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Celeste McWilliams

Releases for School Photos

I recently shot school photos: individual portraits of the kids and class group photos. Do I need to have signed releases from all the parents to sell the group photos (since their kids are obviously recognizable)? How is this normally handled?

A few months back, I had a local newspaper writer/photog tell me that, when she covers an event, she introduces herself to the whole room of event attendees and states that she is taking photos for the newspaper. She said that they operate under implied consent, that people are made aware of her intentions by her introduction, and that no signed release is obtained. Is that because it is considered "news"?

All of the parents (via send-home with students) received proofs of individual portraits and group photos along with a letter (explaining ordering deadline, etc) and order form. That given, all are aware that their child's photo (in the group shot) can be purchased by someone else. Is this ok to do without a release? I never remember having my parents sign a photo release for school photos.

Thanks for your input.

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3/22/2007 7:54:16 PM

Joan Bellinger   I am interested in answers to this question. In school, we did not have the class photos for sale, only individual photos, so no, there were no model releases. I was thinking about doing the local Pop Warner football, but thought I would need a parent to sign a release when they buy the prints, which would of course make things more complicated and possibly require an assistant.

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3/22/2007 8:08:18 PM

Debby A. Tabb
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/4/2004
  This is usually done one of two ways.
One) when school papers are signed at the beginning of the year, the school may have enclosed a release for
"Picture Day'
Or 2) this is done two weks before the shoot and the teacher collects them ( attached to student info sheet used at time of Order) and has them waiting for the Photography Company that is providing the school portraits and class shots.
this is according to a Business partner of mine who spent years with
Herf Jones.
And has been working on this type of venture for my company.
it is a lot to look into though and we have been working on our contacts, portfolios, and all legalities for close to a year now.
Wishing you the best of luck in your venture as well,
Debby Tabb

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3/22/2007 8:22:11 PM

Samuel Smith
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/21/2004
  ah debby,
celeste said the news reporter was allowed a general release, that celeste,news,not pertaining to you.
your contract with the school states what?
picture day usually includes a general release as debby says.
your only problem may be a restricted use,not at all group a point.
jb,if you have an agreement with the pop warner league,signed,ok.but just to sell photos of their kids to their parents,no.

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3/22/2007 9:23:35 PM

Debby A. Tabb
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/4/2004
  My understanding that the release for Sports and Reporting is quite different.
The portrait release has to state the intent and sole purpose of the posing taken.
but that is Claires
I am stricktly Equiptment and Staff.
I can't spell my wat through Good Morning, let alone the legal jargin we need.
I have seen this though, Have your Ducks in a row for this and all forms and price lists ready and accurate.
And be prepared for a LOT of leg work and closed doors.
This really takes time.
have a great night,

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3/22/2007 9:41:34 PM

Samuel Smith
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/21/2004
  reporting sports and reporting news is the same.
photography is different.
I miss you chuckles at your spelling are a reserved right.not an abusive laughter at a disability or affliction.
a demented quirk,yes.but not directed at you specifically.
you have helped so many.

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3/22/2007 11:09:33 PM

Debby A. Tabb
BetterPhoto Member Since: 9/4/2004
  Oh Sam,
Never worry,
you wonderful and I know that.
Shoot sometimes I am typing so fast, sometimes a good day, sometimes a bad, mostly with out those annoying glasses they priscribed ( invisalines)
and I POST.
I look back, knowing I did I good job, only to see the "boo boos" lol.
and I do think, " oh, this will make is day"
So , I look at it more that I supply you some kind of daily puzzle, but on BP instead of the daily paper. lol,lol.
now, I am typing some what slow reight now it's 5:20 and I am wishing you a Wonderful Day!
so silme adn heva a ggood oen,

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3/23/2007 5:28:44 AM

Samuel Smith
BetterPhoto Member Since: 1/21/2004
  i will have a good one,and it's a thanks to people like you.shalom.

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3/23/2007 9:59:09 PM

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