El Capitan

Avril Young level-classic 10/2/2012 1:38:33 AM

stunning, wonderful pov and capture..great lighting and colours Stef! #1489688

Tammy M. Anderson level-classic 10/2/2012 2:35:42 AM

Beautiful capture, Stefania. You really hit all the big park on your trip. #10349959

R. J. Laudenbacher level-classic 10/2/2012 3:21:42 AM

Beautiful capture and great natural framing, Stef. #10350014

Jack Gaskin level-classic 10/2/2012 3:55:19 AM

QUITE the CHUNCK of ROCK tree frame is nicely done and the clouds are just enough. A shame you could not catch someone climbing it for scale. Although they might be there as it is SO EMENSE they probably would not show from this view.

Wonderful Capture on my Bucket List

Jack #10350067

Jeff Robinson level-classic 10/2/2012 3:56:57 AM

This is Outstanding - Great pov, detail and a beautiful sky! #10350070

Ken Smith level-classic 10/2/2012 4:01:06 AM

I'll be there in a few weeks! :-) Can't wait, especially now that I've seen your photo...beautiful work, Stef! #10350077

Joy Rector level-classic 10/2/2012 4:17:43 AM

beautiful #10350131

Antonio Amen level-classic 10/2/2012 4:50:49 AM

Excellent, beautiful photo #10350220

Connie J. Bagot 10/3/2012 6:10:56 AM

Really really nice! I love the colors, clarity, and framing by the trees---the trees seem to be lifting the rock formation up to that gorgeous sky! #10352935

Julianne Bradford 10/3/2012 10:22:00 AM

Uplifting indeed! A magnificent capture of one of my favorite places! #10353383

Rony Sagy 10/3/2012 10:58:45 AM

Spectacular. #10353408

Emile Abbott level-classic 10/3/2012 1:36:47 PM

Iconic landmarks you are capturing to perfection, Stef. #10353597

John Connolly level-classic 10/3/2012 2:22:52 PM

Marvelous light and color Stefania! A beautiful scene and capture! #10353707

Tammy Espino level-classic 10/3/2012 3:25:54 PM

Excellent! #10353815

Stefania Barbier level-classic 10/4/2012 2:20:28 AM

thank you! #10354404

Reynaldo D. Reyes level-classic 10/4/2012 3:48:11 PM

Gorgeous lighting, so exciting to see views of Yosemite again. I hope to visit next year and hopefully there's no more threat of the hanta virus then. Take care. #10355571

Stefania Barbier level-classic 10/5/2012 3:40:07 AM

thank you! #10356184

Mary K. Robison level-classic 10/5/2012 4:24:03 AM

Stunning capture, Stef! Wonderful pov and natural framing! #10356245

Amalia Sylvia Arriaga Salinas level-classic 10/5/2012 10:48:54 PM

Beautiful image and lighting Stefania!,
Amalia #10357535

Stefania Barbier level-classic 10/5/2012 11:29:29 PM

thank you! #10357549

Katarina Mansson 12/9/2012 3:25:33 AM

Impressive and beautiful nature.
Impressive and beautiful capture.
Congratulations on your outstanding POTD Stefania! #10456828

Bojan Bencic level-classic 12/9/2012 3:46:48 AM

Great ophoto of this classic, Stefania. Congratulations on your POTD! #10456860

Tammy M. Anderson level-classic 12/9/2012 3:48:54 AM

Congrats on a beautiful POTD. #10456869

Dennis Behm 12/9/2012 4:01:26 AM

Congratulations on your POTD! Beautiful! #10456900

Mary L. Olson level-classic 12/9/2012 4:09:39 AM

Beautiful image, Congratulations on your POTD. #10456905

Anita Hogue 12/9/2012 4:44:52 AM

Gorgeous, Stefania! Congratulations on your POTD! #10456945

Nina Shields level-classic 12/9/2012 4:48:57 AM

Stefania, what a gorgeous POTD, definitely worthy of much recognition; Congratulations! #10456947

Dominick M. Dimacale level-classic 12/9/2012 4:49:42 AM

Congratulations Stefania on your POTD Win!

Dominick #10456948

Nancy Marie Ricketts 12/9/2012 5:11:01 AM

Superb rendition of this icon, Stefania! Congratulations on your POTD! #10456978

Christopher Budny level-classic 12/9/2012 5:19:30 AM

Beautifully done, Stefania; congratulations! #10456989

Mukesh Srivastava level-classic 12/9/2012 5:22:01 AM

Excellent light and framing!!!!Congratulations on your POTD, Stef!!!!


Patricia A. Casey level-classic 12/9/2012 5:28:29 AM

Beautiful capture! Congratulations Stefania on POTD! Cheers... #10457002

Joy Rector level-classic 12/9/2012 5:51:42 AM

congrats on the POTD #10457034

Mary Beth Aiello level-classic 12/9/2012 5:54:48 AM

Simply outstanding, Stef. Huge congrats on this beautiful POTD. #10457040

Connie J. Bagot 12/9/2012 6:02:19 AM

This is very beautiful (I am in love with the light), congratulations Stefania! #10457053

Carol Flisak level-classic 12/9/2012 6:05:24 AM

Congratulations on your gorgeous POTD, Stefania! #10457054

Patti Coblentz level-classic 12/9/2012 6:19:48 AM

Magnificent, Stef!
Congratulations on your POTD! #10457080

Colette M. Metcalf level-classic 12/9/2012 6:20:56 AM

Congratulations!!!!!! #10457082

Jeff Robinson level-classic 12/9/2012 6:24:03 AM

Congrats Stefania on your well deserved POTD! #10457093

Linda D. Lester level-classic 12/9/2012 6:31:25 AM

What a beauty....Congratulations on your POTD! #10457109

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna level-classic 12/9/2012 6:48:48 AM

WTG on this beautiful POTD, Stefania! :-) k #10457133

Lynne Morris 12/9/2012 7:02:32 AM

Huge Congratulations on this beautiful POTD Stef, well deserved. #10457144

Carmody Baker 12/9/2012 7:07:32 AM

Just beautiful. Congratulations Stefania! #10457154

Nikki McDonald level-classic 12/9/2012 7:08:41 AM

Beautiful light - I love the look of the towering trees against that golden stone. Congratulations on the POTD, Stef. #10457156

Jack Gaskin 12/9/2012 7:09:29 AM


Jack #10457157

John D. Roach level-classic 12/9/2012 7:12:13 AM

Very nice Image! #10457158

Debra R. Harder 12/9/2012 7:17:40 AM

Gorgeous image, Stef, of one of my favorite places! Huge congratulations on your BEAUTIFUL POTD!!! #10457163

Julianne Bradford 12/9/2012 7:37:29 AM

Congrats on this magnificent POTD Stefania! #10457175

Terry Cervi level-classic 12/9/2012 7:37:29 AM

Congrats on your beautiful POTD, Stef! #10457176

Erica Murphy level-classic 12/9/2012 7:43:15 AM

Beautiful POTD Stefania!! Congratulations! #10457181

Ellen Hodges level-classic 12/9/2012 8:11:14 AM

Huge congrats on a stunning POTD, Stef!!! #10457226

Phyllis A. Houghton level-classic 12/9/2012 8:17:01 AM

Congratulations on your beautiful POTD, Stef! #10457235

Andre Larose level-classic 12/9/2012 8:26:12 AM

Beautiful shot Stefania! Congratulations on your wonderful POTD! #10457248

Ann Coates level-classic 12/9/2012 8:59:02 AM

Congratulations on your beautiful POTD Stefania. #10457272

Phyllis H. Burchett 12/9/2012 9:00:47 AM

Congrats on this beautiful POTD Stefania!!! #10457273

David Phalen level-classic 12/9/2012 9:04:48 AM

BIG Congrats on a spectacular POTD!! #10457277

Guy D. Biechele level-classic 12/9/2012 9:13:16 AM

Pretty shot. Congrats! #10457281

JO ANN CLEVELAND 12/9/2012 9:39:56 AM

Really beautiful Stef...congratulations on your excellent POTD girl!

jo ann c. #10457303

Daniella Puente 12/9/2012 10:26:52 AM

Hi Stef! WONDERFUL capture, love your POV and the scene is awesome, congratulations :) #10457401

Mariann Kovats level-classic 12/9/2012 12:05:45 PM

Spectacular! Huge congrats on your POTD, Stefania! #10457582

Emile Abbott level-classic 12/9/2012 12:18:35 PM

Stunning capture Stefania and huge congrats on POTD #10457589

Cindy Bendush level-classic 12/9/2012 1:11:30 PM

Outstanding capture of this beautiful icon! Big congrats on your POTD! #10457653

Reynaldo D. Reyes level-classic 12/9/2012 1:20:00 PM

Superb Win. A huge congratulations on this beauty Stefania. #10457665

Nancy L. Green level-classic 12/9/2012 1:38:31 PM

CONGRATULATIONS Stef, this is STUNNING!!! <>< #10457687

JudyAnn Rector level-classic 12/9/2012 2:04:11 PM

Outstanding, Stefania...
Congratulations on your POTD!! #10457738

Carlton Ward level-classic 12/9/2012 2:16:37 PM

Congratulations Stefania

Tammy Espino level-classic 12/9/2012 3:38:41 PM

Congrats!!:) #10457872

Ken Smith level-classic 12/9/2012 5:58:28 PM

Whoo hoo, Stef...congrats to you...a really super shot! #10458031

Evy Johansen level-classic 12/9/2012 7:22:40 PM

Beautiful capture, Stephania! Congratulations on your POTD! :)

Ujjwal Mukherjee level-classic 12/9/2012 8:39:12 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful POTD!!

Robert K. Bemus level-classic 12/9/2012 9:19:24 PM

Gorgeous shot of the place...congrats on your POTD!! #10458214

Stefania Barbier level-classic 12/10/2012 12:51:05 AM

thank you so much everyone!!! #10458304

Nadia Paul level-classic 12/10/2012 1:24:32 AM

Everything is perfect here - congrats on your POTD Stefania! #10458332

Stefania Barbier level-classic 12/10/2012 1:25:57 AM

thank you Nadia! #10458334

Lori Carlson level-classic 12/10/2012 3:57:01 AM

Gorgeous scene, Stefania! Congrats on this beautifully lit, POTD! =) #10458498

Thomas E. Hinds level-classic 12/10/2012 4:32:51 AM

Beautiful work, Stefania! Congratulations on this amazing POTD! #10458546

Mary K. Robison level-classic 12/10/2012 5:21:17 AM

Superb capture of this majestic scene, Stef.
Congratulations on your well deserved POTD! #10458656

Shelly A. Van Camp level-classic 12/10/2012 6:30:00 AM

Sooooo Pretty, Stef!! Congrats on the POTD!!! :) #10458749

Stefania Barbier level-classic 12/10/2012 10:06:51 AM

thank you! #10458960

Jeffrey R. Bange level-classic 12/11/2012 7:16:28 PM

Congratulations Stefania on a well deserved POTD. #10461083

Stefania Barbier level-classic 12/12/2012 9:30:24 AM

thank you! #10461771

Mike Clime level-classic 12/14/2012 3:17:04 PM

Congratulations on your POTD! #10464534

Renee Doyle level-classic 12/14/2012 11:27:03 PM

Belated but BIG congrats to you Stef on this wonderful POTD!! #10464833

Stefania Barbier level-classic 12/17/2012 1:23:12 AM

thank you! #10467342

Donna La Mattino Pagakis level-classic 12/20/2012 10:05:07 PM

Gorgeous POTD Stef, huge congrats! #10473071

Stefania Barbier level-classic 12/21/2012 10:41:12 PM

thank you! #10474524

Deborah C. Lewinson level-classic 12/22/2012 6:24:07 AM

Congrats, Stef, on your magnificent POTD!

It sure makes me want to be there!
Debby #10474817

Stefania Barbier level-classic 12/22/2012 8:18:57 AM

thank you! #10474909

Alex T. Mizuno level-classic 3/28/2013 1:11:33 AM

Magnificent capture of this beautiful rock Stef! Congratulations on this fantastic POTD! #10628733

Richard D. Love 3/29/2013 5:56:50 AM

Congratulations, Stef. Just another beauty!

Rick #10632326

Stefania Barbier level-classic 4/3/2013 1:32:13 AM

thank you! #10639668

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Yosemite National Park

Exif: f/7.1, 1/80 second, ISO 200

Uploaded on 10/2/2012 1:30:59 AM
Entered into contest on 10/9/2014 12:14:04 AM

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