Lace up

Jim Baines level-classic 1/13/2011 5:39:25 PM

Pretty cool, Stomper! Love that vivid red! Tack-sharp! #1343899

Laura E. Swan level-classic 1/13/2011 6:02:47 PM



Love it, Tammers!

-Laura #9161323

Laura E. Swan level-classic 1/13/2011 6:04:48 PM

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket #9161327

Tammy Espino 1/13/2011 6:12:52 PM

Ha I should of named it stomp huh?! Those spiders are scarey Laura looloo!!!ACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK #9161343

Patrick Rouzes level-classic 1/13/2011 6:58:24 PM

Only in Vegas, Tammy Vegas! Exceptional clarity, colors, tones, textures, lighting,b/g, pov & EOD here! You nailed this PERFECTLY ,my friend! Winner in my book! #9161464

Nancy (Peaches) Harker level-classic 1/13/2011 7:59:45 PM

ROFLMAO Laura!!! I didnt like the spiders either ahahahahaha

FANTASTIC shot Tammy! #9161553

Kerry Hill level-classic 1/13/2011 9:51:41 PM

Fantastic colour and detail Tammy, great shot! #9161714

Fanie Heymans level-classic 1/13/2011 10:12:32 PM

Love lines and color Tammy! Excellent design image! #9161750

Julianne Bradford level-classic 1/13/2011 10:35:41 PM

So cool Tammy! Great EOD! #9161771

Laura E. Swan level-classic 1/13/2011 10:38:09 PM

Yah. Did you see? Those spiders are a small ARMY to themselves! Look at them marching in unison. GET THOSE BOOTS ON TAMMERS! GET 'EM! GET 'EM!



frank w. degenhardt level-classic 1/13/2011 10:56:34 PM

LOL about all the stomp comments. Got that song in my head now about these boots are made for walking and thats what they'll do, one of these days they will Stomp all over you. Fun and all, but there is nothing funny about the beautiful work you did here. My goodness, this had better get a winning EOD or Catch all. Love the red, then the patterns of the hooks and lace, incredible look. Fantastic my dear friend. What a delight. #9161798

Barbara Waldoch level-classic 1/13/2011 11:59:42 PM

Terrific capture, Tammy! #9161856

John Benway level-classic 1/14/2011 4:01:46 AM

Excellent comp, color and detail Tammy. Beautifully seen and presented.
John #9162074

Candice C. Calhoun level-classic 1/14/2011 10:48:06 AM

A Cosmo, Vegas really DOES have everything! GREAT shot of this very cool subject and let's do stomp those spiders :) Yikes!

ccc #9162788

Ann H. Belus level-classic 1/14/2011 10:55:11 AM

Fantastic detail and clarity in this close-up, that red! #9162809

Tammy Espino level-classic 1/14/2011 11:05:36 AM

. #9162830

Tammy M. Anderson level-classic 1/14/2011 6:11:48 PM

Excellent colors and comp. Tammy. Cool find. #9163506

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 1/14/2011 6:19:59 PM

Hi Tammy,That is one big shoe Buddy.Excellent capture,wonderful color and lighting.Going to a big car show tomorrow,Our street fair is more about the cars than it is the fair!!!! #9163523

Kathy Salerni level-classic 1/14/2011 10:35:45 PM

Love you comp, color and details, Tammy! I'm itching form all those spiders!! #9163768

Laura E. Swan level-classic 1/14/2011 11:23:04 PM

Beautiful Shoes Tammy. Are we sure we want to use them to STOMP with??? #9163805

Susan Weisensel 1/15/2011 2:51:54 PM

HMMMM that Laura, very cool image Tammy, I want a pair of them shoes in my size. #9165023

Phyllis H. Burchett 1/16/2011 3:27:48 PM

Very cool shot...fantastic color and details Tammy! #9166654

Sam Britt 1/16/2011 10:08:28 PM

Cool EOD image, Tammy. #9167050

Jeff Robinson level-classic 1/17/2011 4:29:22 PM

Outstanding comp,detail and close-up capture Tammy!! Jeff #9168811

Lisa J. Boulden level-classic 1/18/2011 5:28:30 PM

Wonderfully seen and captured!
~♥~Lisa #9170970

Michelle Alton level-classic 1/26/2011 3:16:42 AM

A fantastic capture that I missed on its debut, Tammy. Congratulations on POTD! Wow! #9194443

Christopher Budny level-classic 1/26/2011 3:31:41 AM

Congratulations, Tammy! #9194465

Vicki L. Filippin level-classic 1/26/2011 3:35:32 AM


Usman M. Bajwa level-classic 1/26/2011 3:41:42 AM

Cool framing, Tammy. CONGRATZ on the POTD!

UB. #9194495

Tiia Vissak level-classic 1/26/2011 3:48:32 AM

Congratulations! #9194513

Joy Rector level-classic 1/26/2011 4:09:42 AM

congrats on the POTD #9194553

Mary K. Robison level-classic 1/26/2011 4:15:14 AM

Congratulations on receiving the POTD, Tammy! #9194565

Tammy M. Anderson level-classic 1/26/2011 4:17:49 AM

Congrats on your fabulous POTD, Tammy. #9194571

Leslie McLain level-classic 1/26/2011 4:24:28 AM

Big congrats on your terrific POTD, Tammy. #9194597

Stefania Barbier level-classic 1/26/2011 4:24:31 AM

congrats on your wonderful POTD! #9194598

Stefania Barbier level-classic 1/26/2011 4:25:41 AM

Congrats to your outstanding POTS award Tammy. Couldn't have happened to a better person.

Brian #9194604

Stefania Barbier level-classic 1/26/2011 4:25:54 AM

Congrats to your outstanding POTD award Tammy. Couldn't have happened to a better person.

Brian #9194605

Melinda F. Schneider level-classic 1/26/2011 4:26:59 AM

Super shot, Tammy! Congratulations!! #9194609

JO ANN CLEVELAND level-classic 1/26/2011 4:43:47 AM

Congrats on this cool POTD Tammy, thatg is bright and sharp and very interesting!

jo ann c. #9194647

Patti Coblentz level-classic 1/26/2011 4:47:25 AM

What a cool image, Tammy...congratulations on your POTD!! WTG!! #9194654

Ruth Grimm level-classic 1/26/2011 4:58:19 AM

Congratulations on this fabulous POTD, Tammy! GREAT design element! Wicked cool shoe!! WTG! #9194675

Jessica Jenney level-classic 1/26/2011 5:13:52 AM

Congratulations, Tammy on your fabulous POTD! #9194709

Sabrina Ryan level-classic 1/26/2011 5:14:27 AM

Congratulations on this wonderful POTD, Tammy! #9194711

Shirley A. Kinney level-classic 1/26/2011 5:33:34 AM

Awesome capture and color, Tammy. Also very interesting! Congrats on your POTD. #9194737

Tammy Espino level-classic 1/26/2011 5:38:20 AM

What a great thing to wake up to and start my day. Thanks so much everyone. Can I get a woot, woot?! :) #9194744

Christopher Budny level-classic 1/26/2011 5:38:58 AM

Woot, woot!! #9194745

Katarina Mansson 1/26/2011 5:43:08 AM

Cool! Creative! Excellent capture! Congratulations Tammy! #9194749

David Phalen level-classic 1/26/2011 5:52:32 AM

BIG Congrats on a terrific POTD!! #9194760

Bojan Bencic level-classic 1/26/2011 6:06:35 AM

Congratulations on your POTD, Tammy. Fantastic capture. #9194792

Mitch Spence level-classic 1/26/2011 6:12:09 AM

A giant shoe! What will they think of next? :) Great design image, Tammy. Congratulations on the POTD. #9194816

Jim Baines level-classic 1/26/2011 6:17:43 AM

I chimed in first, STOMPER, cuz I knew this one was going places! (Snicker) I wish my Mom and four sisters had known about large shoes .. they wore small ones all their lives and their feet look so funny!! A great big Mojave Desert sized CONGRATULATIONS on your Photo of The Day!! #9194848

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 1/26/2011 6:26:31 AM

WTG on this awesome POTD, Vegas! WOW! :-) k #9194876

MELODIE C. ROBERTS level-classic 1/26/2011 6:55:06 AM

HUGE congratulations for this HUGE POTD!

Awesome Vegas! #9194928

Aimee S. McMaster 1/26/2011 6:59:43 AM

...congratulations on your awesome POTD, Tammy.... #9194935

Irene Colling level-classic 1/26/2011 6:59:54 AM

Congratulations Tammy on your POTD.

Put on your dancing shoes. #9194936

Wanda Judd level-classic 1/26/2011 7:21:03 AM

Congratulations...what a neat shot.... #9194979

Terry Cervi level-classic 1/26/2011 7:37:46 AM

Congrats on your cool POTD, Tammy! #9195017

Ann H. Belus level-classic 1/26/2011 7:55:07 AM

Huge congratulations on your POTD, Tammy! #9195060

Julianne Bradford level-classic 1/26/2011 7:56:39 AM

Whoo Whoo big time congratulations Tammy! I.m so glad for you! WTG Vegas :-) #9195064

Kathy Salerni level-classic 1/26/2011 8:20:54 AM

Huuuuuuge congrats on your well deserved POTD, Tammy!! #9195111

Nancyj E. Hovey level-classic 1/26/2011 8:23:29 AM

Fantastic capture...and it makes a great whazzit.... lol Awesome detail and color.

on your very deserving POTD! 8o) #9195115

Nancy J. Locke 1/26/2011 8:26:47 AM



Hugs, Nancy #9195124

Judy A. Lawhon 1/26/2011 8:51:44 AM

Terrific shot, Tammy....congrats on the POTD....well deserved! #9195177

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 1/26/2011 9:19:01 AM




Dianna Hauf 1/26/2011 9:23:31 AM

EXCELLENT Tammy!!!! HUGE CONGRATS on a superior image!!!! #9195266

Laura E. Swan level-classic 1/26/2011 10:01:28 AM


POTD!!! Yippee!!!!

Huge Congrats Lady!
-Looloo #9195341

Kerry Hill 1/26/2011 10:24:59 AM

Congratulations Tammy!!!! #9195380

Dianna Murphy 1/26/2011 10:35:40 AM

Congratulations on you great POTD Tammy! #9195398

Alex T. Mizuno 1/26/2011 10:35:47 AM

Hey, your giant shoe made a giant step Tammy! Wonderful detail! Congratulations on your POTD!!! #9195399

Kathy L. Clark 1/26/2011 11:04:24 AM

Congratulations Tammy on your POTD. WTG. #9195452

Renee Doyle level-classic 1/26/2011 11:09:20 AM

WTG Tammy!! Big congratulations on this excellent POTD!! #9195464

Jeff Robinson level-classic 1/26/2011 2:29:07 PM

Congrats Tammy on your really cool POTD!! Jeff #9195846

John Connolly level-classic 1/26/2011 2:51:56 PM

Congratulations on your POTD, Tammy! WOW! What an honor! #9195870

Nancy L. Green level-classic 1/26/2011 3:11:23 PM

SUPERB image Tammy, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on this wonderful POTD!!! <>< #9195905

Daniella Puente level-classic 1/26/2011 3:43:37 PM

BIG CONGRATS Tammy!!! great to see this as the POTD (: #9195968

Richard D. Love 1/26/2011 5:01:20 PM

Congratulations, Tammy. Great eye with wonderful composition and elements. Well done.

Rick #9196103

Evy Johansen level-classic 1/26/2011 8:42:22 PM

Beautiful and creative image, Tammy!! Wonderful light, clarity, colors and details! Big congratulations on your POTD! #9196401

Steve M. Harrington 1/26/2011 9:25:57 PM

A wonderful and most worthy POTD, Tammy! I am truly pleased for you. :)
Steve #9196427

Susan Weisensel 1/26/2011 9:42:33 PM

Congratulations Tammy. #9196443

Lisa J. Boulden level-classic 1/27/2011 3:13:06 AM

WTG, Tammy-girl!
Congratz on your POTD!
~♥~ #9196543

Val Feldman level-classic 1/28/2011 9:25:39 AM

Wowza, wowza and bravo, bravo! Cool capture, Ms. Tammy - Huge and heartfelt congrats on a magnificent POTD! WTG!!!!!!! #9199080

John Benway level-classic 1/30/2011 3:45:44 AM

Big congrats, and well deserved POTD. Beautiful work Tammy, as always.
John #9201656

frank w. degenhardt level-classic 1/31/2011 3:41:55 PM

I know this has to make you so proud dear friend. City, its a beautiful work of art and I am so happy for you. CONGRATULATIONS on the POTD award my friend. #9204438

Barbara Waldoch level-classic 1/31/2011 5:44:50 PM

Congratulations on your POTD, Tammy! #9204676

Douglas Perry 2/1/2011 3:25:24 AM

Wow! Congrats!!! #9205224

John Benway level-classic 2/1/2011 5:00:30 AM

Knew it was a winner. Big Congrats Tammy.
John #9205426

Candice C. Calhoun level-classic 2/1/2011 7:51:29 AM

CONGRATULATIONS! What a well deserved POTD!

ccc #9205832

Patrick Rouzes level-classic 2/1/2011 5:43:17 PM

Knew it was a special one also, Tammy! CONGRATULATIONS on this incredible POTW! W T G! #9206920

Phyllis H. Burchett level-classic 2/1/2011 9:49:17 PM

Congrats on this fabulous POTD Tammy! #9207069

Amber Kennedy level-classic 2/2/2011 8:56:48 AM

congrats,Tam!!! #9207924

Ellen Hodges level-classic 2/2/2011 12:04:50 PM

Huge congrats on a fabulous POTD, Tammy!! #9208333

Reynaldo D. Reyes level-classic 2/3/2011 12:00:50 PM

Perfection! A big congrats on your POTD! #9210539

Kathy Salerni level-classic 2/10/2011 10:38:06 AM

Big congrats on this well deserved Finalist and good luck in the next round, Tammy! #9225126

Mitch Spence level-classic 2/10/2011 10:44:37 AM

Way to go, Tammy! Congratulations. #9225171

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 2/10/2011 11:08:53 AM

A Big Congratulations,Tammy.WTG my friend!!!! #9225400

Nancy (Peaches) Harker level-classic 2/10/2011 11:30:12 AM



HUGE CONGRATS on your finalist!
Best of luck in the next round!


Tammy M. Anderson level-classic 2/10/2011 11:33:20 AM

Congrats Tammy on your great finalist. #9225623

Jeana Clark level-classic 2/10/2011 11:33:56 AM

Wonderful Finalist & POTD Vegas!!!
Best of luck in the next round!!

~J~ #9225628

Tiia Vissak 2/10/2011 12:51:49 PM

Congratulations! #9226325

Kay E. Mahoney level-classic 2/10/2011 1:25:51 PM

Congratulations on your finalist. Good luck in the next round.


Bojan Bencic level-classic 2/10/2011 1:54:34 PM

Congratulations on your finalist, Tammy. #9226828

Merna L. Nobile 2/10/2011 3:20:02 PM

Black and White, Bright Colors, Full Frame or Cropped, it does not matter. You’re a winner! CONGRATULATIONS, Merna #9227440

Lynn M. Whitt 2/10/2011 4:05:40 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful finalist... #9227825

Patti Coblentz level-classic 2/10/2011 4:19:36 PM

Congratulations on your fantastic finalist, Tammy!! #9227973

Claudia Kuhn level-classic 2/10/2011 4:53:59 PM

Congrats and good luck Tammy! #9228249

Barbara Mason level-classic 2/10/2011 5:26:22 PM

Huge congratulations Tammy - a splendid image !! #9228452

Karen Celella level-classic 2/10/2011 6:06:33 PM

Congratulations on your fabulous finalist, Tammy. #9228747

Ellen Hodges level-classic 2/10/2011 6:20:08 PM

Huge congrats on your fabulous finalist, Tammy!! Very best luck!! #9228868

Evy Johansen level-classic 2/10/2011 6:43:43 PM

Big congratulations on your wonderful finalist, Tammy! #9229074

Phyllis H. Burchett 2/10/2011 7:35:30 PM

Congrats on this terrific finalist Tammy! #9229491

Sabrina Ryan 2/10/2011 7:53:41 PM

Congratulations on this Awesome Finalist, Tammy!

Usman M. Bajwa level-classic 2/11/2011 12:34:40 AM

CONGRATZ again now on the Finalist badge, Tammy!!!

UB. #9230205

Stefania Barbier level-classic 2/11/2011 4:39:53 AM

huge congrats on your stunning finalist!!! #9230758

Christopher Budny level-classic 2/11/2011 5:50:13 AM

And congratulations again, Tammy! :) #9231142

Nancy J. Locke level-classic 2/11/2011 8:53:14 AM

SUPER CONGRATS on your finalist status, Tammy!!! I have my fingers crossed for you. :D

Hugs, Nancy #9231782

Denny E. Barnes level-classic 2/11/2011 11:16:55 AM

Outstanding!! BIG CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful January finalist, Tammy!! WTG!! #9232158

Terry Cervi level-classic 2/11/2011 2:56:41 PM

Congrats on your very cool Finalist, Tammy! #9232826

Renee Doyle level-classic 2/11/2011 4:01:23 PM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist Tammy!! #9232991

JO ANN CLEVELAND level-classic 2/11/2011 4:41:16 PM

Awesome finalist! Congratulations Tammy....

jo ann c. #9233166

Kirsten Kiki Kjaer level-classic 2/12/2011 7:55:46 AM

Congratulations on a fantastic finalist, Tammy. #9235397

Tamara K. Walker level-classic 2/12/2011 6:58:20 PM

An attention catcher congratulations! #9236857

Reynaldo D. Reyes level-classic 2/12/2011 9:41:08 PM

It's great to see this again in addition to the POTD. Congratulations! #9237066

Sharon Sawyer level-classic 2/12/2011 9:46:11 PM

WTG, Tammy!!! HUGE congratulations on your fantastic & well deserved POTD & finalist!!! #9237069

Patrick Rouzes level-classic 2/13/2011 7:26:05 AM

Congratulations on this amazing finalist, Tammy! WTG! #9237764

Alex T. Mizuno level-classic 2/17/2011 12:52:48 AM

Congratulations on your Finalist Tammy! This certainly deserves recognition!! #9245922

Ann H. Belus level-classic 2/17/2011 2:47:26 PM

Huge congratulations on this awesome finalist, Tammy! Sorry for being late with comments, I've been on the move; be home next Thursday. This morning, I am listening to the waves of the East China Sea outside my window. #9247127

Boyd L. Alexander level-classic 3/27/2011 7:02:53 AM

WooooooooHooooooooo! A big CONGRATULATIONS Tammy on your POTD and Finalist!!!! WTG!!! #9319783

Eivor Kuchta level-classic 4/22/2011 6:12:33 PM

What a great find, Tammy! Congratulations on both finalist and POTD!!! #9364291

Laura E. Swan level-classic 4/28/2011 9:35:31 AM

I love what a MYSTERY this was when I first saw this image. I sure didn't think it was a shoe!

Hip Hip Hurrrrrrrrrrray for your POTD HONOR, Tam-tam!!! I love it when my friends are honored!!!

Love it lots!
LooLoo #9377205

Karen Slagle level-classic 5/4/2011 3:35:26 PM

I never would have guessed a shoe. What a great shot and eye, Tammy. #9389327

Heather Loewenhardt level-classic 6/3/2011 5:22:17 AM

Wow this is such a fabulous image Tammy. The lighting is spectacular as well as the detail and the angle. Congrats on POTD and a finalist placement. #9442088

Stefania Barbier level-classic 6/23/2011 3:16:46 AM

fantastic finalist, congratulations!!! #9477516

Shelly A. Van Camp level-classic 7/29/2011 7:02:54 AM

Super capture and POV...Congrats! #9563798

Wm Nosal 1/9/2012 3:17:19 PM

Wonderful Image, Tammy!
Congratulations #9911178

Stefania Barbier level-classic 1/25/2012 12:39:10 AM

congratulations on your beautiful finalist Tammy!!! #9943401

Cindy Bendush level-classic 1/25/2012 1:08:41 AM

Great image Tammy! Congrats on your finalist and POTD! #9943509

Gord MacEachern level-classic 1/25/2012 3:26:20 AM

Big congratulations on your wonderful finalist Tammy!! #9943774

Nancyj E. Hovey level-classic 1/25/2012 6:00:11 AM

on your very deserving FINALIST! 8o) #9944329

Lorraine A. Cook level-classic 3/1/2012 2:40:09 PM

WOW! Congrats on this Finalist and Photo of the Day, Tammy!

I was going through your 'gallery' many lovely images!!

I missed a lot the past few months. I am still recovering from surgery...into my sixth week. Tummy is sore and my belly button still has stitches. Driving is a challenge especially... the seat-beat HURTS! Can't wait till I can really 'drive' to take photos!!! BOY, You really miss something when you can't participate the way you would like to, My Friend!! #10016548

Gary Lange level-classic 3/29/2012 5:23:34 PM

Many congrats on this wonderful image Tammy! Thanks for commenting on my image. ALWAYS a bridemaid am I, NEVER a bride though. I'll never win at BP, I've accepted it and just shrug anymore when I get finalists. #10066179

Anthony G. Comella level-classic 5/29/2012 8:06:20 PM

One word AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations = POTD #10160435

Yulianto Soeroso level-classic 6/25/2012 1:59:59 AM

wow #10198774

Laura E. Swan level-classic 6/25/2012 7:20:04 PM

Okay, do we only get to say one word?

Mine will be "sexy!"... :D


Yulianto Soeroso level-classic 6/29/2012 3:18:54 AM

congratulation for finalist #10205581

Stephen Zacker level-classic 10/2/2012 9:48:02 AM

Like the Red and the pattern the laces create #10350671

Janice Mezzacappa level-classic 1/2/2013 10:26:14 AM

Tammy so cool and POTD and Finalist you rock!!! Happy New Year my friend!!!

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This is a giant shoe that women were posing inside of for photo's while I was checking out the new Cosmopolitian hotel & Casino. It's on the upper levels.

Exif: F Number: 3.5, Exposure Bias Value: 0.67, ExposureTime: 1/15 seconds, Flash: did not fire., ISO: 1000, White balance: Auto white balance, FocalLength: 35.00 mm, Model: Canon EOS 50D

Uploaded on 1/13/2011 5:01:26 PM

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