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Richard Kiroy

Camera Shake and Shutter Speed

I have been taught that, as a general rule of thumb, I should never shoot at a shutter speed that is lower than the focal length of my lens. I am now shooting with a digital SLR and the camera has a lens factor or 1.6. Should I take this into consideration when following the rule mentioned above?

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6/12/2004 12:55:01 AM

Dave Cross   Hi Richard. Use the equivalent focal length when deciding whether you can hand-hold. Don't forget, the "1/focal length" rule is a guideline. Many photographers can hand-hold at much slower speeds than suggested by this rule. Practice bracing yourself, and you will be amazed how slow you can go. Of course, with digital, practice shots are free. Cheers, DC

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6/12/2004 11:47:57 AM

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