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  Looking for that one macro photography tip that will make all the difference? Get great macro photography flowers tips in this interesting Q&A discussion. Or for in-depth instruction, check out Brenda Tharp's Mastering Macro Photography online photography course.
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  Extension Tubes
I have a Nikon D70 and I bought some extension tubes. I cannot seem to get them to work correctly...
5/9/2008 7:22:13 AM
  Extension Tubes for Macro?
I want to buy an extension tube that I can use with my Canon 28-135mm IS and Canon EF 70-200 f4L ...
4/1/2008 6:39:53 PM
  Photographing Trees With Ice
I was driving to work and noticed how lovely the trees look with the ice on them. I have a Nikon...
12/12/2007 7:16:01 AM
  Reflected Flowers, Bees, Etc. in Raindrops
I saw a photo of a rain drop and in it was the reflection of flowers and bees it was fantastic. W...
1/30/2004 9:13:16 AM
  Do You Need a Special Macro Lens for Macro Work?
I am new to macro photography. I am wanting to buy a lens that I can photograph flowers and inse...
3/12/2002 8:02:23 AM
  Macro Filters for Getting More Magnification?
I have a macro lens and want to get more magnification of my subject. Can I use macro filters wit...
  Backgrounds for Shooting Flowers
I like to take macro pictures of flowers and was wondering what was the best background to use. I...
10/15/2007 9:42:22 AM
  Macro Lens Buying Tips
I'm keen on buying a macro lens for my D70s. I would be shooting mostly flowers, bugs, fruits...
4/22/2006 7:41:15 PM
  Red Blurring a Problem
I have a nikon D50. When I take macro photos of anything red, especially flowers, they tend to b...
4/2/2006 12:33:08 PM
  Diffuser for Macro Photography
Does anyone know how to make a diffuser for outdoor macro photography? Also, what are the best ma...
3/8/2006 5:25:29 AM
  Macro Photography: What Type of Lens?
Hi, I own a Fuji FinePix S2 Pro that takes the same lens that Nikon will take. I am looking into ...
4/30/2005 11:35:26 AM
  Help with Flower Photography
I am looking for helpful hints with holding flowers and shaping them for photography ... other th...
2/1/2005 5:17:28 AM
  Macro Flower Shots
I am interested in close up floral shots. I plan on purchasing either the Nikon 60mm f/2.8 macro ...
7/27/2004 7:12:51 AM
  Photographing Public Gardens
Any suggestions for artistic, creative photos of public gardens in the springtime?...
4/15/2004 8:54:26 PM

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