Down The Shores Of

© Viveca Venegas

Down The Shores Of

Gail Stelick 12/2/2003 5:44:50 AM

Beautiful photo, Viveca ... nice colors, clear water - you can almost feel the crispness of the air!! Nice job :o) #78415

Gabriela Cunha 12/2/2003 5:46:40 AM

wonderful yellows and reflections in your shot!
:) gy #286007

Joy Brown 12/2/2003 5:47:10 AM

Wonderful image, Viveca - great colors and reflection! #286009

Sharon E. Lowe 12/2/2003 5:48:13 AM

Beautiful! #286010

Kathleen Clemons 12/2/2003 6:08:43 AM

Wonderful Viveca! #286055

Karen Engelbreth 12/2/2003 6:15:37 AM

Wonderful image, Viveca - great colors and reflection!


Jeff Robinson 12/2/2003 6:17:07 AM

Beautifully done! I enjoyed your gallery very much as well! Jeff #286080

Ellen Peach 12/2/2003 7:54:44 AM

Absolutely beautiful, Viveca! #286271

Theresa McCloskey 12/2/2003 7:58:32 AM

great reflection shot - nice capture :-) #286282

Doug Wean 12/2/2003 8:30:10 AM

"Just a fantastic Image.." #286324

Colette M. Metcalf 12/2/2003 10:30:42 AM

Wonderful image!! #286454

Susie Peek-Swint 12/2/2003 3:04:38 PM

Beautiful imag, looks like a wonderful place to be! #286637

GARY L. ROHRBAUGH 12/2/2003 3:09:22 PM

Great Photo! You must have been there the same week as I. I was there the first week in Oct. #286643

Viveca Venegas 12/2/2003 3:43:48 PM

Thank you all. I really loved this place. Gary this was shot on Sept. 28 2003, almost met you. Viveca. #286715

Carol Brill 12/2/2003 5:54:30 PM

Marvelous clarity and colors in this image, Viveca, and beautifully presented! #286867

Gene Spears 12/3/2003 9:19:46 PM

Viveca, that is gorgeous - nice work! #288067

Sharon E. Lowe 1/15/2004 6:26:13 AM

Congrats again Viveca!! #332286

Murry Grigsby 1/15/2004 11:14:33 AM

Congrats on your "trivecta" Viveca!! #333395

Carol Brill 1/15/2004 11:28:15 AM

Viveca, congratulations again, much luck to you! #333452

Karen Engelbreth 1/15/2004 12:36:11 PM

Congrats Viveca!! #333694

Doug Benner 1/15/2004 2:04:08 PM

Great composition, Viveca. Congratulations! #333835

paul k. evans 1/15/2004 4:36:56 PM

Excellent job sewing two of the same section of river together into the composition! #334124

Jill Battaglia 1/15/2004 4:54:51 PM

Spectacular! Congrats on this one too! #334183

Jeff Robinson 1/15/2004 6:31:46 PM

My congrats on this stunning image! Jeff #334378

Jean Papo 1/16/2004 6:22:39 AM

Congratulations, Viveca! Spectacular is right! #335292

Rita Richter 1/16/2004 8:04:50 AM

Congrats. Viveca! A stupendous pano......rita #335499

Kathleen Clemons 1/16/2004 10:45:52 AM

Big congrats on the Grand, Viveca! #335752

Murry Grigsby 1/16/2004 10:47:03 AM

Wow, congratulations on your wonderful image and Grand Prize win Viveca!!!! #335757

Monika Sapek 1/16/2004 10:49:30 AM

Many congratulations on your wonderful Win with this absolutely stunning scene, Viveca!

Sharon E. Lowe 1/16/2004 10:55:39 AM

Congratulations on the grand prize Viveca! I am so happy for you and this image is stupendous! #335803

Melody C. Cepeda 1/16/2004 10:58:48 AM

Wow....Simply stunning! A well deserved win. #335813

Robert Mann 1/16/2004 11:06:53 AM

Brava, Bravissima! Viveca! How great for you! Wonderful, Colassal, stupendous. Big huge wonderful congrats! RoB #335836

Carolyn M. Fletcher 1/16/2004 11:11:12 AM

Congratulations Viveca! Well deserved!! #335848

Gene Spears 1/16/2004 11:31:51 AM

congratulations Viveca - well deserved!! #335907

Gerda Grice 1/16/2004 11:36:55 AM

Hugve congratulations on your well deserved Grand Prize win with this beautiful image, Viveca! #335920

Kristen McKain 1/16/2004 11:53:37 AM

congrats on your win! #335958

Deb Stachoviak 1/16/2004 11:58:56 AM

Congratulations on your beautiful win! #335971

Mette Vendelboe Allison 1/16/2004 12:16:32 PM

Big congrats, Viveca! Great panorama with wonderful even light and colours! #335994

Jean Papo 1/16/2004 12:46:10 PM

Congratulations on your Grand Prize win with this wonderful image! Bravo! #336069

June Marie Sobrito 1/16/2004 12:48:00 PM

Congratulations!! #336073

Diane Dupuis 1/16/2004 1:03:25 PM

Congratulations Viveca. What a spectacular picture! #336102

Susan T. Evans 1/16/2004 1:12:18 PM

Congrats Viveca!!! #336121

Stanley J. Contrades 1/16/2004 1:18:05 PM

RoB has said it all, Viveca! Congratulations on this fantastic image and great win.
Aloha from Kaua'i,
Stan #336152

Gabriela Cunha 1/16/2004 1:28:07 PM

:) gy #336183

Claudia Kuhn 1/16/2004 1:42:17 PM

Hey Viveca - A HUGE Congratulations on your Grand Win!!!!! #336205

Debbie S. 1/16/2004 1:42:26 PM

Many congrats on your Grand Prize is well deserved!!

-Debbie ;-) #336206

Joy Brown 1/16/2004 3:15:36 PM

BIG congrats to you Viveca on this awesome win!!! #336319

GARY L. ROHRBAUGH 1/16/2004 3:42:18 PM

Congrats on you win! #336357

Heather K. McFarland 1/16/2004 3:46:45 PM

A big congrats to you on your GP win with this stunning Autumn Landscape Viveca!! Enjoy your big day!

Heather #336370

Theresa McCloskey 1/16/2004 3:56:40 PM

Congratulations Viveca - this is a great Autumn landscape :-) #336391

Rick Riddle 1/16/2004 4:48:51 PM

Congrats Viveca on your Win.A Beautiful Photo. #336458

Viveca Venegas 1/16/2004 4:56:30 PM

I want to thank all of you for your kind words and for your constant support and positive feed back to my many submissions. I must admit I was very much surprised to win the Grand Prize. I know this is a great shot, one that I saw as winner the second I stood in front of such splendid beauty. But I can assure you that I had learnt from most of you a great deal of photography to be able to achive this honor. I enjoy very much every day the beautifull work you all affer, and it gives me a great satisfaction to know that so many I have never personally met, can reach out to me and I to them thru this addictive & exciting hobby of photography. May the year 2004 keep all in health and give each of us many opportunities to capture the amazing beauty of creation God has given us,so that we can continue to tresure our memories in this magic box called camera. Always, Viveca. #336472

Patrick Campbell 1/16/2004 5:46:29 PM

What a lovely message to go along with your Grand Prize win! Huge congrats to you Viveca! #336516

Darcey S. 1/16/2004 6:00:50 PM

A huge congratulations Viveca! I love your work. This is such a well deserved win, beautiful,well composed capture! #336536

Gary W. Lake 1/16/2004 6:16:31 PM

Really just an outstanding image Viveca - congrats! #336556

Mary K. Robison 1/16/2004 7:42:02 PM

The beauty of your images is matched by the beauty of your soul, Viveca. Congratulations on winning the Grand Prize, and continued success with your tremendous photographic talent. #336610

Evy Johansen 1/16/2004 7:59:23 PM

Congratulations on your Grand Prize win, Viveca! #336618

Lisa Deaton 1/16/2004 8:41:46 PM

THis is fantastic. As a newcomer to this site, I am learning so much just by viewing all the different photographs. Congrats on your win, this photo is beautiful. #336706

Oksana Pashko 1/16/2004 8:50:34 PM

BRAVO, BRAVISSIMO, Viveca!!!!! Many congrats on such a Brilliant Work and a great recognition of your talent! Good luck to you!!! #336719

Karen Engelbreth 1/16/2004 10:02:34 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful win, Viveca! #336771

mariette geest 1/17/2004 2:00:45 AM

well done viveca. congratulations!! #336856

Bob Cammarata 1/17/2004 4:52:29 AM

Many congrats, Viveca. #336926

Jeff Robinson 1/17/2004 8:03:13 AM

The perfect choice for the Grand Winner! Congrats... I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful images this coming year! Jeff #337154

Theresa Marie Jones 1/17/2004 10:31:36 AM

You are the Master of Photography Experts, Viveca! Super Splendid job well accomplished!! Best wishes on your achievement!!! #337292

Stephen Zacker 1/17/2004 11:36:32 AM

Congrats on a very Beautiful image, and a well deserved win! #337363

Colette M. Metcalf 1/17/2004 12:41:06 PM

Congrats to you Viveca, on this gorgoues image!!! #337454

Warren Ishii 1/17/2004 3:32:59 PM

A well deserving winner...congratulations Viveca! #337747

clifton Mair 1/18/2004 3:39:46 AM

Big congrats Viveca! That's beautiful work :) #338142

Bernard B. Travers 1/18/2004 7:28:57 AM

CONGRATULATIONS VV ON THE DA BIG ONE. I've been happy to watch you turn into a real monster of a photographer. You deserve this award. God Bless, my friend. #338490

Randy Walton 1/18/2004 7:49:02 AM

Eye catching beauty Viveca. Congratulations!

Peggy Wolff 1/18/2004 8:06:11 AM

Congratulations Viveca! You must be flying high! Beautiful capture of God's great beauty! #338568

Joanna Pecha 1/18/2004 8:36:25 AM

Congratulations on this well deserved honor!! #338627

Amy Roskilly 1/19/2004 6:24:53 AM

Viveca - This is a beautiful picture during my favorite time of year. Congratulations on your win - a very well deserved win!!

Barbara K. Breitsameter 1/19/2004 8:39:24 PM

BRAVO! BRAVO! What a magnificent scene. Congrats on the Grand Prize! :) #340730

Adam T. Cowart 1/20/2004 2:11:59 PM

Congratulations!!! This is awesome and well deserved of being the grand prize winner. Keep up the great work! #341559

Ivan Prosper 1/20/2004 10:08:05 PM

Beautiful picture Viveca.. I luv the colours and the atmosphere

What program did u use to edit it and how did u go about stiching the image together?

Great Work #341853

Viveca Venegas 1/21/2004 4:53:11 AM

Ivan and all friends, "Down the Shores Of Shallow River" is a two photo stiched with a program called, Panorama Factory. This place truly exists in a site called Up Snake River. Is about 45 minute from Jackson Hole Wyoming. After stiching, I cleaned a few spots with the healing tool of PS and gave it a slight saturation[5] then checked with unsharp mask. The Colors , transparency,and composition was all given to me at that moment by nature, the artist: God. #342016

Cathy Barrows 1/21/2004 5:57:50 AM

Congrats! this is truly beautiful #342092

Barbara J. Beck 1/21/2004 6:38:32 AM

Hi again Viveca, Great win!!! :). I hope the new year continues to be a wonderful
time for you and yours. Keep up the good work. Still tripping to South America?

Barb B. #342180

Kathleen R. Struckle 1/21/2004 7:42:58 AM

Viveca, Your image is just outstanding. Congrat's on your win! God bless Kathy S. #342293

Tyson Hofsommer 1/21/2004 5:06:07 PM

You say this was a two shot pano? I clearly can only see one shot three times to make the final image. Clearly visible seams along the two places it's stitched together, and the color/levels adjustments to make the other two shots "look like" they are different.
--Tyson #343038

Viveca Venegas 1/23/2004 5:01:28 AM

Tyson, this is two shots together. One sligtly diferent from the other as having a few more trees and some how closer shot.I was going to upload both originals to make you happy, but that is not my job, and I was advised it was not necesary. I shot 4 photos there, two vertical and two horizontal. For more information about this beautiful place you can contact: Russ Burden, he visits the site twice a year to take people like me thru . Sincerely, Viveca. #344570

Damian P. Gadal 1/25/2004 5:28:00 PM

I've been studying this image closely, and your technique and skill are truly impressive!

Many congrats Viveca! #348067

Susana Matos 2/1/2004 1:07:55 AM

Congratulations Viveca!! What an amazing place!!
Cheers from Portugal, Su #356357

Kendall E. Adams 5/18/2004 4:45:27 PM

I must say that, although it's a beautiful image, stitching two of the same image together to create a panorama effect somehow seems like a cheap trick, perticularly after the single image already won in the prior month. The seam is obvious and makes the far shoreline look rather odd. It's a beautiful scene and shouldn't be manipulated. I prefer the original image. #548009

Wilson H. Valentin 6/2/2004 7:38:21 PM

Congratulations again, Viveca! looks like this image has been published in DigitalCamera Magazine in June issue. #573938

Alen Masic 9/11/2006 4:50:23 PM

This is an awsome picture, congradulations on winning, great job. #3297018

maria Warren 2/25/2007 4:45:34 PM

congrats this is so beautiful #3993741

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early morning F8.0 Snake River

Uploaded on 12/2/2003 5:34:33 AM All Time Best Photo Contest Finalist Photo Contest GRAND PRIZE Winner

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