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Andrew G. Sich

Night Photography Challenge

Last night, I wanted to take some photos. I was using my Nikon N80 with a 28-200mm zoom and cable release ... on a tripod. My problem was when I went to snap the photo after I got it all set up. I plunged down on the cable release, and all that happened was that my zoom was going back and forth. The picture would not snap. I changed the distance on the zoom and it worked. How come? Was I using the wrong zoom setting? My camera setting was f22/15". Thank you.

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5/16/2004 9:23:47 AM

John Wright   Sounds to me like it was having trouble getting an auto-focus lock. When you backed the zoom off, it had enough info to make the lock. I've seen this happen many times. Switching to manual focus usually corrects the problem. :-) Hope that helps!

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5/16/2004 10:29:12 AM

Kevin M. Krawczuk   John is correct. The F80/N80 has an issue with the autofocus in low light, especially if the "helper" light cannot see the subject. I would go manual focus in this case. You could also light up the subject with a flashlight, lock the focus, then turn off the light, and shoot.

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5/17/2004 10:13:48 AM

Arthur Rosch   Another trick is to use a little keychain
laser, available for five bucks. Get
your focus lock on that and then shut
off autofocus so the camera doesn't start
hunting. check out my article in eDigital
Photo Magazine, called Digital After Dark.


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5/18/2004 8:43:56 AM

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