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Vadim Boriskevich

Shooting in a Bowling Alley

Hi, I will be photographing in a bowling alley this weekend and was wondering what film I should use and would I need flash. I don't think there will be a lot of light, so maybe ISO 400 is good? Thank you.

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10/27/2004 8:16:52 AM

Hope J. Waller   Hello, I have done some photography in bowling alleys. I used ISO 200 with a flash and did very well. Hope this helps!

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10/27/2004 12:20:08 PM

Vadim Boriskevich   Thanks for your response. I'll update with my results next week.

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10/27/2004 12:25:59 PM

Bob Cammarata
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  You should try shooting at slower speeds with available light - to record the motion of the ball traveling toward the pins, or the actual impact as they strike the "pocket". To do this, you will need a tripod and a shutter speed of 1/30 or 1/15 second. You will also need a cooperative "model" (bowler), who can remain perfectly motionless while the shutter is open.
This look might give you a new twist to an old, familiar scene.

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10/27/2004 5:41:56 PM

Kenneth R. Cavin   If you do use a flash in a bowling center, ask the management if there are any leagues going on. I used to work in a bowling center and we didn't alow flash during league play because of the distraction.
Ken C.

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11/2/2004 3:11:18 PM

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