Fly'n Half Dome

© Carla Capra

Fly'n  Half Dome

Douglas Pignet 9/11/2010 5:14:37 AM

Very nicely done...Great post-work here, Carla! #1306924

Arthur Bohlmann 9/11/2010 6:45:54 AM

Very Very Cool, Carla. One of these days I need to begin working with layers! #8894131

Kay E. Mahoney 9/11/2010 7:31:19 AM

Nice work, Carla. Love the effect. I love seeing these kind of photos. #8894217

Carla Capra 9/11/2010 7:49:01 AM

Thank you all, I really appreciate it.
CC #8894271

Kim Andelkovic 9/11/2010 2:57:55 PM

Wow Carla this is fantastic......awesome work :-) #8894807

Carla Capra 9/11/2010 3:24:54 PM

You sure know how to make a girl's day, Kim!
Thanks so much,
:) CC #8894845

Ray Thoms 9/11/2010 7:12:44 PM

This is amazing Carla......great work! #8895199

Carla Capra 9/11/2010 7:43:58 PM

Oh my, Ray, what a lovely thing to say!
Thank you so much,
CC #8895229

Maxine C. Schnitzer 9/11/2010 8:09:12 PM

Wow! Wow! Wow! This is fantastic composition work Carla! I love it. #8895273

Mariann Kovats 9/11/2010 9:30:13 PM

Wow! Excellent work! Beautiful capture of the half dome, fantastic comp. and work! #8895352

Carla Capra 9/12/2010 8:08:14 AM

Maxine and Mariann, I'm not sure I can adequately express my gratitude, here. I'm overwhelmed...thrilled and THANK YOU!
:) CC #8895966

Merna L. Nobile 9/13/2010 6:20:08 PM

Bry looks mighty strong way up there... but he looks good anywhere. I like what you have done with this image; it really puts a lot of personality into the photograph. #8898816

Carla Capra 9/13/2010 7:37:08 PM

Yes, he does, Merna! ;~) That's coming from a very proud mom!!
I had a great time with this image. It's amazing what happens when you accidentally hit distort, instead of transform. Thank you so much,
;) CC #8898996

Phyllis H. Burchett 9/14/2010 11:26:26 AM

Fabulous work Carla! #8900274

Carla Capra 9/14/2010 3:14:21 PM

You have made my day, Phyllis!
Thank you,
;) CC #8900529

Josie Detmers 10/3/2010 1:57:49 PM

Wow, Carla....amazing photo!!! It must be very special to you!! #8944699

Carla Capra 10/3/2010 5:57:59 PM

Hi Josie;
How lovely of you to say such nice things. Greatly appreciate your comment.
;) CC #8945071

Bojan Bencic 10/15/2010 10:46:26 AM

Congratulations on your fantastic finalist, Carla. #8968601

Terry Cervi 10/15/2010 10:54:51 AM

Congrats on your awesome Finalist, Carla! #8968689

Arthur Bohlmann 10/15/2010 11:08:14 AM


Teresa H. Hunt 10/15/2010 11:33:50 AM

Very cool Carla! Congrats! #8969091

Carla Capra 10/15/2010 12:01:04 PM

You are awesome, Thank you!
You have made my day and are very wonderful people.
;) CC #8969343

Carol Eade 10/15/2010 1:24:13 PM

Fabulous work and warm congrats, Carla! #8969926

Josie Detmers 10/15/2010 1:25:03 PM

So great this photo made it as a finalist, Carla!! Hope it wins big time!! Congrats!! #8969932

Irene Colling 10/15/2010 7:47:19 PM

Your son, the motorcyclist, takes some very dangerous leaps. At least he appears to be making a BIG jump.

Excellent DD work Carla and congratulations on the Finalist. #8971914

Linda D. Lester 10/15/2010 7:47:27 PM

WTG!!! Congratulations on this awesome shot! #8971916

Michael Kelly 10/15/2010 9:54:07 PM

Great job Carla and an awesome finalist! #8972363

Linda Blair 10/16/2010 6:46:48 AM

Awesome job on this finalist...congratulations!!! #8973269

Carla Capra 10/16/2010 8:40:22 AM

Hi Carol;
Thank you for saying this is image is fabulous and for sending your congrats.
Hi Josie;
I'm so thrilled by this finalist, Thank you.
Hi Irene; Your comment couldn't be closer to the truth...he does take jumps that make my breath catch, heart race and at times, tears to flow. I look forward to the moment he parks his bike and walks away! He thinks I'm mom thing. ;~) Thank you so much for your congrats and wonderful words.
Hi Linda; You are so awesome...thanks.
Hi Michael; My phello's friend, I really appreciate your congrats. Thank you!!
Hi Linda; What a special friend you are...thanks for the congrats and pairing "Awesome" with this image. Thanks so much.

To all of you, my friends; Your support and encouragement are of great value to me and greatly appreciated.
;) Carla #8973577

Kim Andelkovic 10/17/2010 5:37:32 AM

Congrats Carla....Im not surprised to see this with a finalist.....amazing pic :-) #8976114

Carla Capra 10/17/2010 8:49:45 AM

Hi Kim;
You're the best, Thank you!!!
;) CC

Anthony L. Mancuso 10/17/2010 12:38:11 PM

Congrats on your awesome finalist Carla! #8977158

Carla Capra 10/17/2010 3:32:08 PM

Hi Tony;
Its great receiving a Phello's congrats.
Thanks so much,
;) CC #8977500

Patricia A. Stalter 10/17/2010 4:01:44 PM

Big, really big congrats... A winner! #8977586

Kim Andelkovic 10/17/2010 4:07:05 PM

Congratulations Carla on a super WIN I thought this would go all the way.......Excellent work :-) #8977624

Lydia Williams 10/17/2010 5:02:29 PM

Wow, I don't know how I missed this earlier....congratulations, Carla...amazing...excellent! Hope to see more of your awesome work! #8977962

Nancyj E. Hovey 10/17/2010 5:18:04 PM

on your 2nd Place WINNER! 8o) #8978027

Teresa H. Hunt 10/17/2010 5:36:13 PM

Carla, Congratulations on your win! :) #8978169

Michael Kelly 10/17/2010 5:50:18 PM

Congratulation on your win Carla. Wonderful! #8978283

Aimee C. Eisaman 10/17/2010 5:55:23 PM

Congrats Carla on a Phabulous win! :~) #8978312

Carla Capra 10/17/2010 5:56:58 PM

Patricia, Kim, Lydia, Nancy, Teresa and Michael;
My friends, I want to sincerely thank you for sharing this with me!!! Your thoughtfulness touches me deeply.
Can I tell you a secret? I'm do'n my best happy dance over here, lol ;) Whew Whoo!!!
Thanks again,
;) Carla #8978322

Sabrina Ryan 10/17/2010 6:01:44 PM

Congratulations on this Excellent Winning Image, Carla! #8978344

Carla Capra 10/17/2010 6:37:56 PM

Hi Aimee and Sabrina;
Thank you for sending me these warm congratulations.
;) CC #8978553

Fran J. Jagger 10/17/2010 6:45:34 PM

Congrats on your WIN, Carla!! What an awesome capture and comp! :) #8978595

Terry Cervi 10/17/2010 6:50:18 PM

Hi Carla, congrats to you on this awesome winner! Well deserved! #8978611

Michael Kelly 10/17/2010 7:12:13 PM

Great Winner Carla!! A most enthusiastic congratulations to you for this marvelous photo. #8978686

Rona L. Schwarz 10/17/2010 7:49:29 PM

This is really fantastic, Carla! MANY CONGRATULATIONS on this outstanding Gold Winner! #8978799

Sam Britt 10/17/2010 8:01:48 PM

Big Congratulations on this winner, Carla! #8978844

Mariann Kovats 10/17/2010 10:41:31 PM

Awesome! Congratulations on your fantastic winning picture, Carla! Stunning work! #8979097

Usman M. Bajwa 10/17/2010 11:16:20 PM

Carla , huge CONGRATZ on this terrific winner!!

UB. #8979145

Mary K. Robison 10/18/2010 2:47:38 AM

Excellent work in the DDR, Carla!
Congratulations on your fantastic winner! #8979338

Nadia Paul 10/18/2010 4:24:00 AM

Beautifully done Carla - congrats on your win! #8979639

Linda Blair 10/18/2010 6:02:24 AM

Congratulations on your wonderful win!!!! #8979995

Linda D. Lester 10/18/2010 6:22:48 AM

WTG!!!! Congratulations!!!! :) #8980079

Carla Capra 10/18/2010 6:22:50 AM

Hi Fran, Terry, Michael, Rona, Samantha,
Mariann, Usman, Mary, Nadia and Linda;
Thank you all for sharing this fantastic experience with me. Your thoughtful congratulations are just awesome and I'm so grateful. Thank you, Thank you!
;) CC #8980080

Carla Capra 10/18/2010 6:25:09 AM

Hi Linda L.;
Thank you for stopping by with your amazing congratulations. I greatly appreciate it.
;) CC #8980089

Bojan Bencic 10/18/2010 6:29:55 AM

Congratulations, Carla! Fantastic image and a well deserved win. Well done. #8980116

Carla Capra 10/18/2010 6:44:21 AM

G'morning Bojan;
Your comments on my image and your congratulations are just wonderful.
Thank you,
;) CC #8980164

Maxine C. Schnitzer 10/18/2010 7:25:30 AM

Huge Congrats Carla!! I knew this would be a winner the first time I saw it! Great, great work. #8980266

Carla Capra 10/18/2010 7:42:15 AM

Hi Maxine ;o)
Thanks for the vote of confidence!!!
Also, the wonderful congratulations.
Greatly appreciate, girlie.
;) CC #8980336

Charlotte LaBarbera 10/18/2010 8:08:22 AM

A combination of two images YOU love produced this marvelous winner. Something to think about. #8980413

Tiia Vissak 10/18/2010 9:09:30 AM

Congratulations! #8980582

Karen Bacon 10/18/2010 9:14:23 AM

A big congratulations Carla on this great winner! #8980597

Carla Capra 10/18/2010 10:08:14 AM

Hi Charlotte;
Yes, my two fav images...thank you.

Hi Tina;
Thank you!

Hi Karen;
It is very nice receiving your congrats.
Thank you.
;) CC #8980698

Arthur Bohlmann 10/18/2010 10:55:21 AM

Whoooo Hooooo! Congraluations on your Gold!! #8980790

Carla Capra 10/18/2010 1:33:02 PM

Thank you, Arthur!
Time for a happy dance, lol!
;) CC #8981154

Arthur Bohlmann 10/18/2010 1:37:41 PM

The 1st round is on me :) #8981161

Carol Eade 10/18/2010 5:03:58 PM

A wonderful winner, Carla, warm congratulations! #8981541

Jeana Clark 10/18/2010 6:09:56 PM

WOW!!!! Stunning work Carla!!!!
on this Fabulous Winner!!!!

~J~ #8981745

Carla Capra 10/18/2010 7:05:39 PM

Arthur, I knew I could count on you!

Thank you so much, Carol.

Hi Jeana;
Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such an awesome compliment.

Thanks all,
;) CC #8981899

Robert K. Bemus 10/18/2010 9:19:10 PM

Great composite image, Carla-- congratulations on a well deserved Win!! #8982088

Summer A. Kozisek 10/18/2010 10:51:23 PM

Fantastic work Carla, congratulations on your win!! #8982175

Carla Capra 10/19/2010 5:47:04 AM

Hi Robert and Summer;
Thank you for the lovely compliments and congratulations. This is very exciting.
It is so nice of you to view my image.
;) CC #8982772

Carmody Baker 10/19/2010 11:56:03 AM

Carla this is so creative. Congratulations! #8983637

Josie Detmers 10/19/2010 12:25:23 PM

Congratulations on this cool photo becoming a winner, Carla!! You did great!! I'm happy for you!!! #8983706

Carla Capra 10/19/2010 2:21:16 PM

Hi Carmody;
Thank you for such a lovely compliment!
;) CC

Hi Josie;
Thank You, Thank You!!
I'm thrilled to be able to share my happiness with you.
Thank you, my friend.
;) CC #8983980

Anita Hogue 10/19/2010 2:56:37 PM

WOW, this is absolutely awesome!
I raised three sons and they loved all this but I was not into photography at the time! Lucky you! What an awesome action capture! CONGRATULATIONS!!! He must truly love this image! #8984041

Claudia Kuhn 10/19/2010 4:19:56 PM

Congratulations Carla, so well done! #8984155

Stan Kwasniowski 10/19/2010 5:08:50 PM

Carla, awesome, congratulations #8984226

Carla Capra 10/19/2010 5:39:05 PM

Hi Anita;
My son really likes this image. He is thrilled that the first time I receive a 2nd place gold it is of an image he is included in. ;~) If it wasn't for him and his sports, I never would have moved from my point in shoot to the DSLR. Thank you!
;) CC

Thank you, Claudia and Stan.
Smiling at your, "well done" and "awesome" descriptions of this image.
I'm very grateful.
;) CC #8984270

Emile Abbott 10/21/2010 6:28:56 AM

Neat work and big congrats on winner #8987310

Carla Capra 10/21/2010 6:51:56 AM

Hi Emile;
Thank you, Thank you!
;) CC #8987388

Phyllis H. Burchett 10/22/2010 12:07:44 PM

Happy to see this one again....Congrats Carla! #8989947

Carla Capra 10/22/2010 12:53:00 PM

Hi Phyllis;
Always lovely to hear from you and thank you for your warm congrats.
;) CC #8990016

Tommy E. Burgess 10/23/2010 2:13:02 AM

Belated congratulations on your breath taking winner Carla!! Certainly one of the most impressive composites I've seen in a long time. Beautiful work!! #8990843

Debbie Hartley 10/23/2010 5:31:32 AM

Nice work! Congratulations on your awesome finalist Carla! #8990984

Carla Capra 10/23/2010 9:39:47 AM

Hi Tommy;
Your comments are always appreciated. Thank you for your amazing compliment.

Hi Debbie;
Thank you very much.

I'm very grateful for your encouragement and it means so much to me.
:) CC #8991365

Kaye Burazin 10/26/2010 2:42:32 PM

An outstanding composite. Ingenious #8997593

Carla Capra 10/26/2010 4:32:25 PM

Kaye, you are so kind. Thank you very much.
;) CC #8997747

Robert Jensen 10/27/2010 6:42:30 AM

Congratulations on this SUPERB image. #8999104

Carla Capra 10/27/2010 4:37:18 PM

It's so nice to hear from you, Robert.
What an amazing compliment.
Thank you,
;) CC #9000075

Kim Andelkovic 10/27/2010 11:42:33 PM

Congratulations Carla, this is featured in the Digital Darkroom newsletter.......WTG :-) #9000706

Susan M. Reynolds 10/28/2010 2:39:36 AM

Obviously I found the link on my own...believe it or not! lol forgot the Digital Darkroom was a newsletter for BP and thought you'd entered a photo on another sight.
This shot is AMAZING!!! You Rock Carla! #9000766

Carla Capra 10/28/2010 5:48:15 AM

Thank you Kim and Susan!
I'm so thrilled by the feature in BP's Digital Darkroom Publication. What an honor this is and one the inspires and encourages me. You are both so wonderful to extend your warm congrats with me.
Thanks my friends,
;) CC #9001223

Nancy L. Green 10/28/2010 2:12:28 PM

CONGRATULATIONS on this wonderful win, SUPERB DD work in this wonderful capture!! <>< #9002154

Carla Capra 10/28/2010 6:10:48 PM

Thank You, Nancy!!!
I'm thrilled.
;) CC #9002577

Peter W. Marks 10/30/2010 3:56:27 PM

Congratulations Carla. Now I see something else I wouldn't know how to do.
Pretty darned clever of you if I may say so! :0) #9005342

Carla Capra 10/30/2010 6:20:05 PM

Peter, you say the nicest things!
Thank you.
;) CC #9005636

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 11/1/2010 3:16:26 PM

Incredibly cool work Carla! Congratulations on your win and DD feature! WTG! #9008968

Carla Capra 11/1/2010 6:12:21 PM

Thanks, Donna!
I'm thrilled by the feature and the win!
;) CC #9009273

Gary Lange 11/3/2010 12:22:20 PM

Oh MY!! Wow, I didn't see this!! Many belated congrats!! #9012451

Carla Capra 11/3/2010 1:01:15 PM

Thanks so much, Gary.
Very much appreciated.
;) CC #9012483

Dr Silly 11/16/2010 7:27:31 AM

This is a awesome OOB photo. Congratulations on your Gold for it. :O) #9041275

Carla Capra 11/16/2010 8:33:08 AM

Hi Dr. S;
Thank you for your visit and this wonderful comment.
I'm ever so grateful.
;) CC #9041506

Thomas E. Hinds 12/14/2010 10:01:28 PM

Wonderful creativity here, Carla. #9104280

Carla Capra 12/15/2010 6:20:03 AM

Hi Thomas;
Thank you very much.
;) CC #9104986

SaMi Martin 12/22/2010 7:17:33 PM

Very creative and very nicely done; I can see why this was a winner! #9120583

Carla Capra 12/23/2010 5:49:22 AM

Thank you, SaMi.
;) CC #9121255

Phyllis A. Houghton 12/27/2010 5:20:00 PM

This is my favorite, although all of your digital darkroom photos are extraordinary. congratulations on the gold! Well deserved. #9127791

Carla Capra 12/28/2010 6:20:44 AM

Hi Phyllis;
You are so kind, Thank you.
I really appreciate your visit.
;) CC #9128665

Laura E. Swan 12/28/2010 10:39:28 AM

This is so fantastic! I'd love to learn how to do this!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Carla!!!!!

-Laura #9129161

Carla Capra 12/29/2010 6:00:47 AM

Hi Laura;
Thank you!!!
Have an awesome 2011.
;) CC #9130574

Sherran Andersen 1/1/2011 6:03:06 PM

Another thing on my to do list... sigh... one day. Very creative Carla. #9137765

Carla Capra 1/1/2011 6:29:44 PM

Thank you, Sherran!
;) CC #9137790

Rod Partington 1/17/2011 5:46:24 AM

Wow! This is an awesome image Carla!
Really creative and well done.Congrats on the gold,totally deserves it! #9167683

Carla Capra 1/18/2011 6:09:45 AM

Hi Rod;
Thank you!!
I really appreciate your compliment and comment.
;) CC #9169825

Brian Smyer 2/3/2011 7:27:54 AM

Very cool, a well deserved winner. #9210059

Carla Capra 2/3/2011 1:03:39 PM

Thank you, Brian.
;) CC #9210655

Dale Hardin 4/20/2011 7:24:23 PM

Carla, I can't believe I've missed so many of your rewards! Did all this happen when I was gone? Congratulations on this great win and on all the other finalists that I seem to have missed also. Such a great talent. #9360929

Carla Capra 4/21/2011 6:05:10 AM

Hi Dale;
Thanks so much!!
;) CC #9361457

Songbird Cline 6/30/2011 7:32:58 PM

very creative! #9498147

Patricia White 12/17/2011 5:25:44 PM

Now that is really cool. Congratulations on this. I will have to try this on one of my sons photos. What an idea. #9874727

JO ANN CLEVELAND 8/14/2012 12:32:18 PM this outstanding dd work Carla!

Big congratulations!

jo ann c. #10275710

Carla Capra 8/15/2012 5:01:11 PM

Thank you Songbird, Patricia and Jo Ann. #10277377

Emile Abbott 3/10/2016 12:47:14 PM

Congrats on another Best of the Best, DD in BP's 20 years. #11445099

Lydia Williams 3/11/2016 3:33:02 PM

Congratulations Carla on your
Best of EP! #11445847

Carla Capra 3/11/2016 7:35:07 PM

Thank you very much, Emile and Lydia. It's such an honor! #11446007

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This is a combination of two of my favorite images. My son, "Fly'n Bry'n" on the motor cycle and Half Dome.

Exif: F Number: 18, Exposure Bias Value: 1.00, ExposureTime: 1/400 seconds, Flash: did not fire., ISO: 400, White balance: Manual white balance, FocalLength: 102.00 mm, Model: NIKON D70

Uploaded on 9/10/2010 5:21:30 PM

Made With

Camera: Nikon D70S Digital SLR Camera

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