to be mine!!!!!!
Cheers from Portugal, Su #433816

Robert Mann 3/19/2004 12:11:03 PM

The colors, the softness, the fx used, everything about this image is excellent, Carolyn! Congrats on your finalist selection and best of luck in the finals! RoB #433867

Mary K. Robison 3/19/2004 12:31:38 PM

Congratulations, Carolyn! This gentle beauty deserves to be here. #433971

Ron Goldman 3/19/2004 1:48:48 PM

Congratulations Carolyn! Beautiful! #434251

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/19/2004 2:02:14 PM

Thanks a bunch, all of you great people! You make it worth being here every day! #434286

Paula Showen 3/19/2004 2:22:25 PM

Nice one, Carolyn! Congratulations! #434359

William C. Raco 3/19/2004 3:32:49 PM

No surprise this image has come this far.
It will be, though, if this is where it ends.
Excellent photo, Carolyn.

bill #434689

clifton Mair 3/19/2004 4:09:56 PM

Beautiful image Carolyn, it's so full of life, big congrats! #434737

Karen Engelbreth 3/20/2004 3:13:08 AM

Congratulations Carolyn!


Adam Bolt 3/20/2004 4:12:05 AM

The girls on fire!... Go Carolyn... Go Carolyn... Go Carolyn!!!
Cheers Adam #435720

Judith G. Secco 3/20/2004 6:11:00 AM

Absolutely great, Carolyn! Congrats.
Judy #435971

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/20/2004 6:19:47 AM

Thanks you guys! You make my day...every day. #435995

Damian P. Gadal 3/20/2004 8:06:08 AM

Carolyn - Carolyn - Carolyn,
this is S T U N N I N G!

Congrats!!! #436306

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/20/2004 8:24:22 AM

Aw, thanks, Damian!! #436353

Dale Ann Cubbage 3/20/2004 8:48:40 AM

I know you're tired of hearing it by now (yeah right!) but this is a masterpiece! Congrats & good luck, from one Okie to another!


Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/20/2004 8:50:11 AM

Thanks Dale! Not tired yet.LOL! #436424

Anette Linnea Rasmussen 3/20/2004 10:19:53 AM

Congratulations, Carolyn and the best
of luck!

Best regards
Linnea #436625

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/20/2004 10:23:17 AM

Thank you, Linnea!!! Much appreciated!! #436630

Barbara Bergeron 3/20/2004 1:09:50 PM

Your dreams should be coming true soon. Congrats on a wonderful image! #436879

Kenneth M. Kijewski 3/20/2004 1:12:12 PM

Congrats on an absolutely stunning image!

Ken #436886

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/20/2004 1:38:48 PM

Thanks Barb and Ken!!!! #436947

Susan T. Evans 3/20/2004 2:36:20 PM

Congrats on your win Carolyn!!! just awesome! #437018

Kathleen Clemons 3/20/2004 2:38:20 PM

BIG congrats, Carolyn!! #437026

Susan T. Parady 3/20/2004 2:38:43 PM

Congrats on another well deserved win! Way to go, Carolyn!!! #437027

Adam Bolt 3/20/2004 2:39:36 PM

WooHoo!!!... Well done Carolyn!... It truly is a piece of art... gone beyond the dimenions of a photograph!
Well done with your placing!
Cheers Adam

Sharon E. Lowe 3/20/2004 2:41:17 PM

Congrats Carolyn!! Well-deserved!! #437043

Judith G. Secco 3/20/2004 2:42:10 PM

Well deserved, Carolyn!! Congrats!!!
Judy- #437047

Patricia A. Kuniega 3/20/2004 2:42:20 PM

Congratulations on this impressionistic beauty Carolyn! #437049

William C. Raco 3/20/2004 2:47:14 PM

Great win, Carolyn.
Excellent photo.

bill #437077

clifton Mair 3/20/2004 2:59:19 PM

Congrats Carolyn, well deserved! #437133

Claudia Kuhn 3/20/2004 3:00:46 PM

BIG Congrats on your winner here Carolyn, it's truly beautiful!! #437137

June Marie Sobrito 3/20/2004 3:12:14 PM

Congratulations! #437175

Joy Brown 3/20/2004 3:21:32 PM

Big contratulations, Carolyn - this is so well-deserved!!! #437205

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/20/2004 3:33:37 PM

Thanks all for your great support and encouragement!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really do appreciate it!! #437236

Eric Highfield 3/20/2004 3:49:32 PM

Congratulations on this fabulous photo and your WIN!!! #437249

Theresa McCloskey 3/20/2004 3:54:12 PM

Congratulations Carolyn :-) #437257

Dorothy Neumann 3/20/2004 3:58:51 PM

How much does it cost for a lifetime membership to the Carolyn Fletcher fan club? Sign me up. #437275

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/20/2004 4:08:04 PM

Thanks Eric, Theresa and Dorothy. (I'll trade you memberships) >>LOL #437303

Warren Ishii 3/20/2004 4:09:53 PM

I love the dreamy soft look...a wonderful photo! #437309

Brenda W. LaFleur 3/20/2004 4:25:32 PM

Carolyn, congrats on your win. This is a really nice image. I've been so far behind in my comments but I noticed this thumbnail when you first posted and know right off that it was a winner! Just great! #437329

Kristen McKain 3/20/2004 4:48:29 PM

Congrats, Carolyn! #437355

Donna J. Taff 3/20/2004 4:52:43 PM

Congrat's Carolyn; I knew this was a winner!! #437371

Ed Isaacs 3/20/2004 5:09:31 PM

Congratulations, Carolyn. #437432

Peggy Wolff 3/20/2004 5:23:18 PM

Congratulations Carolyn! I love seeing your name and your beautiful photos in the winning circle! #437449

Murry Grigsby 3/20/2004 5:31:11 PM

Congratulations Carolyn on a terrific WIN!! #437468

Gene Spears 3/20/2004 5:39:30 PM

congratulations Carolyn!! wonderful image! #437497

Patrick Campbell 3/20/2004 5:40:04 PM

Congrats Carolyn! #437499

Terry R. Hatfield 3/20/2004 6:23:16 PM

Yea For Carolyn! What A Grand Image An Congrats On Your Win! #437533

Bonnie C. Lackey 3/20/2004 6:40:45 PM

Wonderful recognition for a wonderful image, Carolyn! #437568

Mary K. Robison 3/20/2004 6:51:37 PM

Junk pile, eh, Carolyn?
CONGRATULATIONS on your win, you dream-using devil!!! #437591

Jean Papo 3/20/2004 7:08:23 PM

Congratulations, Carolyn!!! Very happy to see this here!!! #437629

Charlene Bayerle 3/20/2004 7:20:34 PM

Congratulations Carolyn on your win!!!!! #437657

Ron Case 3/20/2004 7:40:50 PM

Excellent win Carolyn. #437697

Anette Linnea Rasmussen 3/20/2004 7:44:02 PM

Congratulations, Carolyn on your win!

Best regards
Linnea #437703

Marja H. Konimäki 3/20/2004 9:21:34 PM

Congrats Carolyn!!! #437769

Lori Ditlefsen 3/20/2004 10:06:22 PM

Congrats on the win Carolyn! #437810

Bob Cammarata 3/20/2004 10:34:35 PM

Many congrats Carolyn, on a fine image!! #437831

Karen Engelbreth 3/21/2004 12:14:02 AM

Big, big congrats on the win Carolyn!


Mette Vendelboe Allison 3/21/2004 1:39:24 AM

Congratulations, Carolyn:-) #437903

Colette M. Metcalf 3/21/2004 3:08:11 AM

Congratulations, Carolyn!!!!!!! Way to go!! #437952

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/21/2004 3:08:59 AM

Thanks again to you all. It's nice to win, or at least make the finals, but if it wasn't for all of you, it wouldn't mean much. Your comments are what keeps me trying to get better. #437953

Gianna Stadelmyer 3/21/2004 3:20:09 AM

Congrats on winning, Carolyn! #437979

Darren K. Fisher 3/21/2004 4:22:02 AM

Yes Way to go Carolyn, I am so very happy for you!!!!! #438074

Stephen Zacker 3/21/2004 6:04:48 AM

Congratulations Carolyn! #438277

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/21/2004 6:07:16 AM

Thanks Jan, Darren and Stephen. #438284

Dale Ann Cubbage 3/21/2004 6:13:27 AM

Congrats on winning Carolyn! Loved this!

da #438297

Gary O`Dell 3/21/2004 6:14:23 AM

Congratulations on being chosen a Winner..Gary O #438299

Steven F. Son 3/21/2004 6:17:33 AM

Congratulations! Your entire gallery is top rate! Submit more photos! #438308

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/21/2004 6:23:41 AM

Thanks a whole bunch!! #438325

Diane Dupuis 3/21/2004 6:33:45 AM

I know you can't get tired of hearing it - so here goes!! Congrats on a truly deserved win! The dreamy look is fantastic!! So are all the other pixs in your Gallery! Wow wow wow! #438352

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/21/2004 7:10:41 AM

Thanks Diane! I really appreciate that! #438418

Alisha May Furbish 3/21/2004 8:23:16 AM

A well deserved win, Carolyn- congratulations on your outstanding work! #438596

Evy Johansen 3/21/2004 8:28:39 AM

I'm so glad to see this beauty as a Winner! Many congratulations, Carolyn!! Very well derserved!! #438611

Wally Orlowsky 3/21/2004 8:35:40 AM

Beautiful shot and a deserving winner, Carolyn. #438638

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/21/2004 8:40:46 AM

Ok, stop it, now. I'll get the big head and won't be able to get through the door.
Thanks a lot everyone! #438662

Gary H. Minish 3/21/2004 10:43:56 AM

Congratulations, Carolyn! Good eye and a very pretty photo. It does look very much like a painting :-) #438842

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/21/2004 11:06:29 AM

Thanks Gary! I wish I'd saved the original before I cropped it down and dreamed it up. LOL. #438874

Allan L. Whitehead 3/21/2004 11:21:48 AM

Carolyn, congratulations on your terrific win, I just wanted to say a job well done and well deserved - Allan #438889

Anil Sudhakaran 3/21/2004 12:50:08 PM

Congratulations Carolyn. Looks like a painting. #439043

Gabriela Cunha 3/21/2004 1:09:45 PM

WOW, Carolyn! congratulations!!!!!
:) gy #439065

Stephanie Adams 3/21/2004 2:41:05 PM

MANY CONGRATS!! :O) #439166

Ellen Peach 3/21/2004 5:26:33 PM

Simply gorgeous, Carolyn....congratulations! #439385

Bernard B. Travers 3/21/2004 11:42:20 PM

Big congrats, Mrs. Fletcher. #439734

Burl G. Anderson 3/22/2004 6:35:33 AM

Great shot Carolyn, Glad to see another winner from you. I really enjoy your your photos and web site. Thanks for sharing. #440218

Patricia Marroquin 3/22/2004 6:50:34 AM

Gorgeous image to begin with and masterful use of the dreamy filter. A big congratulations, Carolyn! :-) #440272

Jeff Galbraith 3/22/2004 9:45:02 AM

Congratulations Carolyn,
Wonderful colours and dream-like mood to this one--well done. #440511

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/22/2004 11:48:35 AM

Thanks so much everyone!! I so much appreciate you all!! #440758

Donna R. Moratelli 3/22/2004 3:52:56 PM

COngratulaions on this fantastic impressionalistic image. Judges did well!! #441127

Jimmy Wen 3/23/2004 6:47:12 AM

Fascinating colors & lighting! great softness effect! my big congrats!!! #442203

Monika Sapek 3/23/2004 8:10:27 AM

Carolyn – many congratulations on your win with this great image! The delicate colors of those flowers look so beautiful, and so dreamy!

Carolyn M. Fletcher 3/23/2004 8:59:40 AM

Thanks Donna, Jimmy and Monika!! Appreciate the comments very much! #442529

Barbara Bergeron 3/23/2004 9:27:23 AM

Congratulations on a wonderful image Carolyn. Well deserved...keep uy the great work! #442576

Kaye Grogan 3/24/2004 1:03:02 AM

Hi Carolyn!

Congrats on your second place win.

"K" #443442

Carol Engstrom 4/2/2004 4:17:15 PM

Congrats, Carolyn! #460485

Thomasa 4/8/2004 4:05:46 PM

Simply a beautiful image. The softness and proportions really make it stunning. I agree with the others that this would look fabulous large scale. #469699

Michael Brown 5/29/2004 6:42:39 PM

Another one that should be hanging on a wall!

Mike #566563

Carolyn M. Fletcher 5/30/2004 3:04:42 AM

Thank you Mike! :} #566839

Stan J. Bendkowski 9/12/2005 4:28:11 PM

Congratulations Carolyn, beautiful image. I like your gallery, fantastic photos! #1829527

Alex T. Mizuno 5/12/2009 9:19:33 PM

This vibrant image just popped up as I opened the BP site. Wow, this is photography of impressionism and indeed I'm impressed! Congratulations on your win Carolyn!!! #7514443

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Could use a little of this kind of color about now, huh?

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