Rodeo Cowboy

© Katrina McMeans

Rodeo Cowboy

Marcie A. Fowler 8/9/2005 11:44:00 AM

Love the lighting and your perspective (view) of this image Katrina!! #291676

Katrina McMeans 8/9/2005 1:54:56 PM

Thanks Marcie! Glad you like it! #1698015

Sylvia Rossler 8/13/2005 1:36:30 PM

Look at those pants :) Aouuuh :) Understand why you took this perspective lolll.
Wonderful capture Katrina ! Love this view ! #1713524

Katrina McMeans 8/13/2005 1:40:28 PM

Thanks a bunch! I really originally wanted a face shot, but he wouldn't turn around! So I just made the most of the situation! ; )
~K #1713532

Kirsi Bertolini 8/14/2005 5:41:20 AM

Love the rusty tones! Great editing here! This image is so cool, well put together. That b/w is very good too, but this is my favorite! Great bootshots too, I'm glad I saw your gallery! #1714951

Katrina McMeans 8/14/2005 5:49:28 AM

Thanks a lot, Kirsi, for commenting! I'm glad you like it. I've decided that I prefer this color one over the B&W too!
~K #1714977

Laurence Saliba 8/14/2005 8:13:29 AM

I can see you love cowboys Katrina!!!! Nice crop full od detail!!! #1715557

Susan L. Vasquez 8/14/2005 8:29:07 AM

Well that certainly is making the best of the situation ;)
Very nice shot, and great post processing work! #1715604

Katrina McMeans 8/14/2005 10:18:30 AM

Thank you, Laurence and Susan! Yes, I do love cowboys... ; )
~K #1715851

Katherine K 8/14/2005 11:01:10 PM

Your effects are simply STUNNING! This image would be perfect in a calendar... I must admit... when you said "unnecessary objects blurred" I had to look twice! :) :) #1717528

Katrina McMeans 8/15/2005 3:42:45 AM

; ) Thanks for your praise, Katherine!
~K #1718031

Marvin H. Gohlke Jr. 8/19/2005 8:19:56 AM

Great shot, I really like the tones and the dirty jeans. Very well framed and composed. Great job! #1735435

Katrina McMeans 8/19/2005 8:42:47 AM

Thank you Marvin! This is my favorite photo so far!
~K #1735581

Rachel Rocket 8/19/2005 5:08:51 PM


I love the perspective (who wouldn't?) and also really like the vivid colors and tones combined with the gritty (dirt, dust, etc). My favorite thing about this photo though is the lighting, it highlights all the right spots and draws you in.


Katrina McMeans 8/19/2005 5:54:16 PM

Thanks, Rachel! It's always nice to hear specifics on what a person likes about my pictures!
~K #1737166

Casi Lark 8/26/2005 11:18:14 PM

Awesome color and texture! I love cowboys too! :) #1772339

Katrina McMeans 8/27/2005 4:28:53 AM

Thank you so much for commenting, Casi!
~K #1772586

Kristy E. Lane 8/27/2005 10:33:18 AM

This is great, Katrina! The comp, POV (!) and colors are all amazing. Nice work! #1773887

Katrina McMeans 8/27/2005 10:40:08 AM

Thanks a lot, Kristy! You have so many great pictures!
~K #1773897

Paula Showen 8/27/2005 10:16:19 PM

This is awesome, Katrina! #1775050

Katrina McMeans 8/28/2005 6:29:57 AM

Thanks, Paula! Appreciate the praise!
~K #1775837

Joyce ONeil 8/29/2005 9:42:35 AM

This is great!

You have a awesome gallery!!! #1780519

Katrina McMeans 8/29/2005 5:26:30 PM

Thanks a bunch, Joyce!
~K #1782216

Keri M. Dietrich 9/9/2005 7:24:46 PM

Nice View ;-) I prefer this one over the B&W, they're both great, but this one rocks! #1819795

Katrina McMeans 9/9/2005 7:35:47 PM

I agree with you completely, Keri! ; )
Thanks for the praise!
~K #1819825

OldShoe Photo 9/10/2005 12:24:53 PM

Excellent perspective and great capture of all textures. #1821777

Katrina McMeans 9/10/2005 12:32:30 PM

Thanks a lot for commenting, Shelly!
~K #1821792

Joline Frazier 9/10/2005 2:25:08 PM

Very cool shot!!!! I like what you did with this. #1822088

Katrina McMeans 9/10/2005 5:00:11 PM

Thank you, Joline! ; )
~K #1822426

Barbara Helgason 9/12/2005 6:55:45 AM

I love this Katrina, can't decide whether I prefer this one or the one in b&w. They are both beautiful! #1827519

Katrina McMeans 9/12/2005 10:46:10 AM

Thank you so much for your comment, Barbara! I personally prefer this one over the one in B&W! ; )
~K #1828243

Brenton Schuetz 9/24/2005 12:13:34 AM

Hey, way to go Katrina. Hearty congratulations, all your hard work has paid off. Well done!! #1873381

Sylvia Rossler 9/24/2005 4:43:11 AM

Congratulations Katrina !!!! #1874325

Ronald F. Fischer 9/24/2005 6:06:48 AM

Awesome, Katrina!!! I am very happy for you!! #1875024

Katrina McMeans 9/24/2005 6:52:08 AM

Thank you SO much, Brenton, Sylvia and Ronald! This is the second time I have entered this into the contest...I still can't believe it got to be a finalist!!!
Thanks again! ; )
~K #1875362

Michelle Lea Guinn 9/24/2005 8:26:56 AM

Congratulations Katrina!!! Well done!! mlg~ #1875997

Mary Timman 9/24/2005 8:42:07 AM

Thank-you and Congrats to you also! Great image! Love the art work. Fantastic. Good luck in the next round! #1876111

Daniel Diaz 9/24/2005 8:46:10 AM

Congrats Katrina, Great shot, if I was a girl I'd say nice a**, but I'm not, so I won't!!! #1876138

Katrina McMeans 9/24/2005 10:05:11 AM

Thanks Michelle, Mary and Daniel!
Good luck to you all in the next round!
; )
~K #1876555

Wendy Stevenson 9/24/2005 1:11:14 PM

Congratulations Katrina on this very cool finalist!! And I'm with David - nice one indeed - I love chaps lol lol!! Best of luck in the next round!! #1877944

Katrina McMeans 9/24/2005 1:35:37 PM

Thanks a lot, Wendy! Good luck to you too!
~K #1878054

Erica Murphy 9/24/2005 1:36:02 PM

Congratulations and good luck Katrina! This is such stunning image with eye grabbing color and an excellent booty!

Erica #1878057

Katrina McMeans 9/24/2005 1:41:34 PM

Thanks, Erica! I kind of thought so myself... : D
~K #1878078

Laura Clay-Ballard 9/24/2005 5:10:33 PM

vivid colors! congrats! #1879076

Katrina McMeans 9/24/2005 6:35:54 PM

Thank you, Laura! Congrats to you to...I love your 'Bark' finalist! Good luck!
~K #1879446

Joey Adam Kulkin 9/24/2005 8:00:56 PM

Great shot. Love the vivid colors and composition. #1879689

Katrina McMeans 9/24/2005 8:28:32 PM

Thanks for commenting, Joey!
~K #1879756

Susan L. Vasquez 9/24/2005 8:46:11 PM

Congrats Katrina! I am so happy to see this in the finals ;) #1879801

Katrina McMeans 9/25/2005 5:05:40 AM

Thanks Susan!!! Me too!!! ; )
Good luck in the next round with yours!
~K #1880785

Kirsi Bertolini 9/25/2005 6:18:23 AM

Always preciate when judges approve a cowboy! Awesome Katrina, Cheers! #1880986

Katrina McMeans 9/25/2005 6:23:27 AM

Same here, Kirsi! ; ) Thanks a lot!
~K #1881009

Ann Bruynseels 9/25/2005 6:50:29 AM

Congratulations ! #1881106

Katrina McMeans 9/25/2005 6:52:39 AM

Thank you, Ann! ; )
~K #1881114

Cathy Barrows 9/25/2005 7:21:27 AM

congrats...great work on your part...great buns on his #1881225

Katrina McMeans 9/25/2005 7:29:26 AM

Thanks Cathy! ; D
~K #1881249

Noel Baebler 9/25/2005 8:01:48 AM

Huzzah, Katrina! #1881360

Katrina McMeans 9/25/2005 8:34:24 AM

Thanks, Noel!
~K #1881486

ADILSON F. FERREIRA 9/25/2005 8:43:51 AM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist Katrina!!! #1881523

S P Mukherji 9/25/2005 8:47:54 AM

Great shot Katrina! great effects too! Deserving finalist! #1881537

Katrina McMeans 9/25/2005 8:57:20 AM

Thank you so much, Adilson and SP!!! I appreciate your kind words!
~K #1881565

Jessica L. Richard 9/25/2005 9:10:24 AM

congrats on a wonderful shot! #1881616

Katrina McMeans 9/25/2005 9:16:14 AM

Thanks a lot, Jessica!
~K #1881648

Barbara Helgason 9/25/2005 9:16:39 AM

Congratulations Katrina, I loved this one when I first saw it! #1881650

Katrina McMeans 9/25/2005 9:20:33 AM

Thank you, Barbara! I appreciate it!
~K #1881671

John Connolly 9/25/2005 1:24:08 PM

Outstanding lighting and colours Katrina, and congratulations on a well deserved finalist place. #1882739

Stephen Zacker 9/25/2005 1:32:10 PM

Super colors and cropping. Congratulations #1882769

Katrina McMeans 9/25/2005 3:13:45 PM

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, John and Stephen! Means a lot!
~K #1883021

G 9/25/2005 6:14:07 PM

Congrats Katrina....a well deserved reward :) #1883551

Marvin H. Gohlke Jr. 9/25/2005 6:32:10 PM

I commented on this GREAT shot once before, and now I wish you the best of luck in the finals. Congratulations!!!! #1883632

Souha Dooly 9/25/2005 9:30:18 PM

wonderful work and great colors Katrina!!Congratulations!!!! #1884209

Katrina McMeans 9/26/2005 1:19:02 PM

Thank you so much Gail, Marvin and Souha for taking the time to leave your best-wishes and praise! I appreciate it a lot!
~K #1887308

Melissa L. Zavadil 9/26/2005 10:20:45 PM

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR WIN!! Neat shot!!! WTG!! #1888897

Kerby Pfrangle 9/26/2005 11:16:44 PM

Congratulations on your second place win. Job well done. Kerby #1889194

Daniel Diaz 9/27/2005 1:39:01 AM

Way to go "Rodeo Girl" Big congrats on your win!!!!!!!!!!!!! #1889469

ADILSON F. FERREIRA 9/27/2005 3:48:34 AM

Congratulations on this fantastic winn Katrina!!! #1889802

Keri M. Dietrich 9/27/2005 3:51:41 AM

I just knew this was a winner, Way to go!! #1889829

Sylvia Rossler 9/27/2005 4:23:47 AM

Congratulations on your win Katrina :o) #1890077

Mary Timman 9/27/2005 4:41:58 AM

Great color and perspective. Congratulations Katrina. #1890167

Katherine K 9/27/2005 4:59:22 AM

YOU deserve this win!!! SENSATIONAL JOB! #1890285

Michelle Lea Guinn 9/27/2005 6:37:56 AM

Congratulations Katrina!!! I am SOOOOOOO HAPPY for you!!! mlg~ #1890755

Erica Murphy 9/27/2005 7:04:44 AM

Congratulations Katrina!! Well deserved and a fabulous image!

Erica #1890912

KHAWLA Haddad 9/27/2005 8:53:20 AM

Congratulations on your wonderful Second place winner!!!!!! #1891415

bob cornelison 9/27/2005 11:51:59 AM

Ok first I have to say "I'm not into guys butts!" LOL!
Now that I'm past that, this is a great capture! The saturated colors and composition are fantastic with the little bit of blue of the jeans set it off!
Congrats on a great shot!
~:O) #1892153

Shane Sitter 9/27/2005 12:50:11 PM

Congrats Katrina on your Second Place win!!!!! #1892366

Elizabeth Coachman 9/27/2005 1:02:49 PM

YEAH!!! You made it! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Congratulations on your win... I am sooo pleased for you! Great job!

By His Grace and For His Glory,

Elizabeth C. #1892437

Claudette Foote 9/27/2005 1:35:02 PM

CONGRATULATIONS on your wonderful Second place winner!!! #1892638

Terry L. Ellis 9/27/2005 1:43:39 PM

Congrats, Katrina, on this fabulous second place win! #1892679

Katrina McMeans 9/27/2005 1:51:54 PM

Thank you so much everyone!!!
I just got off a hard day's work and it was such a surprise to see that I had won 2nd place and to see that you all had left me such supportive comments! Thank you SOOOO much! You made my day!
~K #1892707

Christy C. Snodgrass 9/27/2005 5:45:25 PM

Great shot and perspective! Congrats on your 2nd place win! #1893270

Katrina McMeans 9/27/2005 5:52:05 PM

Thanks a lot, Christy!
~K #1893281

Megan p 9/27/2005 6:59:12 PM

Wow!! Great shot!! Where I live there are no cowboys so this is really fun to me. Congratulations!! #1893468

Luigi Di Serio 9/28/2005 7:00:35 AM

Katrina, I am not the biggest fan of looking at a man's behind, however I'll make an exception for this fantastic award winning picture! #1894898

Ronald F. Fischer 9/28/2005 10:48:37 AM

Fantastic, Katrina! I knew you had a winner! #1895716

Katrina McMeans 9/28/2005 12:34:12 PM

Thank you so much for the praise, Megan, Luigi and Ronald! I appreciate it a lot! ; )
~K #1896033

Serena Pierce 9/28/2005 8:02:02 PM

Cool image and super post work to get the look! Congratulations!! #1897354

Katrina McMeans 9/29/2005 12:33:28 PM

Thanks a lot, Serina...very nice of you to comment!
~K #1899875

Hendrik Storme 10/3/2005 3:07:22 PM

Nice work and very original!!! #1913361

Denise A. Johnson 10/11/2005 7:29:29 PM

well, whats left to say! I have never been a big cowboy fan, but(t) I am now!!!!!!all of your work is amazing!!!! you are so versatile! you sure do have lots of fans! thanks for taking me under your wing! dont know how you have the time! #1942513

Katrina McMeans 10/12/2005 4:10:20 AM

Thank you very much for your comment, Hendrik. Sorry I took so long to respond, but I had commented on billions of pictures and accidentally missed the notification that there was a comment on mine! Thanks again! ;D

Thanks Denise! I'm glad you like these cowboy shots...they're my favorites out of everything. Probably because my heroes have always been cowboys!
~K ; D #1943296

Alisha L. Ekstrom 10/18/2005 2:34:57 PM

WOW!! FANTASTIC image!! I love this. Love the lighting!! LOVE cowboys!!! I LOVE all your cowboy shots in your gallery!! Very artistic & creative..Great work you do!!! #1966478

Katrina McMeans 10/18/2005 2:51:43 PM

Glad you enjoyed this so much, Alisha! Thank you very much for your enthusiastic comment! ; D

Steve Mescha 10/22/2005 4:53:31 PM

Hi Katrina. I love this photo, and glad the judges did too! You've got a great gallery and I enjoyed your bio. I'm a big fan of Sons of the Pioneers too! I saw them in Branson last year :-) (not all origional members, but they still have that sound!) #1985581

Katrina McMeans 10/22/2005 5:02:16 PM

Glad to meet another fan of the Pioneers! I've never heard the new group, but I don't think they could be half as great without Bob Nolan...he was the BEST! Lloyd Perryman too!
Thanks for the comment!
~K #1985626

Julie Bales 10/31/2005 6:38:08 AM

This photograph is just fantastic. I, myself am new to all of this, but after looking at your gallery, I might just have to try some editing. It intimidates me. This is just awesome, congrats on your win, and I am sure many more are headed your way! #2017712

Alana Ibe 10/31/2005 8:54:10 AM

Congrats on this, Katrina! Very nice work! I love the effects. #2018125

Katrina McMeans 10/31/2005 2:34:03 PM

Thank you SO much for your comments, Julie and Alana! ; D
~K #2019565

Sandra Freyler 11/3/2005 8:14:34 PM

Congratulations, Katrina for a job well done! I love how the colors are so vibrant! beautiful! #2033031

Katrina McMeans 11/4/2005 4:23:16 AM

Thank you so much, Sandra! I appreciate it very much! ; D
~K #2033724

DiAnna F. Paulk 11/5/2005 8:25:52 AM

Wow, I love this! The colors and composition are just wonderful! congratulations on your win with it -- well-deserved!

Thanks for stopping to comment on "Wave Dancer." #2037870

Katrina McMeans 11/5/2005 8:44:20 AM

Thank you so much, DiAnna! ; D
~K #2037909

Darryl Wilkinson 11/5/2005 8:47:10 AM

GEEZ Katrina, how did I miss this winner? I guess cause I don't look in that direction. lol Great shot!! #2037918

Katrina McMeans 11/5/2005 8:50:02 AM

; D
Guess so! LOL! Thanks a lot, Darryl!
~K #2037927

Kristi A. Howson 11/5/2005 2:31:24 PM

Great capture and excellent effects here Katrina...Congratulations on this winnner! #2038765

Katrina McMeans 11/5/2005 3:53:05 PM

Thanks so much, Kristi!!! : )
~K #2038987

Denise A. Johnson 11/5/2005 6:53:45 PM

yay katrina!!!! love that this got a second place!!! congrats! #2039408

Katrina McMeans 11/5/2005 6:55:43 PM

Thank you very much, Denise! ; D
~K #2039415

James Whitbread 11/5/2005 8:17:25 PM

Very cool!!! katrina Very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! #2039622

Katrina McMeans 11/6/2005 5:05:24 AM

; ) Thank you, James!!! ; D
~K #2040281

Jill M. Flusemann 11/6/2005 5:22:16 AM

Great composition! #2040343

Katrina McMeans 11/6/2005 5:30:29 AM

Thank you very much, Jill! ; )
~K #2040387

Keri M. Dietrich 11/6/2005 6:17:06 AM

Katrina, this is going to be a timeless classic. I know I responded before to it, just had to take a look again ;-) #2040629

Karen Diaz 11/6/2005 6:17:08 AM

I knew this one was a winner,I love this shot!!! Congrats!!! #2040630

Katrina McMeans 11/6/2005 6:38:26 AM

Thank you to you both, Keri and Karen, for you kind remarks! ; )
~K #2040705

Jill Odice 11/6/2005 6:55:19 PM

Glad you didn't blur the back view :-) That defiinately is a necessary detail :-) Great bold colorful shot :-) #2042380

Luigi Di Serio 11/7/2005 1:43:00 PM

Congrats on this unique and intersting photo. Minus the man's rear it is a GREAT shot #2045305

Katrina McMeans 11/7/2005 1:46:41 PM

Thanks a lot for your comments, Jill and Luigi! ; )
~K #2045330

Susie Peek-Swint 11/11/2005 1:50:23 AM

Great action capture and well-deserved winner Katrina ~ congrats!! #2061608

Katrina McMeans 11/11/2005 5:40:04 AM

Thanks so much, Susan!
~K #2062277

Nicole Kessel 11/14/2005 7:57:46 PM

Iv'e been meaning to comment on this cowboy's nice lookin' bottom! Great shot, Katrina! A well deserved win! #2076723

Katrina McMeans 11/15/2005 6:51:10 PM

Thank you, Nicole!!! ; )
~K #2081087

Mick Burkey 11/20/2005 11:53:56 AM

This certainly is a winner, Katrina. All your work is very impressive and I appreciate the work you are doing.
Thank you for sharing. #2098652

Katrina McMeans 11/20/2005 12:18:31 PM

Thank you so much for your kind words, Mick! I appreciate it! ; )
~K #2098699

Stuart Oikawa 11/21/2005 8:25:36 PM

thanks for sharing and your recent comments on Canada Geese photo! #2104572

Katrina McMeans 11/22/2005 3:24:55 AM

Thank you very much, Stuart! ; )
~K #2105196

Jamil Saliba 11/22/2005 10:02:02 AM

Congratulations on your WINNER Katrina realy it is great capture and colors #2106848

Katrina McMeans 11/22/2005 11:41:12 AM

Thank you so much, Jamil! : )
~K #2107163

Roxanne M. Bubar 11/27/2005 2:58:20 PM

Congrats to you. What a fantastic image. #2127417

Katrina McMeans 11/27/2005 5:09:13 PM

Thanks very much, Roxanne!
~K #2128016

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 12/1/2005 3:22:02 PM

Congratulations, this is original and colorful Well done! #2143002

Katrina McMeans 12/1/2005 4:10:36 PM

Thanks so much, Donna! ; )
~K #2143140

Michael F. Azucena 12/17/2005 2:54:31 PM

i like the color composition. no wonder its a winner! #2194802

Katrina McMeans 12/17/2005 3:35:19 PM

Thanks so much, Michael! ; D
~K #2194898

Casey H. 1/1/2006 4:57:17 PM

My goodness, Katrina! Obviously this is a popular photo. Congratulations on your win! #2242398

Katrina McMeans 1/2/2006 7:44:43 AM

Thank you, Casey! ; )
~K #2244230

Jamie Macgregor 6/1/2007 2:13:00 PM

what a great shot!!!! I love it!! #4355543

Emily E. Bem 6/3/2007 9:15:01 AM

Ok...this is VERY cool! GREAT eye! #4361085

Wm Nosal 9/28/2011 2:08:13 PM

Beautiful Image, Katrina!
Congratulations #9703453

Katrina McMeans 9/28/2011 6:29:52 PM

Thanks! :D #9703983

Stanley C. Sims 10/1/2011 5:36:57 PM

Wonderful PP work Katrina. This is my favorite. Congratulations on the gold. #9709951

Katrina McMeans 10/1/2011 6:16:05 PM

Thanks so much, Stanley :) #9709988

Emily Cook 10/5/2011 8:43:52 AM

Wow, great composition and color treatment of this image Katrina! #9718087

Katrina McMeans 10/5/2011 9:39:48 PM

Thanks so very much, Emily! #9719225

Phyllis H. Burchett 10/9/2011 4:23:17 PM

LOVE this, very belated congrats! I'm a sucker for anything with a Cowboy in it. #9725858

Katrina McMeans 10/9/2011 5:36:15 PM

Haha, thank you, Phyllis! Me too ;) #9725982

Songbird Cline 10/30/2011 10:51:59 AM

this is a money maker! #9772443

Katrina McMeans 10/30/2011 6:23:42 PM

Thanks, Songbird! :D One of my favorite photos ;) #9773169

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Taken at the Greene County Fair rodeo in Xenia, OH. Saturation tweaked afterwards for that 'art print' look, and unneccesary objects were blurred.

Uploaded on 8/9/2005 11:12:35 AM Photo Contest SECOND PLACE Winner

Copyright for this gallery photo belongs solely to Katrina McMeans. Images may not be copied, downloaded, or used in any way without the expressed, written permission of the photographer.
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