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John Kratz

What Is That Square-ish Thing on Back of Camera?

What is the square-ish thing on the back of some older cameras? It looks to me like it would hold a slip of paper or something. Just curious, thanks.

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3/22/2004 7:46:28 AM

doug Nelson   It holds the end of a film box so that you know what's in the camera. Newer cameras automatically set film speed, so the manufacturers did away with this feature.

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3/22/2004 9:37:22 AM

Nirmal Roberts   In today's 35mm cameras there is a small transparent window on the back. Particulars of the loaded film printed on the film container are visible through this window.

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3/25/2004 10:08:32 PM

John Kratz   Thank you Doug and Nirmal!

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3/26/2004 8:31:49 AM

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