Georgia In Bloom

© Phyllis H. Burchett

Georgia In Bloom

Ellen Hodges level-deluxe 7/5/2011 10:03:37 PM

Very dramatic and gorgeous, Phyllis! Looks soooo pretty!! Is that a twister forming? #1390738

Terry Cervi level-deluxe 7/5/2011 10:13:43 PM

My goodness, this is stunning!! What beautiful cloud formations to go with that gorgeous field of sunflowers!! Exceptional work, Phyllis! #9509823

Michelle Alton 7/6/2011 3:28:44 AM

I was also thinking "tornado." Awesome shot! #9510174

Tammy M. Anderson level-deluxe 7/6/2011 3:28:49 AM

Just gorgeous, Phyllis. A winner. #9510175

Courtenay Vanderbilt level-deluxe 7/6/2011 4:49:56 AM

Definitely more had bloomed than when we were there! Terrific combination of sunflowers and sky, Phyllis! #9510465

Agnes Fegan level-deluxe 7/6/2011 5:00:45 AM

Beautiful flowers and a gorgeous sky...what more could you ask!!! #9510506

Phyllis H. Burchett level-deluxe 7/6/2011 6:47:40 AM

Thanks yall, this was taken last night at a private farm in Newborn, GA. #9510815

Linda D. Lester level-deluxe 7/6/2011 2:22:55 PM

I have got to go back! This is a beauty! Love the sky! #9511625

Cathy Barrows 7/6/2011 7:31:59 PM

Wow oh wow #9512330

Val Feldman level-deluxe 7/7/2011 4:41:01 PM

Stunning, stunning! (Wish GA was closer! :) :) #9514390

Shirley A. Kinney level-deluxe 7/7/2011 6:53:24 PM

Gorgeous, Phyllis. #9514661

Michelle Alton level-deluxe 7/12/2011 3:41:31 AM

This is a fantastic choice for POTD, Phyllis. Congratulations. #9524064

Ken Smith level-deluxe 7/12/2011 3:49:52 AM

Awesome, Phyliss. Congrats to you!! #9524071

Kerry Penn level-deluxe 7/12/2011 3:55:35 AM

This is just spectacular, Phyllis! #9524081

Joy Rector level-deluxe 7/12/2011 4:03:48 AM

congrats on the POTD #9524103

Karen R. Schuenemann level-deluxe 7/12/2011 4:04:11 AM

What a wonderful image! Simply spectacular! #9524104

Usman M. Bajwa level-deluxe 7/12/2011 4:04:57 AM

Looks like a fantastic place to be around, Phyllis. CONGRATZ on the POTD!!

UB. #9524107

Teresa Moore level-deluxe 7/12/2011 4:07:02 AM

Gorgeous! Congratulations #9524115

Deborah C. Lewinson level-deluxe 7/12/2011 4:20:06 AM

Congratulations, Phyllis, on your POTD, for this spectacular, breathtaking, and awesome image!

Debby #9524143

Mary K. Robison level-deluxe 7/12/2011 4:21:13 AM

Love those massive clouds, Phyllis!
Congratulations on your well earned POTD! #9524145

Judy V. Kennamer level-deluxe 7/12/2011 4:24:44 AM

Congrats on your beautiful POTD Phyllis! I love it!!! #9524150

Leslie McLain level-deluxe 7/12/2011 4:26:55 AM

Congrats on a stunning POTD, Phyllis. #9524156

Nadia Paul 7/12/2011 4:27:48 AM

Just stunning Phyllis - congrats on your POTD! #9524157

Katarina Mansson 7/12/2011 4:34:10 AM

Congratulations on your beautiful POTD! #9524165

Mary Beth Aiello level-deluxe 7/12/2011 4:39:30 AM

Wowzer, Phyllis. Truly magnificient. Huge congrats. #9524172

Christopher Budny level-deluxe 7/12/2011 4:49:23 AM

What a glorious capture of the sky, and great subject matter at the ground... congratulations on your POTD! #9524202

Rosemary Sampson level-deluxe 7/12/2011 5:04:08 AM

Greatcapture! Sky is awesome! A well deserved POTD! #9524253

JO ANN CLEVELAND level-deluxe 7/12/2011 5:06:56 AM

Fannnnn.....tastic Phyllis!

Wonderful POTD!

jo ann c. #9524267

Stefania Barbier level-deluxe 7/12/2011 5:11:43 AM

congratulations on your superb POTD! #9524285

Nancyj E. Hovey level-deluxe 7/12/2011 5:29:19 AM

on your very deserving POTD! 8o) #9524371

Linda D. Lester level-deluxe 7/12/2011 5:31:18 AM

Outstanding POTD!! That sky is awesome!
Congratulations on your POTD! #9524378

Karen Celella level-deluxe 7/12/2011 5:41:02 AM

Congratulations on your wonderful POTD, Phyllis. #9524422

Terry Cervi level-deluxe 7/12/2011 5:42:30 AM

Congrats on your stunning POTD, Phyllis! #9524428

Susan D. Royce level-deluxe 7/12/2011 5:45:01 AM

What a sky! Congrats on your stunning POTD. #9524440

Carol Flisak level-deluxe 7/12/2011 5:48:52 AM

Gorgeous sky and beautiful field of flowers! Congrats on your wonderful POTD, Phyllis! #9524454

Erika G. Gossett level-deluxe 7/12/2011 5:50:31 AM

Congratulations on your gorgeous POTD! The sky is awesome! #9524464

Mary Timman level-deluxe 7/12/2011 5:54:20 AM

Beautiful scene and love that sky! That cloud formation is awesome. Congratulations on POTD! #9524480

Patti Coblentz level-deluxe 7/12/2011 5:56:20 AM

Congratulations on this glorious POTD, is breathtakingly beautiful!

PS: I'm in GA now...wish I could see and shoot with your eye and talent :)) #9524489

Holly Higbee-Jansen level-deluxe 7/12/2011 6:01:24 AM

Beautiful shot Phyllis as always! #9524500

Anthony L. Mancuso 7/12/2011 6:10:23 AM

Awesome image Phyllis...congrats on your POTD! #9524513

Shirley A. Kinney 7/12/2011 6:11:37 AM

Congratulations, Phyllis, on your POTD! As I have commented before, this is just too awesome! #9524517

Nancy L. Green level-deluxe 7/12/2011 6:17:05 AM

CONGRATULATIONS Phillis, this is GORGEOUS!!! WTG!!! <>< #9524533

Cathy Barrows 7/12/2011 6:22:45 AM

Congrats on your gorgeous POTD...they worked fast with this one #9524546

Courtenay Vanderbilt 7/12/2011 6:24:18 AM

Congrats on your POTD, Phyllis! Just beautiful! #9524551

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 7/12/2011 6:35:15 AM

Beautiful POTD, Phyllis! WTG! :-) k #9524586

Coralie M. Nairn 7/12/2011 6:55:57 AM

Gorgeous! ♥ Congratulations on your POTD #9524608

Jessica Jenney level-deluxe 7/12/2011 7:00:13 AM

Congratulations, Phyllis on your beautiful POTD! What a sky! #9524622

Jean E. Hildebrant 7/12/2011 7:13:27 AM

What a glorious scene, Phyllis! Congrat's on POTD, deserving of a win! :)

Mitch Spence level-deluxe 7/12/2011 7:14:06 AM

Simply gorgeous, Phyllis. Congratulations on the POTD. #9524652

Debra R. Harder 7/12/2011 7:14:49 AM

WOWZA, Phyllis!! What an amazing scene you've captured so beautifully here. Huge congratulations on your OUTSTANDING POTD!! Deb #9524654

Phyllis H. Burchett 7/12/2011 7:28:58 AM

What a nice surprise, I needed this after the day I had yesterday....Thanks so much everyone for your wonderful comments! #9524691

Evy Johansen level-deluxe 7/12/2011 7:42:56 AM

Wow, What a perfect summer picture, Phyllis!! Wonderful light, colors and clarity! Big congratulations on your POTD!! #9524721

Bojan Bencic level-deluxe 7/12/2011 7:54:19 AM

Beautiful photo, Phyllis. Congratulations on your POTD! #9524738

Elaine Essex 7/12/2011 8:10:47 AM

Phyliis thank you for sharing with us this stunning photo. The field of flowers with amazing cloud formations simply breath taking. I close my eyes and I'm there :-) #9524798

Michele Peterson level-deluxe 7/12/2011 8:10:56 AM

This is so beautiful! Congratulations on a well deserved POTD!! #9524799

Stan Kwasniowski 7/12/2011 8:20:09 AM

Phyllis, congratulations #9524828

Rona L. Schwarz 7/12/2011 9:08:29 AM

WOWZA! How could I miss this, Phyllis! What a spectacular capture and marvelous composition! The leading lines are terrific, both in the field of sunflowers and in the suns rays in the sky - they seem to stretch to infinity. The details and clarity are superb, the vibrant colors dance in the field, but it is the incredible sky (yes, it really does resemble a tornado!) that really makes this extra special! Awesome POTD, Phyllis CONGRATULATIONS!! #9524905

Val Feldman level-deluxe 7/12/2011 9:58:36 AM

Very happy to see this with a POTD attached, Phyllis - it's a stunner of an image! Warmest congrats!!! #9524991

Donna La Mattino Pagakis level-deluxe 7/12/2011 10:09:46 AM

Pure magic Phyllis! The lighting and scenery, both spectacular. A huge congratulations on your POTD! #9525012

Phyllis H. Burchett 7/12/2011 10:44:15 AM

Thanks yall! #9525045

Richard D. Love 7/12/2011 11:03:59 AM

Congratulations, Phyllis. You took advantage of what nature was offfering with this image!

Rick #9525061

Kathy Salerni level-deluxe 7/12/2011 11:41:09 AM

Huge congrats on your POTD badge for this gorgeous image, Phyllis! #9525121

Danny B. Head level-deluxe 7/12/2011 11:47:21 AM

Congrats on an outstanding POTD! #9525126

Renee Doyle level-deluxe 7/12/2011 1:03:53 PM

Congratulations on this very beautiful POTD Phyllis!! #9525215

Phyllis A. Houghton level-deluxe 7/12/2011 1:48:33 PM

This is so gorgeous Phyllis with the most fantastic sky and sunflowers. It makes me want to go back to the sunflower farms the day after a storm! This is perfect in every way! Congratulations on your POTD! from Phyllis #9525293

Karen Slagle level-deluxe 7/12/2011 2:07:55 PM

Totally awesome, Phyllis. The colors, lighting and those fabulous clouds are so pretty. Congrats on your POTD. #9525345

Jeff Robinson level-deluxe 7/12/2011 2:38:31 PM

Congrats Phyllis on your stunning and well deserved POTD!! #9525404

Daniella Puente level-deluxe 7/12/2011 2:49:15 PM

Congratulations, this is so beautiful! #9525425

Cindy Bendush level-deluxe 7/12/2011 2:55:48 PM

Excellent work Phyllis! Big congrats on your POTD! #9525435

Gary Sagnor level-deluxe 7/12/2011 2:59:25 PM

Wow...fantastic image Phyllis! Congrats on POTD! #9525441

Carol Eade level-deluxe 7/12/2011 3:02:10 PM

Congratulations on your very beautiful POTD, Phyllis! #9525446

Lisa J. Boulden level-deluxe 7/12/2011 4:15:41 PM

Wowzers, Phyllis!
Such a spectacular POTD!
Big congratulations on an image that certainly stands out in a crowd!
~♥~Lisa #9525521

Phyllis H. Burchett level-deluxe 7/12/2011 4:57:13 PM

Thank you so much everyone, your comments and support are greatly appreciated. It's the amazing work here on BP from all of you that inspires me every day. #9525611

Michael McCook level-deluxe 7/12/2011 5:07:47 PM

Fantabulous!! Congratulations on a very well deserved POTD!!!! #9525637

Bill Treadway 7/12/2011 5:38:32 PM

Phyllis. You hit the Lottery here. Well done. Georga On my Mind. #9525723

Lindley Johnson level-deluxe 7/12/2011 5:54:54 PM

What a spectacular sky and a beautiful field of sunflowers - so well captured, Phyllis. Congratulations on your gorgeous POTD! #9525776

Lisa B. North 7/12/2011 5:58:53 PM

Spectacular!!!! I love funky clouds and heavenly sunlight, but that field of sunflowers completes this moving image! Well done and congrats on your POTD !!! #9525793

Richard M. Waas level-deluxe 7/12/2011 6:14:58 PM

A well deserved POTD!!! Congrats....... #9525825

Phyllis H. Burchett level-deluxe 7/12/2011 6:34:35 PM

Thank you so much for the congrats and comments yall! #9525850

Tammy M. Anderson level-deluxe 7/12/2011 7:17:41 PM

Beautiful POTD, Phyllis. I still predict a winner. #9525918

Jeffrey R. Bange level-deluxe 7/12/2011 9:07:14 PM

Congratulations Phyllis on a well deserved POTD. #9526117

Ellen Hodges level-deluxe 7/13/2011 3:51:23 AM

Huge congrats on a fabulous POTD, Phyllis!! #9526584

Debra Booth level-deluxe 7/13/2011 5:39:49 AM

Awesome timing! Congrats on your POTD for this gorgeous capture, Phyllis! #9526931

Phyllis H. Burchett level-deluxe 7/13/2011 7:07:46 AM

Thanks everyone! Hey guys, I have a favor to ask....if you haven't already been voting I need your help. Log on to and search for "Phyllis" photographer and vote for my image "Survival" thru July 15. Use every e-mail address you have, it would be greatly appreciated!!! #9527102

John C. Nyren level-deluxe 7/13/2011 10:21:58 PM

Great Job, Phyllis - Congrats on your POTD! #9528758

Bill Houghton 7/15/2011 4:43:50 PM

Phyllis, this is a beautiful scene. Congratulations. Bill #9532621

Heather Loewenhardt level-deluxe 7/17/2011 4:22:31 PM

hat a dramatic scene you have captured here from the colourful foreground to the dynamic sky. Congrats on POTD! #9536427

Kathy Cline level-deluxe 7/18/2011 10:04:59 PM

Wonderful shot Phyllis! A well deserved award!
Iv been at sea with no internet for 8 days.
I want to shoot the sunflowers next year! #9539212

Glenn E. Traver level-deluxe 7/18/2011 10:13:25 PM

Congratulations On your POTD Phyllis ! Love the Sky and the well controlled Light ! Winner for sure ~ GT #9539217

Phyllis H. Burchett level-deluxe 7/19/2011 5:54:23 AM

Thanks so much John, Bill, Heather, Kathy C. and Glenn! #9539837

Freddy Bland 7/22/2011 6:22:50 AM

Congratulations on POTD, Phyllis! This is stunning!! #9547084

Emile Abbott level-deluxe 7/23/2011 3:21:09 PM

Fantastic colors and composition and huge congrats on the POTD #9549722

Phyllis H. Burchett level-deluxe 7/23/2011 6:18:41 PM

Thanks Freddy and Emile! #9550049

Danny B. Head level-deluxe 9/25/2011 3:28:08 PM

Great clouds! Congrats! #9690644

Judy V. Kennamer level-deluxe 9/25/2011 3:43:15 PM

Congrats on your beautiful Finalist Phyllis!!! #9690746

Patti Coblentz level-deluxe 9/25/2011 4:02:17 PM

Congratulations on your stunning finalist, Phyllis! #9690874

Agnes Fegan level-deluxe 9/25/2011 4:27:57 PM

Congratulations on your awesome finalist Phyllis! #9691075

Phyllis A. Houghton level-deluxe 9/25/2011 4:36:44 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful finalist Phyllis! #9691162

Tammy M. Anderson level-deluxe 9/25/2011 4:48:22 PM

Congrats on a beautiful finalist, Phyllis. #9691283

Deborah C. Lewinson level-deluxe 9/25/2011 4:50:47 PM

Gorgeous finalist, Pnyllis! Congrts and best wishes for the next round!

Debby #9691309

The Judges at level-deluxe 9/25/2011 5:07:50 PM

Beautiful capture of sun rays through the clouds, and happy, coloful sunflowers. #9691505

Heather Loewenhardt level-deluxe 9/25/2011 5:22:38 PM

Ooooo another finalist award. Congratulations Phyllis and good luck. #9691659

Chris Schlosser 9/25/2011 5:48:06 PM

Awesome capture! Love the dramatic sky, Phyllis! Congratulations on your finalist! #9691908

Lindley Johnson level-deluxe 9/25/2011 6:40:13 PM

Congratulations on your terrific finalist, Phyllis! #9692261

Jeffrey R. Bange 9/25/2011 7:47:23 PM

Congratulations Phyllis on your finalist entry and best of luck in the next round. #9692684

Renee Doyle level-deluxe 9/25/2011 8:03:33 PM

Awesome work!! Congratulations Phyllis!! #9692764

Kathy Salerni level-deluxe 9/25/2011 8:53:21 PM

Huge congrats on your beautiful finalist, Phyllis! #9693029

Usman M. Bajwa level-deluxe 9/25/2011 11:46:03 PM

Phyllis, CONGRATZ on this terrific Finalist award and good luck up next!!!

UB. #9693568

Bojan Bencic level-deluxe 9/26/2011 12:08:30 AM

Congratulations on another beautiful finalist, Phyllis. #9693645

Nadia Paul 9/26/2011 12:38:32 AM

Congrats on your wonderful finalist Phyllis! #9693706

Kathy Cline level-deluxe 9/26/2011 4:47:39 AM

Im so jealous and will be there next year.

Mary Timman 9/26/2011 6:14:46 AM

Congratulations on this beautiful finalist! #9694817

JO ANN CLEVELAND 9/26/2011 6:16:03 AM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist Phyllis!

Hope I find this place some day! lol

jo ann c. #9694820

Cathy Barrows 9/26/2011 7:23:38 AM

Congrats on your finalist...stunning #9695129

Carla Capra level-deluxe 9/26/2011 7:36:30 AM

Congrats, Congrats on your double win!
;) CC #9695187

Emile Abbott level-deluxe 9/26/2011 7:55:31 AM

Congratulation Phyllis on beautiful finalist. Not surprised with this one. #9695250

Mitch Spence level-deluxe 9/26/2011 9:14:02 AM

It's a gorgeous scenic, Phyllis. Congratulations to you. #9695522

Karen Celella level-deluxe 9/26/2011 1:05:52 PM

Congratulations on your outstanding finalist, Phyllis! #9696416

Merna L. Nobile 9/26/2011 2:33:00 PM

You’re the kind of person who makes the world a better, brighter place…You worked hard for this, you made it happen, and you have a right to be proud. So enjoy these satisfying moments; you deserve every one! Merna

Patrick Rouzes level-deluxe 9/26/2011 2:44:21 PM

Congrats & good luck, my friend! AMAZING! #9696822

Christopher Budny level-deluxe 9/26/2011 5:47:00 PM

Another round of congratulations on this beauty, Phyllis...! And hopefully, one more to come ;) #9697453

Debra R. Harder 9/26/2011 8:10:51 PM

Absolutely SPECTACULAR, Phyllis! Huge congratulations on your BEAUTIFUL POTD and FINALIST! Deb #9698006

Rona L. Schwarz 9/26/2011 9:43:16 PM

So glad to see this back again as a Finalist, Phyllis! And, I'll bet another GOLD to add to your arsenal. Will keep my fingers crossed! Big Congrats again! #9698185

Patti Coblentz level-deluxe 9/26/2011 10:32:36 PM

You got the trifecta :)))
Congratulations on your POTD, Finalist, and now Gold, Phyllis! Stunning work! #9698279

Stefania Barbier level-deluxe 9/26/2011 10:40:15 PM

gorgeous winner, congratulations!!! #9698316

Renee Doyle level-deluxe 9/27/2011 1:44:17 AM

So deserving!! Congratulations Phyllis! #9698699

Danny B. Head level-deluxe 9/27/2011 3:08:47 AM

Congrats on a beautiful winner, Phyllis! the clouds! #9698848

Tammy M. Anderson level-deluxe 9/27/2011 3:25:54 AM

Congrats on a great winner, Phyllis. #9698906

Amy M. Wilson level-deluxe 9/27/2011 4:03:00 AM

Huge congratulations on your AWESOME Gold winner, Phyllis!!! #9699007

Gina Cormier level-deluxe 9/27/2011 4:16:55 AM


Robert R. Goodman level-deluxe 9/27/2011 4:44:02 AM

WTG My Friend,A Big Congratulations Phyllis!!! #9699194

Mary Timman level-deluxe 9/27/2011 4:44:26 AM

Congratulations on this beautiful winner! #9699195

Jeffrey R. Bange level-deluxe 9/27/2011 5:18:07 AM

Congratulations on your win. #9699287

R. J. Laudenbacher level-deluxe 9/27/2011 5:31:11 AM

A beautiful winner. Congratulations, Phyllis! #9699339

Jessica Jenney level-deluxe 9/27/2011 5:49:31 AM

Congratulations, Phyllis on your beautiful winner! #9699413

Terry Cervi level-deluxe 9/27/2011 6:17:23 AM

Congrats on your stunning win, Phyllis! #9699510

Val Feldman level-deluxe 9/27/2011 6:45:42 AM

Hooray! So glad to see this one back attached with another Gold! Huge congratulations, Phyllis!! #9699673

Judy V. Kennamer level-deluxe 9/27/2011 7:53:14 AM

Congrats on your BEAUTIFUL WINNER Phyllis!!!!! #9700009

Carla Capra level-deluxe 9/27/2011 8:11:09 AM

Congratulations, Phyllis.
Awesome winner.
;) CC #9700059

Courtenay Vanderbilt 9/27/2011 8:22:47 AM

Absolutely Fantastic, Phyllis! Congrats all 'round! #9700106

Debra R. Harder 9/27/2011 8:23:39 AM

This beauty had GOLD all over it!! Huge congratulations, Phyllis, on your OUTSTANDING GOLD WINNER!! YEAH! Deb #9700110

Karen Celella level-deluxe 9/27/2011 8:31:18 AM

Congratulations on your stunning winner, Phyllis. Keep those awards coming! #9700154

John C. Nyren level-deluxe 9/27/2011 8:34:03 AM

Great job Phyllis! Congratulations on your winning photograph! #9700168

Bojan Bencic level-deluxe 9/27/2011 8:45:24 AM

Congratulations, Phyllis. Amazing photo. #9700235

JO ANN CLEVELAND level-deluxe 9/27/2011 8:48:25 AM

Congratulations on this amazing 2nd Place Gold Winner Phyllis!

jo ann c. #9700252

Mike Clime level-deluxe 9/27/2011 11:00:31 AM

Congratulations on your winner, Phyllis! #9700525

Freddy Bland 9/27/2011 11:30:52 AM

WTG, Phyllis!! Many congratulations on this fine Gold winner!! #9700596

Emile Abbott level-deluxe 9/27/2011 2:34:34 PM

Great gold, Congrats Phyllis #9700946

Carol Flisak level-deluxe 9/27/2011 3:47:26 PM

Beautiful image, Phyllis... Congrats on your winner! #9701100

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna level-deluxe 9/27/2011 3:48:21 PM

WTG on this wonderful winner, Phyllis! :-) K #9701103

Chris Schlosser 9/27/2011 4:34:29 PM

Congratulations, Phyllis! #9701222

Ken Smith level-deluxe 9/27/2011 6:15:32 PM

Awesome, Phyllis, beautiful view and congrats on the gold! #9701439

Mary Beth Aiello level-deluxe 9/27/2011 7:18:33 PM

I agree. This had GOLD written all over it from the get-go. Huge congrats, Phyllis. Just love it. #9701537

Patrick Rouzes level-deluxe 9/27/2011 7:18:57 PM

One of my overall faves of the Month, Phyllis! COngratulations on this winner, my friend! #9701539

Kathy Salerni level-deluxe 9/27/2011 7:52:09 PM

Congrats on winning GOLD, Phyllis! #9701618

Usman M. Bajwa level-deluxe 9/27/2011 8:36:15 PM

Good seeing this yet again, Phyllis. Big CONGRATZ on your beautiful WINNER!!!

UB. #9701684

Evy Johansen level-deluxe 9/27/2011 9:08:54 PM

BIG congratulations on this beautiful win, Phyllis!! #9701755

Cindy Bendush level-deluxe 9/27/2011 10:36:18 PM

Beautiful win Phyllis - congratulations! #9701888

Donna La Mattino Pagakis level-deluxe 9/28/2011 12:10:42 AM

Oh my, the scenery and sky. Wow, how exciting this must have been to capture Phyllis. Double congrats on your win and POTD. So well deserved.

I am a huge fan of your work!!!!

Donna #9701986

Dominick M. Dimacale level-deluxe 9/28/2011 3:24:16 AM

Congratulations Phyllis on your Win!!!

Dominick #9702251

Courtenay Vanderbilt level-deluxe 9/28/2011 5:01:45 AM

WRG, Phyllis! Congratulations! #9702523

Julie Burnett level-deluxe 9/28/2011 5:53:14 AM

Congratulations on this awesome Gold Winner, Phyllis!! #9702633

Guy D. Biechele level-deluxe 9/28/2011 12:32:49 PM

Awesome scene, beautifully captured. Congratulations, Phyllis! #9703350

Kerry Penn level-deluxe 9/28/2011 3:05:03 PM

Congratulations on your winner! #9703573

Leslie McLain level-deluxe 9/28/2011 4:42:50 PM

Congrats on a beautiful winner, Phyllis. #9703777

David M. Montero 9/30/2011 6:44:29 AM

Congratulations on your breathtaking second place selection Phyllis! #9706995

Kathy Cline level-deluxe 9/30/2011 1:13:26 PM

CONGRSTS Phyllis, Im coming next July...I LOVE THIS #9707685

Irene Colling level-deluxe 9/30/2011 8:08:47 PM

A glorious scenic Phyllis. The color and light are fantastic.

Congratulations on your well deserved gold award. #9708353

Phyllis H. Burchett level-deluxe 10/2/2011 1:11:27 PM

Thank you so much everyone....a little late to say thanks as I've been out of town with no internet. Will catch up on commenting soon I hope! #9711299

Rona L. Schwarz 10/3/2011 9:32:57 PM

Well, I'm even later, but I had to say CONGRATULATIONS, Phyllis! Wonderful winner and a favorite of mine (but then yours are all favorites of mine!) And I'm so far behind on commenting, I'll never catch up! #9714655

Donna La Mattino Pagakis level-deluxe 10/14/2011 9:48:19 AM

Congratulations on your win! Oh my, just glorious Phyllis!!! #9734785

Bill Houghton 10/18/2011 4:15:28 PM

Phyllis, this is an awesome photo. Congratulations on your beautiful win. Have a great week, Bill

If you have time, check out my website:
Bill Houghton Photography

Emile Abbott level-deluxe 10/22/2011 10:53:42 AM

Glad to see this one in the winners circle. Huge congratulation Phyllis. #9754507

Phyllis H. Burchett level-deluxe 10/22/2011 6:42:28 PM

Thank you Rona, Donna, Bill and Emile!!! #9755396

Wanda-Lynn Searles level-deluxe 9/8/2015 1:18:46 AM 1

Awesome capture and into my favorites! #11356415

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