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Larry W. 


My Kodak DX4530 is a 5 mp digital camera but the compression is so great that my pictures generaly are under one mb. Generally the pictures look great. Why so much compression and how does it really effect my photos? Does this make my pictures worse than the average 3mp camera?

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3/7/2004 5:34:34 AM

Jon Close
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  The camera will save the images only in the size you select. It sounds as if you've selected the 1.2 mp setting, which is really only appropriate for posting the pics to websites or sending as e-mail (where monitor resolution of 72 ppi is the limiting factor). If you want to edit and print your pictures you need to save them at the full 5 mp setting.

More information, including the user manual, online FAQ, and tech support is available at, specifically:;jsessionid=CMVV5MRS00RM3QHIO3PHWLY?pq-path=1155&Submit.x=29&Submit.y=15&pq-locale=en_US&_requestid=120574

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3/7/2004 10:03:25 AM

I have the Kodak DX6440 (4 megapixels).
At the best quality picture setting on the camera, the images are just under or barely over 1 MB. These cameras only save in jpeg which does affect the quality to some extent, because of the compression. They do take great pictures, though, and are soooo easy to operate. See attached image.

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3/9/2004 6:48:01 AM

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