© Susana Matos


Gabriela Cunha 7/3/2003 2:02:03 PM

UAU! realmente MUITO BONITO!
really beautiful, my dear Su!
gy #43819

Dave R. Mikkelson

Very interesting country you live in. Do they still use them? I love the background, blue sky and hills.(mountains?) Pretty flat where I am from.
dave #132464

Colette M. Metcalf

Beautifully done!! #132501

Gary W. Lake

Great image Su! Very unusual looking buildings. #132507

Paula Showen

Very nice! Great colors! I would love to visit your country someday. Your pictures are not only beautiful, but a learning experience as well. #132508

Donna R. Moratelli

A facinating and beautiful sharp image Suzanna. Portugal in nothing like I had envisioned. #132525

Charlene Bayerle

Another beautiful shot Su. The scenery in Portugal is outstanding!!! #132613

Bernard B. Travers

My - these are granaries? My immediate thought was that they were the eternal quarters of the more economically elite.
In any case, Susana, this is a wonderful picture. You did real good. #132615

Paula Showen

Me too, Bernard. It was the crosses on the top of them that made me think they were tombs. Then when I read Susana's caption, I was surprised! #132634

Susana Matos

Good morning, to all of you... of maybe good night for you?! Nice to wake up in the morning, see the blue sky announcing a summer day and after getting the camera´s batteries to charge, coming here and see/ read you. That´s a good day start. These place that hasn´t tombs but granary is absolutely amazing and I am glad you could feel it through the photo.
And also as i´ve asked for my gallery yestarday I suppose today i´ll have it, and I hope you will appreciate some of my photos about my region.
Portugal is an amazing country with good and not so good things, but what I like most is the recovering of our old patrimony that is beautiful. This way we have some cities and samll towns that are "Patrimony of the world", don´t know if you heard about it. I ask Gaby´s help here to explain it to you. She will soon explain I hope.
Have a very good day and thank you a lot for the comments.
Cheers from Portugal, Su #132651

Oksana Oksamit

WOW! This is beutiful, Su... #132668

Oksana Oksamit

Only one thing... if the cross in the foreground would not been cropped off, this picture would be absolutely perfect! #132669

Susana Matos

you are absolutely right Oksana, will take a look at the original 3 or 4 photos that compose this image to see if it´s possible to do something, or go again to this beautiful place... what maybe will do this week-end. See/read you around, Cheers, Su #132670

João M. Gil

It seems they live. They are talking to each other on top of the granite rocks, like living things. Discussing how the night went, and the morning brought a photographer do their presence!
Very good! Muito boa!
I also agree with the cross issue at the top, to make it perfect. #133461

Susana Matos 7/6/2003 2:41:11 PM

Thank you so much João, I appreciate very much your comments and also noticed you are lucky, you speak/write very good english. Do you know this place? You also are right about the cross but will have to go there again to di it ... one of these days.
Cheers, Su #134624

Donna R. Moratelli 7/6/2003 6:34:32 PM

Hi Su, Good luck with your new gallery . I'll keep an eye out for it!. It shouldn't take too long for you to have it up and running if you already have images on betterphoto and the help of Gaby..Donnarae #134694

Susana Matos 7/7/2003 12:04:50 AM

Hello Donna, very nice to read from you, I am very happy with my gallery, a wonderful place to share with my friends from abroad and from here. Also with all of you that make me incredibly happy whith your comments, it means I was able to bring about a feeling... what you get so often with your wonderful and colorful photos. About Gaby, she surely helps me (i´m lucky to have good friends) she has an amazing gallery, hasn´t she? I adore her style.
Cheers from Portugal Donna,
Su #134827

Gabriela Cunha 7/7/2003 1:29:08 AM

ah ah ah
you're too much, SU! thank you
gy #134938

Susana Matos 7/7/2003 1:54:34 PM

you´re welcome my friend!! obrigado Gaby, beijo Su #136158

Luis Spinola Pitta 7/9/2003 10:35:17 AM

Viva Susana!

Vejo que tambem te tens dedicado à arte!
Tres bien!
Esta foto está qb "assutadora"!
(gosto dela em parte por isso)



Susana Matos 7/11/2003 8:55:15 AM

well if you have nightmares you´ll know whose the fault!... ah, ah, ah, Beijo, Su #140209

Paula Showen 8/14/2003 6:33:09 PM

Congratulations, Su! Such a beautiful photo!!! #166059

Wayne Vanderneut 8/14/2003 6:51:07 PM

CONGRATULATIONS, SU!!! Well deserved recognition! Thank you, so much for sharing with all of us the love and pride you have for your region! #166107

Murry Grigsby 8/14/2003 6:56:18 PM

Congrats, Su! #166118

Dolores Neilson 8/14/2003 7:49:30 PM

Many congratulations, Susana!! #166287

Oksana Oksamit 8/14/2003 7:54:10 PM

Meny congrats, Susana!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #166309

Gary W. Lake 8/14/2003 7:55:19 PM

Congrats Su! Much deserved selection! #166317

Brenda W. LaFleur 8/14/2003 8:40:02 PM

Congratulations, Su. A well deserved recognition. Good luck in the finals! #166438

Charlene Bayerle 8/14/2003 9:58:39 PM

Congratulations Su. Beautiful!! #166621

Carol Brill 8/15/2003 12:16:02 AM

Congratulations, Susana, best of luck! #166856

Donna R. Moratelli 8/15/2003 3:07:15 AM

CONGRATS SU!! #167003

Colette M. Metcalf 8/15/2003 4:32:03 AM

Congrats, su!!!! #167143

Carolyn M. Fletcher 8/15/2003 4:37:43 AM

Congrats, Su!!!! #167162

Jill Battaglia 8/15/2003 7:02:05 AM

Congrats Su!! Beautiful!! :-) #167465

Susana Matos 8/15/2003 7:24:53 AM

congratulations, my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gy #167516

Nicola Clark 8/15/2003 9:06:08 AM

Congratulations Susana, well done. #167755

Damian P. Gadal 8/15/2003 9:07:34 AM

WOW - Congrats Susana! #167762

Claudia Fernandes 8/15/2003 10:41:16 AM

Congrats! Excellent shot dos espigueigos do soajo. #167926

Wolfgang Dolak 8/15/2003 10:45:05 AM

Big congrats from me also!
birdie #167932

Susana Matos 8/15/2003 11:04:31 AM

well, you can surely imagine how good this moment is!! To have your support and compliments! THANK YOU so much.

PS- GABY was answering from my computer and there are a lot of her replies under my name (we forgot that my e-mail code would make her answers appear under my name). Now she´s gone to Germany and will see this only in some two weeks!! SORRY !! #167993

Bernard B. Travers 8/15/2003 11:48:28 AM

Best shot of a grain cemetary I ever saw. No kidding, Susana - I'm glad you got it for this one. Good work, dear friend - good work, good win. #168135

Susana Matos 8/15/2003 12:04:22 PM

Thank you so much Bernard, I don´t know if I understood it good but this is not a cemetery, people used to stock the grain here so it could get dry and keep good for a long time. This stone granaries are very old and the more recent ones were normally made of wood.
I was very surprised this photo was a finalist because although I liked it very much it seemed to me most people thought it has something to do with cemeteries and that´s not a pleasant idea.
cheers from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean Bernard,
Susana #168171

Kathleen Clemons 8/15/2003 12:04:53 PM

Big congratulations to you, Su! #168172

Bernard B. Travers 8/15/2003 12:06:48 PM

No - I was just kidding. You told me before what they were. I just had to joke with you about it one more time. Again, congratulations. #168176

Susana Matos 8/15/2003 12:12:20 PM

Bernard this is gorgeous when we think how far away we are and that we can answer in some two seconds.... thank you internet!
It´s really nice to read from you, maybe one day you´ll come to visit the most wonderful "grain cemeteries" of the world !!...and take yourself a magnific photo of them !!
cheers Susana #168186

Elizabeth Stiles 8/15/2003 12:30:12 PM

Congratulations Su! Great to see one of the greatest treasures of Portugal aside from its sparkling beaches:) #168216

Susana Matos 8/15/2003 2:07:42 PM

Thank you Elizabeth, congratulations for your beautiful finalists.
I am glad you liked this.
cheers from Ponte de Lima, Su #168396

Jean Papo 8/16/2003 12:03:27 AM

Congratulations, Su, and thanks for sharing the beauty of Portugal with us! #168796

Jean-Francois Schmutz 8/16/2003 12:46:47 AM

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Su !!!
I'm so glad you win with a picture of your beautiful country !

JF #168821

Oksana Oksamit 8/16/2003 1:01:22 AM

Many congrats, Su!!!!!!!!!!! #168824

Tony Gough 8/16/2003 1:49:57 AM

Congratulations Su you're a winner. That's fantastic, well done. #168835

Susana Matos 8/16/2003 1:56:59 AM

Kathleen, thank you so much for your kind words, I love so much your work!! I think we had a cyberspace meet yesterday!! And CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful winner "Early moning shadows"!
Cheers from Ponte de Lima, Susana #168843

Susana Matos 8/16/2003 2:06:23 AM

WOW !! what a surprise for this morning!
Thank you so much Jean, Jean-François, Oksana, Tony, this is something!!! You are really KIND for taking your time to comment.
cheers from Ponte de Lima, Susana #168850

Gary H. Minish 8/16/2003 2:50:53 AM

What a beautiful panorama! Very nicely composed! Fascinating structures too. VERY well done and a well deserved win! CONGRATULATIONS, Susana!! #168870

Susana Matos 8/16/2003 3:01:33 AM

Gary, thanks a thousand times! You - the man that make me dream about crossing the Ocean to visit Alaska with your magic photos!! I am glad you liked, cheers from Ponte de Lima, Susana #168875

Colette M. Metcalf 8/16/2003 5:30:10 AM

Congrats to you, su!!!! Well deserved!!! #168960

Dolores Neilson 8/16/2003 6:13:35 AM

woo hoo, Susana!! I am soooo happy for you!! Congratulations!! #169036

Ellen Peach 8/16/2003 6:16:42 AM

Wonderful work, Su......congratulations on your win! #169038

Bernard B. Travers 8/16/2003 7:53:29 AM

Wowwy, wowwy, Susana. You're gonna be tough to beat now, lady. Great job - great win. Good for you, my dear. Good for you. Congratulations. #169201

Patrick Campbell 8/16/2003 8:30:18 AM

Congrats Su on your win! Keep up the great work! #169249

Claudia Kuhn 8/16/2003 9:21:04 AM

Congratulations Su - beautiful!! #169313

Susana Matos 8/16/2003 10:35:52 AM

YOU ARE WONDERFUL, thank you so much for your nice words and I feel wonderful to see you appreciate my guide-book-gallery of my region "The Minho" seen through my eyes!
cheers, Susana

Murry Grigsby 8/16/2003 12:58:38 PM

CONGRATULATIONS on your win, Su! #169510

Susana Matos 8/16/2003 1:26:05 PM

Thank you so, so much Murry,
cheers Susana #169556

Robert Mann 8/16/2003 3:18:29 PM

Stunning panorama image of the graineries against a beautiful blue sky with GREAT shadows, Su! Wonderful congrats to you on your win! RoB #169635

Evy Johansen 8/16/2003 7:23:23 PM

Many congratulations on your win, Su! #169761

Karen Seargeant 8/16/2003 7:37:57 PM

Interesting shot! Congrats, Susana! #169793

Susana Matos 8/17/2003 10:29:40 AM

Hi Robert, Evy, Karen, I have a little "pantufas" with two monthes that occupies much of my time this last days!! "Pantufas" is the name of my little dog;as it´s my first one I have to do the normal things but everything is so new for me and I am always walking up and down to go see if she is ok. She is adorable and i´ll show her in some photo one of these days...
I want to thank you so much for your presence and your time to comment,
Cheers from Portugal, Susana #170361

Carol Brill 8/18/2003 11:59:55 AM

Susana, glad to see all your hard work and beautiful photos paid off in this winner! Congratulations!! #171398

Rui Filipe Rebelo Prego 8/19/2003 6:39:17 AM

SUPERB !! I am very happy !
Your picture is awesome and I would like to discover your region !
You are great

Rui Felipe #172132

Susana Matos 8/19/2003 8:11:14 AM

Thank you so much Carol for your more than kind words, it´s really more than a compliment to a photo, that counts very much to me! Hope one day you´ll come to see with your eyes what I photograph. Photos here make me dream a lot about traveling!
Cheers from my little region,

Olá Rui Filipe, que agradável mensagem, claro que penso que um dia destes vens cá conhecer esta região. Ainda hoje fui dar um passeio num sitio que não conhecia e fiquei sem palavras pela beleza da paisagem. Há sitios muito bonitos em todo o mundo e na minha região não há nada de extraordinario mas qualquer beleza natural preservada é para mim a melhor de todas.
Não tenho tido calma para responder aos mails mas brevemente o faço.
Beijinhos, Susana #172175

Kathleen R. Struckle 8/19/2003 8:39:53 PM

Congrats! Susana Your photograph is beautiful. I would love to visit Portugal someday. Kathy Struckle #172550

Nicole Boenig-McGrade 8/22/2003 6:36:09 AM

Dear Su, what an amazing country side. Congratulations on this winner. There will be many more "stickers" next to your photos to come! As previously mentioned, you are a real inspiration! See ya next year!!! #174927

Darren M. Alexander 8/22/2003 12:01:10 PM

Your eyes... they're wonderful! I like the way you see things. Outstanding image!

Congratulations on a well deserved win! :-) #175239

Mike Hollman 8/24/2003 10:27:32 PM

Hi Susana, Congratulations...this is a real winner. Great to see you have a member gallery here now. Really enjoyed looking through your shots. Hope the recennt heat wave wasn't too extreme for you! It's a little cooler here in NZ with some nice snowfalls on the ski fields.
Keep posting. Cheers, Mike. #177576

Gabriela Cunha 9/3/2003 11:06:17 AM

Su, desculpa ainda nao ter visto que tinhas ganho! e tu nao me disseste nada, nem uma smssinha...
CONGRATULATIONS on winning! you deserved it well!
:) gy #186412

Susana Matos 9/3/2003 11:25:21 AM

I FEEL AWFULL!!! How could I not answer to your wonderful comments !?

Hello Kathleen, I hope you´ll come someday to visit my region and that we´ll go out together for shoting, that would be gorgeous!! You just have to think about it.
Hi Nicole, I feel awfull about this late answer, still... I would love we could meet this year!!
Hi Darren, you make me a wonderful compliment, as you like to see things the way I do it means I get to make people feel some emotion looking at my pictures, that´s the best for a "photographer (i am still a student...)".
Hello Mike, it´s very nice to read from you again. We had a very hot summer and terrible / horrible fires in the south of Portugal. But now, autumn is coming and i´m crazy about going out to shot the marvellous colors of this season, although i´ll never get to the level of those magnificent photos you take.
My dear friend, wellcome back !! It´s super-super-super to read from you again!!
To you all, my best regards from Ponte de Lima, Su

João M. Gil 9/3/2003 2:40:10 PM

Congrats! Your photo deserved it!
João #186577

Kathleen R. Struckle 9/3/2003 7:45:54 PM

Congrats!Su You did a wonderful job. Your country looks very beautiful & your photo shows that. It is very interesting. Kathy S. #186812

Susana Matos 9/4/2003 2:47:51 PM

Thank you João, I don´t know if you live here in the North and if you know this "espigueiros", this is a wonderful place.
Hi Kathleen, thank you so, so much, i´m glad you like my pictures! I think my place has wonderful subjects for photos, you would do a better work than me if you were here...
cheers from Ponte de Lima, Su #187828

Morteza Safataj 2/23/2006 7:14:31 AM

I never forget this pic and this place , very artistic , Susana. #2457059

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Ancient stone granary, "espigueiros" as we call them. Minho, Portugal

Uploaded on 7/3/2003 12:20:45 PM All Time Best Photo Contest Editor's Pick Photo Contest SECOND PLACE Winner

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