Mr Coldeye

Murry Grigsby 8/21/2003 10:51:20 AM

Not a friendly puss (face), Birdie. Great light and detail! #53971

Kathleen Clemons 8/21/2003 11:05:42 AM

I hope you didn't have to get as close as it appears, birdie! Well done, you brave man... #174090

Carol Brill 8/21/2003 12:33:06 PM

Frighteningly good me goosebumps! Amazing image!! #174159

Shirley L. Carpenter 8/21/2003 12:54:25 PM

This is excellent birdie.....Love the great detail in this image!!!! #174209

Timothy L. Leggett 8/21/2003 1:13:19 PM

great detail, Birdie, still got your camera hand right, LOL

Tim #174244

Carolyn M. Fletcher 8/21/2003 2:05:07 PM

Oh, excellent, Birdie!! Wow, that's great! #174274

Charlene Bayerle 8/21/2003 2:05:39 PM

Whoa Birdie, a little too close for me but it's a great capture!!!! #174275

Joy Brown 8/21/2003 2:43:13 PM

Great capture and details, birdie! #174313

Gary H. Minish 8/21/2003 4:50:48 PM

From the discussion it sure sounds like an interesting photo. I hope BP fixes it so I can see it :-( #174402

Evy Johansen 8/21/2003 7:33:30 PM

Great shot and details, birdie! #174520

Gary H. Minish 8/21/2003 10:02:31 PM

Alright! Your picture is back. WOW! What a "Killer" photo!! I love this in your face shot! Very clean and sharp also. Nice job, birdie :-) #174633

Ronald Balthazor 8/22/2003 1:38:52 AM

Amazing image and detail, Birdie. May I suggest a soft focus filter to take the edge of the teeth next time. ;) #174679

Viveca Venegas 8/22/2003 5:45:45 AM

W, this is the most amazing photo of a big feroucious lizzard. The texture, teeth & eyes are perfect. Bravisimo for you. You are the geatest!!Viveca. #174878

Mark Oxley 8/22/2003 8:17:27 PM

Just like to add my admiration of this wicked close up Birdie!! #175479

Wolfgang Dolak 8/24/2003 12:43:34 AM

"Wicked" is a good word, Mark!!! LOL!"

Thank you all - as always you're way too kind!! (But I like it! ;-))

birdie #176699

Kathleen Clemons 9/9/2003 3:30:37 AM

Congratulations to you, Birdie!!!!!! #192128

Evy Johansen 9/9/2003 3:53:30 AM

Congratulations! Well deserved, Birdie! #192219

Carolyn M. Fletcher 9/9/2003 4:05:50 AM

Congrats, Birdie! #192268

Dolores Neilson 9/9/2003 4:24:48 AM

Wow birdie! Congrats!! #192359

Colette M. Metcalf 9/9/2003 4:45:58 AM

Congrats to you, birdie!!! #192464

Viveca Venegas 9/9/2003 5:06:00 AM

Felicidades Birdie, lots of luck!! Viveca. #192530

Darren K. Fisher 9/9/2003 5:59:16 AM

WOW this gave me goose bumps. Way to go Birdie. #192677

Sharon E. Lowe 9/9/2003 6:30:55 AM

Congrats birdie - great shot!!!! #192736

Murry Grigsby 9/9/2003 7:46:17 AM

Congrats on your finalist, Birdie!! #192909

Bernard B. Travers 9/9/2003 7:48:19 AM

Congrats, Wolfgang. This one's really got teeth in it. #192917

Carol Brill 9/9/2003 8:41:10 AM

Congratulations on a job well done, birdie, and best of luck!!! #193028

Paula Showen 9/9/2003 9:19:11 AM

Wow, great shot! Congratulations Birdie!!!! #193164

Oksana Pashko 9/9/2003 11:13:48 AM

Bravo Birdie!!!! What a terrific shot!
Many congrats! #193364

Ronald Balthazor 9/9/2003 11:25:16 AM

Congratulations, Birdie! #193385

Timothy L. Leggett 9/9/2003 11:53:29 AM

congrats, Birdie.

Tim #193467

clifton Mair 9/9/2003 12:42:08 PM

Congrats on this very emotive shot birdie :) #193555

William C. Raco 9/9/2003 12:44:42 PM

Great shot, birdie.

bill #193560

Jean Papo 9/9/2003 2:24:17 PM

Oh, WOW, how did I miss THIS! A big hearty CONGRATULATIONS to you, birdie, on this scary, suspense-filled shot! Will the photographer make it out alive? In fact, where are you - did you??? Another top notch job, par for the course! Love the close-in crop!!!!! #193793

Jean Papo 9/9/2003 2:41:33 PM

Just wanted to add a note - I was VERY DISAPPOINTED to not see The Lion Sleeps Tonight (also one of my all time favorite songs) and your Cheetah! shots in the finals. They both get my votes, as they are both amazing WINNERS! I'm hoping to see more zoo shots from you too, birdie! #193825

Elizabeth A. Zibas 9/9/2003 3:16:58 PM

Congrats Birdie. I love the color on this one. Great composition. #193869

Sherri Conley 9/9/2003 5:25:14 PM

This is WONDERFUL, Birdie! Congrats to you! #193985

Ellen Peach 9/9/2003 6:07:58 PM

Amazing shot, birdie....congrats & good luck! #193998

Gary H. Minish 9/9/2003 11:54:18 PM

Sure...intimidate the judges with the photo...good tactics :-) Congratulations so far with this excellent shot, birdie! Good luck in the next round also. #194277

Donna R. Moratelli 9/10/2003 6:12:21 AM

WOA... what texture, and expression! Congratulations,BIRDIE! #194569

Conrad L. Conero 9/10/2003 10:03:28 AM

Congratulations on this super finalist,Birdie.
Conrad #194973

Damian P. Gadal 9/10/2003 5:50:39 PM

YIKES - Congrats birdie!~! #195295

Gene Spears 9/10/2003 7:28:01 PM

WOW, I missed this somehow! well done and congrats! #195362

Gerda Grice 9/11/2003 1:25:44 PM

Fantastic work, birdie! Congratulations and best of luck in the finals! #196369

Susana Matos 9/11/2003 9:54:14 PM

If the photo is terrific, the title is even better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You do have marvellous work and THE PHOTO i´ll never forget ("the charge")!!!!!!
Su #196755

Suzie Strasburg 9/13/2003 11:07:38 AM

Best of Luck!:~)) #198693

Elizabeth Stiles 9/13/2003 11:07:57 AM

Hair Raising!!!!, Congrats, Birdie! #198695

Connie L. Carpenter 9/14/2003 3:26:13 PM

Thrilling!... what a great image. #200107

Colette M. Metcalf 9/16/2003 8:18:54 PM

Congrats birdie!!! #202635

Gene Spears 9/16/2003 8:26:51 PM

this had to be a winner!! congratulations! #202653

Gary H. Minish 9/16/2003 8:30:22 PM

Alright! Way to go, birdie! Looks like intimidating the judges works :-) Congratulations on this well deserved win! #202662

Mary K. Robison 9/16/2003 8:57:14 PM

Whoa..(shudder)...Congratulations! #202715

Jean Papo 9/16/2003 10:00:47 PM

Congratulations, Birdie, on your well-deserved win!!! #202782

Lem Metro 9/16/2003 11:07:08 PM

A wonderful photograph & a well deserved win, Birdie! Congratulations. Thanks for all the great shots. I hope to get back to submitting regularly now that I have my new Olympus C-5050. I love it. Talk to you soon.
Lem #202841

Robert Pranagal 9/16/2003 11:08:39 PM

Congratulations Wolfgang!
Stunning image executed perfectly. #202845

Kathleen Clemons 9/17/2003 3:16:04 AM

Congratulations to you, birdie! #202900

Evy Johansen 9/17/2003 3:45:47 AM

Congratulations! Well derserved! #202946

Theresa McCloskey 9/17/2003 3:50:31 AM

Congratulations :-) #202957

Sherri Conley 9/17/2003 4:03:27 AM

Congrats, Birdie, on your wonderful photo! :) #203009

Claudia Kuhn 9/17/2003 4:03:46 AM

Congratulations Birdie!! #203011

Jean-Francois Schmutz 9/17/2003 4:37:03 AM

Félicitations on your Win !

JF #203082

Robert Mann 9/17/2003 5:06:09 AM

Congrats birdie! RoB #203134

Murry Grigsby 9/17/2003 5:20:54 AM

Congrats, Birdie, on your win and a wild closeup of Mr. Coldeye!! #203173

Judith G. Secco 9/17/2003 5:39:02 AM

Fantastic, Birdie!
Judy #203234

Elizabeth A. Zibas 9/17/2003 5:50:25 AM

Congrats Birdie. Just wonderful. #203265

Bernard B. Travers 9/17/2003 8:09:04 AM

Great big congratulations, big guy. Well deserved. You've definitely got an eye on things. #203417

Donna R. Moratelli 9/17/2003 8:24:25 AM

Congratulations on this excellent image,Birdie!!!! #203451

Patricia Marroquin 9/17/2003 9:47:31 AM

Boy, this is scary! But I love it! Missed it last month. Congratulations on your big win, birdie! #203617

Mark Oxley 9/17/2003 10:12:00 AM

Hi Birdie, a BIG congrats on your well deserved win!! #203644

clifton Mair 9/17/2003 12:57:22 PM

Big Congrats birdie!! #203786

Michael Prinz 9/17/2003 1:04:42 PM

Congrats Wolfgang!

P.S.: Many greetings from Fritz! #203796

Wolfgang Dolak 9/17/2003 1:08:58 PM

WOW! Returned after a long time of absence to find out about the second place - a pleasant surprise. THANK YOU ALL so much for your congrats and nice comments. I'll try to view all your winning and finalist photos now to comment and congratulate!
birdie #203799

Heather K. McFarland 9/17/2003 3:16:56 PM

Many congrats on your 2nd place win! The composition and textures really draw you into the image. #203950

Gerda Grice 9/17/2003 8:03:58 PM

Many congrats, birdie, for your win with this really remarkable photo! Wonderful! #204132

Oksana Pashko 9/17/2003 8:29:33 PM

Many congrats, birdie on such a hipnotizing win!!!!!!!!!!!!! #204151

Darren K. Fisher 9/17/2003 9:04:00 PM

A big congrats on your win Birdie. #204162

Sharon E. Lowe 9/18/2003 6:12:53 AM

Congrats birdie!! #204516

Paul Conlan 9/18/2003 6:25:02 AM

Great photo. Congratulations! #204545

Ellen Peach 9/18/2003 7:43:18 AM

Congratulations, birdie....outstanding shot! #204637

Wolfgang Dolak 9/19/2003 5:59:50 AM

THANK YOU ALL - if I browse through my photos since I've started posting, I may say, I really have improved with the help of all of you out there. I have just written a note to Jim telling him that IMO the quality of all our photos is constantly getting better as there is a lot to learn just by viewing others' photos. You get ideas and encouragement - that's what it's all about!
birdie #205485

Susana Matos 9/19/2003 6:33:45 AM

Congratulations Wolfgang, I also agree with you about improving just by looking at the photos in here.
Best regards from Portugal, Su #205535

Terry Cervi 9/19/2003 11:06:50 AM

Congrats on this awesome image, birdie! #205890

Jean Papo 9/19/2003 1:23:47 PM

Well spoken, birdie! :-) #205986

Dolores Neilson 9/20/2003 7:48:16 AM

Well deserved congrats, Birdie!! #206524

Dan S. Coquia 9/22/2003 12:37:54 PM

I agree, great capture Birdie! Congrats! #208662

Nancy Grace Chen 4/12/2004 8:47:46 PM

Terrifying... incredible details. Great lighting!

Nancy #479516

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Zoo series, no. 2

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