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  Missing Pixels?
I shoot with a Canon 10D and the last few times I downloaded my images I've noticed that ther...
8/13/2008 10:58:57 AM
  Cleaning My Camera
Recently, I started noticing a spot on all my pictures and it was always in the same spot. I look...
6/17/2008 5:52:21 AM
  Condensation and Cameras
Over the weekend, I was at an indoor water park, and I had stored my camera in our room which was...
4/6/2008 7:21:59 PM
  Very Hot Camera Batteries
My camera (Minolta Maxxum 5000) quit working. I've noticed that the battery pack gets very ho...
1/3/2008 12:05:59 PM
  Is There Hope for My Lens?
I had a bit of an accident today - slipping on the shore of my pond. My "kit" Canon EF-S 18-55 l...
10/29/2007 4:54:52 AM
  Brassing on Canon A-1
I have a Canon A-1, which I love, but it's showing serious brassing above the strap lugs. Is ...
12/25/2003 1:59:50 PM
  Travel Insurance for Camera
I am traveling to Europe in the next couple days and cant seem to find any insurance company that...
2/3/2003 7:19:33 PM
  Protecting a Camera from Moisture Damage
How do I protect my camera from moisture damage?...
  Dark Corners on Photos
Hello! My mother owns a Canon Powershot 520, and recently her photos have started having dark cor...
7/13/2006 7:52:49 PM
  ...Not Really a Question, But a Revelation!
Here's a tip I learned recently while on a photographic road trip across the country. If you&...
6/19/2006 7:16:32 PM
  Mildew/Mold/Fungus Protection
I live in a very moist environment. We do have air conditioning units (not central air). I woul...
6/1/2006 7:01:03 PM
  Lens Fogging in High Humidity
A very simple matter really: Is there any way to control the way a lens fogs up in high humidity?...
5/24/2005 7:12:46 PM
  Using My Digital Camera in Extreme Cold
I'm going to Fairbanks, Alaska, in February, where the temperature could be -20 degrees or co...
2/5/2005 10:08:47 PM
  Canned Air: Is It Safe?
The canned air I recently bought says to NEVER use it on "camera mirrors". Does this mean:1: Don&...
12/28/2004 10:24:46 AM
  Digital Performance in Cold Weather
I have a question about digital SLR camera performance in sub zero winter conditions. Just how we...
4/10/2004 10:01:53 PM
  Airport X-Rays: Problems for Film or Digital?
Will the x-rays at the airport damage processed film and prints?...
3/23/2004 10:31:05 AM

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