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Andrea R. Siebert

D50 settings

i want to change my shutter to a higher speed for indoor action shots, but when I do that (leaving it on the 'S' mode) I only see a faint image-its mostly dark, so obviously its not getting enough light. So, I turn it back to the aperture mode (A) and then it takes the photo, but is much slower-resulting in blurry pictures. it doesn't make any sense to me. if I change the shutter-shouldn't it accomidate? maybe i'm doing something wrong? I don't shoot in manual mode very often, but have read that's what you have to do when there's not enough light...right? can you change the speed of the shutter on auto?i feel silly asking this question-but i've always had trouble with indoor action shots.

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7/17/2008 8:19:16 PM

Hi Andrea,

if you let us know what camera brand and model, and what lens(es) you shoot with, as well as what kind of 'indoor action' you're trying to shoot, and what the lighting conditions are (and whether you have or use a flash, and which if so; ditto with a tripod), then someone here might have something to go on.

Have fun!

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7/22/2008 3:47:32 AM

Carlton Ward
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  Hey W - are you working (unfortunately, I am) or are you just a night owl ?

in manual mode you should be able to set your ISO to 800 or 1000 and open to f/4 or f/2.8 and you should be able to get enough light & a fast enough shutter speed to cut down on the blur factor. Hopefully you can see your exposure meter in the viewfinder and a monopod/tripod really comes in handy for indoor shots as well.
Good luck, Carlton

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7/22/2008 3:56:51 AM

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