Make A Wish Little One

© Laura E. Swan

Make A Wish Little One

Lorna Shutter 5/12/2012 6:35:55 PM

Do I have to tell you? I'd better not or it won't come true, right? What an AWESOME image, Sis!!! I love, love, love it!!! Right into my Faves it goes! I hope we see this one again in the WINNER'S CIRCLE!!! Beautiful colour, clarity and DD work! Amazing! :) #1462617

Nancyj E. Hovey 5/12/2012 6:38:27 PM

Gosh, I agree with Lorna. This is fantastic editing.... and now is the time for a WISH to be made....mmmmm
I wish...... 8o) #10135055

Laura E. Swan 5/12/2012 7:22:15 PM

REALLY?? YOU THINK SO??? You really think this was done in editing??? HeeHee!!!

No way ladies! I took this in my back yard this evening. I live in the land of MAGIC...The Aurora Borealis is just the beginning!

So..........What is your wish? Come on now... :)

And Thank You SO Much!!!

-Lady Laura from The Great White North of Miracles! #10135099

Robert R. Goodman 5/12/2012 7:29:21 PM

Hi Laura,you know this is a favorite my friend.Beautiful DD work,The Great White North sounds good for the summer.LOL!I would miss the monsoon here.I had to rush Tiffany into the vet this after noon.She had a little accident,but she going to be just find!!!! #10135104

Karen Kessler 5/12/2012 7:33:56 PM

Okay...I'm thinkin' I am makin' a wish!

make a wish!![: Pictures, Images and Photos

Tammy Espino 5/12/2012 7:52:18 PM

What an awesome work of art here, missy!! Love it!! I have way to many wishes to make just one :) #10135138

Patrick Rouzes 5/12/2012 8:40:02 PM

A very Swanee creative, beautiful & exceptionaly artistic image! I wish all Mother's all over the world will have a Special Day tomorrow! #10135232

Ellen Hodges 5/12/2012 8:44:28 PM

Wow creativity and soooooo very beautiful, Laura!!! My wish is that you have great things happen with this beauty!!!! #10135236

Avril Young 5/12/2012 9:20:54 PM

wow, how creative of you....I have made my wish....hope you made one too...we WILL see this one again..

Have a happy day!! #10135294

Kirsten Kiki Kjaer 5/13/2012 6:54:49 AM

O M G!!!!!!! This is SOO creative and SOO beautifully done, SSSLala. Grand Prize - here you come!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fav!! #10135588

Laura E. Swan 5/13/2012 7:17:35 AM

gif-thank you Pictures, Images and Photos

Good Morning Little Ones! I see Lorna, Mumj, I see Bobby and Look at Karen (Kalena) busy making her wish! I see Tam-Tam, Paddy, Ellen, Avril and SSSKiki!

All here together to make their wishes!

Okay let's watch the giant hand in the sky swirl her scepter and make all of your dreams come true!

Thank you all for stopping by and come on over again anytime you need to make a wish!

-Laura :D #10135600

Laura E. Swan 5/13/2012 7:23:06 AM

Oh! Listen! The Hand Is About To Speak!

happy mothers day Pictures, Images and Photos

Patrick's Wish Had Now Been Granted. Now Little Lorna, Don't Be Afraid To Wish! And Tammy, too! And I can see others who have not decided yet. And now to grant the wish about Little Laura...hmmmmm....Ah yes! One Moment Please.... #10135603

Laura E. Swan 5/13/2012 7:28:30 AM

Congratulations Pictures, Images and Photos

It's not fair if I tell you all WHY I am congratulating Laura. All of you are Grand Prize Winners to me.

For Now I Grant Laura What You Children Call An EFP. Done! It's on the way!

And Bobby your Doggy will be better soon. I just know it.

And Thank You All For Telling It To The Hand!! #10135606

Stephen Zacker 5/13/2012 8:57:33 AM

This is Fantastic.. and so Creative.. I made a wish :-) #10135651

Neal D. Hatcher 5/13/2012 11:06:30 AM

Beautiful creation-I wish I wish---- #10135726

John Connolly 5/13/2012 2:26:23 PM

A remarkable image Sister Laura, What a delightful fun presentation! I have so many wishes I don't know where to start! MMM... #10135850

Wm Nosal 5/13/2012 3:35:40 PM

Wonderful Creation, Laura!

I Wish Everyone Gets Their Wish or
Wishes :)

Ok,Ok! Good Weather On the 35th Annual
Fishing/Camping Trip Coming Up In 3 Weeks And No 100 km Winds
Or A Hail Storm When We Are On The Water In A Open Boat :) #10135892

Terry Cervi 5/13/2012 7:22:30 PM

You're so creative, Laura! Beautiful work! I wish I were more creative just like you! #10136062

Julianne Bradford 5/13/2012 10:49:10 PM

WTG Laura you creativee innovative artist! Wishing to see you next year!!! #10136161

Mary K. Robison 5/14/2012 12:07:24 AM

OK, Pom, I just wished my friends and family "love and strength for all the length of their time on earth." (Moody Blues lyrics.)
(Crossed fingers that saying it "out loud" doesn't jinx the wish!)
Your elegant creation is marvelous, Pom. The details, the colors, the composition --- all super-fine!! VERY well done, my friend! #10136190

Emile Abbott 5/14/2012 10:30:59 AM

Creative excellence, Laura. I have more than one wish but zero for myself. #10136809

JO ANN CLEVELAND 5/14/2012 2:59:42 PM

Now that's kool Laura!

Hey, you just need to do ALL pictures with your face in it, looks like that's ainner when you use your face!

jo ann c. #10137128

Reynaldo D. Reyes 5/15/2012 9:38:07 AM

What a great way to reward your friends Laura. I wish your wishes will come true. Our Lord Jesus has blessed me abundantly already. It's time to give it back. #10138131

Laura E. Swan 5/15/2012 9:56:49 AM

Hi Steve, Neal, John, Wm, Terry, Julianne, Mare, Emile, Jo Ann and Rey! :)

Thank you for coming to my "Make a Wish Little One" image. :)))

Well, my wish is that you will get your wishes! So whatever they are, I hope they come true for each person here.

They say that dreams are just plans in the making and we can't have anything happen if we don't dream and wish and plan and ask (pray!) and then, there you have it!

Actually I did have a little wish and it came true so I will tell you. I wished that I could have this image blown up and put on Canvas for my home. It will arrive by Friday. Right to my door! HA! 20x30! YES! (I got it on sale and can't be more tickled about it!)

Have wonderful days you guys!

Love to all!
-Laura :D #10138139

Lorna Shutter 5/15/2012 8:32:35 PM

Woo Hoo!!! Looks like you've been granted an EFP, Sis!!! WTG!!! :) Photobucket CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! :) #10138696

Nancyj E. Hovey 5/16/2012 7:02:16 AM

on your very deserving EFP! 8o) #10139095

Laura E. Swan 5/16/2012 8:02:29 AM

Good morning ladies. I see the "hand" stood good on her word! I DID get the EFP after all! Yippeeeeeee!

Thank you for your congratulations and for staying attached to this one :)

Love, Laura xo #10139191

frank w. degenhardt 5/20/2012 9:23:09 AM

Thank you for all the wonderful comments. I just had the most thrilling time going back through yuur gallery and see that your talent has no ends, getting stronger in fact. Your creative mind is sheer genius, the imaginary beauty of each picture has a story to tell.
Have a wonderful day dear friend. #10143364

Debbie Bray 5/22/2012 1:07:56 PM

Is it too late for me Laura, to make a wish? I've been away! I love your beautiful creative image, it's so well done. I'm here for the coffee now!! :) #10146057

Laura E. Swan 5/24/2012 3:15:03 PM

Hi Frank! You are so kind!! Your assessment of my work is so thoughtful and generous. Thanks so much. :) It's always a treat to see you in my gallery!!

* * *

Hi Debbie!

No way! It's not too late!!! Make a wish!!! Thanks for dropping in to see the Fairy God Mother in action! Making wishes come true is what she does best so don't be shy! :D

Enjoy the Java!

-Laura :) #10148755

Lydia Williams 5/24/2012 3:59:47 PM

Oh my gosh...Awesome image, Laura...Fairy Godmother and Mother nature...My wishes is Happy Wishes for everyone! #10148796

Phillip R. Connolly 5/24/2012 6:09:42 PM

I really like your creativity, Laura!! Beautiful work!!

Phil #10148915

Robert R. Goodman 5/24/2012 8:00:13 PM

Hi Laura,Wonderful capture my friend.So very sorry to ear about your father.I will keeo him in prayers!!!! #10149079

Paul E. Earl 5/25/2012 4:43:38 AM

Great work there Swanee. Well done. #10149289

Nancy L. Green 5/25/2012 6:48:22 AM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR lAURA!!! This is one AWESOME image dear friend, I hope ALL your wishes come true!!!! <>< #10149433

Lorna Shutter 5/25/2012 7:18:18 AM

Hey Laura! I didn't know it was your birthday!!! Is it today? If so, hope you have a wonderful day! I made a card for you and your dad ... I'll send you an e-mail with the link. :)
Photobucket #10149472

Laura E. Swan 5/25/2012 8:36:57 AM

Good morning my dear BetterPhoto Family and Friends!

What? My Birthday? Today??? No. I am very sorry to report that today is not my birthday. My birthday is in NOVEMBER! :)))

How funny!!! But thank you! You know how much I love C*KE! :D

Lorna, I was just to your card and it's beautiful and so are you. Thank you for thinking of me and my family.

Also thanks to Lydia, Phil, Bobby, Early-Pearly, And Nancy :)

Thank you everyone and don't forget to make your wish if you haven't yet!

-Laura :) #10149527

Lorna Shutter 5/25/2012 8:44:47 AM

Ha! Ha! Well then, it was a VERY EARLY Happy Birthday wish or a VERY BELATED one!!! ... or both!!! LOL! :) #10149537

Laura E. Swan 5/25/2012 8:51:51 AM

Yes! Indeed! Lol... :) xoxoxo #10149551

Nancyj E. Hovey 5/25/2012 4:15:10 PM

OHHHHH, THAT Nancy.... whew! 8o) #10149895

Laura E. Swan 6/5/2012 7:29:59 PM

:))) #10169991

Kathy Salerni 6/14/2012 12:59:02 PM

OMG! I love this!! You are so creative, Laura! Winner for sure! #10180226

Laura E. Swan 6/14/2012 1:06:11 PM

I was just to your gallery, too, Kathy and right away I saw a WINNER as well! Lol..Such great taste we have in winners, wouldn't you say?! HeeHee!

Thanks so much for your very welcomed visit and terrific comment!!! I've missed you!

-Laura :D #10180235

JO ANN CLEVELAND 6/16/2012 9:46:14 AM

How kool! You are the creative Queen Laura!

jo ann c. #10182626

Heather Loewenhardt 6/17/2012 7:10:54 PM

Love your creative side and your DD creations. This is just so cool. #10184370

Irene Colling 6/27/2012 3:33:55 PM

Hey, Mother Nature point some rain clouds my way.

Pretty work Laura. #10203068

Laura E. Swan 7/21/2012 10:41:31 AM

Hi Jo Ann, Heather and Irene!

Thanks and your wishes are my command. Irene, first I will send wind...the rain will come next! Get ready!

-Laura :D #10238900

Yulianto Soeroso 7/22/2012 9:47:46 PM

hahah I didn't your birthday ....too Make you wish something good for you I hope thi will give you . oh ya lovly picture so smooths gradation clouds and nice POV and make all your feel in this picture .. lovely #10240565

Laura E. Swan 7/23/2012 12:27:36 AM

Thank you Yulianto! :) I'm pleased that you like this one! Coming from the DDR master himself, it is an honor!

-Laura #10240629

Wm Nosal 7/30/2012 12:02:14 PM

Congratulations, Laura! #10250600

Lydia Williams 7/30/2012 12:05:32 PM

Congratulations big time to your Laura...Awesome finalist! #10250625

JO ANN CLEVELAND 7/30/2012 12:22:34 PM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist and I expect to see gold later on this girl!

jo ann c. #10250732

Lorna Shutter 7/30/2012 12:51:43 PM

Woo Hoo!!! CONGRATULATIONS on your Finalist Award for this magical image, Sis!!!!! WTG!!! Good luck in the next round!!! :)
Photobucket #10250865

Jill Odice 7/30/2012 1:01:34 PM

THis is magical! Congrats on your finalists! #10250918

Laura E. Swan 7/30/2012 1:13:33 PM

SO MUCH you guys!!! WOW! Sister Lorna, I am pretty sure your wish came true! (Read first line of this thread!) ... ???

This is so exciting!!! I actually got three Finalists this month. I FEEL FAINT!!! WOW!!!

ALSO THANK YOU to the Judges! This is such an honor!

I really appreciate all of the wonderful support!

-Laura :D #10250973

Tammy Espino 7/30/2012 1:38:17 PM

Well deserved!!!Congrats on this wonderful finalist,Laura loo loo!:) #10251103

Bojan Bencic 7/30/2012 1:39:43 PM

Fantastic. Congratulations on your finalist, Laura. #10251110

Ellen Hodges 7/30/2012 2:38:54 PM

Huge congrats on your awesome and wonderful finalists, Laura!! Very best luck with them!! #10251706

John Connolly 7/30/2012 2:51:47 PM

Congratulations on your finalist award Sister Laura! This is a beautiful creation and I love your DD work!
I wish you all the happines in the world for your future! #10251800

Robert R. Goodman 7/30/2012 3:13:34 PM

Hi Laura,WTG my friend.Congratulations on this beautiful finalist!!!! #10251937

Stefania Barbier 7/30/2012 3:33:34 PM

congratulations on your beautiful finalist!!! #10252026

Kathy Salerni 7/30/2012 3:34:19 PM

Did I not predict this?!!!! Huge congrats on this wonderful Finalist, Laura! Best of luck in the next round! #10252032

Kay E. Mahoney 7/30/2012 7:05:29 PM

Congratulations on your finalist, Laura. #10253193

Pat Abbott 7/30/2012 7:09:15 PM

Very creative, nice work! Congrats! #10253215

Christine Lobsinger 7/30/2012 7:36:44 PM

Hey Sis..
COngrAts to you on your LOVELY Creative Finalist-
Looking forward to seeing this one again!
Smiling CHRiSTINE #10253338

Ann Coates 7/30/2012 8:11:46 PM

Wow Laura, this is the third time I have congratulated you this month. You have done so well. Again, congratulations on another fantastic finalist. #10253470

Reynaldo D. Reyes 7/30/2012 10:07:07 PM

Woohoo! A huge Congratulations Laura! #10253745

Mary K. Robison 7/31/2012 12:24:11 AM

CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful Finalist, Pommers!
Best of luck next level! #10253867

Laura E. Swan 7/31/2012 12:29:46 AM

So very much everyone!!! It has been an exciting Day!!!

I really appreciate your friendships and support!! :) !!

-Laura #10253870

Stephen Zacker 7/31/2012 3:27:11 AM

Creative and Fun. Congratulations #10254045

Kirsten Kiki Kjaer 7/31/2012 6:26:25 AM

OMG! Half the world's population must have commented here. HEHH!
I'm SO SO happy to see one of my favorite images win here, Sister.
And I knew it would :)
HUUUUUUUGE congratulations and I hope to see gold attached to it by the end of this day. #10254382

Nancyj E. Hovey 7/31/2012 6:52:56 AM


on your very deserving FINALIST!

WTG!!!! #10254461

Christopher Budny 7/31/2012 10:14:26 AM

Congratulations, Laura! #10255105

Rony Sagy 7/31/2012 12:13:13 PM

Congratulations Laura. #10255409

Patrick Rouzes 7/31/2012 3:56:12 PM

CONGRATS & good luck on this super Swanee finalist! WTG, my friend!

Renee Doyle 8/1/2012 3:12:24 AM

Very cool dd work Laura!! Congratulations! #10257207

Stan Kwasniowski 8/1/2012 8:20:54 AM

Laura, congratulations, well done #10257748

Gina M. Savage 8/7/2012 8:40:46 AM

Congrats to you Laura...beautiful work. The girls love this one. :) #10266304

Graham Robards 8/18/2012 8:08:43 PM

Belated congratulations little sister!

Pat #10281371

Carolyn McIntosh 11/17/2012 7:14:59 PM

This is one amazing pieces of art!!! Well done. #10423448

Laura E. Swan 11/17/2012 7:19:42 PM

Thank you everyone! :))) I really appreciate your support. I put this on Canvas and it really looks cool.

Have a great evening! :D

-Laura, Sis :D #10423454

Cindy Bendush 5/3/2014 12:11:01 AM

Very creative LRP! Belated congratulations on your exceptional finalist! #11037612

Laura E. Swan 5/3/2014 12:38:10 AM

Thanks you Butterfly Queen! Did you make a wish??? :D

Tinker photo: TINKER BELL photoalbum_73995198_user22485892-1.gif #11037614

Neal D. Hatcher 5/3/2014 1:22:52 AM

----------"CONGRATULATIONS"------------- #11037617

Amanda D. Austwick 12/24/2016 9:58:19 AM

Beautiful Finalist! Love the dreamy feel! #11547646

Laura E. Swan 12/24/2016 5:54:27 PM

Thank you Neal and Amanda!!
Merry Christmas To You both and may ALL your dreams and wishes come true!! :)

-Laura :D #11547749

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