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Error 99 reading

I have the Canon 10D. I have been disappointed with the Strobe output from the Promaster strobe made for Canon.
I tried out my old Vivtar 283 with a bare bulb modification that I used for years with my Canon EOS 650. After firing the unit my camera gave me an error 99 reading. After shutting down and restarting the camera the message cleared and the camera operates fine now. Has anyone experienced this and if so was it a one time problem or is my camera headed for a meltdown????

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2/28/2005 8:33:14 PM

Dave Cross  
Warning Will Robinson !!!!!

The older 283's have a high trigger voltage that will FRY your 10D.

Look here:-

To see if yours is OK or not.

The error 99 is a 'panic' catch all message so I suspect that you have an older unit that confused the electronics of the camera.

You can use the flash with a SafeSync adaptor or similar protection unit.


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3/1/2005 2:04:20 AM

  your lens contacts need cleaning or your holding the lens to tightly

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3/6/2005 2:26:34 AM

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