The Glowing Center

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The Glowing Center

David L. Luchowski 6/1/2006 12:04:06 AM

This is amazing,Susan. this is a winner for sure.The color and detail are beautiful. #456201

Jim [popeyesİ] Naso 6/1/2006 12:05:30 AM

Very nice color, comp and detail.

Jim #2838854

ronda chatelle 6/1/2006 12:09:39 AM

This is now a favorite of mine Susy!! Fantastic colors, details and love the glow! Celestial Dreaming...No one does it better! #2838859

Donna Roberts 6/1/2006 12:10:20 AM

Woo Hoo - not only did you gain first place in this months entries you have a winning image too Suzy!
WOW - this is fantastic - love it!!
:-) ddu

Rakesh Syal 6/1/2006 12:10:36 AM

To me this looks like a sanctum of some temple and a winner, Susan! #2838861

Jill Odice 6/1/2006 12:13:59 AM

happy June 1st!!! Incredible shot Susan...This starts the month off with a big bang! #2838872

Evy Johansen 6/1/2006 12:17:54 AM

Wow... Stunning image, Susan!! Simply beautiful!! #2838887

Janine Russell 6/1/2006 12:25:04 AM

Susan, wonderful colors, detail, lighting and DOF. #2838910

Julie Robinson 6/1/2006 12:26:19 AM

Wow & double wow- fabulous colours Susan -absolute stunner! #2838918

Ray Clarke 6/1/2006 12:28:41 AM

This is stunning Susan, looks like a fire in the middle (ac) #2838928

Khalid Al-Issa 6/1/2006 12:59:09 AM

Very nice ! #2838978

Mata Patan 6/1/2006 1:07:53 AM

Love this burning centre!!!
Excellent! #2838983

Jenny Bosmans 6/1/2006 1:49:37 AM

WOW!! One of my favorites for sure, Susan!! And a winner in my eyes!! :) #2839026

Paul Michko 6/1/2006 2:09:37 AM

Spectacular display and vert dramatic lighting, Susan. #2839067

Manuel Barrera 6/1/2006 2:40:59 AM

You can perform magic with colors. #2839109

Donald K. Cherry 6/1/2006 2:54:10 AM

Very pretty floral image, Susan! #2839150

Glenn E. Urquhart 6/1/2006 2:58:48 AM

The beauty of this is image is Striking, Susan!!! Vivid colors, detail and VERY Well Composed! Cheers, Glenn. #2839161

Judyann Plante 6/1/2006 3:11:40 AM

Stunning image, Susan! Incedible lighting color and detail.

Judyann ><>

Michelle R. Kovach 6/1/2006 3:30:49 AM

So gorgeous Susan! Simply incredible! #2839293

Gail Vitikacs 6/1/2006 3:30:59 AM

DITTO DITTO DITTO on all of the comments above Susan!!! AWESOME! #2839295

Jim Huffield 6/1/2006 3:45:46 AM


Carolyn J. Connolly 6/1/2006 4:08:15 AM

I agree with Jim - this is an abolutely "BREATHTAKING IMAGE!!!!!!", Suzy!! I so L-O-V-E *everything* about it!! WOW!! :o) #2839455

Bill Wyatt 6/1/2006 4:11:58 AM

Incedible capture the colors seem to glow this truly awesome! #2839465

Ross Throndson 6/1/2006 4:54:49 AM

Amazing, Susan!! Never seen anything like it! Incredible!!! #2839662

Lynne Morris 6/1/2006 5:21:46 AM

Wow Susan this is stunning, beautifully captured! I nearly posted one the very same - but not a patch on this one! #2839792

Carolyn Foster Spano 6/1/2006 5:25:46 AM

This really has the WOW factor. Amazing find and well executed!!!! #2839812

Karen E. Michaels 6/1/2006 5:54:34 AM

Stunning Susan as the centre looks afire. Peace, karen #2839938

Tracey L. Freeman 6/1/2006 6:32:25 AM

This is really beautiful, Susan! I think the dark background really brings out the bright colors of the flower. Gorgeous! #2840093

Roxanne M. Bubar 6/1/2006 6:41:03 AM

Susan this is MAGNIFIECENT and a winner. #2840136

Margot Petrowski 6/1/2006 6:50:16 AM

I'm predicting a winner badge on this beauty!!!!! #2840182

Paula Dwyer 6/1/2006 6:54:51 AM

Absolutely outstanding! Incredible colors! Winner for sure!! :) #2840202

Melissa G. Meiselman 6/1/2006 6:55:11 AM

Sensational image, Susan. I second everything said before me...this is an exceptional image which stands above all in the catagory of flowers!!! #2840204

Amy JACKSON 6/1/2006 6:57:13 AM

Really gorgeous, Susan!!! Very well done! #2840208

Margo Blackwood 6/1/2006 7:19:58 AM

There are no words to describe this photo, can't wait to see the one that could beat it, lol. Excellent, it is surely a winner. Congrats.
Was color inhensed by lighting or is this it's natural beauty? Just can't keep my eyes from it. #2840272

Revonda L. Gentry 6/1/2006 7:23:54 AM

Wow!! Another amazing image!! This is just so beautiful, Susan!! #2840287

Nadya Johnson 6/1/2006 9:08:34 AM

WOW and DOUBLE WOW!!! This is what I'd have to call a "gasper," Susan! Totally amazing and spectacular!!! I would also call it a Winner!! This is mesmerizing and ethereal! Can't even find the words... a GORGEOUS piece of art! #2840638

Tarun Bose 6/1/2006 9:10:21 AM

My god Susan. What have done. One of the greatest shot of flower ever seen. I agree with Rakesh. Definitely a winner. #2840645

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 6/1/2006 12:28:10 PM

Beautiful color and detail, love the glowing center. Good luck with this Susan. #2841451

Laurence Saliba 6/1/2006 12:40:31 PM

Spectacular!!!!!!!!!! What a beauty!!!! #2841516

Lynnmarie Daley 6/1/2006 1:03:58 PM

Magical! #2841596

Inge S. Lasmana 6/1/2006 1:46:41 PM

Very wonderful shot, Susan!! I really love the glowing at the center of the POV! well done! #2841729

Dr Silly 6/1/2006 2:08:18 PM

Spectacular is right. Love the bold colors and DOF. :O)

Nobu Nagase 6/1/2006 2:20:40 PM

Beautiful glow!!!

Mary Timman 6/1/2006 6:12:43 PM

Fantastic capture. The light is just gorgeous on this beautiful flower. Beautiful color. You really made this into something so beautiful. #2842362

Patty Razonable 6/1/2006 7:11:41 PM

Absolutely stunning and outstanding, Susan!! #2842488

Ronald F. Fischer 6/1/2006 7:38:52 PM

AWesome capture, Susan! #2842548

Graeme yew Chow 6/1/2006 8:49:35 PM

Magnificient! and imposing, Susan. #2842700

Graeme yew Chow 6/1/2006 8:52:40 PM

Magnificient! and imposing, Susan. #2842707

Hector Contreras 6/2/2006 1:43:52 AM

Wow... Stunning image, Susan
Heco #2843094

Bridgette B 6/2/2006 3:20:44 AM

This is stunning!!!!!!!!!!! #2843327

Jim Kinnunen 6/2/2006 7:10:55 AM

A gorgeous glowing image, Susan!!! #2844385

S P Mukherji 6/2/2006 8:10:46 AM

If this is not a winner then nothing is!! #2844643

Christopher Budny 6/2/2006 2:09:08 PM

Truly stunning, and so eye-catching! Looks like a hyper-reality painted photograph; the color saturation is terrific! #2845679

Arturo Guerra 6/2/2006 7:56:05 PM

Gorgeous image Susan! The composition lighting and colors are great. #2846395

Nancy L. Green 6/2/2006 8:58:32 PM

Outstanding Susan!! The colors with the center lighting make this. Very beautiful! #2846532

Robert M. Nicholson 6/2/2006 9:44:09 PM

Wow! What a beaut! #2846600

Darryl Wilkinson 6/3/2006 12:02:59 AM

Susan, All I can say is props to you for such astounding work you keep coming up with, I am in awe... #2846786

Marilyn K. Lincecum 6/3/2006 12:04:29 AM

Awesome image..gorgeous colors and details, #2846792

Peggy J. Maguire 6/3/2006 1:45:36 AM

Amazing shot Susan,Great Work... #2847040

Zenon Toczek 6/4/2006 7:42:45 AM

Flamming with light flower, pure perfection...
zenon #2850674

Paul Sikora 6/5/2006 3:25:35 AM

Susan, you certainly attract a lot of comments and I can understand why. I just hope I can take at least one shot as good as this in my time. Creative and exquisitely beautiful image. #2853474

Noel Baebler 6/5/2006 2:42:56 PM

A one-in-a-million image, Susan! Congratulations on seeing it! #2856056

ALLEN O. HOWARD 6/5/2006 10:19:49 PM

Wonderful colors! Looks like a winner! #2857298

Terry L. Ellis 6/6/2006 11:21:59 AM

Mesmerizing, Susan! Fantastic colors and perfect little details! #2860197

Judy V. Kennamer 6/7/2006 7:19:19 AM

Gorgeous Susan! #2864128

paul parent 6/9/2006 8:44:33 AM

Stunning #2873999

Sharon Day 7/21/2006 5:55:21 PM

This is just simply gorgeous, Susan!!! #3060797

Graeme yew Chow 7/24/2006 8:41:41 PM

Susan, I just saw it at 11.40am that the finalist was sent. Congratulations! #3072406

Hector Contreras 7/24/2006 9:06:22 PM

Way to go Susan Congrats on your finalists
Heco #3072566

Kenneth Mucke 7/24/2006 9:23:53 PM

WAY TO GO Susan....Congrats on your finalist...i lost count #3072704

Lorraine A. Cook 7/24/2006 10:41:16 PM

Congratulations on this fantastic finalist, Susan!!<:)) #3073435

Renee Doyle 7/24/2006 10:46:45 PM

oh wow Suzy - this is fantastic!! Congratulations on another stunning finalist!

Vickie Skellenger 7/24/2006 11:14:00 PM

Wow! Congrats! What type of lighting did you use for this beauty? #3073610

Jessica Jenney 7/24/2006 11:29:54 PM

Congratulations Susan on this gorgeous finalist! WOW #3073661

Ross Throndson 7/25/2006 12:47:11 AM


Bill Wyatt 7/25/2006 3:07:23 AM

Congratulations on your finalist, Susan! #3074331

Christopher Budny 7/25/2006 3:57:23 AM

No surprise here! Your work is just wonderful to look at! Congratulations! #3074566

Revonda L. Gentry 7/25/2006 4:28:29 AM

I agree with Christopher!! Just so fantasitc, Congratulations Susan!! #3074806

Jim [popeyesİ] Naso 7/25/2006 4:38:47 AM

Congrats... well deserved. #3074892

Glenn E. Urquhart 7/25/2006 4:55:43 AM

A very big congrats, Susan!!! Well deserved! Cheers, Glenn. #3075041

Dr Silly 7/25/2006 4:58:26 AM

Congratulations,Susan on your finalist. :O)

Laurence Saliba 7/25/2006 5:03:29 AM

A BIG Congratulations, Susan!! #3075135

Terry L. Ellis 7/25/2006 6:01:10 AM

Susan, congratulations, again, on this superb finalist! Love it! You go girl!! #3075666

Nancy L. Green 7/25/2006 6:17:54 AM

Congratulations again Susan!! Very well deserved!! <>< #3075803

Patricia (Pat) C. Exum 7/25/2006 6:57:53 AM

Congratulations! You have some beautiful images on your site! I love the way this looks like it is lit from the center. #3076129

Marilyn K. Lincecum 7/25/2006 8:35:11 AM

Congratulations Susan on this and the other five finalists...they are all absolutely gorgeous and well deserved !!! Good luck in the next round. #3077067

Judyann Plante 7/25/2006 8:53:10 AM

Wow, Susan!!! Cogratulations again! Thiss is my pick for the big win!

Judyann ><> #3077260

Pat Gamwell 7/25/2006 9:14:22 AM

Masterpiece! Well deserved, my friend! #3077460

Piotr M. Organa 7/25/2006 10:27:48 AM

Fantastic! Congrats, Susan! #3078017

Vicki Hunt 7/25/2006 1:50:11 PM

Well, Susan, you got so many finalists, I can't count them all...they are all exquisite, and best wishes in the Winner category round!!! #3079495

Tressie Davis 7/25/2006 3:11:01 PM

Yay times ten on this one! Congrats Susan! #3079947

Laurie Daily 7/25/2006 4:03:17 PM

Congratulations Susan this is absolutley beautiful. I am really drawn to this one. #3080168

Tarun Bose 7/25/2006 5:37:03 PM

Big congrats my dear Susan. I predicted this shot to be a winner. It is going all the way for a big prize. #3080554

ALLEN O. HOWARD 7/25/2006 8:34:43 PM

Any one of your images cold go on to win. Congratulations Susan #3081295

Jim Kinnunen 7/25/2006 8:49:36 PM

Congratulations on this glowing finalist, Susan!!! #3081338

Carla Metzler 7/25/2006 10:52:39 PM

Congratulations, Susan! #3081692

Patty Razonable 7/25/2006 11:39:52 PM

Congratulations, Susan!! #3081778

Ronald Balthazor 7/26/2006 10:16:07 AM

Congratulations, Susan. Superb light. #3084556

AMALIA Veralli 7/26/2006 5:04:32 PM

Awesome image. Congrats! #3086410

Evy Johansen 7/26/2006 7:21:59 PM

Many congratulatins on another beautiful finalist, Susan! #3086943

Darryl Wilkinson 7/27/2006 10:23:39 PM

WOOHOO, Susan! I am so happy for you! Congratulations on your 2nd place winner! Bravo!!! #3092378

Lynne Morris 7/27/2006 10:26:12 PM

WTG Susan, many congratulations on your well deserved win. #3092387

Ross Throndson 7/27/2006 11:06:16 PM

Very Well Deserved WIN, Susan...CONGRATULATIONS!!! :^) #3092479

Pat Gamwell 7/27/2006 11:15:49 PM

BRAVO!!! WTG, girlfriend! CONGRATS!!!!! #3092495

Patty Razonable 7/27/2006 11:28:31 PM

Congratulations, Susan!! Stunning and awesome image!! #3092520

Graeme yew Chow 7/27/2006 11:40:57 PM

Susan , well done and congrats on your winner. #3092555

Stanley J. Contrades 7/27/2006 11:52:57 PM

CONGRATULATIONS once again, Susan ... had me going with your name for a minute :-)!! Beautifully done!!
Much Aloha,
Stan #3092592

Donna Roberts 7/28/2006 12:05:40 AM

Fantastic result dear the new mini pic AND change of name?!
:-) ddu

Evy Johansen 7/28/2006 12:13:23 AM

Big congratulations on your well deserved win, Susan! #3092668

Cora Miller 7/28/2006 12:26:01 AM

The inner glow is gorgeous. Congratulations on your win. #3092733

Jessica Jenney 7/28/2006 12:32:52 AM

Congratulations, Susan or Susana? on this stunning win! #3092763

Lorraine A. Cook 7/28/2006 12:36:12 AM

Congratulations Susan on this outstanding win!<:)) #3092772

Dan Holm 7/28/2006 12:37:19 AM

Big CONGRATULATIONS, Susan!! #3092779

Marilyn K. Lincecum 7/28/2006 12:42:10 AM

Gorgeous image, Susan. Congratulations on your 2nd place win!! #3092804

Renee Doyle 7/28/2006 12:55:14 AM

WooHoo!!!! Congrats on this fantastic 2nd place Susan!!! Have a fabulous weekend!!

Mary K. Robison 7/28/2006 1:14:20 AM

Congratulations again on this marvelous photo's win, Susan(a)! #3092901

Michelle R. Kovach 7/28/2006 3:16:31 AM

Congrats Susan! #3093227

Vicki Hunt 7/28/2006 3:44:53 AM

What a wonderful winner! congratulations! #3093384

Donna W. Neal 7/28/2006 3:56:12 AM

A well deserved winner Sus, Congratulations #3093425

Daniel G. Flocke 7/28/2006 5:08:45 AM

Susana - Congratulations on your 2nd Place Winner!!!

~Daniel #3093807

Noel Baebler 7/28/2006 5:10:08 AM

HUZZAH, Susan! #3093816

Roger Bernabo 7/28/2006 5:21:05 AM

Congratulations Susana on your winning image! #3093884

Laurie Daily 7/28/2006 5:23:01 AM

A glorious winner! Congrats! #3093893

Bill Wyatt 7/28/2006 5:49:30 AM

When you first posted this I felt it should be a winner. Congratulations, Susan! #3094041

Tarun Bose 7/28/2006 5:50:25 AM

Congratulations my dear Susan for being a winner for this fantastic shot. Well done. #3094048

Christopher Budny 7/28/2006 6:10:07 AM

Congratulations! We all knew this would advance! #3094164

Dr Silly 7/28/2006 6:12:48 AM

Congratulations for your win for this awesome photo. :O)

Terry L. Ellis 7/28/2006 6:21:14 AM

Susan (Susana), congratulations on this spectacular WIN! I love it! I also love the new mini pic and new formal name! Beautiful! #3094239

Judyann Plante 7/28/2006 7:01:19 AM

Susan, I knew we would see this one here. Congratulations on this well-deserved win!!!

Judyann ><> #3094484

David L. Luchowski 7/28/2006 7:10:28 AM

This is one awesome winning image.You really do a fine job.I AM A FAN.Well done ,Susan #3094549

Casey A. Hanson 7/28/2006 7:35:22 AM

Outstanding work, as always, Susan! Congrats on your win! :0) #3094663

Piotr M. Organa 7/28/2006 7:45:32 AM

Gorgeous photo and nice win! Congratulations!!
Also, congratulations on "It's alive", my favourite flower photo of this month's contest. The "Soft and sensual" is gorgeous, too. Excellent work, Susan!! #3094721

Carla Metzler 7/28/2006 8:40:36 AM

Congratulations, Susan! :D #3095014

Monika Sapek 7/28/2006 9:03:32 AM

Beautifully done image! Big congratulations on your Second Place Win, Susan!

Sandy Stigliano 7/28/2006 10:38:51 AM

Congratulations!! #3095436

Nadya Johnson 7/28/2006 11:48:32 AM

Susana, I loved this photo from the first! It is AMAZING, it is SURREAL, it is RADIANT, beautiful, exquisite!! And so on. A HUGE congratulations for a VERY well deserved win!! #3095641

Nancy L. Green 7/28/2006 2:48:58 PM

I'm so happy for you Susan!! This is so well deserved, Congratulations!!! <>< #3096259

Jim [popeyesİ] Naso 7/28/2006 6:54:14 PM

Very well deserved win... congratulations! #3096892

Cheryl E. Molennor 7/28/2006 7:08:11 PM

Wow Susan! Don't know how I missed this one. Gorgeous and well deserved win. Congratulations! #3096932

Photographer 7/28/2006 9:34:36 PM

Great light, title and composition Susan!
Congratulations for this much deserving win! #3097218

Husain Akhtar 7/29/2006 4:52:08 AM

Susana, heartily congratulations on this outrightly deserved win! Outstanding work! #3097848

Glenn E. Urquhart 7/29/2006 6:26:54 AM

A HUGH CONGRATS on your award, Susana!!! VERY WELL DONE! Cheers, Glenn. #3098185

Nobu Nagase 7/30/2006 9:22:39 AM

Beautiful win!!!
Congratulations, Susana!!! #3101694

bob cornelison 7/30/2006 11:26:26 AM

Congrats Susana! The yellow glows like it is the source of the light!
Great shot!
~:O) #3101951

Cyn Valentine 7/30/2006 6:23:53 PM

Stunning image..congratulations!! #3102909

Janine Russell 7/30/2006 10:22:10 PM

Susan,, congratulations on your Second Place win. #3103633

S P Mukherji 8/1/2006 10:15:40 AM

I am glad that this picture has got what it deserved! An out of the world capture indeed, Susan!! #3110632

Richard D. Cox 8/3/2006 3:30:37 PM

Congrats on your win. Could not have happened to a more beautiful person or photo. #3120993

Gunther Allen 8/21/2006 6:44:55 PM

So luminescent and vibrant with color! A sure winner! Congrats :-) #3195894

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Cropped the image to avoid the folded petals.

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