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Victoria L. Kihn

Room dimensions for portrait photography

I am just starting out in portrait work and have a rather silly question. How tall must an area be in order to take portraits with studio lighting? I have a basement that is only 7 feet tall and I know that it is not high enough to have success with my portrait lighting. I have a much better success rate taking photos in my garage. Is there a rule of thumb for this? Thanks for your help!

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12/1/2004 5:45:27 PM

John Wright   My ceilings are 10 feet and I sometimes wish for more... :-)

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12/8/2004 1:51:58 PM

Janet L. Skinner
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  Victoria, My studio is very small and I make do. The ceiling is not more than 7 ft. Sometimes I am using a stobe on a boom with a snoot for hair light along with two front stobes with soft boxes and it works. You will find that you can work with what you have until you have the ability to grow. The ultimate studio would have a ceiling that never ends with everything on tracks but that takes a lot of money!!

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2/3/2005 4:57:21 PM

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