Golden Oldie

Carla Metzler 4/19/2006 6:08:32 AM

Wonderful composition and capture, Robin! #429900

Jeff Robinson 4/19/2006 6:20:49 AM

Nice work Robin! Jeff #2660779

Cathy Barrows 4/19/2006 7:24:39 AM how it looks like it is melting #2661003

Dennis Flanagan 4/19/2006 7:35:01 AM

Great shot Robin. #2661046

Melissa G. Meiselman 4/19/2006 7:52:34 AM

Fantastic image, Robin. Softening works very well in this image. #2661128

Ken Smith 4/19/2006 8:42:34 AM

You rock, Robin. Great job with this in b/w--tweet tweet. #2661292

Leanne M.E. Boyd 4/19/2006 9:20:13 AM

I like the effects and the sense of nostalgia. Lovely image, Robin! #2661485

Deb Holmes-Hatfield 4/19/2006 11:30:59 AM

Wonderful effects Robin, very cool barn! #2661890

Candice C. Calhoun 4/19/2006 1:11:55 PM

Outstanding subject, what a find, and great high key presentation!

ccc #2662164

Kate Jackson 4/19/2006 3:41:41 PM

A beautiful image Robin and outstanding effects! #2662627

Kate Jackson 4/19/2006 3:55:24 PM

Beautiful! I love this one! You go girl! :) #2662661

Shannon M. Hicks 4/19/2006 4:04:19 PM

Beautiful! I love the etherial feel! #2662694

Linda Boehme 4/19/2006 7:23:28 PM

I like your use of effects, Robin! Great composition! #2663259

Kristi A. Howson 4/19/2006 8:41:30 PM

A lovely soft effect you've applied here Robin. I like the comp too!!! #2663444

Life Expressions 4/19/2006 8:58:20 PM

Thank you, everyone! I really appreciate all your comments. #2663484

Jen Lowrey 4/19/2006 9:23:11 PM

What a cool old barn. love what you've done with it. Jen #2663542

Darryl Wilkinson 4/19/2006 9:23:35 PM

The tones and effects work very well, Robyn, beautiful work!!! #2663544

Linda D. Lester 4/20/2006 5:05:17 AM

What a beautiful shot....looks like a winner to me! #2664596

Nina Shields 4/20/2006 5:23:19 AM

Thought you were talking about my Mother-in-law but you said "old barns"; sorry, you had me worried there for a minute :) Love the vintage mood of your terrific effects on this beautifully composed shot; well done! #2664676

Hendrik Storme 4/22/2006 11:14:40 AM

Wonderful tones and effects! Very beautiful Robin! #2673865

Life Expressions 4/22/2006 6:37:07 PM

Thank you Jen, Darryl, Linda, Nina and Hendrik! I appreciate your comments. :) #2674792

Alana Ibe 4/25/2006 5:11:06 PM

Lovely image! Beautifully nostalgic. Effects are wonderful! #2689112

Life Expressions 4/25/2006 8:08:02 PM

Thank you kindly Alana! :) #2690370

Mary N C. Taitt 4/27/2006 6:00:11 AM

A Vintage Old-Tymey shot and very well done! Love the effects! Mary :-) #2697018

Life Expressions 4/28/2006 6:22:32 PM

Thank you, Mary. :) #2703561

eileen bedford 5/1/2006 6:07:37 AM

Nice effect on the barn. #2711560

Kenneth Mucke 5/7/2006 6:12:13 PM

you can add me to the list of old barn lovers...this is great #2735667

Life Expressions 5/7/2006 6:26:12 PM

Thank you Eileen and Kenneth. :) #2735708

Wendy Stevenson 5/8/2006 4:01:22 AM

Great capture of this old barn! I like the effect - gives it a very nostalgic feel!! #2736784

Life Expressions 5/10/2006 4:07:32 PM

Thank you Wendy. :) #2748511

Darryl Wilkinson 5/21/2006 3:25:54 PM

Robin, Congratulations on your finalist award! Bravo! #2793646

Candice C. Calhoun 5/21/2006 3:41:48 PM


ccc #2793747

Cathy Barrows 5/21/2006 4:16:47 PM

Congrats on your they loved it too #2794023

Tammy Scott 5/21/2006 4:20:40 PM


Jenny Bosmans 5/21/2006 4:32:40 PM

Congratulations on this beautiful finalist, Robin!! :) #2794145

Alana Ibe 5/21/2006 4:41:04 PM

Congratulations! Well deserved! #2794212

Laura Clay-Ballard 5/21/2006 4:43:12 PM

gorgeous! congrats! #2794237

Claudia Kuhn 5/21/2006 6:08:40 PM

Wonderful, congrats Robin! #2794868

Lorri Shank 5/21/2006 6:16:30 PM

Congrats, Robin. This is very well done. I love the effects. I can see it framed on a wall. Good luck, Lorri #2794925

Terry L. Ellis 5/21/2006 6:20:20 PM

Congratulations, Robin!! Wonderful finalist! #2794960

Greg Briley 5/21/2006 6:21:30 PM

You're beginning to be a regular at this finalists thing, as I've always known you would. You made the top 2.5% of photos from around the world. Something to be extremely proud of! Way to go!!

ps - write me and tell me how you did your effects on this one. Absolutely love it! #2794973

She-She Killough 5/21/2006 6:26:26 PM

Great job Robin!! Big Congrats to you!! :) #2795038

Leanne M.E. Boyd 5/21/2006 6:52:22 PM

Congrats Robin! #2795258

Kaye Burazin 5/21/2006 7:00:44 PM

A big hug for luck in the next round Robin! #2795328

Gail Vitikacs 5/21/2006 7:17:20 PM

A beauty and well deserved! Congratulations! #2795431

Kenneth Mucke 5/21/2006 8:04:19 PM

Congrats Robin..One of my favs in your gallery for sure #2795674

Dennis Flanagan 5/21/2006 8:43:15 PM

Congratulations Robin. Good luck next round. #2795921

Cyn Valentine 5/21/2006 8:44:17 PM

Congratulations..great job!! #2795928

Ronald F. Fischer 5/21/2006 9:32:33 PM

Congratulations on this awesome finalist! #2796233

Life Expressions 5/21/2006 10:04:17 PM

Thanks everybody for all your wonderful remarks. I appreciate it so much. #2796328

Renee Doyle 5/21/2006 10:59:52 PM

Congratulations on this wonderful image and finalist Robin!!!! Best of luck in the next round!

Kara L. Hendricks 5/22/2006 2:48:43 AM

What a great finalist... Congrats and best of luck to you!!! #2796961

Stephen Zacker 5/22/2006 4:07:02 AM

Very unique. Congratulations #2797341

Wendy Stevenson 5/22/2006 5:50:15 AM

So great to see this in the finals!! You did a great job on this! Congratulations Robin and best of luck in the next round!! #2798208

Carol McCants 5/22/2006 7:01:03 AM


Laurence Saliba 5/22/2006 7:28:17 AM

BEAUTIFUL!!!! Congrats Robin!!!! #2798695

Stan Kwasniowski 5/22/2006 8:31:01 AM

Robin, congratulations #2799117

Joy E. Cobb 5/22/2006 10:12:43 AM

Beautifully presented, Robin. Dream-like. Congratulations! #2799648

Hendrik Storme 5/22/2006 11:45:02 AM

Congrats Robin!!! #2800082

Terry R. Hatfield 5/22/2006 5:04:57 PM

Excellent Effects And Placement On This Beautiful Finalist! Congratulations Robin!! #2801391

Deb Holmes-Hatfield 5/22/2006 5:18:53 PM

Way to go Robin, congratulations on this awesome finalist! #2801443

Kristi A. Howson 5/22/2006 7:53:46 PM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist and best of luck in the next round Robin! Love this mood! #2802046

Brian Lobdell 5/22/2006 9:31:56 PM

Your capture and effects on this barn are remarkable, Robin! The soft look and subtle coloration give a 'voice' from the past feeling that really leaves an impression! Congratulations on this finalist and good luck! #2802354

Life Expressions 5/22/2006 11:29:49 PM

Thank you all! I really appreciate all your comments. :) #2802486

Corinne M. Thompson 5/23/2006 7:07:39 AM

Congrats on your Finalist for this magnificent capture! #2804054

Chris Macer 5/23/2006 8:19:04 AM

Congrats, Robin!! :) #2804350

Stan Kwasniowski 5/23/2006 10:48:23 PM

Robin, congratulations #2806941

Susana Ms Heide 5/23/2006 11:05:27 PM

This is beautiful and enchanting!!! Many CONGRATULATIONS Robin on your win!!!! #2807021

Janine Russell 5/23/2006 11:40:26 PM

Robin, very nice tones, lighting and effects; congratulations on your Second Place win. #2807135

Stanley J. Contrades 5/24/2006 1:19:07 AM

CONGRATULATIONS on this superb duotone, Robin, as well as your win!!
Much Aloha,
Stan #2807396

Stanley J. Contrades 5/24/2006 1:51:12 AM

Congratulations on your second place win!! I'm so proud of you!! :) #2807444

Gail Vitikacs 5/24/2006 3:04:51 AM

SO EXCITING!!!! Way to go! #2807643

Tammy Scott 5/24/2006 3:44:47 AM

Yea!!!!! Congratulations! #2807936

Jenny Bosmans 5/24/2006 4:26:56 AM

Big Congratulations on this fantastic Winner, Robin!! :) #2808118

Jen Lowrey 5/24/2006 4:32:35 AM

Congrats on your winner! Jen #2808160

Greg Briley 5/24/2006 4:47:57 AM

Bam! Way to turn it up a notch! WAY TO GO ROBIN!!! #2808253

Cathy Barrows 5/24/2006 4:48:59 AM

Congrats on your win...well you know you got me with this one on first site #2808258

Linda D. Lester 5/24/2006 4:58:24 AM

Way to go...Congratulations on this awesome win!!! #2808326

Candice C. Calhoun 5/24/2006 5:06:00 AM


ccc #2808381

Ken Smith 5/24/2006 5:08:16 AM

Let the drum roll begin....Congrats, Robin!!!!!!!!! #2808402

Kenneth Mucke 5/24/2006 5:19:51 AM

WAY TO GO!!!!!!!! #2808467

Carla Metzler 5/24/2006 5:33:46 AM

Congratulations, Robin!! #2808565

Deb Holmes-Hatfield 5/24/2006 6:10:16 AM

Awesome Robin, big congrats on your win! #2808753

Dennis Flanagan 5/24/2006 6:21:46 AM

Way to go Robin. Congratulations #2808837

Alana Ibe 5/24/2006 6:38:39 AM

Congratulations again!!!!!! #2808924

Mike F. Anderson 5/24/2006 6:52:46 AM

Congratulations on this winner Robin! #2808981

Stephen Zacker 5/24/2006 7:07:11 AM

Congratulations on a wonderful image #2809066

She-She Killough 5/24/2006 7:52:20 AM

Robin, I tried to get on your site yesterday but it would not open for me?? I think my pc was overloaded?? But HEY!!!! BIG HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on a FANTASTIC WIN!!! I know there are many more to come for you!! :D

sheesh #2809356

Life Expressions 5/24/2006 8:02:37 AM

Thank you all so very much!!! I'm still stunned. When I came upon this site nearly a year ago I never even imagined winning a finalist and now here today I see a gold medallion. I'm shocked and thrilled! I believe my photography has grown and matured and I credit that to all of you. Visiting your galleries, studying your work, getting tips here and there from a lot of you and the never-ending flow of encouragement. BetterPhoto and all of you have really made an impact in my life. I doubt I would have ever bought a SLR. Of course I have you all to thank for my being broke now too…lol. Thanks again everyone! #2809419

Chris Macer 5/24/2006 8:11:57 AM

Huge congrats on your win, Robin!! :) #2809471

Terry L. Ellis 5/24/2006 11:37:28 AM

WTG, Robin! You're what BP is all about! Congratulations! Yeah! #2810273

Emile Abbott 5/24/2006 12:35:44 PM

Robin you are a real true BPer and now in the Gold Category. Way to go. Huge congratulation on your second place win Robin. Excellance prevails. #2810527

Donna W. Neal 5/24/2006 2:24:23 PM

Congratulations on a beautiful and well deserved win Robin #2811064

Ronald F. Fischer 5/24/2006 2:27:25 PM

Congratulations Robin on a wonderful second place win!! #2811080

Mick Burkey 5/24/2006 3:24:55 PM

Absolutely beautiful work, Robin! Congtatulations on the 2nd Place win. And I, for one, am very glad you did get an SLR. You may be broke :( , but you are making some wonderful art for the rest of us. ;) #2811228

Corinne M. Thompson 5/24/2006 5:10:47 PM

Congrats on your 2nd Place Win! :) #2811478

Darryl Wilkinson 5/24/2006 10:17:33 PM

So happy to see this here, Robin! CONGRATULATIONS! #2812103

Jill Odice 5/24/2006 11:05:39 PM

Congrats Robin, this is wonderful :-) #2812183

Life Expressions 5/25/2006 12:00:44 AM

Thank you so very much, Chris, Terry, Emile, Donna, Ronald, Mick, Corinne, Darryl and Jill. :) #2812269

S P Mukherji 5/25/2006 6:56:11 AM

Hearty congrats Robin! This is fabulous!! #2813808

Life Expressions 5/25/2006 9:00:29 AM

Thank you kindly, SP. :) #2814148

Kristi A. Howson 5/25/2006 8:49:26 PM

Congratulations on your win Robin. Fantastic! #2815948

Nobu Nagase 5/26/2006 1:03:10 PM

Many congrats on your great win!!! #2819361

Kate Jackson 5/31/2006 2:00:36 PM

Many congratulations Robin! Belated but I am so happy for you! #2837497

Ronald F. Fischer 6/2/2006 5:31:08 AM

Congratulations, Robin, on this awesome win! #2843776

Bill Wyatt 6/16/2006 2:40:25 AM

Congratulations, this is so beautiful the dreamy effect of the old barn is terrific, Robin! #2902560

Refik Arpaci 8/7/2006 4:44:00 PM

Missed this beautiful art. Congratulations to you. #3136226

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