Rain kissed White Lotus

© Su Sana E. P

Rain kissed White Lotus

Julie Robinson 7/7/2006 12:03:24 AM

A really beautiful capture Susan- lovely details! #478986

Dan Holm 7/7/2006 12:06:44 AM

Absolutely GORGEOUS shot, Susan!! Incredible detail, beautifully composed! #2994978

Ray Clarke 7/7/2006 12:08:12 AM

This is really beautiful Susan, love the pov and detail (r) #2994982

Mary K. Robison 7/7/2006 12:13:56 AM

PERFECTION, Susan! My new favorite among your florals! #2995000

Evy Johansen 7/7/2006 12:16:13 AM

Another awesome Lotus!! Love everything about this beautiful image, Susan!! #2995004

VISHVAJIT JUIKAR 7/7/2006 12:29:32 AM

lovely catch.. I really liked this #2995035

Laurence Saliba 7/7/2006 12:30:59 AM

SUPERB!!!!!! This must be the queen of flowers and Susan you are the floral queen photographer!!!! Beautiful!!! #2995040

Lorraine A. Cook 7/7/2006 12:32:57 AM

FANTASTIC detail, Susan!! Your floral portraits are amazing!!<:)) #2995043

Renee Doyle 7/7/2006 12:41:42 AM

Stunningly captured Susan!!!! Beautiful lighting, wonderful colours and composition!!!! Love it!

Mata Patan 7/7/2006 12:43:16 AM

And if the rain kissed the lotus, you kissed the perfection!!! #2995060

Rakesh Syal 7/7/2006 12:49:59 AM

Amazing details, feel like touching it, Susan!! #2995073

Helen N. McHugh 7/7/2006 1:13:54 AM

This capture is so beautiful, Susan!Amazing light! Perfection! #2995097

Donald K. Cherry 7/7/2006 1:17:08 AM

Just perfect, Susan! Your macro work is beyond reproach! #2995105

Robyn Mackenzie 7/7/2006 2:03:35 AM

Perfect, wonderful, awesome.... :o) Robyn #2995154

Kerby Pfrangle 7/7/2006 2:08:55 AM

Susan great detail and so beautifully presented. Lovely to view. #2995175

Ross Throndson 7/7/2006 3:05:59 AM

Magandang gabi Friend!! Susan, this is Exquisite!! Very Beautiful - Amazing lighting!! :^) #2995278

Gail Vitikacs 7/7/2006 3:21:49 AM

Refreshing, sharp, and appears Mother Nature painted this! Another awesome presentation Susan! #2995341

Tressie Davis 7/7/2006 3:22:02 AM

Amazing detail in this - breathtaking!! Love the dark BG too, it really helps to set off the wonderful capture of your subject! #2995343

Paul Michko 7/7/2006 3:33:00 AM

SUPERB!!! As always, a perfect composition, Susan. #2995395

Nadine A. Lewis 7/7/2006 3:37:02 AM

Stunning image, Susan! The colors and detail are awesome and I love the contrast between the white and black!

<>< #2995424

Bill Wyatt 7/7/2006 3:39:49 AM

Wow what beautiful lighting! The composition and amazing clarity of the details are perfect! The colors and water drops are wonderful, Susan! #2995447

Joy Rector 7/7/2006 3:42:28 AM

excellent #2995466

Ronald Balthazor 7/7/2006 4:12:23 AM

Wonderful image, Susan. #2995572

Kathy Reeves 7/7/2006 4:56:04 AM

Every detail is perfect!! I love the lotus blossoms! #2995787

Manuel Barrera 7/7/2006 5:13:56 AM

Excellent work lile always #2995844

Stephanie Lyons 7/7/2006 5:59:26 AM

Outstanding image Susan! I love your Lotus images - perfect in every way ... #2996128

Melissa G. Meiselman 7/7/2006 7:01:28 AM

Susan, once again you have posted a magnificent photo...striking in every way!!! Love the overall picture of this flower and appreciate the careful attention to detail, lighting and composition!!!! #2996440

Jessica Jenney 7/7/2006 7:50:09 AM

Gorgeous presentation, Susan! The detail, lighting and elegance are superb! #2996630

Kay E. Mahoney 7/7/2006 10:58:44 AM

BEAUTIFUL. Love the close up and the colors. Pretty center. #2997225

Jill Odice 7/7/2006 11:03:57 AM

Wonderful image of this elegant and beautiful flower! #2997246

Kirsten Kiki Kjaer 7/7/2006 12:34:12 PM

WOW! Could it be more beautiful and detailed? #2997544

Ronald F. Fischer 7/7/2006 2:06:20 PM

Stunningly beautiful capture, Susan! #2997827

Karen Engelbreth 7/7/2006 2:21:05 PM

Wonderful image and a fantastic flower, Susan! #2997881

Tarun Bose 7/7/2006 2:43:45 PM

Perfect shot susan. Cent percent composition. Excellent colours and lighting. Winner, definitely. By the way Susan unable to send the bottle of pickels due to customs regulations. However there is an open invitation for you to be my guest at Kolkata. I will offer you varieties of pickels. Please come over. Regards. Tarun. #2997979

John Connolly 7/7/2006 3:22:54 PM

A wonderful presentation of a difficult subject, Susan! Great work! #2998139

Lynne Morris 7/7/2006 3:51:42 PM

Susan you are a master at capturing flower shots, this is awesome, another wonderful addition to your gallery! #2998187

Kenneth Mucke 7/7/2006 6:31:32 PM

what a STUNNING image Susan...you are so skilled at your Macro work..it is amazing #2998567

Janine Russell 7/7/2006 6:46:15 PM

Susan, excellent detail, exposure, color, lighting and DOF. #2998611

Paul Sikora 7/7/2006 8:53:09 PM

Susan, just perfect colour, light and framing, a very beautiful picture #2998893

Nancy L. Green 7/7/2006 9:27:22 PM

So lovely!! These flowers and your photos are amazing!! <>< #2998967

Cathy Stancil 7/7/2006 9:57:24 PM

Superb !! Fresh and gorgeous, Susan ! Bravo ! #2999015

Jenny Bosmans 7/8/2006 2:26:16 PM

Amazing colors and details on this excellent capture, Susan! Indeed a stunner! :) #3001081

Bill Houghton 7/8/2006 4:29:56 PM

This is outstanding Susan. You have a great tallent. Well done. #3001332

Candice C. Calhoun 7/8/2006 6:33:11 PM

Exquisite capture, Susan! I love this one!

ccc #3001585

Zenon Toczek 7/9/2006 7:04:45 AM

Another perfection!
zenon #3003144

Al G. Juniarsam 7/10/2006 9:56:23 PM

Very beautiful capture, Susan!! Love the details and lighting! #3011524

Terry L. Ellis 7/11/2006 10:05:21 AM

I'm not sorry I got behind with your gallery because it is always so inspiring to see what new gorgeous creation you have come up with, Susan! This is exquisite, for sure! #3014101

Nadya Johnson 7/13/2006 5:27:48 AM

Truly the Perfect Photo, Susan! This is just astounding! Absolutely beautiful! #3022961

Phillip R. Connolly 7/22/2006 3:44:52 PM

Susan, this is perfection...I love the symmetry. We'll see this again! well done.

Phil #3063774

Photographer 8/25/2006 1:41:13 AM

Gorgeous light and clarity Susana, great job! #3211238

Bill Wyatt 8/26/2006 12:59:49 PM

Congratulations on you stunning Finalist Susana! #3218432

Carla Metzler 8/26/2006 1:43:42 PM

Congratulations, Susan! #3218824

Kenneth Mucke 8/26/2006 2:08:56 PM

Congrats on another super finalist #3219132

Brenda W. LaFleur 8/26/2006 2:17:38 PM

Congrats on all your finalists this month, Susana. This is my favorite! #3219234

ALLEN O. HOWARD 8/26/2006 2:24:41 PM

Congratulations Susana! #3219313

Mary K. Robison 8/26/2006 2:32:25 PM

Another multi-finalist month, Susana ~
CONGRATULATIONS on them all, my multi-talented friend!!!! #3219409

Jessica Jenney 8/26/2006 3:09:07 PM

Congratulations, Susana for a very prolific month! #3219866

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 8/26/2006 3:31:13 PM

Amazingly beautiful, again congratulations to a VERY talented lady!! #3220103

Glenn E. Urquhart 8/26/2006 4:36:43 PM

Susana, a BIG Congrats on being chosen a finalist!!! Well Deserved! Cheers Glenn #3220649

Tarun Bose 8/26/2006 5:16:12 PM

Congrats Susana. Fourth finalist. How many more. My prediction was correct. #3220931

Tressie Davis 8/26/2006 6:24:30 PM

This one is through to the next round - betcha! Congrats!!! #3221510

eileen bedford 8/26/2006 7:05:54 PM

Congratulations Susana ... #3221964

Judyann Plante 8/26/2006 7:17:43 PM

I agree with Tressie!! Congratulations again, Susana!!!

Judyann ><> #3222084

Nancy L. Green 8/26/2006 8:14:02 PM

Congratulations Susan!! <>< #3222738

Lorraine A. Cook 8/26/2006 8:30:43 PM

Another stunning beauty!

Congratulations, Susana!<:)) #3222888

Melissa G. Meiselman 8/26/2006 8:37:52 PM

Congratulations Susan on this stunning finalist!!!! #3222954

Lani J 8/26/2006 8:56:59 PM

"Picture Perfect" would have been another greeat name for this one. Congratulations, Susan, on another beautiful finalist! :o) #3223112

Carolyn J. Connolly 8/26/2006 9:29:29 PM

Absolutely G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S image, Suzy, my friend!! (Sorry I missed commenting on it earlier!) It's *MOST* deserving of the Finalist recognition...and I wish you ALL the best with it in the next round!! :o) Hope you and Sanjay are having a WONDERFUL weekend!! :o) #3223287

Nadya Johnson 8/26/2006 9:41:59 PM

Susana, this is SOOO exquisite!! I am so happy to see in the finals!! A HUGE congratulations and this and your other finalists, as well! The BEST of luck in the next round! #3223337

Paul Michko 8/27/2006 4:11:14 AM

Congratulation on another great finalist, Susan. #3224519

Graeme yew Chow 8/27/2006 4:55:51 AM

Susan, congrats on this super finalist. I bet this one to go further next round. Very sharp and clear and nice compostion. #3224770

Graeme yew Chow 8/27/2006 10:13:47 AM

Congratulations, Susan!! #3226466

Jeff Robinson 8/27/2006 4:06:38 PM

Congrats Susana on your well deserved Finalist! Jeff #3228198

Gail Vitikacs 8/27/2006 4:43:21 PM

Awesome!!!! Congratulations Susan! #3228457

Sylvia Rossler 8/27/2006 10:01:22 PM

Big congrats on this beautiful shot Susan and good luck in the next round :O) #3229736

Dan Holm 8/28/2006 12:05:49 AM

Congratulations on this GORGEOUS Finalist, Susan! #3229846

Terry L. Ellis 8/28/2006 1:17:40 PM

Bet you thought I forgot this one? No way! Congratulations again, Susana, for this superb finalist! Perfectly stunning! #3234356

SaMi Martin 8/28/2006 2:00:39 PM

Congratulations on an outstanding photo! #3234623

Lani J 8/28/2006 2:03:21 PM

Congratulations on this Winner! ... Yay! :o) It's beautiful and very deserved. #3234643

Tressie Davis 8/28/2006 2:10:24 PM

Congrats on second place - YAY! #3234712

Sylvia Rossler 8/28/2006 2:13:42 PM

Big congrats on your win Susana :O) #3234742

Laurence Saliba 8/28/2006 2:17:08 PM

Splendid win Susan!!! Congrats!!!! #3234768

Kay E. Mahoney 8/28/2006 2:22:56 PM

Congrats on your beautiful win. #3234808

Theresa Marie Jones 8/28/2006 2:26:08 PM

Fantastic! WAY TO GO! #3234834

ALLEN O. HOWARD 8/28/2006 2:38:03 PM

Stack them high Susana!!! CONGRATULATIONS! #3234950

Candy D. Dennis 8/28/2006 2:40:28 PM

Simply perfection. Congratulations! #3234971

Jessica Jenney 8/28/2006 2:56:17 PM

Congratulations, Susana on this beautiful win!!! #3235077

Sharon Day 8/28/2006 3:02:31 PM

Big congratulations on your beautiful 2nd place win, Susana!!! WTG!!! #3235119

Robyn Mackenzie 8/28/2006 3:04:25 PM

Heartiest congratulations on this beautiful winner, Susan! #3235131

Ray Clarke 8/28/2006 3:05:08 PM

A huge congratulations Susana #3235137

Jill Flynn 8/28/2006 3:13:16 PM

STUNNING work Susan! Congratulations on your win!!! #3235183

Kay Beausoleil 8/28/2006 3:22:37 PM

Congratulations on your win for this superb composition, Susana! #3235241

Jenny Bosmans 8/28/2006 3:24:10 PM

Susan, congratulations on your beautiful winner! :) #3235254

Glenn E. Urquhart 8/28/2006 3:34:36 PM

A Big Congratulations on your win, Susana!!! Cheers, Glenn. #3235344

Sandy Stigliano 8/28/2006 3:46:07 PM

Congratulations on your win! #3235402

Mary K. Robison 8/28/2006 3:56:08 PM

So happy to see this beauty among the winners, Susana ~

Alan L. Borror 8/28/2006 4:05:30 PM

Congratulations on this awesome winner, Susana! #3235488

Michael Khoury 8/28/2006 4:24:33 PM

Congratulations Susana!...a well-deserved win!!
Michael #3235564

Nadine A. Lewis 8/28/2006 5:12:30 PM

Yeah.....CONGRATULATIONS on your win, Susana!!! You so deserve it!

<>< #3235762

Tarun Bose 8/28/2006 5:25:02 PM

Big congrats my love Susana for being the winner for this great shot. I knew it. #3235835

Laurie Daily 8/28/2006 5:34:08 PM

This is so very beautiful Susana. Congratulations to you! #3235886

Dan Holm 8/28/2006 6:19:58 PM

Alright, Susan!!! CONGRATULATIONS on your WIN!!!! #3236171

Judyann Plante 8/28/2006 6:21:29 PM

Susana, my friend, so happy to see this a winner!!! Congratulations!

judyann ><> #3236180

Janine Russell 8/28/2006 7:02:49 PM

Susan, big congratulations on your Second Place Win. #3236433

Lynn Crawford 8/28/2006 7:06:16 PM

Congrats on this Second Place Win Susan, it is beautiful :) #3236461

William C. Raco 8/28/2006 7:08:51 PM

Very beautiful color, light and detail
Congratulations, Susana!

Bill #3236483

Deborah C. Lewinson 8/28/2006 7:17:10 PM

Congrats Susan, on this excellent winner!
-Debby #3236553

Paul E. Earl 8/28/2006 7:32:13 PM

Fantastic win! Well done! #3236630

Graeme yew Chow 8/28/2006 8:08:37 PM

oH ! I missed out this one, congrats Susan. Awesome works. #3236779

Sam Britt 8/28/2006 8:21:25 PM

Congratulations on your win, Susana! #3236816

Photographer 8/28/2006 9:09:15 PM

Congratulations on this beautiful win Susana! #3236936

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 8/28/2006 9:13:33 PM

Hi Susan!! What a beauty!!! A big congratulations!! I am so glad this image won, I love the clarity!! #3236948

Carolyn J. Connolly 8/28/2006 9:28:54 PM

Hearty C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S on your Second Place win with this image, Suzy!! It really *is* DELIGHTFUL!! :o) #3236992

Melissa G. Meiselman 8/28/2006 9:33:21 PM

Congratulations, Susan on this beautiful Second Place win!!! #3237009

Husain Akhtar 8/29/2006 2:11:48 AM

Warmest congratulations on this greatly deserved super win for this magnificient image, Susan! #3237379

Bill Wyatt 8/29/2006 2:47:20 AM

Susana this very beautiful and I wish you a big Congratulations on you winner! #3237452

Rakesh Syal 8/29/2006 3:05:16 AM

Congratulations on this superb win, Susana!! #3237528

Ross Throndson 8/29/2006 3:33:14 AM

No Surprise here, Susana...Huge Congratulations on your Very Well Deserved WIN...Amazing Image!!! :^) #3237667

Wally Orlowsky 8/29/2006 4:32:40 AM

Congratulations on this beautiful winner, Susana! #3238111

Lorraine A. Cook 8/29/2006 6:18:17 AM

YES!!!!! A BIG CONGRATULATIONS on this stunning winner, Susana!<:)) #3238756

Jeff Robinson 8/29/2006 7:21:10 AM

Congrats Susana on this very well deserved Win!! Jeff #3239029

Susan Jane Allen 8/29/2006 10:18:25 AM

Wow! Congratulations! #3239762

Nadya Johnson 8/29/2006 10:57:50 AM

ENORMOUS congratulations, Susana!! I called it the Perfect Photo before and it is!!! So glad to see this beauty on the winner's list!! Absolutely and without a doubt, MAGNIFICENT! #3239958

Terry L. Ellis 8/29/2006 11:04:25 AM

SUSANA, congratulations on this exceptional second place win! It is absolutely stunning!!! #3239990

Noel Baebler 8/29/2006 6:35:40 PM

Pure beauty, Susan! HUZZAH!!! #3241789

Jim Kinnunen 8/29/2006 9:27:31 PM

What an excellent image and winner, Susana!!! A very big congratulations!!!:) #3242198

Donna Roberts 8/29/2006 11:27:20 PM

Fantastic Suzy - so pleased you got the nod for this one.
Well done my friend.
:-) ddu

Evy Johansen 8/30/2006 6:40:18 AM

Hello Susan!! BIG congratulations on you very beautiful and well deserved win!! #3243979

Stanley J. Contrades 8/31/2006 12:02:58 AM

Sterling beauty and a BIG CONGRATULATIONS on your 2nd Place win, Susana!!
Much Aloha,
Stan #3247537

Sharon King 8/31/2006 1:34:50 PM

WOW WOW WOW...Congratulations! #3251020

Nancy L. Green 8/31/2006 3:13:57 PM

Congratulations Susan!! I just knew this would be there!! <>< #3251347

Milan Banik 9/1/2006 11:03:30 AM


Lynne Morris 9/2/2006 11:05:06 AM

Congratulations Susan on a well deserved win. #3258347

Sherrye Nozaki 9/3/2006 12:51:58 AM

Outstanding...I always admire your work.

Many times looking at your gallery it makes me wish I had Nikon equipment rather than Canon! However, I know it is you, rather than the equipment, that makes all your photos so spectacular! #3259994

Patty Razonable 9/3/2006 2:52:01 AM

Absolutely beautiful!! Congratulations on your win, Susan!! #3260144

Kirsten Kiki Kjaer 9/3/2006 5:57:32 AM

Congratulations. And so well deserved. #3260481

VISHVAJIT JUIKAR 9/4/2006 6:11:04 AM

Congrats on outstanding Winner #3264404

Darryl Wilkinson 9/7/2006 9:21:36 PM

I had no doubts I would find this incredible image among the winners, Susan :) Congratulations! #3281610

Vicki Hunt 9/13/2006 3:15:45 PM

Hello Susan! I am so far behind, I can't remember if I said Congratulations! This is beautiful! Way to go! #3305411

Renee Doyle 9/20/2006 2:08:48 AM

Vicki thinks she's behind - I think I'm at least 6 weeks behind - lol!!!
Huge congratulations on this wonderful and well deserved second place Susana!!! #3333350

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