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Tasha D. Johnston

Aperture priority

I have a Minolta xga, aperture priority. My question is this: If I am trying to blur everything but the subject and I set my aperture on 2.8 or 4, the camera adjusts the shutter speed so that more is in focus. How can I override the system, so that I can determine the shutter speed along with the aperture?

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q p. w   I don't know what seems to be wrong. The shutter speed has nothing to do with depth-of-field. I keep my camera on aperture priority mode as well. If, for some reason, the depth of field is increased by the shutter speed, you should be able switch to manual mode. This gives you complete freedom and control.

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Esther Mishkowitz   I believe to help your problem you might want to move in a little closer to your subject or use a zoom lens. The longer the focal length, the less depth of field, I believe. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

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