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James C. Ritchie
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Signing Prints

What is the standard practice for signing unmounted photographic prints? Browsing art fairs I've noticed that usually ... Lithographic art prints are signed on the print in pencil. (I'm a long way from playing in this league!) Matted photographs are signed on the mat in the lower right corner, which I also do. But, I sell more unmounted prints than matted. I format the majority of my images to allow a larger margin on the bottom for this purpose (see my Web site), but I'm unclear if it's acceptable or desirable to buyers to sign them on the front, so I've been just been signing them on the reverse.

I've pretty much decided I should get an Epson 2200 to make my own "giclee/piezo" prints. I will price these much higher than (while still continuing to offer) my "affordable" lab prints, and will sign them as is generally done with litho prints. For the near future they'll be open editions, but I may decide to do some subjects in certain sizes (i.e., on 13x19 paper) as limited editions.

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6/2/2004 4:54:41 PM

Liz Novak   James, I bought an archival pen - you can find them in a hobby store - and I started signing my photos on the photo itself in a place that does not interfere with the photo. I changed from signing the mattes to signing the photos because someone brought to my attention the fact that if the owner ever wants to re-matte the photo he/she will no longer have the original signature. While to most of us this doesn't really matter, if you were to become very famous (or slightly famous), your signature would be important to the owner. By the way, I have an Epson 2200 and I love it. Hope that helps

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6/4/2004 1:52:20 PM

Jim Taylor   James, I created an action in Photoshop to "sign" my prints.

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6/8/2004 7:15:36 AM

Angela Waite   Just one clarification on the giclee prints. You couldn't sell the prints as giclee as these prints are made with a professional specialized printer (like an IRIS), usually on canvas or 100% cotton paper. You can however promote your prints as archival since the Epson 2200 uses ink with more longetivity than most.

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6/8/2004 8:16:31 AM

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