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Jane Crosthwaite

Best Way to Print from Velvia Slides

I live in Singapore and am really getting into photography but am very much in the learning process! We went to Bali last week and have just got back 2 rolls of slides shot with Fuji Velvia ISO100. This is the first time I have used this film and love the beautiful colours. I would like to print a few of my images but I am nervous, since in the past I have been disappointed when they were printed as they never look as good as the original slide.

Can anyone advise between printing straight from a slide and what process I should be seeking for best result (I want to enlarge some) or alternatively getting them scanned at high resolution on to a disk and then printed? The advantage for me of scanning and printing is that I can do my own cropping at home using Photoshop elements, but am unsure as to whether printing from a scanned image will give poorer results than printing from the slide direct.

I am very confused - all help will be MOST appreciated!

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6/8/2004 7:37:07 PM

Brenda Tharp
BetterPhoto Member Since: 6/9/2003
  Jane - if you want to make great prints from your slides, the Ilfochrome print process, as a traditional printing method, is great. It is a positive-to-positive process, so you don't lose sharpness like you would if you made internegatives. If you take the slides to a reputable lab, and tell them that you want the print to look like the slide, they should be able to do that for you. If you need some minor corrections here and there, it's up to you to make that clear to them, too. I used to have my slides printed this way all the time with great results.

If you go the scanning/digital printing route, there are a few things to consider:
1) Do you have a top-quality scanner (such as the Nikon 4000 or similar)? The size you want to print is a factor here - you can get good results from the Nikon 4000 scanner for up to 11x14. Drum scans are the best, but might be more than you really need at this point. The resolution is wonderful from a 100mb drum scan from a 35mm slide!
2) Do you have the Photoshop skills to make the corrections you'll need to make for contrast, color balance, sharpening, saturation, etc.? (All scans need some adjustment; it's the nature of the process.)
3) Are you using good quality papers to print on digitally - ones that match your printer specs, and have good brightness and color.

All of these factors are important to getting great results. I hope this at least clarifies the options for you. Let me know if I can be of more help, and good luck!

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6/11/2004 6:44:33 PM

Jeffrey    Jane,

Which shop did you visit?

Try RGB located at Beach Road and have them print for you. They are one of the best in Singapore.

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6/15/2004 7:09:40 PM

Jane Crosthwaite   Jeffrey, I actually use RGB in Beach Road and they are the people who developed the slides and they have scanned them to disc for me. At the moment they have been scanned at low resolution but I believe if I want to make enlargements then I should have them re-scanned at high resolution?

If you are familiar with the shop then perhaps you can advise me what I should be asking them to do. Thanks for your response - it is much appreciated, especially as you are obviously in Singapore as well!

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6/15/2004 10:30:42 PM

Jeffrey    Hi Jane,

Check out this url I think this guy is using a high end scanner and the price he offered are quite good. Maybe you can try contacting him. I do not know him and have not try his service before but from what I read from some of his customers, they seems quite happy with the result. A good place to print your pictures would be over at KT Digital Imaging. They are located at 531 Upper Cross Street. I have tried their service a few times and so far I am quite pleased with their result.

If you need more info you can email me at

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6/16/2004 2:59:23 AM

Jane Crosthwaite   I feel a bit bad now as I have re-read what I have written and it gives the impression that RGB Colour has been responsible for past disappointment with printing! Actually I have never had prints made by them from slides or scanned slides - this would be the first time. Before I went ahead I was just wanting to make sure if it would be best to get them printed from the slides or whether I could get the same result from printing from a scanned image. I will also check out your other recommendations but will perhaps just go for it and get a print done at RGB and see how it turns out. Thanks again.

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6/16/2004 3:09:33 AM

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