Leanne M.E. Boyd 4/20/2006 8:59:27 AM

Excellent shot, Tammi! I like the rich colour, weave and design. #430648

Tammi Faithfull 4/20/2006 9:10:57 AM

Thankyou Leanne, The whole building is amazing. Thankyou for looking
Tammi #2665561

Christina Højelse 4/20/2006 9:20:17 AM

Wonderful colours and shapes. Christina #2665600

William Moore 4/20/2006 9:48:38 AM

outstanding work of modern art.... #2665691

Dr Silly 4/20/2006 10:04:43 AM

Pretty cool, love the coloring and lighting in this. :o)

Terry L. Ellis 4/20/2006 10:11:17 AM

Very well composed with wonderful light and color, Tammi! #2665773

bob cornelison 4/20/2006 10:45:25 AM

cool shot!
~:O) #2665895

Paul A. Schneider 4/20/2006 2:11:35 PM

Very Captivating to look at. Great composition and detail. I have NO clue what this photograph is of but I really like it reguardless. Keep up the great work.
Paul #2666701

Tammi Faithfull 4/20/2006 2:14:32 PM

Thankyou for looking:) its an outside wall of a music museum in Seattle Wa. Its crazy shaped and all kinds of colors
Tammi #2666712

Helen Green 4/20/2006 2:18:31 PM

Fantastic photo Tammi #2666726

Tammi Faithfull 4/20/2006 4:25:24 PM

Thankyou Helen:) #2667095

Sharon Day 4/20/2006 6:16:18 PM

Awesome image, Tammi!!! I love this! #2667321

Janine Russell 4/20/2006 6:47:38 PM

Tammi, excellent colors, exposure, curves, lines and composition. #2667455

Paul A. Schneider 4/20/2006 6:54:49 PM

Tammi, Great content in your portfolio on here. I looked thru all your images and you have some amazing work. I have seen the subject in this photo now and youve done a great job in capturing its beauty.

Paul #2667479

Tammi Faithfull 4/20/2006 7:39:36 PM

Aww thankyou all for looking, and thanks Paul for looking at my gallery:D
Makes me want to go out and find some more things to shoot.
Tammi #2667652

Sharon C. Hinze 4/21/2006 4:45:10 PM

Of the two, I like the subtler colors in this one but the other is very interesting as well. #2671234

Tammi Faithfull 4/22/2006 12:50:45 PM

Thankyou Sharon:) #2674181

Kara L. Hendricks 4/23/2006 8:57:30 AM

OMG!! Tammi.. This is a stunning shot!! Your lighting is wonderful!! #2676755

Susana Ms Heide 4/23/2006 9:08:25 AM

WOW! What an impressive abstract Tammi!!! Love the feeling of dimension you captured! #2676775

Laura Clay-Ballard 4/23/2006 9:13:04 AM

awesome! #2676795

Tammi Faithfull 4/23/2006 10:22:32 AM

Gosh lol, thankyou, with the response I have gotten from this shot, I wish I would have taken more at different angles. This building is many different colors and shapes. Thankyou for looking
Tammi #2677036

Tammi Faithfull 4/28/2006 8:12:47 AM

i first thought this was ditigal art but now I see you took it in a building way cool:)
love the lighting and angles! well done! #2701610

Tammi Faithfull 4/29/2006 9:20:25 PM

Thankyou Tonya:)
Tammi #2707160

Michelle R. Kovach 6/3/2006 3:01:04 PM

Congratulations on your PCA Win Tammy! #2848867

Susana Ms Heide 6/3/2006 3:24:31 PM

A BIG CONGRATS on your PCA Winner Tammi!!! I've always loved this image! In fact I think it would fit in just great in a modern art gallery! Definitely one to be proud of! #2848908

Laura Clay-Ballard 6/3/2006 3:29:45 PM

congrats on the pca winning image! this is sooooooo gorgeous! #2848928

Tonya R. Boles 6/3/2006 3:45:37 PM

Congrats Tammi. #2848971

KHAWLA Haddad 6/3/2006 5:07:26 PM

Congratulations on your PCA Win Tammy! #2849149

Joy Rector 6/4/2006 3:53:47 AM

congrats on the PCA award. great image #2850078

Kara L. Hendricks 6/4/2006 6:37:12 AM

Woohooo!!! I just love it when image's I nominate, win... Congratulations Tammi!! #2850486

Tammi Faithfull 6/4/2006 4:13:41 PM

WOW, thankyou everyone, this is so cool, Thankyou again :D
Tammi #2852189

Corinne M. Thompson 6/8/2006 8:14:37 AM

Congrats on your PCA...great capture! #2869249

Casey A. Hanson 6/11/2006 7:23:51 AM

This is outstanding, Tammy! Love it! :0) #2880867

Kara L. Hendricks 7/15/2006 9:09:19 PM

I am just stopping to say.... Re-enter this.... I love it.. And truly think it was just overlooked due to SOOO many entries... #3034377

Tammi Faithfull 7/16/2006 10:11:55 AM

LOL ok I will, I am so easy. Thankyou Kara:)
Tammi #3036247

Tammi Faithfull 8/27/2006 9:30:17 AM

Ya Kara it worked:) Thankyou
Tammi #3226275

Tonya R. Boles 8/27/2006 9:41:54 AM

Congrats Tammi. #3226336

Virginia Leone 8/27/2006 9:51:25 AM

This is way cool! Love the color and lines...great eye! #3226380

Sherry S. Boles 8/27/2006 10:11:42 AM

Wonderful color and curves...Congrats, Tammi! #3226457

Susana Ms Heide 8/27/2006 6:43:04 PM

This is a finalist fit for a gold badge :o) Congrats and good luck!! #3229088

Tammi Faithfull 8/28/2006 6:59:12 AM

Oh thankyou everyone, this is my first finalist, and I am so excited :)
Tammi #3232034

Dr Silly 8/28/2006 8:02:38 AM

Congratulations on your first finalist, :O)


Mick Burkey 8/28/2006 2:27:09 PM

Great First Place winner, Tammi!! Congratulations! Love the colors and tones. #3234843

Sharon Day 8/28/2006 2:29:07 PM

Big congratulations on your awesome 1st place win, Tammi!!! I loved this the first time I saw it. Glad to see it got the recognition it deserved :)! #3234859

Ronald Balthazor 8/28/2006 2:29:44 PM

Congratulations, Tammi, on this wonderful winner. #3234866

Tammi Faithfull 8/28/2006 2:32:45 PM

WOWOWOW Thankyou,, I am so stoked about this. I was getting in a photography slump, and now feel very rejuvinated!!!
Thankyou again
Tammi #3234894

Susana Ms Heide 8/28/2006 2:34:47 PM

See how well that golden medal fits??!! Well deserved Tammi!!! Many, many CONGRATS on this winning image!! #3234912

Mary Clarke 8/28/2006 2:48:21 PM

Congratulations on First Place Tammi, fabulous image #3235022

Kay Beausoleil 8/28/2006 3:04:00 PM

Congratulations, Tammi on this great capture of light and your first prize award! Assume it's a Frank Ghery building? #3235128

Jeff Robinson 8/28/2006 3:41:20 PM

Congrats Tammi on this excellent 1st Place Win! Jeff #3235383

Stanley C. Sims 8/28/2006 4:27:40 PM

Big congrats on this winning image.
It is outstanding. Great eye. #3235571

Michelle R. Kovach 8/28/2006 5:29:55 PM

Congratulations Tammi! #3235860

Janine Russell 8/28/2006 6:12:11 PM

Tammi, congratulations on your First Place Win. #3236126

Ronald F. Fischer 8/28/2006 7:43:56 PM

Congratulations on this awesome winner! #3236678

Kara L. Hendricks 8/28/2006 8:16:28 PM

WOOOHOOO.... I Am loving this FIRST PLACE WIN!!!!!
You know I believd in this from the minute I layed eyes on it... One of my first PCA nominations and now this!!..COngrats my friend!! #3236802

Kara L. Hendricks 8/28/2006 8:19:11 PM

Did I just read that right??... Your first finalist went on to be a first place win??... Now I am not just happy... I'm a bit jealous...lol

No really... I told you it was overlooked...I am smiling...

Maybe I should play some lottery...lol #3236809

bob cornelison 8/28/2006 9:07:13 PM

Excellent shot!
~:O) #3236932

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 8/28/2006 10:18:16 PM

Really neat, great design and tones. A great winning image!!! #3237099

Melissa G. Meiselman 8/28/2006 10:27:14 PM

Congratulations on this fantastic winner, Tammi!!! #3237119

Wally Orlowsky 8/29/2006 4:26:08 AM

Congratulations on this marvelous winner, Tammi! #3238025

Dr Silly 8/29/2006 6:27:12 AM

Congratulations on your super first place. :O)

Nadya Johnson 8/29/2006 9:49:53 AM

Congratulations Tammi, on your OUTSTANDING First Place Winner!! Totally superb! #3239613

Donna W. Neal 8/29/2006 10:22:35 AM

Congratulations on your well deserved winner Tammi #3239790

Jenny Bosmans 8/29/2006 11:18:38 AM

Congratulations on this beautiful winner, Tammi! :) #3240075

Erica Murphy 8/29/2006 11:26:39 AM

Congratulations Tammi and WOW! The colors and texture are fantastic.

Erica #3240132

Cesar J. La Rosa 8/29/2006 8:31:45 PM

Congratulations on this WONDERFUL Winner, Tammi!!! An incredibly beautiful abstract. A very well-deserved First Place Win!!! #3242081

RC Fritz 9/2/2006 9:23:05 AM

Superb, Tammi. Congratulations on your First place Win!! #3258160

Kristina L. Schroeder 9/2/2006 12:24:12 PM

wow, I have a couple shots of this place, but the colors are not like this at all!haha this is fantastic!!! great detail too! congrates on the win! #3258486

Tammi Faithfull 9/2/2006 5:37:46 PM

Oh my gosh, yoiu all have overwhelmed me with your replies. You are all so very nice and thankyou so much for your nice words. All your replies have got me itching to get out there and get some more shots:)
Thankyiu again
Tammi #3259152

Wendy Stevenson 9/3/2006 1:32:45 PM

The absolute BEST shot of this buiilding I've ever seen! Fantastic!!! Congratulations on this well deserved win Tammi!! WTG!! #3261871

Roger Bernabo 9/12/2006 5:20:27 AM

Love this image Tammi; sooo cool with wonderful colors and lighting! #3298992

Michelle R. Kovach 9/12/2006 5:30:38 AM

Congratulations Tammi on your Snapshot feature!
WTG! #3299033

Sharrie Thomas 9/12/2006 6:46:00 AM

This is very good. I love the curves, the colors and how the light reflects
off the metal. Congrats on your win. #3299514

Susana Ms Heide 9/12/2006 8:28:02 AM

Congratulations on being featured in the SnapShot!! You know I love this image! #3300008

Janine Russell 9/12/2006 8:30:32 AM

Tammi, congratulations on your feature in SnapShot and your First Place Win. #3300014

Frank Zipperer 9/12/2006 2:31:47 PM

Truly an award winning image!!! I can just get lost in your photo looking at all the various patterns and colors. Outstanding work!!!
Frank #3300885

Tammi Faithfull 9/12/2006 4:35:50 PM

WOW, again thankyou everyone, I think I will hav to make this one a wall hanging. Its been to good to me.:)
Tammi #3301217

Tammi Faithfull 2/6/2007 7:55:28 AM

absolutely gorgeous photo work here. This is so worthy of all the positive responses!!! Lovely job! #3918149

Tammi Faithfull 2/6/2007 9:07:02 PM

Thankyou so much :) #3920395

Laurence Saliba 2/6/2007 9:52:02 PM

Late Congrats Tammi!!! This is so unique!!! Beautiful work!!! #3920429

Tammi Faithfull 2/6/2007 10:16:37 PM

Thankyou :) #3920449

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This is a piece of the EMP in Seattle
NIKKOR 55-200mm,f8 aperature,1/50 sec exposure

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Uploaded on 4/20/2006 8:50:41 AM

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Camera: Nikon D50 Digital SLR Camera

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