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Frank P. Luongo

How to Spot Meter with Nikon N-75

The built-in Matrix and center-weighted metering systems are effective. However, how do you spot meter a small piece of your scene? Do you recommend purchasing an incident meter separately?

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6/16/2004 9:55:24 AM

Terry L. Long   I'm not familiar with the Nikon N75. If it doesn't have a built-in spot meter, then you can't "spot" meter. However, one way you can get pretty close to spot metering is to fill the frame with the area you want to spot. This way your meter (Matrix or center weighted) will see only that one particular spot and will give spot meter readings. It doesn't matter if you're too close and can't focus either.

An incident meter is not the same thing as spot metering. When you use the built-in meters of cameras, you are reading the light "reflected" off of the subject. An incident meter reads the light falling onto the subject as viewed from the cameras position.

Stay with the meter in your Nikon. You don't need an incident meter. If your subject is too far away to fill the frame with, then get an 18%-percent grey card. If you know how to use the card then, when taking a meter reading, just fill the frame with the card instead of with the subject. I use this method even with my built-in spot meter in my Canon.

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6/17/2004 10:12:20 PM

Ashutosh Ojha   Even though nikon N75 does not support spot metering, there is a way around for it. Look into your manual for custom settings and 7th setting says auto lock metering defaults to Center-weighted but you can change it to spot metering.
So change the custom setting, set your camera in shutter priority mode and set shutter speed to your film speed and press AE Lock button and take the reading. Now you have combination of shutter speed & aperture for spot metering. Switch to manual mode and adjust your readings accordingly and shoot.

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10/30/2004 5:50:58 PM

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