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Tammy Comer

lighting in a church

I will be taking family pictures at a church that has some flourescent lights. To avoid the yellow in the pictures, should I leave those lights on, and use the rest of the lights in the room along with my flash. The equipment I am working with is a Canon Elan 7E and a Promaster FTD 5700 flash. At one time I was very happy with this equipment, but I admit I am feeling very outdated these days. Anyway, that is what I have to work with at the time. I do have different lenses to work with, so what would be best? Also, everyone will be wearing black and carpet is green, so not a lot of light there either. Will the equipment I have be adequate? Thanks! Tammy

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7/18/2006 4:24:39 PM

Kerry L. Walker   I am sorry you are feeling outdated these days but compared to my Olympus OM-2n your camera is quite modern! Believe me, the camera only takes the picture. You are the one that makes the picture so your equipment is fine.

If you were shooting only available light, I would say to get a filter to compensate for the flourescent light but I suspect your flash will more than overpower the flourescent light.

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7/19/2006 6:40:44 AM

Tammy Comer   Kerry,

Thanks for responding. The reason I feel outdated is that I don't have a digital camera yet. I love the camera I have, but would also like a digital. I have one that I can use for play, but I gave it to my husband because I want one that I can use lenses with and I can't afford it right now. Thanks!

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7/19/2006 7:46:38 AM

Kerry L. Walker   Don't feel alone. I have 3 35mm cameras (2 of which I use) and 3 MF cameras (again, 2 of which I use) and only one is autofocus! The only digital camera I own is the one in my phone.

My daughter got a digital camera for her 21st. birthday and I cried for a week. Oh, where did I go wrong?!!! LOL

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7/19/2006 7:54:54 AM

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