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Misty C. Williams
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Advice from the pros, please. :)

I have a kind of unusual situation here. I have been asked if I would please go into a local restaurant that is a favorite haunt of locals and the university students and photograph the murals that are painted on the walls of gnomes brewing beer and that sort of thing; this place is sort of a local tradition, and the murals are very reminiscent of the sorts of things one might find in the fairy-tale castles of the Bavarian Alps. The photographs would then be used by a local silk screening company to create mugs and t-shirts and mouse pads, etc… to be sold in the restaurant and the silk screening store. I’m VERY excited about this job! To do this, I will have to bring in my lights to control the lighting, and not use flash; there are stained glass windows that face the sunny side pretty much all day and they color the murals beautifully, but messed up the digital pictures the owner tried with his point & shoot. So there will be some minor set up and such, but nothing unusual. I usually charge $35.00 for a portrait setting, and include 4, 4X5’s in folders with that. (I don’t consider myself a “pro” or I’d be charging more probably.) Those pictures just get put in albums and hung on walls, and the like, but aren’t used for resale. These pictures will be used specifically for making money. #1, I would like to sign the pictures, studio name, and my name. #2, what kind of “contract” or agreement should we sign before hand? #3, How much do I charge?—My husband asked about royalties, but that seems like a lot to ask for. I’ve never done pictures for something like this before, so I don’t know how to go about it. Suggestions??

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10/12/2005 2:32:10 PM


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  You need to be familiar with royalties and there are some questions you're asking if you're doing this for the first time. I would not sign or mark the photos in any way, I would certainly stipulate that a short copyright monaker accompany any use of this image. Yes you should have a contract beforehand for without one you could be left high and dry and in the contract you should consider royalties in the form of 'per use' terms. Charge for a one time use for so many products and advertisements. Then when they have used up their quota they come back for more and offer per use rights again. As far as to how much to charge for per item and per instance royalties, ask some local businesses in the same market what they pay for any images that they use to advertise with and you should get a good idea what to charge. Ask local photographers for some ideas on what to expect in dealing with a company and advertising. DO A LOT OF RESEARCH. This could prove to be lucrative, but better be sure. Hope this helped. And good luck. Remember one more thing. Customers buy something and move on. CLIENTS come back year after year for all fo their photographic needs, Time to build some clients.

Walrath Photographic Imaging

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10/13/2005 3:48:39 AM

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