Homeward Bound

© Val Feldman

Homeward Bound

Barbara Waldoch level-classic 7/16/2012 4:14:58 AM

Excellent, Val! #1475088

Tammy M. Anderson level-classic 7/16/2012 4:25:08 AM

So cute. Great low pov and comp. Good to see you around. #10231270

Agnes Fegan level-classic 7/16/2012 4:43:36 AM

Hope all is well Val ... this is adorable! #10231309

Debbie Bray level-classic 7/16/2012 4:47:41 AM

Aww, they are just soo cute, Val!! I just love their furry little bodies before they develop their wings!! #10231320

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 7/16/2012 5:02:41 AM

Hi Valarie,Sure are some cutie my friend.Beautiful capture,take care!!!! #10231355

Linda D. Lester level-classic 7/16/2012 5:23:19 AM

Val they are so cute!!! Wonderful capture of this family! #10231397

Monnie Ryan level-classic 7/16/2012 5:29:26 AM

So sweet, Val! Good to see you - I was thinking about you yesterday when we popped in at the rose garden in the park! #10231414

Jeff Robinson level-classic 7/16/2012 5:29:40 AM

This is Outstanding Val!! #10231416

Terry Cervi level-classic 7/16/2012 6:16:40 AM

Good morning back at 'ya, Ms.V! What a bunch of cuties and such a fantastic shot! I haven't been back to my favorite haunt to check the progress of my babies either but I imagine they're almost full grown by now. #10231492

R. J. Laudenbacher level-classic 7/16/2012 6:37:32 AM

I love your comp on this Val. A precious capture for sure! #10231513

Don Christiana level-classic 7/16/2012 7:01:37 AM

Good Morning Val, so glad to see you back. Great capture of an adorable family. I am sure they would love all the rain we have had lately. #10231556

Ann H. Belus level-classic 7/16/2012 9:24:40 AM

Now that's what I call "getting the tail end of the deal!" Love this comp, Val, and those little ones are so adorable! Glad to see you back; hope all is well! #10231794

Rony Sagy 7/16/2012 12:32:53 PM

What a fantastic capture of this wonderful family. Terrific clarity and framing, Val. #10231984

Mary Dimitriw level-classic 7/16/2012 6:55:41 PM

Good evening Ms. Val..what a cute capture!! I feel the same way some days, so far behind! #10232544

Carol L. Fowler 7/16/2012 6:56:40 PM

I was out chasing after baby loons today, and found that they are rather large by now too!! Too bad I couldn't have captured them before today. Oh well- chicks must grow up. Yours are cute!! #10232547

Ann Coates level-classic 7/16/2012 8:15:07 PM

I love it Val, what a cute family. #10232626

Julianne Bradford 7/17/2012 7:01:55 AM

So-o cute! I'm sure the mom would love your baby pixs :-) to remember them by. Ah..they grow up so fast. #10233288

Bonnie C. Lackey level-classic 7/17/2012 7:26:43 AM

I'd keep my eye on that little guy on the right...seems to have wanderlust in his soul! Adorable catch, Val! #10233346

Emile Abbott level-classic 7/17/2012 2:56:02 PM

Val we all get behind. I finally put the Rodeo behind me after a hard weeks work then all the processing and printing and making DVD's. Off to Canada on Monday for 3 weeks. Love watching your park family grow up. So So cute. #10233848

Tammy Espino level-classic 7/17/2012 4:09:08 PM

Looks like a little goose in there with those duck babies!! :) What a wonderful cute capture!! Quack~ #10233917

Anita Hogue 7/18/2012 12:12:31 PM

They are so adorable! Fabulous capture! #10235072

Julie Burnett 7/21/2012 4:27:02 AM

AWWWW, they're growing up so fast! Gorgeous family portrait, love the little furry ones, and your pov, Val!! #10238521

Kathy Salerni level-classic 8/1/2012 5:04:52 PM

Perfect lighting and focus on these little cuties, Val! #10258655

John Connolly level-classic 8/4/2012 3:18:27 PM

They don't come much cuter than this Val! What a delightful capture!~ #10262814

Christine Lobsinger level-classic 8/14/2012 7:43:39 AM

Hi Val,
This is the best way to display your little ones... love your COMP!
Wonderful family shot!
Smiling Chris #10275436

Kathy Salerni level-classic 8/28/2012 11:45:52 PM

Woo Hoo! Congratulations on your well deserved Finalist and good luck in the next round, Val! #10294706

Bojan Bencic level-classic 8/29/2012 12:44:56 AM

Great shot. Congratulations on your finalist, Val. #10294780

Ann Coates level-classic 8/29/2012 2:52:42 AM

What a gorgeous family you captured here, congratulations on your finalist Valarie. #10294941

Julie Burnett 8/29/2012 3:47:25 AM

No surprise here, Cuz! Congratulations on this well deserved finalist, I'm sure we'll see it again!! :) #10295072

Leslie McLain level-classic 8/29/2012 4:40:25 AM

Congrats on a beautiful finalist, Val. #10295211

Don Christiana level-classic 8/29/2012 6:39:59 AM

Val...How could this not be a Winner? Everyone loves a beautiful Family Portrait. Congrats on your 2nd Finalist this month. #10295629

Emile Abbott level-classic 8/29/2012 6:56:00 AM

Big Texas Congratulations on your wonderful finalist, Val. #10295663

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 8/29/2012 7:45:44 AM

Hi Valarie,Big Congratulations on this beautiful finalist my friend!!! #10295879

Ann H. Belus level-classic 8/29/2012 8:35:51 AM

Congratulations, Val, on this super finalist!!! #10296151

Tammy M. Anderson level-classic 8/29/2012 9:17:11 AM

Congrats on a great finalist, Val. #10296341

Deborah C. Lewinson level-classic 8/29/2012 2:31:40 PM

Congrats, Val, on this superb finalist!

Debby #10297334

Lorna Shutter level-classic 8/29/2012 2:46:48 PM

I love this one Ms. America!!! CONGRATULATIONS on another Fine Finalist!!!!! WTG!!! Hope to see this again!!! :)
Photobucket #10297362

Agnes Fegan level-classic 8/29/2012 2:59:06 PM

Just love this one ... congrats Val! #10297426

Tammy Espino level-classic 8/29/2012 3:02:52 PM

Way to go, Val Congrats on your awesome finalist! #10297437

JO ANN CLEVELAND level-classic 8/29/2012 6:11:15 PM

Congratulations on this outstanding finalist Val!

jo ann c. #10298007

Patrick Rouzes level-classic 8/29/2012 7:41:24 PM

WOWWW, CONGRATS & good luck on this endearinig finalist, my friend!
WTG, Val!
Hope you are doing well. Let me know if you get time.

Rona L. Schwarz 8/29/2012 8:19:14 PM

What a marvelous and too adorable family capture, Val! Priceless composition! You must have had such a good time shooting these little fluff balls - I know I would. Delighted to see it as a finalist - congratulations! #10298317

Christopher Budny level-classic 8/30/2012 8:07:12 AM

Wonderful capture, Val; congratulations! #10299000

Ellen Hodges level-classic 8/30/2012 9:00:38 AM

Huge congrats and very best luck with this CUTE finalist, Val!! Hope that all is well!! #10299185

Val Feldman level-classic 8/30/2012 5:35:46 PM

Thanks everyone - so much! #10300245

Daniella Puente level-classic 8/30/2012 5:45:21 PM

Wonderful photo, congrats Val! #10300287

Reynaldo D. Reyes level-classic 8/30/2012 6:02:12 PM

A huge congratulations on this impressive finalist award Val. #10300367

David M. Montero level-classic 8/30/2012 7:53:31 PM

Congratulations on your Finalist selection Val! #10300610

Patricia Seidler level-classic 8/31/2012 7:28:13 AM

Congratulations Val. I love this so cute! #10301354

Anita Hogue 8/31/2012 1:16:28 PM

Speaking of behind.......This is a gorgeous perspective from behind! Congratulations on your sweet finalist! #10301789

Phyllis H. Burchett 8/31/2012 4:27:55 PM

B I G congrats Val on this adorable finalist!!! #10302034

Rony Sagy 8/31/2012 7:35:22 PM

What a fantastic win, Val. Huge congratulations. #10302371

Lorna Shutter 8/31/2012 7:38:09 PM

Woo Hoo!!! CONGRATULATIONS on your 2nd Place Win Ms. America!!!!! WTG!!! :)
Photobucket #10302380

Ellen Hodges level-classic 8/31/2012 7:44:26 PM

Huge congrats on a fabulous winner, Val!!! #10302401

Kathy Salerni level-classic 8/31/2012 7:47:29 PM

Huge congrats on your winning Gold, Val! #10302414

Don Christiana 8/31/2012 7:59:57 PM

Val...I told you this was going to be a winner. A HUGE CONGRAT on a wonderful GOLD Winner. #10302460

Tammy M. Anderson level-classic 8/31/2012 8:04:36 PM

Congrats on a great winner, Val. #10302473

Rona L. Schwarz 8/31/2012 8:05:50 PM

Yea, Val! So happy to this one with Gold - I loved it immediately. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS ON THIS SPECIAL WINNER!! #10302480

Ann Coates level-classic 8/31/2012 8:05:56 PM

Congratulations on your Gold winner Valarie. #10302481

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 8/31/2012 8:12:11 PM

Hi Valarie,A big Congratulations on your beautiful win!!! #10302500

Tammy Espino level-classic 8/31/2012 8:15:47 PM

So glad you got gold girl, huge congrats!! :) #10302511

Joannie Bertucci level-classic 8/31/2012 8:37:48 PM

Such a marvelous, fun image Val and so deserving of it's gold badge! Congratulations! #10302575

Susan Williams level-classic 8/31/2012 8:57:00 PM

Wow! Congratulations on your Gold for this outstanding image, Val! Wow! #10302629

Bojan Bencic level-classic 9/1/2012 2:26:47 AM

Excellent. Congratulations on your win, Val. #10302895

Linda D. Lester level-classic 9/1/2012 3:17:01 AM

Congratulations on your win!!! #10302939

Julie Burnett level-classic 9/1/2012 4:15:32 AM

Congratulations on this well deserved Gold winner, Val!! #10302996

Leslie McLain level-classic 9/1/2012 4:48:17 AM

Congrats on a fantastic winner, Val. #10303041

Anita Hogue 9/1/2012 5:01:08 AM

Thought we would see this again! Congratulations, Val! #10303095

Kay E. Mahoney level-classic 9/1/2012 6:06:42 AM

Congratulations on your adorable second place winner, Val. #10303267

Monnie Ryan 9/1/2012 6:33:15 AM

Precious, Val - congratulations! #10303340

R. J. Laudenbacher level-classic 9/1/2012 6:43:06 AM

Congrats Ms V on this precious winner! #10303364

Emile Abbott level-classic 9/1/2012 7:26:59 AM

Congrats Val on your win. Fantastic. #10303440

Val Feldman level-classic 9/1/2012 7:49:02 AM

This has been my first chance this morning to turn on my computer and catch up with BP...so I was very surprised and happy to see this! Thank you all very much! #10303468

Julianne Bradford level-classic 9/1/2012 8:20:11 AM

Congrats on this lovely winner Val! #10303512

Terry Cervi level-classic 9/1/2012 12:03:52 PM

WooooHoooo, Ms.V!!!! Congrats on your adorable winner!! Cute as can be! #10303846

JO ANN CLEVELAND 9/1/2012 12:57:48 PM

Congratulations on this fantastic 2nd Place Gold Winner Va;!

jo ann c. #10303943

Carol L. Fowler 9/1/2012 6:32:32 PM

Big Congrats on this cute Win!! #10304571

Carla Capra level-classic 9/1/2012 7:18:07 PM

Congratulations. Super cute. #10304613

Deborah C. Lewinson level-classic 9/2/2012 5:29:34 AM

So glad to see this get the Gold badge, Val!

Huge congrats!
Debby #10304959

Eivor Kuchta level-classic 9/2/2012 6:23:35 AM

Very cute! Congratulations on the gold, Val! #10305072

Lydia Williams level-classic 9/2/2012 11:51:45 AM

Awwww, so adorable, Congraulations, Val! #10305430

Phyllis H. Burchett level-classic 9/2/2012 8:38:49 PM

BIG congrats Val on this adorable winner!!! #10305994

Cindy Bendush level-classic 9/2/2012 10:44:42 PM

Congratulations on your win Val! #10306076

Mary Beth Aiello level-classic 9/3/2012 7:06:06 PM

Just so cute, Val. Huge congrats. #10307388

Dayna Cain level-classic 9/4/2012 7:09:45 AM

Congratulations Val!!!! #10307939

David M. Montero level-classic 9/9/2012 3:32:58 PM

A huge congratulations Val!!! #10315944

Usman M. Bajwa level-classic 9/13/2012 3:17:32 AM

Huge CONGRATZ on this stunning Second Place Gold, Val!!!

UB. #10320744

Kirsten Kiki Kjaer level-classic 9/16/2012 4:44:56 AM

That is just too cute and adorable!! Congratulations, Val. #10324850

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Good Morning BP People!

I'm about as far behind in photo-editing as I am in commenting - a recent trip to the local park showed that these little guys are almost as big as their parents now! I hope to catch up with you all soon.


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