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  Art Photography Major
I will begin my art photography major next fall but I am going to Europe this summer
9/15/2015 9:42:24 PM
  Where to Buy Camera Equipment in Seattle
I saw your ad in can control and I was wondering where the best place to buy a camera in Seattle ...
3/8/2009 7:13:32 AM
  Night Photo
Hi. I would like to know what lens I should use to take pictures of the moon, and any thing else ...
12/6/2007 4:14:36 AM
  Pinhole Photography
I've seen finished results of "pinhole photography" and I'm curious how it is done... is ...
1/12/2007 12:58:42 PM
  Sony Mavica MVC-FD91
Sony Mavica MVC-FD91 How good is this camera, and the one after the FD 91?Where can I buy one at ...
9/2/2006 3:11:44 PM
  How Many Pixels Does an 8 x 10 Need?
When buying a digital camera do I really need a 3+ megapixel camera to get truly good 8x10 digita...
8/28/2006 8:23:31 AM
  All Purpose Camera
What camera would you recommend for an all purpose use by a fairly good photographer?...
5/15/2006 11:37:26 AM
  Family Portraits
This Christmas we decided to take our own family photographs. We tried that for Easter one year, ...
5/13/2006 8:57:05 PM
  Taking family portraits
What are the general guidelines or rules to follow when taking family portraits? Who sits, stand...
5/13/2006 8:54:25 PM
  Where Can I send Off my Film for Good Processing?
Ok, I have been offered to photograph a wedding in August, which I am pretty nervous. I have done...
5/6/2006 11:26:25 PM
I have been shooting for a while now, and I have quite a few pictures that I am pleased with. So...
12/9/2005 1:52:49 PM
  Camera Differences: SLR vs. P&S Cameras
Are SLR cameras better then normal point and shoot?...
11/14/2005 10:20:20 PM
  How Much To Charge?
I have recently been asked to do photographs for friends/events. I love doing it but am at a los...
9/11/2005 1:57:42 AM
  focus for i/r when lens does not have marks
My F/50 standard 35-80 zoom lens does not have any i/r marks on it. How do I focus when I use i/r...
9/8/2005 10:10:35 AM
  Panoramic Photos
I have a SLR (/product/productDetail.asp?productID=228">Canon Rebel). What is the best way t...
9/3/2005 12:06:24 PM
  Naming files and photos
What is the best way to organize large numbers of JPEG files (Photos that I want to copy to CDs)?...
8/29/2005 5:29:19 PM
  Scanner - How Big with Quality?
What scanner will give me up to 11x14 quality prints from a 35mm slide? 13x19? If I can't g...
8/29/2005 12:06:31 PM
  Adding Touches of Color to a Black and White Photo
In the Weekly Workshop #41, there is a picture titled, Cousins, by Jill Garl.It is a black and wh...
8/24/2005 2:13:11 AM
  35mm SLR camera
Which camera do rate higher? The
8/6/2005 6:00:01 AM
  up-grade or buying second hand equipment
(This is a great site!!!!Over the past years (actually since it was launched)I have bought the fo...
8/5/2005 1:29:29 PM
  Glamour Portrait Photography
What type of film should I use for glamour potrait photography? What is the best shutter speed a...
8/3/2005 8:48:39 PM
  Shooting Weddings with Another Photographer
When doing a wedding and you are not the only photographer there, (you represent the bride and th...
7/13/2005 2:13:03 AM
  Inexpensive Medium Format Camera
I am looking to buy a 120 format camera. I have been checking ebay for used cameras. What are som...
7/6/2005 9:05:46 PM
  Posing Ideas?
Hello, My name is Mandi and I work at Sears Portrait Studio here in Odessa, TX. I was looking for...
5/19/2005 12:10:49 PM
I have a general problem with printing my digital photos. Basically, I am in need of what to set...
5/4/2005 5:41:34 AM

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