The Charge

Murry Grigsby 5/14/2003 12:06:01 PM

This is great, Birdie!! Wonderful light (as usual) and exciting action. Nice catch. #34949

Claudia Kuhn

wow, great shot! - love the lighting - how did you do the lighting? #96645

Connie L. Carpenter

WOw... I'm so happy that I did not miss this one. Wonderful, wonderful work.... absolutely the best swan photo I have ever seen. Congratulations on this beautiful image! #96655

Timothy L. Leggett

Hi, Birdie, this is very beautiful, I love it.

Tim #96656

Judy M. Sayers

Awesome capture Birdie!! Great stop action. #96662

Duane Carter

WOW !!! Great, birdie! I believe this will be seen in the winners. Duane:)) #96667

Cathy Barrows

Stunning and speachless #96711

Lorraine T. Lynch

This is excellent Birdie! #96721

Carolyn M. Fletcher

Winner, winner, winner!!!!!! Beautiful lighting, great job, birdie!!!! #96723

Judith G. Secco

Absolutely incredible photo. Definitely a winnner here!!!
Judy #96742

Nancy L. Ferrell

The lighting is most perfect #96762

Damian P. Gadal

Great shot bridie!!! #96770

Gary H. Minish

Wow! Powerful action, great lighting, excellent detail and lots of excitement in this capture! Beautiful shot, birdie! #96798

Ken Ke-Wei Pan

\(WoW)/ You show a strong image of wildlife!! Thank you for sharing! I really like it. #96909

Dottie Shepherd

This is absolutely Marvelous!!! What more can I say that everyone else hasn't said...just great #96922

Gordon J. Evans

Outstanding shot!! #96923

Wolfgang Dolak

Wow, what a reaction!! Thank you all for your kind words.
This beautiful swan was guarding his mate and came running across the surface very aggressively. No time to put up a tripod, just try to shoot handheld at 280mm. I would have gone for a motion blur, if there had been time and room for a tripod to keep track of the charging animal.
As to the lighting: it was low light late afternoon, I underexposed the image on purpose and in addition adjusted levels in PS. I also took away a little red from the warm sun, as the feathers had quite an unnatural reddish shine, part of it can still be seen.
Thanks again, you've all made me very happy!
birdie #97083

Jeff Galbraith

Wow Birdie--simply stunning image. #97099

Jean Papo

Breathtaking photo! I can't resist revisiting it often, and marvel each time at your vision and expertise! All of your photos are in a class by themselves. Thanks for sharing your art! #97162

Wolfgang Dolak

Thanks to you also, Jeff and Jean!!
birdie #98022

ilana peled

I was browsing through your gallery and came across this wonderful image.
And I kept staring at it because it seems to me like a maevel - in a minute the swan will be out of the frame.
Beautiful !!! #98068

Wolfgang Dolak

Thank you too, Ilana - very much appreciated!!
birdie #98382


Such a beautiful shot. I like the low lighting, the sharp detail and great reflection! Really a stunning image and the title is perfect!! #98690

Viveca Venegas

This is magnific!! How could I missed it? Viveca. #99477

Bernard B. Travers

This photo is incredibly breathtaking. The subtle emergence of the swan evokes a somewhat primordial setting. I love what you do with color and shadow. #100197

Rhonda Maurer

Absolutely stunning!
Rhonda #108383

Susana Matos

this is a kind of "unique" photo even if you have beautiful ones in your gallery. I feel like I found a home here with some great and passioned photographers as you.
Su, POrtugal #112098

Gary H. Minish

Yet another! Way to go, birdie! This one WILL be a winner! It's definitely a first place in my book! #112820

Carolyn M. Fletcher

This gets my vote for grand prize, birdie! I just love it! #112973

Mette Vendelboe Allison

Absolutely smashing photo. It has winner written all over it. Congrats! #113230

Claudia Kuhn

Congrats Birdie on this one, knew it was a winner! #113345

Duane Carter

Congratulations birdie, this is a stunnig image. Duane:) #113417

Murry Grigsby

Congrats again on a great shot, Birdie! #113440

Bernard B. Travers

Congratulations, again, Master Picturetaker. #113491

Jean Papo

Congratulations, Birdie! I also vote for this for GRAND PRIZE! It's a beautiful work of art! #113552

Dottie Shepherd

CONGRATULATIONS...A Great Piece of Work #113576

Stephanie Adams

Oooooohhh!!! This is my favorite birdie!!! How wonderful and very moving. A winner!!

By the way, was the little otter released and is he doing fine still? #113848

Elizabeth A. Zibas

Wow Birdie, this is just fantastic. A huge congrats to you. #113878

Timothy L. Leggett

congrats, Birdie.

Tim #114112

clifton Mair

Connie said it all - this is the best swan shot I've ever seen!!
Hope it wins and goes further out into the world :) #114266

s?ren skov

WoW this is really a GREAT shot.
Congrats. #114321

William C. Raco

This is so good, I don't know if wishing you good luck would be of any help, but I shall.
Best of luck, birdie.
Can't see how it can not win.

bill #114329

Darren K. Fisher

WOW Birdie I missed this wonderful image. This is beautiful, congrats on all of your great images. #114847

Wolfgang Dolak

Thought I had an email-bomb, when I opened my email account!
THANK YOU ALL for your wishes and the constant support. I am very happy to receive so many kind comments from people who are great photographers themselves!!!
birdie #114951

Mark Oxley

A masterpiece Birdie!! A one in a million capture that should make you so very proud. #115020

Gerda Grice

What an amazing an beautiful image, Birdie! I'm very sorry that I missed it during the month, but delighted that I've now had the opportunity to see it and be stunned by it! This is truly great work, Birdie. Congratulations and best of luck in the finals! #115560

Peggy Wolff

Absolutly beautiful Birdie!! I just counted and you have *8 photos in the finalists! Yet a few of my favorites of yours are still not there. You are a incrediablly talented photographer. I think we need to get you teaching a class on BP! #116204

Jean Papo

I second Margaret's motion, Professor Birdie! #116356

Damian P. Gadal

Congrats birdie! :-) #116388

clifton Mair

Birdie congratulations on your win!! Fantastic :) #117013

s?ren skov

You has richly deserved it...CONGRATS #117016

Joy Brown

BIG CONGRATS, birdie - this is outstanding! #117019

Kathleen Clemons

BIG CONGRATS from me too! :) #117033

Elizabeth A. Zibas

Without a doubt Birdie, this is one fantastic image. A Big Congrats from me too. Bravo. #117124

Connie L. Carpenter

WOlfgang... I knew this would be a winner... I thought it would be the grand. Far and away the most thrilling piece of work I have seen in a long, long time. Thank you for creating this wonderful work of art. Congratulations, I cannot rave enough about this image. #117142

Peggy Wolff

Congrats on a very well deserved win! #117171

William C. Raco

I just knew this one was going far.
Great work, birdie

bill #117182

Dolores Neilson

OH MY, Birdie!! Terrific! A well deserved FIRST place! You're awesome! #117201

Mette Vendelboe Allison

This fantastic photo is very much deserving its first place! Congratulations! #117230

Connie I. Chandler

Birdie, Congratulations on Grand Prize! This photograph is breathtaking! Wonderful job! #117277

Stephanie Adams

YES!!!! This is such an amazing image and I am so happy it has placed!! Many congrats birdie!!!! Well deserved!! #117321

Bernard B. Travers


Viveca Venegas

Bravísimo for you Wolfgang!! Viveca. #117413

Patrick Campbell

You hit a home run with this one. Congrats on your win with this awesome image. Pat #117445

Ellen Peach

What an amazing shot....congrats, Birdie! #117456

Jean Papo

Birdie, congratulations on your First Place win. This is a totally awesome photo!!!!!! #117474

Debbie S.

Congratulations on your win!!! This is JUST beautiful....the best of the month, in my book!!! The light, as always, is gorgeous, the action is amazing...AWESOME!!!!! #117557

Damian P. Gadal

Well deserved CONGRATS! Way to go birdie!!! #117580

Jeff Galbraith

Congratulations Birdie--you really earned your win with this superb shot. #117626

Gerda Grice

Congratulations on your very, very well deserved first place win! That superb shot just had to be a winner! #117648

Gustaf L Bjerne

Fantastic capture!

Great work and congrats! #117656

Murry Grigsby

Congratulations, Birdie. Great image!! #117691

Donna R. Moratelli


Gary H. Minish

A clear cut choice on this one, birdie! This is DEFINITELY an appropriate winner! Way to go my friend!! #117757

Cathy Barrows

Stunning...the sharpness is amazing with this action shot in what looks like low light...everything is just perfect #117802

Carol Engstrom

Congratulations birdie! Beautifully done! #117872

Timothy L. Leggett

congrats, Birdie, a well deserved win.

Tim #117885

Wolfgang Dolak

Well, what can I say ??? First of all a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who have taken the time and written comments on my photos since I have started posting. If somebody says he/she doesn't need any reaction, what is the photography for then? Of course, a good photo is a pleasure for oneself, but it is so much more to share and create feelings/thoughts in the people who look at them. So one needs the feedback and you have given me a lot of it all the time!! Again thank you all!
Secondly I also want to say thanks to Betterphoto team and the jury, who voted for my photos!!!
birdie #117891

Claudia Kuhn

This was such a super photo!! Congratulations on your win!!! #117943

Gene Spears

congratulations! - well deserved! #117977

Elizabeth Stiles

Congratulations on your winning shot! #118055

Collin Clack

Wolfgang, this is such an inspiring shot. I love the lighting on this. Well done on your first place. #118148

Charlotte English

This is the most beautiful swan photo I have ever seen! Wonderful lighting and composition. Very sharp and captivating. Great capture of this ellegant bird. Congratulations on this well deserved win! ;o) #118160

Wolfgang Dolak

Thank you too for your more than kind words, Claudia, Gene, Elizabeth, Collin and Charlotte!! You make me very happy!
birdie #118223

Judith G. Secco

Congratulations on this outstanding photo, birdie. Just incredible!
Judy #118342

Jimmy Wen

Fabulous! Did anybody has used this word in their comment? I think I was lucky to found this only left adjective in the Dictionary. Great photography, Birdie! #118436

Donna R. Moratelli

WOw,This is great. Those female swans are lucky ladies. Great shot Birdie! COngratulations on this one too. #118468

Sharon E. Lowe

Congrats - so well-deserved! #118630

Monika Sapek

Terrific photo! Great lighting and I just love the reflection here! Many congratulations on your wonderful winning photo, Birdie!

Cheryl Meisel

OH MY GOSH this is wonderful!!!! It is my first time seeing this. What a great WINNER I just love it. Biggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg CONGRATS!!! Cheryl #118811

Mary-Ella Bowles

I don't imagine there is much to be said that hasn't already BEEN said, many times over. A BIG congratulations on your first place finish with this fabulous, compelling image, Wolfgang (or birdie? - Everyone seems to call you that). It is truly awe-inspiring... #119317

Marija Milovanovic Maksimovic

Truly magnificent scene and You've captured it perfectly! Congratulations Wolfgang! #119416

Zita A. Strother

WOW!!!! It is a wonderful image and truly touches my heart and makes me hold my breath in wonder.
Thank you for again capturing the magic of mother nature!

Robert Pranagal

hi Wolfgang,

Just stopped by to say hello and MANY CONGRATS on this superb win.

RP #119727

Karen Seargeant

WOW, I had to page down just to make a comment. Thought I was going straight down to .......well, never mind! ;o) Congratulations Birdie! What an excellant capture! #120338

Wolfgang Dolak

Thank you all so much for the more than kind words you have found about the photograph - you can imagine that I really feel very happy!! I promise to keep trying to show the beauty of nature on and on and on...

birdie #120766

Cathy M. Gromball

Congratulations, Birdie!

Cathy :) #126306

Dolores Neilson

HI Birdie! I am so disappointed in myself! I thought I HAD congratulated you on this most magical, masterfully executed image...and I didn't!! most certainly deserve all the accolades ....a worthy winner without a doubt! I'm sure glad I was poking around the June winners today!! Excuse my lateness! #129861

Lorraine T. Lynch

Me too Birdie.....with everything going on in my life (which you know)...I believe I had overlooked congratulating you too! Better late than never :) #129869

Patricia Arrance 8/8/2003 5:40:16 PM

This is absolutely---------- fantastic.I am pea green with envy that you got to enjoy the action of this male swan and to boot a perfect capture. #160677

Wolfgang Dolak 8/9/2003 12:20:33 AM

Thank you too, Cathy, Dolores, Lorraine and Patricia!
I am way behind viewing photographs and commenting myself, most of us have jobs that don't allow to just sit and browse through all these interesting images. So I'll be the last to be disappointed if I get no comments on my own photos! I know what a task it would be to be up-to-date!
Lorraine, I'm with you in my thoughts!
birdie #160849

Stephanie L. Kopcik 2/2/2004 10:36:32 PM

This is absolutely breathtaking! How did you capture such an amazing moment! This is the sort of image that should be hanging in a gallery! Fantastic! Definately my favorite of all time! #359364

bob cornelison 2/8/2004 9:12:48 PM

OK this is so redundant but I just found your site and this shot is so incredible that I just had to tell you. Your site has really great work and you should be doing well as a photographer I hope. Keep it up. #368062

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A male swan defending its mate.

Uploaded on 5/14/2003 11:52:21 AM All Time Best Photo Contest Editor's Pick Photo Contest FIRST PLACE Winner

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