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Carol A. 

Selling Photos for Calendars

How can I sell my photos to calendar companies? I like to take country scenes, old barns, etc. What other way can I sell photos without a big expense to myself? Thanks.

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6/9/2004 6:29:02 AM

Bob Cammarata
BetterPhoto Member Since: 7/17/2003
  Get a copy of the "2004 Photographer's Market". You can research the many calendar and greeting card companies listed to find several that match your particular style of photography and send them some samples of your work.
Calendar companies are usually more interested in a series of photos within a given theme to comprise an entire calendar year. The more original the theme ... the better chance of it getting accepted. If you have access to formats larger than 35mm, you will increase your chances even more.

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6/9/2004 7:44:15 AM

Hollywood Stroad   Hi. I am in the same boat. I love taking pictures of my poodles. They are great models, and they are what make the pictures so great, I believe. I want them in a calendar too, and I don't know what to do. I am only 16, though, and I'm afraid that if I was to send samples to a calendar company they would laugh and reject me due to my age. I just want people to take me seriously. Also I was wandering where I should go to college that would give me some decent education for photography. Keep in mind I live in OK.

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7/22/2004 8:36:42 AM

Wing Wong
BetterPhoto Member Since: 2/8/2004
  Hi, Hollywood. Well, first off, age isn't really a factor. What the editors will see is what you send. What matters is whether or not your work is up to the level of quality they are looking for and whether the subject matter, be it poodles or flowers, is what they are looking for. (Read: is what their audience/target market is looking for.).

Bob C. hits it right on the nail. Get the Photographer's Market 2004 book. It's a great resource in terms of which companies want what and in what formats in each of the major markets for photographs. The second thing is about the format of the submission. 35mm is common, but for calendar work where the image needs to be printed large, a larger negative (medium format or large format) would be a benefit.

Some places are accepting digital, but because of the quality of a lot of digital cameras under $1000, acceptance may be lower. Good luck!

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7/25/2004 9:03:03 PM

Robert N. Valine
BetterPhoto Member Since: 8/3/2003
  Photographers Market 2004.By Donna Poehner.Buy it on 'Nuff Said. Good Luck! Rob

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8/14/2004 1:51:50 PM

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