Rainy Day

Robert K. Bemus 11/12/2012 8:41:14 PM

Great capture and title, Patrick!! #1498065

Ann H. Belus 11/12/2012 9:24:43 PM

What a unique and creative shot, Paddy...I love this! Up here in OR, there are lots of scenes like this; it never stops raining! #10416455

Patrick Rouzes 11/12/2012 9:50:49 PM

Thanks, Robert & Ann. Ann, we have not seen the sun in ages.

Tiia Vissak 11/13/2012 12:05:22 AM

well done! #10416534

Nadia Paul 11/13/2012 1:25:54 AM

So creative Patrick - love the colour and details! #10416565

Douglas Pignet 11/13/2012 2:35:53 AM

kewl colors and post work...well done #10416611

Tammy M. Anderson 11/13/2012 2:36:38 AM

Love the colors and drops. #10416613

Colette M. Metcalf 11/13/2012 2:40:05 AM

This is very cool!!! Nice work! #10416616

Michelle Alton 11/13/2012 3:59:38 AM

Very awesome, Paddy! You have SUCH a creative eye and imagination. #10416694

David Phalen 11/13/2012 8:47:11 AM

Cool!! Again you find art in subjects many of us would never see!! #10417038

Kathy Salerni 11/13/2012 9:46:41 AM

So cool and creative, Paddy! Love your comp, all those water droplets and the color!! #10417133

John Connolly 11/13/2012 12:34:24 PM

Incredible color and detail Patrick! What a great find and capture! #10417474

Anthony G. Comella 11/13/2012 12:38:52 PM

Terrific title and Image !!! #10417482

Emile Abbott 11/13/2012 4:43:43 PM

Unique capture well done Paddy. #10417726

Martha R. Mazon 11/13/2012 6:00:53 PM

Love this!! Truly excellent design in this captivating image, Patrick! #10417823

Tammy Espino 11/13/2012 7:50:16 PM

Unique!:) #10417915

Steve J. Schoolcraft 11/14/2012 6:16:14 PM

Very cool Patrick! #10419064

Mariann Kovats 11/15/2012 9:16:05 PM

This is great, Patrick! #10420525

Liz blahh 11/17/2012 5:45:45 AM

COOL! #10422561

Susan M. Campbell 11/18/2012 6:56:22 AM

Even rain drops can be beautiful. Nice job. #10423983

Phyllis A. Houghton 11/18/2012 10:14:41 AM

Love the lines, curves and angle. Unique shot, Paddy! #10424157

Mary Dimitriw 11/19/2012 6:53:25 PM

Awesome shot Patrick, love the comp and colors! #10426090

Eivor Kuchta 12/14/2012 10:02:09 AM

Very clever idea, Patrick! Seen out from another car or window? It's so elegant design and great bright color in the rainy weather! #10464178

Lyn Darlington 12/27/2012 9:40:46 PM

Great capture! Congrats on your finalist! #10481516

Carol L. Fowler 12/27/2012 11:00:45 PM

Beautiful Finalist!- Congrats! #10481804

Sherran Andersen 12/27/2012 11:09:18 PM

Congrats Patrick. #10481838

Laura E. Swan 12/27/2012 11:45:06 PM

I had no idea what this was when it was a large picture but the mini pic gave it away! I so love your work, Paddy!



-Swaneeeeeeeeeeee #10481915

Nadia Paul 12/27/2012 11:50:02 PM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist Patrick! #10481927

Robert R. Goodman 12/28/2012 4:29:10 AM

Hi Patrick,Congratulations on this beautiful finalist!!! #10482392

Ellen Hodges 12/28/2012 4:32:42 AM

Huge congrats and very best luck with your awesome finalist, Patrick!! #10482407

Marijana Fajgl 12/28/2012 5:00:43 AM

Big congratulations on your fantastic finalist, Patrick! #10482535

Tammy M. Anderson 12/28/2012 5:07:42 AM

Congrats on a great finalist, Patrick. #10482567

JO ANN CLEVELAND 12/28/2012 6:42:58 AM

Super finalist Patrick ... big congrats!

jo ann c. #10482875

The Judges at BetterPhoto.com 12/28/2012 8:21:41 AM

Beautiful. #10483296

Emile Abbott 12/28/2012 9:04:49 AM

Congratulations on this beautiful finalist, Paddy. #10483434

Kathy Salerni 12/28/2012 9:56:45 AM

Huge congrats and good luck in the next round, Paddy! #10483682

Renata Gusciora 12/28/2012 10:48:23 AM

Big congratulations on this fantastic finalist,Patrick!!!:-) #10483965

frank w. degenhardt 12/28/2012 11:06:49 AM

The raindrops, the colors, the lines, make for one beautiful Finalist Patrick. Congratulations my friend. #10484080

Ann H. Belus 12/28/2012 11:14:02 AM

Congratulations on this terrific finalist, Paddy! #10484121

Tiia Vissak 12/28/2012 11:33:31 AM

Congratulations! #10484243

Marcel J. Fernandez 12/28/2012 11:55:37 AM

Congratulations, Patrick on your most outstanding Finalist. #10484369

Marilyn Cornwell 12/28/2012 11:56:48 AM

Great image! Congratulations on a wonderful Finalist! #10484374

Tammy Espino 12/28/2012 12:14:39 PM

Big Congrats, Patrick :) #10484487

Martha R. Mazon 12/28/2012 12:57:38 PM

Congrats on this wonderful finalist! Love this one! #10484641

Bojan Bencic 12/28/2012 1:16:58 PM

Fantastic shot, Patrick. Congratulations on your finalist! #10484693

John Connolly 12/28/2012 1:35:59 PM

Congratulations on your finalist award Patrick! Well done! #10484766

Bob D. Hall 12/28/2012 3:23:11 PM

Nice work and big congrats, Paddy! #10485021

Peggy Pfister 12/28/2012 4:34:58 PM

Nice capture, love the vibrant color! Congrats! #10485185

Katherine Kuhn 12/28/2012 5:57:41 PM

Wonderful lines, great color & love the shooting thru the raindrops! Congratulations on your well-deserved finalist! #10485476

Randy D. Dinkins 12/28/2012 6:31:34 PM

Great seeing and capture, congratulations! #10485614

Deborah C. Lewinson 12/28/2012 8:48:47 PM

Wow, Paddy, this is a fav!

Congrats on your finalist and best wishes for the next round!
Debby #10485954

Stan Kwasniowski 12/28/2012 10:17:09 PM

Patrick, congratulations and "wow" #10486070

Amanda J. Tanner 12/28/2012 10:42:49 PM

Congratulations Patrick on this great finalist! #10486118

Barbara Waldoch 12/28/2012 11:09:13 PM

Congratulations Patrick! #10486150

Robert K. Bemus 12/28/2012 11:26:24 PM

Congratulations on a great Finalist, Patrick!! #10486181

Mary K. Robison 12/29/2012 4:14:45 AM

Patrick, this is one of the best "rainy day" captures I've seen on-site, EVER!
CONGRATULATIONS on its selection as a Finalist! Sure hope we see the silver turn to gold on this one! #10486369

Debra R. Harder 12/29/2012 6:34:44 AM

This is awesome, Patrick! I love the raindrops and fabulous colors and comp. Huge congratulations on your SUPERB finalist!! #10486569

Eivor Kuchta 12/29/2012 8:01:55 AM

Great to see silver under this one, Patrick! Congratulations on your finalist, and good luck in the next round! #10486729

Nancy L. Green 12/29/2012 9:18:39 AM

CONGRATULATIONS Paddy on your wonderful finalist, WTG my friend!!! <>< #10486882

Sabrina Ryan 12/29/2012 11:30:28 AM

Congratulations on this fantastic Finalist, Patrick! #10487157

Val Feldman 12/29/2012 11:50:15 AM

I love your eye for design, color and textures...can I borrow it sometime??? :) :) A very cool capture - love the brilliant color to go with the brilliantly captured Finalist, my friend! Congratulations and all the best up next! #10487249

Photographer 12/29/2012 12:48:22 PM

WOW!! This is probably one of the best images I have ever seen.. Not just for the raindrops, but the rich deep vivid green colors.. A very big congrats to you Patrick to this very well deserved Finalist pick.. #10487447

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 12/29/2012 2:15:19 PM

Congratulations on your finalist!!! Incredible Patrick! #10487786

Mary Dimitriw 12/29/2012 3:44:19 PM

So happy for you Patrick on this well deserved finalist! So vibrant! #10488030

Mariann Kovats 12/30/2012 12:00:56 AM

I knew, it will be among the winners! Fantastic finalist, congrats, Patrick! #10488646

Phyllis H. Burchett 12/30/2012 9:58:53 AM

AWESOME Patrick, big congrats! #10489497

Leslie McLain 12/30/2012 1:26:14 PM

Congrats on a terrific finalist, Patrick. #10489884

Lindley Johnson 12/30/2012 4:32:29 PM

This is such a cool image, Patrick! Congratulations on your fantastic finalist. #10490143

Ujjwal Mukherjee 12/30/2012 10:13:51 PM

Wonderful image and finalist,Patrick! Congratulations!! #10490552

Mariann Kovats 12/30/2012 11:25:35 PM

I just know, it will be a winner! Huge congrats, Patrick! Well deserved! #10490575

Stefania Barbier 12/31/2012 12:04:27 AM

Gorgeous win, congratulations!!! #10490631

Michelle Alton 12/31/2012 3:23:41 AM

When an image has a destiny (like this one), it is so gratifying to see it with a gold badge. Congratulations, Paddy! #10490810

Colette M. Metcalf 12/31/2012 3:28:48 AM

A BIG congrats to you!!!! #10490828

Mary K. Robison 12/31/2012 3:53:52 AM

Congratulations on your well deserved Gold Winner, Patrick!
So happy for you! #10490885

Tammy M. Anderson 12/31/2012 3:56:08 AM

Congrats on an awesome winner, Patrick. #10490891

Bojan Bencic 12/31/2012 4:33:38 AM

Well done, Patrick. Congratulations on your win! #10491015

Deborah C. Lewinson 12/31/2012 4:33:55 AM

So well deserved!

Congrats on your win, Paddy!
Debby #10491016

Ken Smith 12/31/2012 5:11:56 AM

Perfect, Patrick. Beautiful work...congrats on the gold! #10491148

Monnie Ryan 12/31/2012 5:38:35 AM

Great job - congratulations on your win! #10491225

Amanda J. Tanner 12/31/2012 5:45:08 AM

Congratulations on this wonderful Winner Patrick! #10491245

Susan Williams 12/31/2012 6:12:36 AM

Congratulations on your Gold for this very creative work, Patrick! WTG!! #10491301

Phyllis H. Burchett 12/31/2012 6:22:03 AM

BIG congrats on this fantastic winner Patrick!!! #10491331

Daniella Puente 12/31/2012 7:04:37 AM

WTG Patrick! congrats on this super cool, creative photo! #10491434

Janice Mezzacappa 12/31/2012 7:14:09 AM

Awesome capture Patrick Huge Congrats on your amazing winner!! #10491454

Kathryn Wesserling 12/31/2012 7:40:23 AM

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Patrick. What a terrific Win! #10491545

Martha R. Mazon 12/31/2012 7:50:03 AM

I'm so glad to see this with gold! Congratulations, Patrick!! #10491584

Peggy Pfister 12/31/2012 8:05:30 AM

No surprise to see this one go gold! Congrats on your awesome winner! #10491645

Stephen Zacker 12/31/2012 8:11:25 AM

Very Cool. Congratulations #10491675

Millie A. Talarico 12/31/2012 8:42:25 AM

Patrick, congratulations, well done~! #10491791

Debra R. Harder 12/31/2012 8:55:06 AM

This is sooooooooo awesome, Patrick! Huge congratulations on your OUTSTANDING GOLD WINNER!!! #10491819

Renata Gusciora 12/31/2012 9:54:53 AM

Huge congratulations on this awesome Winner,Patrick!!! Happy New Year!!!:-) #10491972

David Phalen 12/31/2012 10:10:22 AM

WTG Paddy!! BIG Congrats on a fantastic Winner!! #10492002

Marijana Fajgl 12/31/2012 10:28:03 AM

Big congratulations on your gold, Patrick! #10492041

Phyllis A. Houghton 12/31/2012 11:32:29 AM

Congratulations on Winning the Gold!!!! You have a great creative eye and nice details on all your photos!!!! Happy New Year my dear friend! #10492250

Michele Peterson 12/31/2012 11:35:49 AM

This is fantastic, Patrick! I love the colors, the lines, the detailed water drops... lots to love on this well deserved winner!! Congratulations! #10492260

Ellen Hodges 12/31/2012 11:40:41 AM

Huge congrats on a fabulous winner, Patrick!!! Happy New Year!!!! #10492280

Randy D. Dinkins 12/31/2012 12:55:21 PM

Great job, WTG - Huge congrats!!! #10492488

Emile Abbott 12/31/2012 1:01:08 PM

OH MY PATRICK I am so so glad to see this one with a gold badge. Congratulations my friend on your winning image. #10492511

frank w. degenhardt 12/31/2012 1:03:20 PM

Way to go Patrick. Congratulations on the Second Place Win my friend. Way to go. #10492522

Anita Hogue 12/31/2012 3:00:11 PM

So original and fabulous! Congratulations, Patrick! #10492691

Kathy Salerni 12/31/2012 3:29:09 PM

Big congrats on your wonderful Winner, Paddy! #10492720

ALLEN O. HOWARD 12/31/2012 4:07:00 PM

Oh Man I don't know how you do it! Magic! Congratulations my friend and into my favorites it goes! #10492792

Tammy Espino 12/31/2012 4:34:58 PM

Congrats on your win :) #10492849

Patrick Rouzes 12/31/2012 6:35:18 PM

Thank you all for the kind and encourageing comments, my BP friends. Have to say it: i,m touched beyond what you can all imagine. Little embarrassed to say, but why not?

Karen Bacon 12/31/2012 7:21:09 PM

Congarts on this fabulous winner Patrick.Happy New Year! #10493055

Nadia Paul 12/31/2012 7:27:42 PM

Congrats on a well deserved winner my friend! #10493072

Ujjwal Mukherjee 12/31/2012 7:58:07 PM

Congratulations on your superb Winner,my friend!! #10493103

Patrick Rouzes 12/31/2012 8:46:05 PM

Thanks Karen, Nadia & Ujjwal!!! Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon Sawyer 12/31/2012 10:05:53 PM

Patrick, HUGE congratulations on your fantastic and most deserving Second Place Win!!! Happy New Year to you and yours! #10493198

Robert K. Bemus 12/31/2012 10:06:06 PM

Congratulations on your Gold, Patrick!!! #10493199

Lyn Darlington 1/1/2013 3:11:12 AM

Huge congrats on your gold win! #10493376

Andre Larose 1/1/2013 5:08:20 AM

Congratulations Patrick on this beautiful image! All the best for you in 2013! #10493509

Lydia Williams 1/1/2013 7:03:08 AM

Wow, this is an amazing shot, Paddy! Congratultions on your golden win! Perfect! :) #10493693

JO ANN CLEVELAND 1/1/2013 8:12:52 AM

Congrats on this wonderful 2nd Place Gold Winner Patrick!

Happy New Year!

jo ann c. #10493828

Ann H. Belus 1/1/2013 8:29:38 PM

Huge congratulations on this awesome gold winner, Paddy! #10494799

Nancy L. Green 1/2/2013 7:20:03 AM

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS Paddy on this wonderful winner, wTG!! <>< #10495415

Robert R. Goodman 1/2/2013 10:07:39 AM

Hi Patrick,Congratulations on your beautiful win!!!! #10495654

Lindley Johnson 1/2/2013 12:29:16 PM

Congratulations on your awesome winner, Patrick! #10495906

Mary Dimitriw 1/2/2013 3:29:02 PM

A big congratulations on this absolute fab winner Patrick!! #10496125

Mary L. Olson 1/3/2013 9:15:12 AM

VERY nice!!! Congratulations on winning a Gold with this colorful, well-composed image. #10497330

Patrick Rouzes 1/4/2013 12:27:57 PM

Thanks again, everyone!

Cindy Bendush 1/4/2013 4:18:25 PM

Awesome Patrick - I can see this in other categories too! Big congratulations on your beautiful winning image! #10499606

Reynaldo D. Reyes 1/6/2013 9:30:45 AM

So wonderfully impressive Patrick. You did it again, Congratulations! #10501943

Renee Doyle 1/6/2013 5:51:21 PM

This is very cool work Patrick! Congratulations on this excellent winner! #10502650

Virginia Leone 1/6/2013 6:36:39 PM

Cool, congrats :) #10502761

Cassie L. Woodlee 1/7/2013 4:57:39 AM

Congrts Paddy, awesome image! love the color and detail #10503383

isabel C. Zepeda 1/8/2013 7:38:39 AM



Ysa... #10505096

Barbara Mason 1/12/2013 8:14:41 PM

Many congratulations on your WINNER Patrick - superb composition, color, shapes and textures #10512425

Merna L. Nobile 1/20/2013 10:40:47 AM

January is a month of reflection for me, I remember how privileged I was to observe all the outstanding work and beautiful photographs of the past year. For the last time this year, I would be honored to congratulate you for your spectacular work and willingness to share with all of us, Happy New Year, Merna Nobile

Sabrina Ryan 1/23/2013 6:03:19 AM

Congratulations on your colorful Winning image, Patrick! #10529349

Terry Cervi 1/23/2013 6:13:37 AM

Paddy, I just now saw this!! I missed a beauty too! Huge congrats on this fantastic and eye-catching win!! Love it! #10529366

John Connolly 1/27/2013 11:39:31 AM

Congratulations on your gold win Patrick! Well done! #10540112

Laura L. Gonzales 1/30/2013 11:21:10 PM

CONGRATULATIONS Paddy on this fantastic and well deserved WIN!!!!!! Awesome detail, color, light and comp!! WTG my friend!! #10547016

Karen Celella 2/2/2013 1:34:08 PM

Congratulations on your fabulous gold winner, Paddy! #10550719

JO ANN CLEVELAND 2/11/2013 4:38:07 PM

Big congratulations Paddy! I didn't get to get "around" this past month..glad I did get here finally!

Wonderful jo!

jo ann c. #10564103

Monica Mermoz 2/17/2013 1:29:23 PM

I've just seen this great winner, Patrick. It's fantastic!! Big congratulations! #10572208

Mary K. Robison 3/30/2016 12:57:28 AM

Nice to see this again, Patrick, especially as an AT EP!
Hope it goes even higher! #11453943

Lydia Williams 3/30/2016 6:04:20 AM

Yay, Paddy! So glad this is here with an All Time EP. Congratulations! It is AWESOME! :) #11454035

Mary K. Robison 7/6/2016 5:51:06 AM

Wow! Patrick, you really earned this creative capture's All Time Finalist Award! Congratulations! #11492513

Sylvia Rourke 10/29/2016 9:38:35 PM

I agree with Mary's comments, what a fabulous capture, well seen. Congrats on your double golds. #11532066

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Exif: F Number: 5, Exposure Bias Value: 0.33, ExposureTime: 1/400 seconds, Flash: did not fire, compulsory flash mode, ISO: 200, White balance: Manual white balance, FocalLength: 55.00 mm, Model: Canon EOS 60D

Uploaded on 11/12/2012 8:37:15 PM

BetterPhoto.com All Time Best Photo Contest Finalist
BetterPhoto.com Photo Contest SECOND PLACE Winner

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