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Mark Hemsworth
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Help: Polarizing Filters and Conversion Lenses

Hi. I have a Fuji 602 camera with an adaptor tube with a 52mm thread on it to take my wide-angle and telephoto converters. I am looking at buying a polarizing filter. Can I buy a 52mm filter and use it between my adaptor ring and conversion lens (so I only need to buy one filter), or do I need to buy one for each lens to fit on the front as they are all different size front threads? Any advice appreciated.

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5/19/2004 5:04:22 AM

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  If your adaptor ring and the conversion lens use the same screw-on type filter, then it is possible to buy just one set of filters with the largest mount. Then use a step-up ring on the smaller lens for the filters. I have lenses with 52mm, 55mm and 62mm, and I only need a set of filters with 62mm thread. Not only don't you need 3 sets of filters, the step-up ring is very cheap (usually less than $10) and there is absolutely no vignetting on the smaller lens. You can use almost all filters - polarizer, color correction, soft, special effect and even hard/soft edge split filters. The only filters I recommend you to buy separately for each lens are the GRADUATED split filters. Also, it is a good idea to get a lens cap (very cheap) for each step-up ring. This is for protection of your lenses so you can leave the step-up ring on all the time. Hope this helps.

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5/19/2004 11:18:19 AM

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