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Bernice Healy

Intl. Library of photo. -

I've read the posts about, The International Library of Photography. Are there any follow ups, did anyone ever received the book they "thought" they purchased? Is it that you buy the book to cover publishing costs and until the publisher has enough money from people who've submitted photos, the book doesn't get published? Has anyone actually called and spoken with anyone from

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12/18/2005 7:54:09 AM

Gregory LaGrange
BetterPhoto Member Since: 11/11/2003
  Actually, yes to all your questions.

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12/18/2005 8:44:15 AM

Bernice Healy   Could you elaborate? Have you submitted pics to, have had them published in a book that you paid approx. $78 for, and actually received the book? And how long did it take? I've read too many scam posts from people who have submitted their payment, but never received the book, although some posts are a few years old and may not be updated. Thanks for your response!!

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12/19/2005 4:35:52 PM

Brendan Knell
BetterPhoto Member Since: 4/17/2005
  I submitted one, but fortunately I didn't buy the book. In the letters that they sent me, it was about 78$. People have gotten the book, but it can take years, and most of the pictures in it are just your average everyday photos, and maybe the ocasional good one. So if you haven't bought the book, don't, there are much better things to spend it on, like the Red Cross for the recent hurricane victims.

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12/19/2005 4:51:52 PM

Craig  Paulsen   You will just get the run-around until you threaten them then they'll produce a book for you. Send me your best photo and for $78 I'll make a slideshow for you.

Hey Brenden speaking of Hurricane victims I just met a grandmother of the Groom who told me that she had four offers to get her out of there 3 days before Katrina hit. The Red Cross and Salvation Army have given her so much, but she regrets not leaving because she had to watch so many people die. She said I wasn't a victim, just stupid, but shes glad that people gave so much.

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12/19/2005 5:28:53 PM

Bernice Healy   Thanks everyone for your replies. No, I haven't sent money, nor will I by the responses I've received here and read on other sites. I think I'll just give them a call just to see what they say...what a scam! I've already sent a check to the Red Cross, maybe another one is a good idea! And thanks Brenden, I already do slideshows, and some of my pics are better than what I've seen on!
Thanks again all !

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12/19/2005 6:38:05 PM

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