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C Stanley

indoor christmas photos

hi, I am taking photos of kids sitting with santa in a small , low lit , room..with christmas tree lights..i really want to capture the lights and the magical feel but find that using a flash ruins the natural warm lighting, but without , I risk the images being blury if the kids move! what would be the best settings for a digital slr? can I use flash and still get a good picture? please help! c

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11/26/2006 11:45:04 AM

W.    Sure, c. You can use flash and still get a good picture. Just set shutter speed priority at, say, 1/30th, so that the ambient light has a chance to register on the sensor. The trade-off, obviously, is that 1/30th requires a tripod!

Don't wait until Xmas to find out how it works. Test it out at home.

BTW, what flash will you be using? On-camera flash creates harsh shadows, so you may want to bounce to soften it. Then consider a good bounce card (how-to video

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11/26/2006 4:46:39 PM

C Stanley   thank you, I will give it a try.. and let you know! I have been using a canon 550ex speedlight with a fuji s3 pro..which I find is really bad for camera shake anyway so best to use a tripod I think!

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11/27/2006 1:05:31 PM

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