Visual Elements

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Visual Elements

Dan Holm level-classic 9/22/2006 12:05:40 AM

What an AWESOME abstract, Susan!! I absolutely love it! The color, the flow, your composition... Wow! #526797

Julie Robinson 9/22/2006 12:07:34 AM

Stunning vibrant image Susan - very well done! #3343281

Ray Clarke 9/22/2006 12:09:50 AM

What a stunning photo Susana, great shapes , and colours , love it (ac) #3343297

Kerby Pfrangle level-classic 9/22/2006 12:10:28 AM

Wonderful shapes and design in this colorful image. Nice observation. #3343299

David L. Luchowski 9/22/2006 12:14:53 AM

Cool visual impact here,Susana.Great color and esign quality as well.Awesome capture. #3343320

Janine Russell level-classic 9/22/2006 12:16:31 AM

Susan, excellent colors, clarity, lighting and shapes. #3343333

Graeme yew Chow level-classic 9/22/2006 12:16:42 AM

Susan, you responded well with resubmission. Very creative, colors and detatail is just perfect. Should see again next month. #3343336

Evy Johansen level-classic 9/22/2006 12:18:25 AM

Wow.... wonderful abstract, Susan!! Beautiful comp. and gorgeous colors! #3343354

Ross Throndson 9/22/2006 12:28:03 AM

Fantastic Design & Color, Susana...GREAT IMAGE!!! :^) #3343417

Paul E. Earl 9/22/2006 12:29:52 AM

Stunning, Susan! I think we have a winner! #3343426

Nadya Johnson 9/22/2006 12:31:19 AM

Very striking shot with fantastic colors and design! #3343436

Cristi Bastian 9/22/2006 12:31:59 AM

Susana, every entry of yours amazes me! They just keep getting better and better! How do you do it?!! Excellent job on this!!! #3343439

Revonda L. Gentry 9/22/2006 12:53:01 AM

Striking composition, stunning colors!! #3343484

Cindy Wong 9/22/2006 1:00:35 AM

Awesome colors! Definitely a Winner! #3343499

VISHVAJIT JUIKAR level-classic 9/22/2006 1:34:32 AM

beautiful composition and colors.. #3343571

Glenn E. Urquhart level-classic 9/22/2006 1:42:09 AM

Brilliant colors, excellent geometric pattern, Stunning composition, Susana!!! VERY Well Done! Cheers, Glenn. #3343594

Barbara Waldoch level-classic 9/22/2006 1:45:35 AM

Beautiful colours and lines, Susana! Very 'happy' image. #3343602

Paul Michko 9/22/2006 1:55:27 AM

Great colors and line design, Susan. #3343631

Renee Doyle level-classic 9/22/2006 2:00:57 AM

Winner all the way!!! Fantastic colours, lines and design! Love it! Have a wonderful weekend Susana!!!!

Karen Engelbreth 9/22/2006 2:19:04 AM

Wonderful abstract, Susan - love the colors! #3343726

Michael Khoury 9/22/2006 2:25:30 AM

O elating, exudes joy, perfection...
M #3343749

Robyn Mackenzie 9/22/2006 2:34:30 AM

Such an awesome graphic, Susan! Beautiful lines and colours. #3343776

Carol Sawyer 9/22/2006 2:38:30 AM

Excellent colors and line design, Susana!!!! #3343795

Manuel Barrera 9/22/2006 2:41:03 AM

Great find, great colors and lines, Susana. #3343805

Donald K. Cherry level-classic 9/22/2006 3:00:50 AM

Excellent abstract presentation, Susana! Love the colors and comp! #3343880

Bridgette B 9/22/2006 3:03:27 AM

Gorgeous colors!! Great image, Susana! #3343894

Arya Bandyopadhyay 9/22/2006 3:26:06 AM

Excellent design, colour and detail, Susana!! #3343995

Jenny Bosmans 9/22/2006 4:18:29 AM

Terrific abstract, Susan! I just love this! :) #3344263

Husain Akhtar 9/22/2006 4:37:07 AM

Marvellous capture my friend! Most effective composition and rich colours! Wonderful work! #3344391

Rakesh Syal level-classic 9/22/2006 4:42:28 AM

Awesome visual of elements of designs, Susana!! #3344417

Carla Metzler 9/22/2006 4:52:57 AM

Wonderful colors and abstract, Susan! #3344487

Melissa G. Meiselman 9/22/2006 5:57:47 AM

Powerful visual elements in this incredible abstract. Perfect for elements of design, Susana!!! #3344831

Casey A. Hanson 9/22/2006 6:04:35 AM

Awesome work, Susana! Love it!! #3344863

Ken Smith level-classic 9/22/2006 6:17:30 AM

Susan, very very nice. Love the vivid colors! #3344918

Bill Wyatt 9/22/2006 6:19:01 AM

Wow excellent eye spoting this! Beautiful colors and designs, the lighting is terrific also, Susana! #3344927

Ronald F. Fischer 9/22/2006 7:09:58 AM

Wonderful image, Susana! #3345131

Swati Gavde 9/22/2006 7:41:59 AM

Colourful image and lovely composition Susana! #3345315

Linda D. Lester level-classic 9/22/2006 9:08:13 AM

Awesome...great composition and colors! #3345662

Marilyn K. Lincecum level-classic 9/22/2006 9:16:51 AM

Beautiful design the colors. #3345679

Tarun Bose level-classic 9/22/2006 12:13:39 PM

Awsome colours beautifully toned. Great work Susana. I am happy that you are taking shots of various subjects to perfection. Your standard is maintained. #3346193

Lynne Morris 9/22/2006 12:52:58 PM

WOw Susan this is stunning, amazing colour, shapes and great clarity, think we will see this one again! #3346306

Roxanne M. Bubar 9/22/2006 2:47:48 PM

Such clarity and awesome image. #3346695

John Connolly 9/22/2006 3:26:00 PM

Striking color and wonderful design here, Susana! #3346823

eileen bedford 9/22/2006 4:22:35 PM

Beautiful design and colors Susana, love it.... #3346969

Arnie Horwitz level-classic 9/22/2006 4:49:25 PM

Beautiful combination of colors and lines, Susana. #3347031

Nancy L. Green level-classic 9/22/2006 8:23:45 PM

Beautiful colors and design Susana!! I especially notice this today as I had cateract surgery yesterdy and today my world is brighter!! <>< #3347648

Leonard Pierce level-classic 9/22/2006 8:58:35 PM

Wow! Very beautiful abstract Susana, amazing color, detail, and composition! #3347752

Lani J 9/22/2006 11:21:54 PM

This is wonderful, Susan!! Everything about it is stunning, I hope we see this one again! :o) #3348079

Mary K. Robison 9/23/2006 1:19:44 AM

Wonderful combination of graphics and vivid colors, Susana! Great image! #3348281

Kenneth Mucke 9/23/2006 2:37:04 AM

Stunning image Susana..I love the lines and colors...excellent clarity...your focusing is ALWAYS perfect... #3348466

John Matthews 9/23/2006 12:14:30 PM

one of your best shots! looks like a winner, well done!

ronda chatelle level-classic 9/24/2006 12:03:23 AM

I love this Susan! Beautiful flow and colors! Superb elements of design! #3352279

Darryl Wilkinson 9/24/2006 10:37:53 PM

Striking colors and composition, Susan. Very interesting design you've captured here :) #3356377

Terry L. Ellis level-classic 9/26/2006 11:23:15 AM

Fantastic design elements and colors, Susana! Delightfully, visually very striking! #3364181

Nikki McDonald level-classic 3/22/2007 6:53:34 PM

Congratulations on all your finalists, SuSana. This really has a lot of Wow factor. Good luck in the next round. #4082740

Barbara Waldoch level-classic 3/22/2007 8:43:43 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful finalist, Susana! #4083944

Donna La Mattino Pagakis level-classic 3/22/2007 9:17:54 PM

Super colors and design elements SuSana, congratulations on your finalist win!! #4084225

Carol Teal 3/22/2007 9:31:37 PM

Congrats on your finalist and I really love the colors! They are so bright and vibrant! Good luck in the next round! #4084307

Janine Russell level-classic 3/22/2007 11:45:09 PM

Susana, congratulations on your finalist. #4084570

Laurence Saliba level-classic 3/23/2007 4:26:33 AM

Congratulations Susana!!!! Beautiful finalist!! #4085436

Glenn E. Urquhart level-classic 3/23/2007 5:40:38 AM

A BIG Congratulations, on your award, Susana!!! Well Deserved! Cheers, Glenn. #4086243

Rakesh Syal level-classic 3/23/2007 5:42:08 AM

Congratulations on your beautiful finalist!! #4086266

Kay E. Mahoney level-classic 3/23/2007 5:57:05 AM

Congratulations on your finalist. Good luck in the next round. #4086394

Ross Throndson 3/23/2007 6:24:24 AM

Congratulations on your Fabulous Finalist, Susana!! #4086614

Terry L. Ellis level-classic 3/23/2007 11:39:48 AM

Congratulations again, SuSana! Another fabulous finalist! #4088410

Nadine A. Lewis level-classic 3/23/2007 1:20:47 PM


Stanley J. Contrades 3/23/2007 6:43:41 PM

CONGRATULATIONS on another Finalist, SuSana, and best of luck with all of them in the next round!
Stan #4090122

Kristi A. Howson 3/23/2007 7:41:33 PM

Congratulations on this awesome winner & Best of Luck in the next round Susana! #4090306

Sherry K. Adkins level-classic 3/23/2007 8:31:03 PM

Congrats, Susana, on your finalist. I really like the lines and color in this image. #4090445

Marilyn K. Lincecum level-classic 3/24/2007 12:42:13 AM

Fantastic colors, lines and design, Susana. CONGRATULATIONS and good luck in the next round !! #4090806

Laurie Daily level-classic 3/24/2007 4:48:24 AM

I just love the colors, lines and movement here. Congrats again Susana! #4091269

Arnie Horwitz level-classic 3/24/2007 6:46:35 AM

Congratulations on another great finalist, Susana! #4091663

RC Fritz level-classic 3/24/2007 7:52:25 AM

Great composition and colors. Congrats on your Finalist, Susana! Well done! #4091968

Tarun Bose level-classic 3/24/2007 10:17:40 AM

Once again congrats on your No.4 finalist my dear Susana. #4092434

Ken Smith level-classic 3/24/2007 1:38:51 PM

Congratulations, SuSana!! #4092853

Jeff Robinson level-classic 3/24/2007 5:25:16 PM

Congrats Susana on this excellent Finalist! Jeff #4093396

Eleanor M. Perrotta level-classic 3/26/2007 2:24:26 PM

Congratulations SuSana on your win. Eleanor

William88 level-classic 3/26/2007 5:20:33 PM

A perfect design! SuSana, big congratulations on your win!! #4100280

Renee Doyle level-classic 3/26/2007 10:55:56 PM

Fantastic - congratulations SuSana!

Stefania Barbier level-classic 4/22/2009 3:22:55 PM


Lois Adomite level-classic 4/22/2009 7:05:35 PM

Congratulations on your finalist, great colors and lines. Lois #7435834

Alex T. Mizuno level-classic 4/22/2009 9:49:38 PM

Excellent EOD! Congratulations on your Finalist again SuSana!!! #7436798

Teresa A. Burnett level-classic 4/22/2009 10:03:06 PM

And one more huge congratulations on this awesome finalist SuSana!! Best of luck in the next round!! #7436883

Christian Rosito level-classic 4/23/2009 7:43:39 AM

Congratulations on your finalist! #7439219

Melissa Olsen 4/23/2009 7:56:49 AM

Congratulations of this well deserved finalist...!!! #7439346

Tarun Bose 4/23/2009 9:56:40 AM

Big congrats for your another finalist, Susana. #7440104

Elida Gutierrez 4/23/2009 10:04:50 AM

Congratulations!!!!! #7440162

Christina N. Seuser 4/23/2009 1:19:26 PM

Gorgeous color, light and composition Susana! Congratulations on a wonderful Finalist! #7440926

Mary Beth Aiello level-classic 4/23/2009 6:51:43 PM

So clean and clear, Susana. Huge congrats. #7442096

Linda Blair 4/30/2009 5:49:18 AM

Such a fun and happy feel to it...congratulations SuSana!!!!!! #7468015

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