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Mike King

How to Warm a Portrait

I would like to be able to warm up my portraits with a haze/softening effect. I'm shooting a Canon Rebel Xti and processing using Photoshop Elements 4. How can I achieve that effect?

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9/19/2007 5:24:43 PM

William Schuette
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  You could duplicate your background layer, and then, on the new layer, add a Gaussian blur to soften and adjust your color balance to enhance yellow and red to warm. The advantage of doing the adjustment on a seperate layer is that you can fine-tune the effect by lowering the opacity of the layer or even mask out the effect on portions of the photo if you desire. Alternatively, Nik Color EFX filters have a Midnight filter that both warms and blurs.

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9/20/2007 10:00:55 AM

dennis w. mcclain  
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try this. open the image. fix any flaws, like blemishes, scares, hot spots. then use your noise reduction. after that, make a layer copy and change the blend mode to multiply. add a 20 gausian blur. do a image stamp ( ctl alt shift e) change the blend mode to screen adjust the opacity. add a hue/sat adjustment layer, then reduce saturation a bit. if the image is a little to dark, use the adjust shadow highlights. once you get it looking like you want, merge layers, then sharpen to taste. as a final step I like to focus in on the eyes. use your selection brush on the iris, feather the selection from 3-5px invert selection, then (ctrl alt j) this will put the iris on a new layer. unsharp mask with amount 200, 2px thr 0
see how that works.

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9/25/2007 7:32:30 AM

David S. Nadal
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/14/2005
  ...or a soft/warm filter: you know, [i]glass[/i]. Cokin and Hitech both make an affordable version. Quaint and old-fashioned, I know, but think of all the keystrokes that could be saved.


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9/25/2007 8:39:37 AM

Vishal Sharma
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/23/2006
  Excellent Dennis! I will try to play with some portraits.


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9/25/2007 12:56:13 PM

Angie Ray
BetterPhoto Member Since: 12/24/2006
  I would also recommend the NIK Software - it offers a wonderful 'Warmth&Brilliance' Filter as well as a 'Soft Gold Reflector' Filter which I use on a regular basis. You will never want to be without this software again!

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9/26/2007 6:50:50 AM

Stacy L. Robertson
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/26/2006
  Sometimes I use a "sweet spot" filter on my camera to get a nice soft portrait, then add a warming filter on the computer. It works very well.

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9/26/2007 11:10:42 AM

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