Dr Silly 1/5/2006 6:09:02 AM

Wonderful lighting on this. You said effect, is this lighting done in PS or was it done with lights? :o) #369529

Margie Hurwich 1/5/2006 6:11:56 AM

It was done with lights. One on either side of my soft box, but more towards the back to give a backlit effect. #2254538

Cyn Valentine 1/5/2006 7:26:04 AM

Great job! Love the lighting! #2254854

Margie Hurwich 1/5/2006 9:05:10 AM

Thanks so much, Cyn! #2255116

Sylvia Rossler 1/5/2006 10:03:08 AM

I didn't see that picture in that book but for my opinion you made a great shot Margie !!! #2255312

Margie Hurwich 1/5/2006 10:05:45 AM

Thank you, Sylvia!! #2255319

Brendan Knell 1/5/2006 5:27:08 PM

This is absolutely beautitul Margie!!! Someone said that it looked too centered on out CC Thread, but to me, I really like it centered! #2256715

Margie Hurwich 1/5/2006 5:47:33 PM

Thanks Brendan. It's becoming one of my favorites! #2256756

Kate Baumgartner 1/5/2006 8:03:48 PM

Great use of light and composition. I think it is spot on. #2257162

Margie Hurwich 1/5/2006 8:06:08 PM

Thanks, Kate! #2257166

Margie Hurwich 1/8/2006 9:12:56 AM

Thanks, Kevin! #2265062

Tony Scheuhammer 1/23/2006 11:12:10 AM

good job with the lighting! I like this a lot! #2326826

Margie Hurwich 1/23/2006 1:30:36 PM

Thanks Tony! #2327344

SaMi Martin 1/24/2006 6:28:15 PM

Great composition & lighting, nicely done! #2333775

Margie Hurwich 1/24/2006 7:12:53 PM

Thanks so much! #2333938

Rebecca A. Steed 1/25/2006 12:39:25 PM

Margie, I love it! what book did you get these lighting ideas? Very dramatic. #2337475

Margie Hurwich 1/25/2006 1:07:47 PM

Thanks, Becky! I found it in a book called Photos That Sell. My shot doesn't hold a candle to the shot in the book...but it was extremely fun to create! #2337585

Kerby Pfrangle 1/25/2006 1:08:50 PM

Margie wonderful lines and shapes and shadows to this image. Very good lighting and compostion. Kerby #2337592

Margie Hurwich 1/25/2006 1:10:56 PM

Thanks so much, Kerby! #2337608

Terry L. Ellis 1/25/2006 1:11:05 PM

Very well done, Margie! I really like the drama of the lighting! #2337609

Margie Hurwich 1/25/2006 1:25:49 PM

Thanks, Terry! #2337664

Christopher Budny 2/2/2006 4:10:49 AM

Congratulations on being included in the Photoflash #35 newsletter, Margie!! #2367459

Mary N C. Taitt 2/2/2006 5:48:31 AM

WOW, Margie, this came out great. Congratulations on being included in the newsletter! Mary :-) #2367822

Adi Philpott 2/2/2006 7:56:15 AM

Margie - Beautiful lighting. What is a 'soft box"? #2368389

Margie Hurwich 2/2/2006 8:24:35 AM

How incredibly exciting! Thanks Chris, Mary and Adi! Adi, a soft box is just that, a box with soft sides to allow light to come through. Spot lights can be shined through the sides that are made up of opaque white. I purchased mine at Wolf Camera for about $100...my first attempt a lights. #2368474

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 2/2/2006 9:08:00 AM

Nicely executed, the lighting is perfect!! #2368584

Margie Hurwich 2/2/2006 9:12:49 AM

Thanks so much, Donna! #2368601

Victor J. 2/4/2006 12:41:49 PM

Margie. Nicely done. But I must know what color was the back ground and how far away from it were you? Vic #2377593

Margie Hurwich 2/4/2006 2:03:32 PM

Vic, this was taken against a black background that was only about 6 inches from the bottle and glass. Let me know if you have other questions. One thing that was crucial was to take this at night so there were no reflections of any kind. Hope this helps. Thanks so much! #2377822

Shirley Pearce 2/4/2006 3:39:26 PM

Hello Margie, this is exquisite!! My next step is to venture into more lighting techniques. This is just the inspiration I need! #2378102

Margie Hurwich 2/4/2006 8:23:29 PM

Shirley, I agree with you about learning more about lighting. It's fascinating. Thanks so much! #2379000

Elizabeth J. Bernier 2/8/2006 11:44:37 AM

Wow Margie this is amazing!!!Especially for a first time playing with lights!!! I could have stopped on any one of your lovely images but this really caught my eye!Wishes for your continued success! #2394784

Margie Hurwich 2/8/2006 11:49:04 AM

Thanks so much, Elizabeth! #2394796

Shelly A. Van Camp 2/9/2006 7:38:52 AM

Great job!!! I love it...:) #2398395

Margie Hurwich 2/9/2006 8:17:34 AM

Thanks, Shelly! I love this one too! #2398481

Michelle R. Kovach 2/21/2006 3:58:29 AM

Congratulations Margie! #2444246

Christopher Budny 2/21/2006 4:09:29 AM

Woohoo!! All your hard work and exploration with this series is paying off! Congratulations, Margie, on your Finalist! #2444290

Barbara Helgason 2/21/2006 5:19:13 AM

Congratulations Margie, I see your favorite made it!! Good luck in the next round. #2444864

Margie Hurwich 2/21/2006 6:46:48 AM

Thanks Michelle, Chris and Barbara! You know Chris, someone saw this shot last week and suggested coffee! My series is never ending! #2445636

Christopher Budny 2/21/2006 6:58:06 AM

Hmmm...maybe using those clear glass Irish Coffee mugs? (Not sure ceramic mugs would give as pleasing results as this shot!) #2445750

Margie Hurwich 2/21/2006 7:11:12 AM

I fully agree! #2445864

Christopher Budny 2/21/2006 7:14:16 AM

And I just thought... how about a glass-bodied french press carafe? You definitely have lots of possibilities! #2445896

Margie Hurwich 2/21/2006 7:19:08 AM

I don't own one of those...expensive? #2445933

Christopher Budny 2/21/2006 7:25:20 AM

Not really... (There are some fancy ones, with pierced metal bodies, though.) Bodum is probably the largest manufacturer, but I bet you could find plenty on ebay, at "prop" prices! #2445985

Wayne T. Fisk 2/21/2006 8:57:19 AM

Congrats,Margie! What a shot!
Wayne #2446504

Kay Beausoleil 2/21/2006 9:07:04 AM

Congratulations on this finalist, Margie -- good job on the lighting! #2446599

Margie Hurwich 2/21/2006 9:09:10 AM

Thanks so much, Wayne and Kay! #2446617

Stan Lubach 2/21/2006 9:11:38 AM

Congrats, Margie! #2446645

Margie Hurwich 2/21/2006 9:12:57 AM

Thanks, Stan! #2446663

Dr Silly 2/21/2006 9:25:06 AM

Congratulations, Margie. :o)

Margie Hurwich 2/21/2006 9:26:10 AM

Thanks, Doc! #2446762

Sylvia Rossler 2/21/2006 9:44:47 AM

I'm glad to see your favorite made it Margie :o) Good luck for the next round :o) #2446883

Margie Hurwich 2/21/2006 10:03:29 AM

Thanks Sylvia! #2447033

Robyn Mackenzie 2/21/2006 2:45:05 PM

Congratulations, Margie - wonderful to see that your favourite made it! :o) Robyn #2448392

Margie Hurwich 2/21/2006 3:10:54 PM

Thanks so much, Robyn! I was happy! #2448558

Karen Rahlf 2/21/2006 5:45:03 PM

Very neat shot. Love the lighting effects. Congratulations! #2449473

Margie Hurwich 2/21/2006 5:54:28 PM

Thanks, Karen! #2449547

Corinne M. Thompson 2/21/2006 6:00:33 PM

Outstanding Margie...Congrats :) #2449606

Sherry S. Boles 2/21/2006 8:32:11 PM

Congrats, Margie...Fantastic shot! #2450610

Margie Hurwich 2/21/2006 8:32:34 PM

Thanks, Corinne! This is the shot that won Photo of the Month at the camera club meeting! #2450613

Margie Hurwich 2/21/2006 8:33:02 PM

Thanks so much, Sherry! #2450616

Corinne M. Thompson 2/21/2006 8:35:20 PM

Well then, Double Congrats! Have you heard anything yet from the Chicago contest? #2450629

The Judges at BetterPhoto.com 2/22/2006 2:23:34 AM

Nice subtle light and strong lines. #2451593

Margie Hurwich 2/22/2006 5:47:14 AM

Thank you so much! #2452274

Chris Macer 2/22/2006 6:03:35 AM

Congrats on your finalist, Margie! #2452367

Margie Hurwich 2/22/2006 6:12:31 AM

Thanks Chris.

Corinne, this shot did fair as well as my others even though at local competition it won. Go figure. The Enshrined in my gallery went pretty far in Chicago but was eliminated in the last round of judging. #2452414

Susan L. Vasquez 2/22/2006 8:22:12 PM

This is a fantastic shot Margie, I knew I'd see it again :) Well done and congrats. #2455377

Margie Hurwich 2/23/2006 5:50:27 AM

Thanks, Susan! #2456652

KHAWLA Haddad 2/27/2006 1:42:15 PM

Congratulations on this finalist, Margie Wonderful lighting! #2475872

Margie Hurwich 2/27/2006 4:31:23 PM

Thanks so much! Means alot! #2476332

Akhilesh Sharma 6/11/2006 6:05:39 AM

Excellent work! #2880605

Margie Hurwich 6/11/2006 8:50:39 AM

Thank you so much, Akhilesh! #2881169

Kai Eiselein 12/5/2006 8:59:42 AM

I love the simplicity of the lines, nice shot! #3669186

Margie Hurwich 12/5/2006 9:49:41 AM

Thanks so much, Kai. This continues to be one of my favorite shots. #3669349

paola A. Jofre 12/6/2006 6:13:09 AM

Beautiful!! Congratulations!! #3672978

Margie Hurwich 12/6/2006 6:17:27 AM

Thank you, Paola! #3673004

Barbara Helgason 12/8/2006 6:41:34 AM

Just had to comment on this one again Margie! Wonderful shot, congratulations. #3680651

Margie Hurwich 12/8/2006 6:55:11 AM

Thanks so much, Barbara! #3680719

Hurk (Steve) Hurkett 12/29/2006 9:03:14 AM

Very nice presentation, Margie ... nice effects ...

Steve Hurkett #3751040

Margie Hurwich 12/29/2006 6:31:21 PM

Thanks so much, Steve. #3756099

John Matthews 1/3/2007 7:32:41 AM

stunning Margie, great lighting... #3775994

Margie Hurwich 1/3/2007 12:36:51 PM

Thanks, John! #3776925

Wayne T. Fisk 8/12/2007 3:01:11 PM

Margie, I still love this blak-on-black effect! What book suggested the lighting for this?
Wayne #4637814

Margie Hurwich 8/12/2007 3:13:09 PM

Thanks! It was in Photography That Sells. #4637866

Wayne T. Fisk 8/12/2007 3:53:39 PM

Thanks, Margie! This will sell!
Wayne #4638037

Margie Hurwich 8/12/2007 7:55:40 PM

It is my biggest seller at Shutterstock to date! #4638850

Leonardo Carvajal 8/16/2007 9:51:23 PM

hi :) your photos are amazing, technically impressive, amazing gallery, oh, and thanks for commenting on my photo ! #4659083

Margie Hurwich 8/17/2007 5:24:46 AM

Thank you so much, Leonardo. I can definetly say the same about your gallery! #4660233

Melissa Malisia 9/29/2007 4:07:12 PM

Wonderful job on this, Margie!!! #4862152

Margie Hurwich 10/1/2007 6:03:11 AM

Thank you, Melissa! #4868611

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I saw this lighting effect in a book and had to try it myself.

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